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ABNA | Houthi: Yemen ready to participate in any confrontation with the Zionist Israel

1396/4/31 | 05:51
(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The leader of the Yemeni revolution, Seyyed Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, said that the Yemeni people are ready to participate in any confrontation with Zionist Israel as he said that we are present for military participation in any confrontation with enemy Israel. He said in a speech on Thursday marking the anniversary of the Sarkha against oppression that the Israel should calculate its account for the Yemeni people in any confrontation they have with Hezbollah or the Palestinian people.  He told ...

Saudia’s next battle ground: Turning Qatar into another Yemen

1396/4/31 | 05:51
  The fierce regional and international race to control Yemen and extend its influence in its vast territory, which is also diverse in its climates and terraces, with many political and intellectual trends, is not new but extends deep in Yemen’s history.     However, there is a new change in the Yemeni scene which is the project against the American project and the guardianship. The emergence of this variable and the fear of its effects outside the Yemeni borders is one of the main reasons for the war and the siege imposed ...

Houthi forces kill 3 soldiers inside Saudi Arabia

1396/4/29 | 05:51
Yemen’s Houthi group killed three soldiers inside Saudi Arabia yesterday, reported Al Masdar. The Houthi fighters used sniper bullets to kill Saudi Arabian soldiers at Al-Talaa Base in Najran region. In a second incident, Houthi fighters killed Saudi soldiers in the Jazan region, inside Saudi Arabia. The number of Saudi casualties has not been reported by the Houthi group or by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence. The killings were reported on Houthi social media, including Twitter and Telegram. Saudi Arabia is frequently subject to attack ...

Plan of the United Arab Emirates to divide Yemen

1396/4/29 | 05:51
The role of the UAE has become more and more apparent to the international and Arab opinion in southern Yemen.   The role of the UAE has become more and more apparent to the international and Arab opinion in southern Yemen, especially to the Yemeni people, as the UAE has sacrificed much of its money and soldiers to implement the Zionist’s demands in southern Yemen.     The UAE has carried out a major task in Yemen, and observers believe that this task is greater than the UAE and its people, and this task is the division ...

Iran’s Zarif hopes Yemen war does not lead to Iran, Saudi conflict

1396/4/27 | 05:51
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that he hopes Yemen’s war will not spark direct confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia and that they can work together to end the conflict in the country and Syria. A Saudi Arabia-led coalition intervened in Yemen’s civil war in 2015, backing government forces fighting Iran-allied Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia and Iran compete for influence in the Middle East, also supporting rival groups in Syria’s civil war. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in May ...

Saudi Arabia recognized death of 155 of its soldiers and commanders in Yemen

1396/4/26 | 05:51
Special sources of the news observations revealed names of some of the dead Saudi soldiers and paid troops in Yemen by Yemeni army.     Special sources of the news observations revealed names of some of the dead Saudi soldiers and paid troops in Yemen by Yemeni army and popular committee forces in the ongoing fighting and confrontations on border fronts, where the Saudi army suffered heavy casualties and material losses. The News Agency obtained a statistic of some of the names of the dead Saudi army officers and troops in various units ...

Cholera outbreak in Yemen poses risk to Hajj pilgrims: WHO

1396/4/24 | 05:51
The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the cholera outbreak in Yemen could spread during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in September. The WHO said on Friday that the pilgrimage draws two to four million Muslims each year, of whom about 1.5 to two million are foreigners, raising the risk from illnesses such as dengue, yellow fever, Zika virus and meningococcal disease as well as cholera. The WHO cholera expert, Dominique Legros, said reinforced surveillance and rapid tests to detect cases early helped Saudi Arabia avoid ...

Why Iran’s supreme leader clubbed Kashmir with Yemen, and not with Palestine

1396/4/24 | 05:51
  In subsequent decades, Iranians watered down their rhetoric on Kashmir and strengthened ties with New Delhi.   When the then foreign minister Inder Kumar Gujral was about to undertake an official visit to Iran in 1991, the Iranian government conveyed to New Delhi that the minister was not welcome in Tehran. The Iranian rebuke came in the wake of an Indian military crackdown on pro-independence activists in Kashmir who Tehran considered were waging a legitimate struggle for independence. Four years later, in 1994, Iranians abstained ...

Why the International community takes no responsibility toward Yemen?!!

1396/4/23 | 05:51
  If we conduct a simple study on the tasks and objectives of the international community, we can almost summarize all under the headings of: dealing with or confronting what is happening in Yemen.     If we conduct a simple study on the tasks and objectives of the international community, we can almost summarize all under the headings of: dealing with or confronting what is happening in Yemen, in terms of preserving the sovereignty and borders of states and protecting them against foreign aggression, the implementation of ...

UK Profiting From Yemeni Civilians Suffering: HRW

1396/4/22 | 05:51
Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the United Kingdom is profiting from the suffering of Yemeni civilians by selling arms to Saudi Arabia.     The prominent rights group made the remarks in a press release on Tuesday, after a UK High Court ruling earlier in the week declared that London’s arms sales to Riyadh were not illegal.     Describing the judgment as terrible news for Yemeni civilians, the HRW also expressed disappointment at the ruling for not helping pressure Riyadh to end its “unlawful attacks” in the war-torn ...

