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5 dead in New York City fire


5 dead in New York house fire


EU firms getting petchem jobs in Iran


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Le Pen posters absent abroad


Supreme Court of Pakistan decision


Technology Research


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AMTF in dire need of blood donations



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Arrest o Al Qaeda leaders in Yemen: Why did Saudi coalition play this drama?

The Chitral incident: Is amending Blasphemy law necessary?

Netanyahu’s wife to be indicted over corruption charges

North Korea says ready to strike US aircraft carrier

Four FC personnel lay down lives in roadside blast in Kech district

Pakistan agrees to send 5,000 troops to US-Saudi aggression coalition!

US military confirms Daesh chemical attack in west Mosul

Chinese jihadis rise in Syria raises concerns at home

Save Iran deal

Panama verdict: Why it is better for PM to resign?

Mattis penchant for Saudia: Did US pressurize Pakistan to lead Saudi Military alliance?

Assad is not the only one ‘responsible’ for rise and deeds of IS

Seven killed in rain-related incidents in Punjab

Pentagon chief in Israel to discuss Iran, Syria

Israel behind US-North Korea standoff

Bashar Assad’s exit is the triumph of ISIS

How does JUI-F Condon extremism in Pakistan?

Panama verdict: Is the real game still waiting for?

Iraq forces free 11-year-old Yazidi girl in Mosul

Iran condemns Paris attack but blames Western policies

434 militants surrender in Balochistan

Mob attacks man in Chitral accused of making 'blasphemous remarks'

The Taliban mess

Al-Qaeda’s Jordanian Emir masterminds Al-Nusra’s chemical attacks in Syria

US Continues to Airdrop More Aid Packages to ISIL Terrorists in Northwestern Iraq

ISIS-Al-Qaeda alliance:  What is at stake for Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Iran bans live election debates

Panama case: Who will be part of JIT and when will it begin its investigation?

North Korea warns of 'super-mighty pre-emptive strike' as US plans next move

Pakistan, Iran work to heal Saudi alliance rift

Syria “bus bombing” conducted by terrorists, not Syrian government; No red lines?

Panamagate verdict: PML-N declares 'victory', Supreme Court orders JIT probe of Sharif family

What is Israel looking for in India?

Return of a dictator : Erdogan to wreak new havoc

Would North Korean war prove a last nail in US coffin?

Clean Chit or Conviction: What will the Panama Judgment entail?

Two Wahabi clerics under investigation over lynching of student

Getting Ahsan ullah Ahsan: The changing scenario of Pakistan's war on militancy

Iran-Saudi Arab relations to improve fast: Hassan Rouhani

Trump administration to review Iran sanctions relief: State Dept

The cate is out of bag: Military alliance may be used against Houthis, says Saudi defence adviser

Yemen popular forces shot down Saudi helicopter,12 Saudi officers killed

Uzair’s crime and Pakistan politics

Why does a university-educated student turn to terrorism?

Arab League hesitant to recognize results of Turkish referendum

North Korea readies for war? Is Kim Jong mulling nuclear option?

Sham democracy: The long lonely battle of Rohingyas

Accusing Iran for espionage: What is the real game?

Erdogan’s victory: Did Turkish people desire for dictatorship?

Pot calling the kettle black: A state, sponsoring terrorism calls Assad terrorists

Quetta-bound Jaffar Express derails near Gujranwala, five bogies overturn

Punjab University professor murdered in Lahore

Do Israelis want Ahmadinejad to get re-elected?

Trump woos Pakistan to isolate China

Why does everyone hate AD Khawaja?

Details of a coup attempt in Qatar!

Suspect confesses he acted upon university admin’s directions against Mashal

Pakistan should not be made part of any proxy war: MWM

Putin deploys army to North Korea in readiness for World war 3

Former TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan has turned himself in: Pak Army

US intelligence source: Syria chemical weapons attack launched from Saudi base

Would Putin abandon Bashar al-Assad and Iran?

Tit for Tat: The link between Kulbhoshan’s execution and Pakistan colonel’s disappearance

Saudi guns on Pakistan’s shoulder

Did Al Qaeda Fool the White House Again?

People who cast blasphemy accusations need to be educated, says Imam-i-Kaaba

Riyadh Offers Financial Aid to Trump for Continued Strikes on Syria

Sindh Police attack on Shias commemorating birthday of Imam Ali (A.S), ledge F.I.R

Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports put on hijack alert

Target Easter: Noureen Laghari from university life to IS-affiliation

When US and Israel gassed civilians

A deepening conspiracy: What is the US Plan to dethrone Assad?

