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Borsa Istanbul up at opening


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Parents use their child to whitewash terrorists in Aleppo

Prince Salman seeking to remove head of Saudi national guard: Report

Saudi Arabia, Egypt keep mum on Israeli crimes, abandon al-Aqsa: Author

Saudi Arabia, India or the US – who is conspiring against Nawaz Sharif and why?

Who is back stabber? Pakistan or US?

Challenging US hegemony: China tests underwater robot in South China Sea

Israel’s playing with fire: Can Al-Aqsa conflict unite all the Muslim countries?

Hezbollah Will Destroy Zionist Residential Areas, Infrastructure during Any War: Zionist Official

A wrong time visit: Is Nawaz Sharif trying to escape the SC verdict?

China Forces Muslim Minority to Install Spyware on Their Phones

At least 29 civilians killed in US airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqah

American and French weapons seized in Syria's Qalamoun before al-Nusra terrorists get their hands on them +Photos

End of Al Jazeera, a dark day for the Middle East

Afghans fighting in Syria worry Hezb-e-Islami chief

Lahore bleeds: The political crisis and Lahore blast

Fear and Trepidation in Tel Aviv: Is Israel Losing the Syria War?

Turkish diplomacy ends in Persian Gulf without results

The uncovering of new angles of Buddhist atrocities against Myanmar Muslims

Saudi paid $138,000 for anti-Qatar adverts in US

Pakistan’s appeasement diplomacy and Yemen crisis

Netanyahu wants regime change in Russia

The Saudi officers: It is against our set of ethics and religious views to target ISIS members

Why are Iran’s drones crossing into Pakistani airspace?

Imran on the Dock on money trail: Who is paving way for PPP again?

MEHR NEWS | Yemen cholera deaths expected to double by end of year

IRNA | More cargo trains between Iran-Pakistan as bilateral trade grows: Pak official

IQNA | Shoaisha, First Egyptian Qari Who Recited Quran in Al-Aqsa Mosque

PRESS TV | UAE-linked channel to release documentary on Qatar’s role behind 9/11

Al-Nujoom Welfare Foundation: A new ASWJ-linked charity in Karachi?

Iran ready for technology transfer to Afghanistan

Saudi prince: ‘Let us go and fight for Al-Aqsa’

Al-Shabaab terrorist group calls Trump 'brainless billionaire'

The countdown: Is a headhunt on for Sharif’s replacement?

Turkey transports ISIS terrorists from Mosul and Syria to Egypt

Israel Removes Metal Detectors From Around al-Aqsa Mosque

Nusra Front's Militants Begin to Surrender at Syrian-Lebanese Border

Why Arab league cannot boycott Israel?

Media silent as US ally Saudi Arabia massacres its own people + pictures

Is Abbas really halting contacts with Israel?

Ferozpur blast:  Is it a knee jerk reaction to operation Khyber IV?

Why Ayatollah Khamenei Was Not Optimistic About the Nuclear Talks?

Iran raps Israel for ‘vicious crackdown’ on Palestinians

Succumbed to Saudi demands: Qatari Emir Calls for Negotiations to Ease Blockade

End of the World: Stephen Hawking warns Artificial Intelligence could destroy humanity

Ferozpura blast: Death toll mounts to 27

Palace intrigues: Is Shahbaz Shrif conspiring against big brother?

Saudi Crown Prince was forced to resign over painkiller addiction

NYT: US handed over Iraq to Iran

Arab’s Infighting: Israel launches plan of greater Israel

24 killed as car bomb explodes in western Kabul

A thickening plot: SECP chairman guilty or framed?

Would Ch.Nisar part ways with PML-N?

Two killed in shooting incident at Israeli embassy in Jordan

Arabs are too busy with in-fighting, says Al-Aqsa imam

U.S. to destroy the current unity of the Muslim neighbor countries

Iran’s IRGC seizes trespassing Saudi vessel in Persian Gulf

Syrian Jihadists Reach Truce Deal After Week of Infighting

Netanyahu Secretly Met UAE FM in New York

Ties with Qatar: Saudi Arabia demands dismissal of more than 50,000 Sudanese workers

Wind of true change: The changing political scenario of Pakistan

Can Russia help Pakistan to control militancy in Balochistan?

