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Nishat Bagh in Kashmir


Taakra 28 May 2017

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Urban farmers

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Indian Army can do anything to anybody; Can rape, abduct women: CPI-M leader Bala krishnan

Israeli protesters support Palestinian state, urge end to occupation

Yemeni forces kill 13 troops in retaliation: Report

Panama Case: Why is Sharif family suddenly afraid of JIT?

Two Israeli poodles meet at Vatican

Hostilities against Pakistan: Is Modi looking for another war?

Voice against Takfirism: 31 Ulema declare suicide attacks Haram

Another HuM leader martyred in Kashmir: India celebrates amid protests

Conspiracy against JIT: The truth behind Hussain Nawaz’s claims

Saudi regime believes in Quran only in appearance: Ayatollah Khamenei

Uprising against tyrannies: Bahrain's Islamic awakening continues

IQNA | Finland Faces Lack of Islam Teachers


US warns Pakistan to cross border if needed

 Pakistan budget: Why is health neglected again?

Saudi Arabia after splitting Muslim people: Yemen’s Houthi

ABNA | Bahraini forces storm into residence of Sheikh Isa Qassim - Pics

Peace and Violence in Islam

The Holy Month of Ramadan: The Month of Glory, Forbearance, Patience and Brotherhood

Who is Sheikh Isa Qassim and how dangerous is he for Bahrain monarchy?

Manchester attack: Why Theresamay should step down?

Slashed military aid: Is US committing blunder to abandon Pakistan?

Mutual detriment: Why Pakistan-Iran partnership is need of the hour?

US nuclear fuel fire may lead to much larger disaster than Fukushima: Study

It’s not America; Saudi Arabia has the greatest army and highest military expenditure in the world

ALALAM | Qatar plays down fears of rift with Arab states over "fake" criticism by emir

PRESS TV | Trump clashes with world leaders at G7 meeting

SHIAPOST | Pakistan not to jeopardize ties with Iran: Speaker NA Ayaz Sadiq


US arms deals will fail to make Saudi secure: Iran FM

Egypt blocks 21 websites, including Al Jazeera: state news agency

WAHDAT | On the basis of Riyals, Safiani Lashkar is being prepared to fight against Imam Mehdi a.s.. Allama Ameen Shahidi

SHABESTAN | Reality of Islam and conspiracies of enemy must be exposed


Budget 2017: Important highlights

MEHR NEWS | Iran’s military delegation arrives in Pakistan

Finance minister unveils budget of Rs4.778 trillion

Would a surgical strike trigger Indo-Pak nuclear war?

Saudi and UAE target Qatar's media and website over Iran's support

Pakistan not to jeopardize ties with Iran: Ayaz Sadiq

JIT probe: Is PML-N trying to throw spanners in the work?

A movement of shame: How Saudia betrayed Pakistan?

Wahhabism to ISIS:How Saudi Arabia exported the main source of global terrorism

Iran has built third underground missile factory: Senior IRGC commander

IRNA | Pope Francis puts spotlight on King Salman disregard for religious values

IQNA | Quran Competition for Students Held in Sweden

ISLAM TIMES | Qatari King’s Pro-Iranian Statement False or Authentic?

ABNA | Presidency: Sheikh Zakzaky is not in prison, he's with his wife and children

SHABESTAN NEWS | We demand immediate release of Sheikh Isa Qasim

MEHR NEWS | Iran, Russia, Turkey can help peace, stability in region

All you must know about Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber

Suppressing free speech: Is Nawaz Govt trying to appease military?

Threat of another war: Pakistan makes all forward airbases operational



Debunking myths on CPEC

Sharifs start playing cat and mouse game with JIT

Doctors seek meaningful increase in health budgets

Trump’s illusion: Did US forget 9/11 episode?

Rouhani’s victory: A blow for Saudia and US

Would India attack Pakistan if Yadav hanged?