Lahore: The home of Takfiri terrorists

Vladimir Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital and will blame devastation on Bashar-al Assad's forces

Ahmadinejad Voices Support for Nuke Deal, Says Iran has Nothing to Fear From US

Chief justice takes notice of Mashal Khan's lynching

Nisar condemns 'cold-blooded murder' of Mashal Khan

Blast hits Syrian bus convoy near Aleppo: Death toll mounts to 75 over hundred injured

CIA Docs Prove U.S. Helped Saddam Hussein Gas Innocent Iranians

Waiting for the verdict: Is Nawaz Sharif’s political fate at stake?

Return of great game in Aafghanistan

PTI’s realistic approach: Why a military alliance cannot be a solution to terrorism?

Iran rejects allegations of its agencies’ links to Uzair Baloch

One killed, three Takfiri terrorists apprehended in Lahore combing operation

US tests gravity nuclear bomb in Nevada

Nefarious designs: Israel to demolish Jerusalem mosque

What is MOAB, 'Mother of All Bombs,' and what is it capable of?

Resolution against Saudi-led military alliance:  PTI proves a major hurdle in Pakistan’s submission to Saudia

400 ISIS takfiris smuggled from Syria to Yemen at Aden coast by US-Saudi aggression

Rouhani’s olive branch: Why Saudia is reluctant to mend fences with Iran?

Hillary Clinton sold nerve gas to terrorists in Syria

TOR of Saudi alliance to be unveiled next month: Asif

Why India avoids US mediation for talks with Pakistan?

India’s overt threat: Can Kulbhushan’s execution lead to Indo-Pak war?

Trump's war hysteria: US military drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

Mardan university student lynched by mob over alleged blasphemy: police

Inviting more conflicts: US threatens Russia, Iran with more sanctions for Syria’s support

Syria’s UN ambassador: the Sarin gas arrived to Syria from Libya through Turkey

Yemen and the drug smugglers’ blockade

Worsening Syrian crisis: Can US avoid Syrian fire to engulf her?

Arms sale to Saudia: The diminishing role of congress

Double faced Fazal-ur Rehman: Who represents the Ummah?

Hasina-Modi nexus: India’s perpetual bid to isolate Pakistan

Growing risk of mass starvation deaths in Yemen: UN

US favours political solution to Syria crisis, but no role for Assad

The failure of NAP:  Who will fight the terrorism?

Joining Saudi military coalition harms Pakistan more than Afghanistan War

Supreme Leader important statements about U.S recent attack on Syria

Rangers foil massive terror bid in Karachi

False Flag: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad

An imminent threat: ISIS starts operation in Pakistan

Shafaqna Analysis: What caused OIC’s sudden awakening on Kashmir

Uzair Baloch taken into military custody: ISPR

Pakistan to quit Islamic collation if it turns sectarian: defence minister

India should support Balochistan separation if Yadav is executed: BJP MP

Trump’s proxy war on Syria for Israel begins

Kulbhushan Jadhav death row: India threats Pakistan of grave repercussions

President Trump’s son-in-law visited Iraq to save ISIS’ trapped commanders in Mosul

Why Moqtada Sadr called Assad to step down?

Ghost of Past: The shared ideology of terrorists and JUI-F

Imran Khan’s Mea Culpa: Russian Jihad continues t haunt Pakistan

Panama leaks: Would Court decision change the political history of Pakistan?

Who is Kulbhushan Jadhav?

A suggestion for Trump; Assassinate Kim Jong-un to get rid of North Korea issue

Could Syria attack trigger third world war?

Pakistan to stay neutral in Syria war

Pakistan sentences Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav to death

May Trying to Base Britain’s Future On Saudi War Crimes: Analyst

Is the US attack on Syria is attack on Russia?

No Legal Justification for Involvement of US in War On Yemen

Madrassa Mushrooming: The hurdle in fight against terrorism

Would Raheel Sharif refuse to serve the House of Saud in the name of the Muslim Ummah?

Russia deploys missile-armed ship to Syria after US attack: Source

Is US going to repeat fake story of WMD in Syria like Iraq?

Six people killed, dozens injured during protests in India-held Kashmir

Bombings at Egyptian Coptic churches kill 37

The worst has yet to come: India faces Major ISIS threat

Chemical attack: US new game plan in Syria

Pentagon - and Daesh - Target Iran

Iranian ships arrive in Pakistan on training, goodwill visit

Inviting terrorists to join party: JUI-F’s struggle for Talaban’s rule in Pakistan

Iran's Rouhani says Trump abetting Syria 'terrorists'

Bahraini Media: Al Khalifah Regime Trying to Buy US Silence by Paying $8 Billion Deals in Just 2 Weeks

Syrian government troops destroy terrorists’ chemical weapons depot in Idlib — media

Lahore blast: The usual negligence

Saudi Arabia seeking nuclear weapons

Shafaqna Analysis: Why would Assad use chemical weapons?