US allegations: Why Pakistan cannot contain extremist groups to raise funds?

New sanctions: US’s nefarious design to install Washington friendly govt in Tehran

ABNA | Houthi: Yemen ready to participate in any confrontation with the Zionist Israel

SUCH TV | PM Nawaz should decide to step down by tonight: Khursheed Shah

Bahraini inmates seeking medical attention punished with torture, solitary confinement

Obama official: Israel intelligence supports Iran deal

As 75 percent of Americans fear ‘Major war’ under Trump

China moved huge military hardware into Tibet after Sikkim standoff: Report

Botched US Drone Strike Kills 15 Afghan Police

Macron, Netanyahu and Holocaust

MEHR NEWS | Saudi bombing of Yemen’s hospitals ‘war crime’

Saudia’s next battle ground: Turning Qatar into another Yemen

Brutal executions as a political tool against Shittes in Saudi Arabia

The sealed fate of Nawaz Sharif: Would SC send PM behind prison?

Saudi security system overhauled on overnight royal decrees

Pakistan’s former chief of army staff: Iran is the only country that has challenged U.S.

Indian Scientists Discover Supercluster of Galaxies

Israeli General: We Won’t Let Iran Win the Syrian War

Turkey state news agency leaks secret locations of US, French troops in Syria

Shiites subjected to strains, abuses in Azerbaijan

Chutzpah: India wants to fight ISIS in Iraq

Shafaqna Exclusive: What is inside the classified Volume 10 of the JIT report?

Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China

Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria rebels: Who believes?

How Raheel Sharif’s appointment will push Pakistan into another war?

Shutting Iranian cultural mission: Did Saudia threatened Kuwait by Qatar like consequences?

Houthi forces kill 3 soldiers inside Saudi Arabia

US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria kills 12 civilians per day

Plan of the United Arab Emirates to divide Yemen

JIT law firm is ‘one man show’

Cost benefit analysis: Why India cannot wage a war with China?

Stranded at border: Why Pakistan always neglected Shia pilgrims?

Hanging fate: What is better choice for PM, NAB or Court’s verdict?

Ayatollah Sistani: silent force behind ISIS defeat

NA-260 polls: How terrorists became blatant stakeholders in the constituency?

Mirzakhani, Iranian mathematician, was terrorized biologically in US; Russian intelligence services reveal

US speeds up military aid to PKK/PYD

US military, intelligence bodies harbor terrorists in region: Iranian lawmakers

Russia concerned of ISIS members being transported by unidentified helicopters to Afghanistan

ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda Get Their Money and Ideology From America’s Allies

SHAFAQNA | 8 British Muslims kick off Hajj journey on bikes

Spanish football federation chief arrested in fraud probe

SUCH TV | Russian airstrike obliterates Daesh ammo truck in southern Raqqa

China ‘Ready’ for Long-Term War With India

Intelligence Reports Suggest IS Leader Al-Baghdadi is Still Alive

Hazara's again: Four Hazaras shot dead near Mastung as gunmen open fire on vehicle

Confession of Saudia Iqama: Is Nawaz Sharif has been screwed?

Leaked documents reveal Saudia and Emirati crown princes support for Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen

An inside informer to JIT: Who betrayed Sharif family?

Arrival of Qatar Foreign Minister: Is there give and take on Panama case?

Why West created ISIS?

Ruthless Saudi crackdown continues in Shiite regions with US green light

MEHR NEWS | Iran may opt to drop N-deal in face of major violation by US

ALMANAR | Saudi Arabia’s Rule: Grandson’s Era, Hatred Era

IQNA | Egyptian Qari Says Mostly Inspired by Minshawi

PRESS TV | US adding new sanctions against Iran over missile program

LUBP | Mr Sharif please don’t resign

Party rifts: Why is Ch Nisar angry over PM?

Pakistan’s journey to terrorism: From Madrassahs to high grade universities

Using the analogy of Gullen for Imran Khan: Is PML-N portraying PM as Erdogan?