No country should affect Tehran-Islamabad ties: Iranian official

Punjab Law Minister says Iran helped Pakistan in every hour of need

ISLAMQUEST | Is it obligatory to make wudu after ghusl in order to offer prayers?

LUBP | Syria’s Assad just explained how America really works

ALMANAR NEWS | President Aoun: Lebanon Not Committed to Final Statement of Riyadh Summit

ALMASDAR NEWS | Palestine goes on world’s largest hunger strike

ALWAQT | What Did Trump Seek in His West Asia Trip?

ABNA | Pakistani Op Leader: Isolating Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas not in Muslim world’s interest

IRNA | Saudis show angry response to pro-Iran remarks by Qatari emir

SHEBESTAN NEWS AGENCY | UNICEF calls for end of violence in Myanmar

IQNA | Iranian Qari Comes 2nd in Turkey Int’l Quran Contest

Islam Times | Pakistan to Quit Saudi Coalition if Iran Targeted: Defense Minister

Mehr New | Syrian army re-establishes control over al-Jarah Airport in Aleppo

After $2billion deal; Indian Navy again signs $630 million deal with Israel

Over 12,000 individuals trained to control cyber crimes : FIA

Yet another embarrassing moment for Donald Trump

Americans ask: Why is Saudi monarchy our friend, but not democratic Iran?

Saudi Arabia agrees to form a coalition government in Yemen

Alarming threats: Why Pakistan is downplaying Daesh threat in Karachi?

Yadav’s case: Did Nawaz Sharif commit treason?

The conference of shame and disgrace

Muslim countries participation in Riyadh’s meeting is contrary to Islamic values

Another gamble: Abbas to propose large-scale land swap with Israel

Denouncing Terror – Islam promotes the good and forbids the bad EDITORIAL

Shafaqna Interviews Brother Ali-Reza Goudarzi on the Architecture of the Holy Shrines

Bahraini forces attack a number of anti regime protesters

Murderers of Muslim Ummah: $380 billion to spill the blood of Muslims

A dangerous move: US’s Iranophobia for Saudi dollars

At least 22 killed, over 59 injured in suicide attack at Manchester concert

PM Nawaz condemns Manchester blast, calls for concerted efforts against terrorism

Rouhani’s re-election: The challenges ahead

War on extremism: The state, Maulana Abdul Aziz and Masood Azhar

A day dream: Can Trump Isolate Iran?

Indian army awards officer who tied Kashmiri man to jeep as human shield

Widow of 9/11 victim to Trump: Saudis should be held accountable for ‘role in murdering 3,000’

Why Muslims need to take part in their own affairs?

Conference on Takfirism to be held in Denmark

Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi: “Clerics responsible to inform societies”

Imran slams Nawaz for being silent spectator at Saudi summit

The end of Trump

Moving Security Council after ICJ: Do India enjoy an upper hand in Yadav’s case?

Pakistanis ashamed at how PM Nawaz was treated in Saudi Arabia: Imran Khan

US Senator censures $110Bn arms sale to Saudis, citing atrocities in Yemen

US airstrike on Syrian Army proves Washington’s fake claims about war on terrorism

Syrian conflict:  Saudia diplomacy to foil peace talks

Rising threat: ‘Extremist outfits radicalising educated women in Karachi’

MWM Conference demands Pakistan’s withdraw from Saudi Military Alliance

Reasons why Arab NATO is doomed to failure

Iranian FM responds to Trump's anti-Tehran remarks

Robert Fisk from Independent: “Donald Trump’s speech to the Muslim world was filled with hypocrisy and condescension”

Trump’s Pro Saudi stance is a tragic continuation of US foreign policy of being aligned with the creators of Al Qaeda

I did not fast in my early years of adulthood, is it Wajib for me to compensate for those days and pay Kaffarah?

Writing a faith out of death’s throes – Shia Islam shall be silent no more …

Report documents evidence of attacks on Rohingya

Iran offers peace after bellicose Saudi threats

A nefarious agenda: How Saudia fooled Muslim Ummah for vest interests

Detaining Pakistani diplomats: Afghanistan’s quest for escalation with Pakistan

An unsolved mystery:  Why Govt is hesitant to arrest Lal mosque cleric?