Lahore blast handler among 10 killed

Da’ish Peshawar network dismantled, 24 arrested

Raheel Sharif will not hurt Iran's interests: Nasser Janjua

Truck crashes into Sweden store, three people dead

Theresa May’s trip to KSA politically motivated, in line with Arab regimes’ interests

US strikes on Syria: Donald Trump's missile attack 'kills four children' as Russia condemns 'aggression'

Cat is out of bag: Saudi Arabia 'fully supports' US military strikes in Syria

Syria and the USrael’s WMD false flag

Trump launches missile strikes on Syria after 'chemical' attack accusations

Israel fears 'Iranian crescent' in Middle East

Netanyahu’s tantrum: Israel’s plot to fix Assad for war crimes

Nexus between Altaf Hussain and MI-6 unveiled

Seeking Masroor Jhangvi’s disqualification: A far cry moon

Misbah bids farewell to Test cricket

Pack of lies: There is no ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, claims Suu Kyi

Surprise! You’ll be going on Pilgrimage to Mecca by train from Israel!

What is Russia’s new great game in Afghanistan?

Iran’s concerns: Did Pakistan bank on a wrong horse?

Saudi Arabia, between normalizing ties with Israel and Iranophobia

Closed doors to politics: ASWJ and LeJ militants in trouble

How Pakistan can assure that Saudi led alliance is not against Iran?

Mediation on Kashmir: Iran extends another olive branch to Pakistan

Yemeni snipers kill over 120 Saudi mercenaries in March: Report

Below the impunity: Bahraini regime summons 10-year-old to court

Is Pakistan willing to jeopardise its relations with Iran for Saudi Arabia?

Suicide attack on Census team: 6, including four soldiers, martyred in Lahore

Pakistan’s war crimes: Myth of 3 million killed, 200,000 raped in 1971

Israel’s new cronies: Al-Sisi saves Israel from international boycott

Why is Pakistan’s political, military and judicial leadership mute on the systematic elimination of Shias?

New power bloc: Pakistan, Russia and China inch closer to formal alliance

Changing priorities: White House says US must accept political reality in Syria

US Ignores Human Rights Condition To Sell Bahrain F-16 Jets

Saudi Arabia or Iran: which would benefit the most if Iraqi top cleric al-Sadr were assassinated?

Hindutva's rule: Should Muslims of India migrate to Pakistan?

'They would have killed me': The story behind Sargodha mass murder

Is ISIS afraid of Sufisim in Sindh?

US policy change on Syria

ISIL Begins to Run out of Ammunition, Weapons in Battle of Mosul

Liberal Pakistan continues to turn a blind eye to genocide of minorities in Pakistan – Aamir Hussaini

پارہ چنار بم دھماکہ : تکفیری دیوبندی تنظیموں کو مرکزی دھارے میں لانے والی حکومت شیعہ مسلمانوں کی نسل کشی روکنے میں سنجیدہ نہیں ہے

Dua’s for the Month of Rajab

Why performing Salaat on time is so important?

Campaign to save Pakistani Shia Muslims from terror; sign petition online

Israeli Minister: We do not want a strong Iran near Israeli borders

An alliance of Saudi clones: What damage Raheel Sharif can give to Pakistan?

Can Pakistan and Afghanistan fight out ISIS?

Nuclear war threat: How India backs out of no first use of nukes policy

What is the goal behind the Gaza island plan?

Top U.S. Commander: Iran’s Heightened Threat Since Nuclear Deal May Require Military Action

Al-Qaeda Agrees to Temporary Ceasefire in Syria. Guess Who Vouches For Them?

Killing Ahmedis: The shrinking space for minorities

Parachinar blast: Would Ch.Nisar term it a sectarian attack?

Shrine custodian kills 20

Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria

US blame game: The declining super power and increasing Russian influence

Meddling in affairs: Accusations on Iran and Arab’s own mirror

Another war on Palestine: What is Israel’s next plan?

Another blood bath: Unleashed Shia Genocide in Pakistan

Pak army will never let Saudi military alliance to be used against Iran or Yemen

Muslim Women Should be Taken from their Graves and Raped’: Where is Uttar Pradesh Headed Now?

Jordan and Saudi Arabia seek to find an alternative homeland for Palestinians

Will Iran's Rouhani survive the bleak economy?

25 killed in explosion outside imambargah in Parachinar market

Saudi Military alliance: Did Nawaz Sharif strike deal with Saudia?

How Saudia is killing Shiite youth in the name of terrorism?

The Mosul conundrum: Did US deliberately target Civilians?

Why mainstreaming Takfiri-Jihadist organizations?

Issuing visas to US agents: The Political traitors of Pakistan

Has Iran media declined support to Palestine issue?

Why MI5 Targeting Family of British Woman Fighting Against ISIS In Syria?