End of Panamagate: All stage set to disqualify PM

Israel’s diplomatic expansion in the face of Arab retraction

Iran’s Zarif hopes Yemen war does not lead to Iran, Saudi conflict

Iran warns US of 'big risk' if it blacklists IRGC

At daggers drawn: Chinese cross border rocket attack kills 158 Indian soldiers

Takfiris fight each other as Assad ouster fades away

Trump Puts US Centcome in Al-Udeid on Auction to Blackmail S. Arabia, UAE

Saudi Arabia’s march towards civil war

What is the the Int'l Plot against Syria Using Refugee Issue?

Prof. Stephen Hawking Says Alien Life is Real, Warns Humans Not to Make Contact

A wind of change: Pakistan towards a corruption free state

Where the law prevails: Iranian president’s brother arrested on financial crime charges

US divorce to Pakistan: Would Russia take the revenge?

JIT Report: Top 10 legal minds on what next

Explosion hits Peshawar's Hayatabad, 2 FC men martyred several injured

Washington Post: US intelligence confirms UAE planned Qatar fake news hack

Saudi Arabia recognized death of 155 of its soldiers and commanders in Yemen

Ex-Saudi Crown Prince's Absence in Funeral Prayer for Uncle Proves Rumors about House Arrest

A message by Iran : Our forces can combat US troops 

Saudi breeds ‘fodder for terrorism’, says former British ambassador

Qatari camels die of thirst after farmers kicked out by Saudi Arabia as diplomatic rift deepens

Should Pakistan allow Jhadav’s mother to Pakistan?

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’

Dump the Trump: Anti-Trump protests held across US demanding impeachement

Trying to protect Saudi Arabia,UK refuses to publish report on ‘funding of extremism’

Is Ch.Nisar happy over PM’s indictment?

A secrete story of success: How Pakistan helped Iraq in defeating ISIS?

ABNA | Three Shia martyred in attack by Saudi forces in Qatif / PHOTOS

TASNIM | Saudi Hypocrisy Targeting Qatar Nothing but Insanity: US Analyst

SHABESTAN | Ten days of blessings is a golden chance to explain Islamic joy based on Rizvi culture

IQNA | US Supreme Court Asked to Overturn Muslim Ban Ruling

PRESS TV | Iran blasts Israel’s closure of al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Qaeda-Linked Filmmaker's Work on CNN Syria Documentary Unmentioned by Network

Tillerson's failed attempt: Did Saudia demand a regime change in Qatar?

Cholera outbreak in Yemen poses risk to Hajj pilgrims: WHO

A crooked PM: Another corruption scandal embroils Netanyahu

Trump’s son-in-law tried to get $500mn loan from Qatar

Hard days ahead: Can Pakistan survive without US aid?

Accountability for all : Are the Judges and General next after politicians?

Trump declares ‘Zionist Holy war’ on Iran

A tainted PM: Hanging sword of disqualification on Sharif’s family

Seizure of assets: Is Countdown beginning for Imran Khan?

Why Iran’s supreme leader clubbed Kashmir with Yemen, and not with Palestine

IQNA | Riyadh Regime Seeking to Silence Shia Dissent with Execution

MEHR NEWS | Saudis fail to issue anti-Iran statement at OIC

SUCH TV | Reko Diq case: Pakistan rejects $11.5b damages claim

Secrete eyes: 25,000 Chinese Spies Embedded in U.S.

Why the International community takes no responsibility toward Yemen?!!

British Jews urge London Mayor to get Hizbullah banned

Shrugging off resignation: Is Zardari’s show once again on to save Nawaz Sharif?

PM trapped: What is that evidence that alone can send Nawaz Sharif packing?

Shafaqna Special: Indo-Israel secrete venture to fund for separate Balochistan?

Pentagon Can Keep Secret Chemical Weapons Tests on US Troops

Bin Salman’s difficult journey to Saudi throne

Erdogan will be arrested in Sweden over genocide and crimes against humanity

150 Saudi intelligence officers joined Daesh in Mosul battle: Report

Amnesty: Saudi Arabia silence Shia dissent with execution

Did Saudia use biological weapons that unleashed cholera in Yemen?

Saudia's economic death: 670,000 expats to leave Saudi Arabia in 3 years

US Forces Could Have Killed Kim Jong-un on July 4 But Didn’t Take the Shot

UK Profiting From Yemeni Civilians Suffering: HRW

The New PM: Is Shahbaz Sharif happy over big brother’s indictment?