Why Britain’s support for Bahrain king is unwavering?

US Senator censures $110Bn arms sale to Saudis, citing atrocities in Yemen

Trump visits Riyadh: Democracy, Human Rights out of; arms deal, Iranophobia top on agenda

JUI-F’s dirty politics on FATA reforms

ایران کے صدارتی انتخاب: ڈاکٹر حسن روحانی ایک بار پھر کامیاب

Hassan Rouhani wins another term as president of Iran

No iota of Shame: Saudia disgraces Trump by inviting a wanted President for war crimes

Rouhani leads Iran presidential race, expected to win

Appeasing a fanatic: Saudia’s penchant for anti-Muslim Trump

Grave mistake: India’s self imposed regional isolation

Yemenis fire ballistic missile at Riyadh ahead of Trump visit: Report

Polls close, vote counting underway in Iran

Saudi Arabia boosts US Treasury holdings ahead of Trump visit

Some signs of the time of re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

Grand Shia scholar: Clerics adhere to Ahlul Bayt doctrine to serve society

Saudi Arabia’s ideology of exclusion and genocide

Blackwater returns to Iraq under new name

Saudi cleric calls on FIFA to ban sign of cross, Twitter fires back

No iota of Shame: Saudia disgraces Trump by inviting a wanted President for war crimes

Mahmoud Abbas on 3-day visit to India

Dawn leaks II: A new controversy

Verdict on Kulbhoshan and US’s influence on ICJ

Saudi ambassador to Cairo affirms Saudi efforts to disrupt US-Iran ties

Iranians to vote in pres. election in 102 countries: Foreign Ministry

Zionist ‘Axis of Evil’ against Iran

Why ICJ rushed to suspend execution of Indian spy?

Pakistan to form new team of lawyers on Kulbhushan Jadhav case: Sartaj

Key points of the judgment by International Court of Justice

U.S. New “Plan B” for Syria: Military Escalation

ICJ stays execution of Indian spy Jadhav pending final decision

Anti Russia hysteria makes the US mainstream press side with ISIS

A country ‘on its knees’: Cholera takes hold in war-weary Yemen

Top Shia leader ready for talks with Shia parties

Saudi Arabia rushing to normalize relations, amid Israeli silence

Why India has become an irrelevant power in South Asia?

Is US pressurizing Pakistan to release Kulbhoshan Yadav?

Trump administration renews Iran sanctions waivers

Saudi Regime lays siege on historical Shiite city, several killed

The other picture: Why did Nawaz Invite Jindal to Pakistan?

Perfect Footwear for Traveling That You Can Not Afford to Miss Upon

Famous Zoos In Pakistan

5 Beauty Tips to Try This Summer Season, Especially During Travelling

Is Saudi Arabia Waging a Holy Crusade Against Iran?

What is the most important task we have in this world?

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei vows to enhance missile capability

Israeli minister says Assad should be killed

US trying to save Zionist-Wahhabi Axis in Middle East: Analyst

Innocent killings: Is Gawadar still at risk?

Labour govt. will ‘immediately recognize a state of Palestine’

Stability of Pakistan and Imam Mahdi Conference’ in Karachi on May 21

Trump to Saudia: A new hope for ISIS

Prolonging hunger strike: Would UN feel any shame?

Special Dua by Imam Sadeq (AS) to be recited at the time of the occultation of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

State of emergency over Cholera Outbreak In Sanaa, Yemen

Pakistan, Bangladesh ties need be strengthened: Info Minister

Obama officials, led by Kerry, team up to defend Iran deal from Trump

Yemen popular forces capture military base in Saudi Arabia

Cutting the Knot: Why Pakistan should divorce to Washington?