Sadiq Khan, London’s ‘Liberal Muslim’ Mayor, has ties to ISIS

A way out called as powerful Arab military!!

Why democracy is weak in Pakistan

Extremist ideologies promoted by Riyadh root of terrorism

All for Nothing: The Enduring Shame of Saudi Arabia’s War of Paranoia upon Yemen

India: Save cow, kill female babies

ISIL forces women to behead people in Mosul

Can Kuwait help in bridging  difference between Iran and Saudia?

A veil of secrecy : What is Pakistan hiding from world regarding Raheel Sharif?

Another appeal: Would India come to Altaf Hussain’s rescue?

Would renaming Altaf Hussain university resolve issue of terrorism in Karachi?

All eyes on warm waters: Is Russia going to play a master stroke in Afghanistan?

Famine looms in Yemen: Saudia bombing intentionally targets food production

An act of dignity: Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies

Killing innocent Yemenis: Hadi deserves  more than the death sentence

Who was behind the assassination attempt on Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr?

Pakistan’s ‘unreformed’ madrassa enterprise

Raheel Sharif’s new task: What was the tacit deal?

Yemen children dream of school as war keeps them out

Mustapha Hamdan Martyred – Another Extra-Judicial Killing in Bahrain

Erdogan: European leaders are Nazis

The Optics of Blasphemy

Why Muslims cannot stop blasphemy on Social media?

JuD rally: Isn’t it fun of Radd-ul-Fassad?

Zionist’s cat is out of bag: ISIS declares it will kill Palestinians “One By One”!

Will the war in Syria go back to square one?

London attack: A reminder not to feed snakes

What is Erdogan’s plan: Why Europeans will not walk safely on their streets?

The enemy within: Did PPP commit treason?

Terror financing: The neglected case of terrorism funding in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia losses after two years of aggression on Yemen

 Dirty game: Zionists turned Western women into ‘sex object’

Babies deformed as Result of Using Chemical Weapons against Yemen

Polluting the education: The criminal silence on IJT hooliganism

The land of Sufis under threat: Can Sind Govt deal with Takfiris?

Would Iran resume its nuclear program?

Nearly 7 Million Suffering famine in War-Torn Yemen

Netanyahu seeks end to Russia airstrikes in Syria to avert Israel's collapse

Who is Ahlam al-Tamimi and why  Jordan refuses to extradite her to US?

Can Pakistan enact legislation preventing terrorists to enter in Politics?

Choosing Yogi Adityanath : Modi’s secret plan to push Muslims out of India

Blasphemous content: Is banning social media a solution?

Under Zionist pressure: How UN gave killing license to Israel?

Britain’s role in hunger and famine in Yemen

Shafaqna Analysis: How IJT is threatening education at Educational institutes?

Saudi Wahhabi monarchy dictates reconciliation between Ashrafi and Qasmi

The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

Shafaqna Special: Why UK is reluctant to take action against Altaf Hussain?

Trump and the al-Saud: An inside story

Four dead, including attacker, in UK parliament 'terror' assault

One shot, several injured in UK parliament 'terrorist incident'

Syrian conundrum: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

How foreign press discussed the new Iranian ‘Karrar’ tank?

London comes out against war in Syria

No iota of shame: How Mohamed Bin Salman, yielded to the New US president after insult

Finally the truth : Bangladesh Opposition leader blames India of Terrorism

Is Pakistan educated elite joining ISIS?

Downfall of ISIS: The crumbling Caliphate of Al-Baghdadi

Lobby rejects UN report penned by US Jew

Rabbani – the odd man out

Trump’s Alleged Rape Of 13-Year-Old Girl Isn't Going Away

An axis of evil: The link between terrorism and Madressahs

Inside Pak-Afghan ties and concept of strategic depth

Pak-India water talks resume today

Why religious education of children by parents is so important?

American Muslim teens learn to disarm Islamophobia

The Denationalization of American Muslims

Syrian on the path of peace: ISIS militants on constant retreat

Saudi-Israeli think tank begins its activities in the Kurdistan Region

A powerless organization: Is UN working against Muslims?

Orders on Asylum seekers: Why UN should force gulf countries to follow Iran’s Supreme leader’s advice?

Sharing the Saudi war crimes: US must not sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Shafaqna Special: Why did Saudi king cancelled Maldives visit

The extremists within: The radical ideology of PML-N

Western Muslims and the future of Islam in West

Elected committee of Muslims should protect Islam’s holy sites

What are the rewards of following the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS)?

Nowruz celebrations to begin on Monday

Raza Rabbani’s corrupt morality: Why does not Chairman Senate voice against Zardari’s corruption?

What is Turkey’s plan to kick off Jihad in Europe?

An inside story: How US arms are falling into hands of Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Plight of Pilgrims: State apathy towards shia community in Pakistan