Buried caliphate of Al-Baghdadi in Mosul

Deobandi cleric sexually assaults 22-year-old female student in Karachi

Use of Calibri: Will a font send Pakistan's first family to prison?

Would PML-N reject minus Nawaz formula?

Punish them all: Iran-Qatar-Muslim Brotherhood hate Israel

Yemeni Official: S. Arabia's Involvement in Cholera Outbreak Possible

The double game: US betrays Saudia by signing anti terror deal with Qatar

Saudi Crown Prince dismissed for supporting Qatar

IQNA | Sweden to Host European Quran Contest

ISLAM QUEST | Which one of the holy Imams (AS) recited Dua Faraj?

ABNA | Iraq rejects Amnesty report on Mosul abuses as baseless

US enmity : Iranian cancer researcher detained at airport, Boston hospital complains

Artificial Intelligence : Would Robots take over the world one day?

Abbas Visits Egypt to Try to Derail Hamas Rapprochement

From JIT to NAB: A question mark on PML-N's political career

Why Pakistan has failed to control Ttakfiri militancy?

Post JIT: Is Nawaz Sharif mulling to resign?

Document reveals Qatar to undermine Pakistan-UAE relations

Fighting Saudia is obligatory: Al-Qaradawi issues stunning Fatwa

Shastri named India coach, Zaheer bowling consultant

IQNA | US Appeals Court Rejects Hawaii's Request about Muslim Ban

PRESS TV | Daesh declares its ringleader dead: Source

Documents of Saudi Crown Prince’s Support for ISIS, Al-Qaeda

Nouri al-Maliki appreciates Iran’s role in fighting Daesh

Planning to attack Qatar: Egypt to send warship to Persian Gulf

Yemeni court sentences 4 Saudis to death for beheading soldiers

Saudi attempts to encourage Iraq to join Qatar boycott

Hundreds form Sharia Police set to patrol the streets of Germany

JIT report submitted: What is inside the bag?

Fuming with anger: Has UN decided to counter Israel’s belligerence?

King Salman and PM May fund Islamic extremism

Riyadh-Moscow military cooperation: Did Russia betray Iran and Syria?

Policy blunders: Can US afford Pakistan’s departure to Russian Bloc?

JIT report: Did establishment save Nawaz Sharif once again?

Muslim Americans denounce Saudi Arabia’s genocide against world religious heritage – The friends we keep …

15th Shawwal: The Heavenly Departure of Hadrat Abdul Azeem Hasani (A.S.)

LUBP | Why Shia Human Rights Activists are being made enforced Missing?

North Korea warns of nuclear war after US bombers carry out ‘provocative’ live-fire drills

Israeli settler runs over, injures pregnant Palestinian woman

DAWN | Sharif family's lifestyle doesn't match their income, observes JIT

US diplomat: New Saudi crown prince is Israel’s ‘dream come true’

Israel ‘giving secret aid to Syrian rebels’, report says

Saudi forces ravage Awamiyah, Persecute Shiite Muslims

Syrian ceasefire: US again comes to rescue defeating Takfiris

Cannot solve Kashmir’s issue on gunpoint: Congress leader

Tampering proved: Who asked Chairman SECP to change the Sharif family’s record?

Smelling the rat: Can Qatari Prince save Nawaz Sharif?

‘Saudi Arabia is strengthening Iran weakening herself

Arab Media: Saudi Gov't in Pre-Collapse Era

How ‘isolated’ North Korea managed to build an ICBM that could reach Alaska

Will Sudan side with Russia and Iran if sanctions are not lifted?

AMN | Why does ISIS not attack US helicopters claims Iraqi soldier in video?

AL ALAM | UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia under threat as court ruling on terrorism looms

PRESS TV | Ex-president: Saudi Arabia to blame for Yemen cholera outbreak

ABNA | Iran should deploy peacekeeping forces to Syria: Spokesman

Shabestan | The Federal Supreme Court of Nigeria has rejected the application of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki

Saudi terrorism link: Blair confesses promoting Salafi Islam

First pregnant man in Britain gives birth to a girl

Why Hindutva loves Israel?