Cyber Crime law: Pakistan’s freedom of speech under threat

Nearly 30 million children across Arab world live in poverty: UNICEF

The sudden death of Mishaal bin Abdulaziz complicates the process of coup in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Shia town under 'siege' for sixth day

Saudi Arabia behind recent Iran border attack?

Zardari’s critical question: Why does not Pakistan buy gas from Iran?

Mastung Blast: Would JUI-F rethink its ideological support for extremists?

CPEC master plan revealed

Neighbor at odds: Is Pakistan at the brink of regional isolation?

Jadhav case in ICJ: Can India win the legal battle?

How Bahrain broke Int’l law by revoking top shia cleric’s citizenship?

Saudi Arabia must stop anti-Iran policies, accusations: Qassemi

Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit?

Palestinian mass hunger strike takes dramatic turn

Al-Qaeda leader confirms White Helmets are part of their terror organization

Saudi drone downed; troops, mercs killed in Yemen

Shafaqna special: US’s new game plan for CPEC

What is the deal on Dawn leaks?

Another slap in Trump's face: Pyongyang test-launched another ballistic missile

Sudanese as cheap mercenaries and scapegoat for the Emirate and Saudi defeats in Yemen

A marriage of inconvenience: Pakistan, Afghanistan, US to act against Daesh

Erdogan: An occupied Jerusalem is shameful for Turks

Hamas’s gamble: Did Hamas put the ball in Israel’s court?

Will the UAE take military action against Hadi?

Ten labourers gunned down, one injured in Gwadar

Mastung blast: JUI-F reaps what it sowed

Is Iranian campaign the missing democracy in many countries?

How to smuggle US nuclear triggers to Israel

America wants control over Arab-Islamic treasury with the support of Riyadh

Hassan Nasrallah to Al Saud: Imam Mahdi (P) will certainly emerge to eradicate tyrants

Why is it that ISIS videos all come to us from Israeli intelligence?

Dawn Leaks: Inside story of PM Nawaz, army chief’s meeting

Mastung blast: Death toll mounts to 27

Amnesty for Ehsanullah Ehsan: What was the deal behind?

The sectarian expression of Saudi Alliance

Raheel Sharif accepted humiliating post for Saudi Riyals: Aslam Beg

Yemeni missile forces ready to combat American intervention in Western coasts

Imam Mahdi (A.S) in Imam Ali (A.S)’s Words

Shafaqna Interviews Sister Qudsiyah Remtulla – Founder at The Visual Age

Shafaqna Interviews Brother Ali Salaam to Discuss his Documentary Series – American Hussaini

IMAM MAHDI: The Birth of the Awaited Son

Takfirism; the most prominent contemporary disease

Reasons why May Is a Good Month to Travel

Four Reasons Why a Hotel Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Shrouded in Mystery: Who abducted Zardari’s aides and Why?

Followers of murdered Pakistani activist say they will not be silenced

One Way War – by Dr Hassan Auj

How Saudia killed the 9/11 law?

Pakistani General Sharif shrouded in mystery, confusion: Analyst

Saudi Arabia’s expected military assault on Yemen will almost certainly cause mass starvation

A terrorist not hero: Why Ehsanullah Ehsan should be hanged?

Messi resume his humanitarian activities to support Yemeni children

Saudi forces killing Shia youth in Qatif in the name of terrorism

Trump’s $3.7 billion secret gift to Israel

Tit for Tat: Erdogan in hot waters after US backs Syrian Kurd fighters

Consequences of appointing Pakistani Gen. to anti-Yemen coalition

Warning to Pakistan: Why has Iran lost her patience?

ISIS executes 47 inmates with different nationalities in Kirkuk’s Hawija

Joining the Saudi alliance: Why Pakistan has become more prone to sectarian conflicts?

Shafaqna insider: Why is US fueling Syrian and Yemen conflict?

Law enforcement agencies harrassing Shias: MWM

Saudi Arabian fund leads Trump to the third world war

An unusual friction: Mending the fences between Iran and Pakistan

UAE-Saudi disputes emerge further as Yemen war unfolds

Have you really found the love of your life?

Myth of Asad’s Use of Sarin Gas Keeps Getting Exposed

Bahrainis rally in support of Sheikh Isa Qassim

Cholera kills 25 people in Yemen in single week: WHO

Did Nawaz take funds from Osama Bin Laden?

Why Kashmir has become another Palestine?

Will JIT succeed in getting info from four countries?

Evacuation from Damascus rebel district starts

We continue our friendship with Hamas and we do not interfere in its affairs

Shafaqna Interviews Brother Ahmed Badri

Shafaqna Speaks on Syria

Paris main mosque says Macron election gives hope to French Muslims

Syria says up to 5,000 Chinese Uighurs fighting in militant groups

Ahead of PM Modi’s Israel visit; Indian delegation to attend conference over National Security Studies in Tel Aviv

In the pretext of counter terrorism: UN exposes Saudia’s ugly face

Hamas’s policy shift: Is it a concrete step towards two-state solution?

Iran's Top Commander Warns to Attack Terrorists' Hideouts in Pakistan

Saudi kingdom will be destroyed if Riyadh does anything 'ignorant'

Bridging the differences: Iran binds Pakistan with its fine diplomacy

Another dud deal for Syria  

Khurram Zaki: An emblem of resistance against Takfirism

Scared Bahraini regime postpones Ayatollah Sheikh Qassim’s trial

Joke to the Muslims: Trump a servant of Allah, according to Saudi cleric

Khurram Zaki – 1976-2016 Journalist, activist, scholar father and friend

Ibn Taymiyyah and 428 fatwa entitled “kill him/her if he did not repent”

50 Afghan soldiers killed, 100 injured in retaliatory firing to Chaman cross-border attack: IG FC

Facing disaster: The Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar

Where the SC’s Panama verdict really haunts the Sharifs!

Diplomacy at work: Did Pakistan allay Iranian concerns on border issues and IMA?

Chaman firing reflects Delhi-Kabul nexus, says Khawaja Asif

Cabinet subcommittee decides action against sectarianism using social media

More than 350 Pakistanis are languishing in US jails: report

Israel and N. Korea exchange threats

What does Hamas’s new policy document mean?

What emboldens Saudi Prince to claim they can uproot Yemeni resistance forces?

Israeli activists call for investigation into Israel providing South Sudan with weapons

Who will probe into Sharif's corruption: Profiles of JIT members

Is there a minus-N formula for PML-N?

Why not publish the JIT report?

Mother of all terrorism eyes Election 2018 to reach parliament

CIA attempted to kill N.Korean leader using bio-chemical weapon: Pyongyang

A derogatory statement about Iran: Saudi agenda to divide Muslims

Iran urges global action against Saudi support for extremism, terrorism

Unannounced war between Pakistan and Afghanistan: Pakistan retaliation leave several ANF personnel dead

Does Hamas now indirectly recognise Israel?

7 civilians killed, 22 injured after Afghan forces open fire on border villages in Chaman

Stop RAW from enforcing Islam

What does US fear Russian, Pakistan and Iran’s bloc in Afghanistan?

Saudi FM: I will be the first Saudi sexually reassigned minister to head UN women’s rights commission

Return of butcher of Kabul: A wrong political gamble of Ghani

Sudan as a scapegoat for Saudi-Emirati economic whims in Yemen

Violence erupts in Hub as police refuse to hand Hindu man suspected of blasphemy over to enraged mob

Turkey President Erdogan backs India's UNSC bid

Bulgarian Weapons Sent to Terrorists in Syria Through Saudi Arabia

Rejecting the call for Kashmir: Did India slap in Erdogan’s face?

In hot waters: The changing scenario of Pakistan politics

Daesh militants developing own social media platform: Europol

Ghani declines invitation to visit Pakistan

Analysts: Riyadh Seeking to Hide Real Death Toll in Yemen War