McCain’s tacit message: How US threatened Pakistan to release Dr. Shakil Afridi?

Mysterious return: Has Raheel Sharif bidden goodbye to Saudi return?

How Burhan Wani changed the narrative of Guerrilla warfare in IOK?

Activist jailed for driving says women treated like slaves in Saudi Arabia

United Nations humanitarian coordinator: Famine threatens 95 districts in Yemen

Saudi says Qatar setup Twitter campaign to bring revolt in Saudi Arabia

SUCH TV | Qatari Prince refutes accepting jurisdiction off Pakistani laws as JIT gears up to submit final report

PRESS TV | Countdown begins to Daesh collapse in Iraq’s Mosul

Pakistan-Iran rapprochement: Would India realize her blunder?

Thickening plot: Why Qatari Prince refused to meet Hussain Nawaz?

Saudis are after the Muslim brotherhood, and Turkey’s in the way

Why Pakistan is happy over Supreme Leader’s call on Kashmir?

Report: Israel trying to establish anti-Iran buffer zone in Syria

Erdogan sets a condition for Turkish troops to leave Qatar

Syrian letters to UN blast Turkey's 'expansionist delusions'

In UAE prison: 40 days into the hunger strike: Will human conscience be reawakened if they starve to death?

ISIL burns own senior member on disclosing death of Al-Baghdadi

Syrian Kurds expect war with Turkey within days’

Palestinians angered by Indian leader Modi's 'biased' Israel visit

Why is world silent on use of chemical weapons in occupied Kashmir?

Whistle-Blower: Saudi Crown Prince Absent in G20 Summit for Fear of Internal Coup

Shooting the messenger: Has JIT tightened the noose around Prime Minister?

Indo-Israel honeymoon: Why Pak-Iran alliance has becomes a reality?

How Northern Areas Have Improved Over the Years

What happened when I needed minor surgery in Gaza?: A painful report

Erdogan: Saudi list of demands from Qatar not acceptable

5 Millions of Iranian pilgrims visiting holy sites in Iraq

A Shiite perspective on political systems in Iraq – By Ayatollah Sayyid Jafar al-Hakim

UK considers removing Blair’s immunity over Iraq war

France attempts to remove Holy Qura’n among young Algerians

Syria’s al-Qaeda removed from Canada & U.S. terror watchlist

Most wanted’ British jihadist bride now ‘desperate’ to flee ISIS, return to UK

Maryam before JIT: Is PML-N deliberately degrading PM’s family?

The Great Power Shift: a Russia-China Alliance

Why is Pakistan annoyed over US decision on Kashmiri freedom fighter leader?

Modi sells India as ‘cash cow’ to isolate Pakistan

The Saudi-Qatar rift has elements of world war potential

Riyadh major foreign sponsor of extremism in UK: Think tank

McCain’s visit: Is US trying to appease Pakistan?

Al-Nusra Terrorists Preparing for False-Flag Operation in Northwestern Syria

A fool’s cry: Can Pakistan force US to extradite Raymond Davis?

British special forces probed over killing innocent Afghan civilians

Supreme leader’s call on Kashmir: A big blow for India

Why Qatri prince is dragging his foot from JIT probe?

Grand Ayatollah Noori: Jannat al-Baqi, sign of righteousness

PRESS TV | Daesh terrorists completely surrounded by Iraqi army; ‘fight to death’ in Mosul’s Old City

Fazlur Rehman's advice to Kingdom:The United States fights Islam, not terrorism

ISIS “Coincidentally” Appears Along China’s One Belt, One Roa

Low oil price a major stumbling block in Saudi Aramco sale

Shirking economy: The looming downfall of Saudia’s petro-economy

May to decide whether to publish report about foreign funding of extremism

Visiting Israel: Is Modi isolating India from Muslim countries?

US war on Syria is all about Iran

Terrorists in Parliament: Masroor Jhangvi seeks removal of name from fourth schedule

Hinting the Dhaka fall: Did PML-N indirectly threatened to play Punjab card?

MEHR NEWS | Cooperation with Iranian researchers EU’s top priority

Saudi led-bloc extends Qatar demands deadline by 48 hours

Misuse of Qisas and Diyat laws in Pakistan