Did Saudia use biological weapons that unleashed cholera in Yemen?

1396/4/22 | 05:51
Cholera disease has infected more than 300,000 people in war-torn Yemen since late April, amid concerns the outbreak is party of Saudi biological warfare on the impoverished state.   “Yemen, Cholera: Disturbing. We’re at 300k+ suspected cases with ~7k new cases/day. 4 most affected areas: Sanaa, Hodeida, Hajjah and Amran,” the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) regional director Robert Mardini tweeted on Monday. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) on its official twitter put the epidemic suspected cases at ...

Yemeni Official: S. Arabia's Involvement in Cholera Outbreak Possible

1396/4/21 | 05:51
 Secretary of Yemen's High Political Commission Yasser al-Houri underlined the likelihood of the Saudi-led coalition's involvement in what the United Nations estimates to be the world’s worst cholera outbreak in the war-hit poor country.     "The Yemeni officials have entrusted the relevant authorities to investigate about the source of the disease and we are waiting for the results," al-Houri said on Tuesday. Asked about the likelihood for Saudi Arabia and its allies' involvement in spreading cholera in Yemen, he said, "Any crime ...

Yemeni court sentences 4 Saudis to death for beheading soldiers

1396/4/20 | 05:51
  A court in the Yemeni capital Sana’a has handed down the death penalty to four Saudi nationals convicted of belonging to the al-Qaeda terrorist group and decapitating 14 Yemeni troops some three years ago. According to the Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, the Specialized Criminal Court said that the convicts had been members of the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terror group and had beheaded 14 army soldiers of the 135th Brigade following an attack against a state security center in the city of Say'un in Yemen’s ...

United Nations humanitarian coordinator: Famine threatens 95 districts in Yemen

1396/4/18 | 05:51
The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Jimmy McGoldrick, revealed that 95 districts in Yemen are threatened with famine.   The UN official expressed thanks and appreciation for the efforts and positive contributions made by the concerned agencies, which contributes to the response to the cholera epidemic and to confront the worsening food and health needs in 95 districts threatened by famine, the Yemeni official news agency of Yemenpress reported during a meeting in Sana’a with the head of the Supreme Political Council. The ...

In UAE prison: 40 days into the hunger strike: Will human conscience be reawakened if they starve to death?

1396/4/16 | 05:51
When someone’s dignity is violated and when he is humiliated regardless of his weakness and helplessness while justice is not being served, life itself becomes futile and the whole world becomes hopeless. Executioners do not usually reach such a degree of fascistic cruelty until they have been stripped of all human values. The oppressed then finds no means to speak up and protest other than by going on a hunger strike. This sums up what has happened to human rights activist, Imran Al-Radwan, whose strike reached its 40th day yesterday. He ...

Leak: UAE attempted to influence Obama policy in Yemen

1396/4/12 | 05:51
The UAE Ambassador to the US, Yousef Al-Otaiba, tried to influence former American President Barack Obama’s policy in Yemen, the Intercept newspaper reported. Leaked emails from Al-Otaibi appear to show that the Emirati diplomat tried to convince Robert Malley, then a top Middle East advisor to Obama, that human rights reporting which was critical of the US-backed bombing coalition in Yemen was unfairly biased. During the exchange, which took place in June 2016, Malley responded in disbelief: “Seriously? Believing in human rights is ...

Failed militarily, Saudis seek controlling Yemen’s vital port through UN

1396/4/5 | 05:51
The United Nations Security Council in a June 15 “presidential statement” warned against potential attack by the Saudi-led Arab military coalition against Al Hudaydah, Yemen’s Red Sea port city.   This UNSC statement is deemed significant because during the over two years of the Saudi war against the neighboring Yemen, the international body has taken pro-Saudi stances to bring back to rule the resigned Yemen government led by Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.   The importance lies in the fact that this is not the first time the Saudi ...

Houthis attack targets inside Saudi Arabia

1396/4/4 | 05:51
Yemen’s Houthi militias announced on Thursday that they attacked targets inside Saudi Arabia during clashes that took place with Saudi forces on the border, Saba news agency has reported. The agency is controlled by the Houthi forces. The attack targeted Saudi forces deployed near Al-Khadraa border crossing and the heights of Rajla, in the south of the city of Najran. A Civil Defence spokesman in Najran, Abdel Khaliq Al-Kahtani, told the official Saudi news agency WAS that a projectile launched from Yemen landed in a residential area in the ...

"Would you like a drink of water?" Please ask a Yemeni child

1396/4/1 | 05:51
  This week, in New York City, representatives from more than100 countries will begin collaborating on an international treaty, first proposed in 2016, to ban nuclear weapons forever.   It makes sense for every country in the world to seek a legally binding ban on nuclear weapons. It would make even more sense to immediately deactivate all nuclear weapons. But, by boycotting and disparaging the process now underway, the U.S. and other nuclear armed nations have sent a chilling signal. They have no intention of giving up the power ...

Saudi bombing of Yemen market kills at least 24

1396/3/28 | 05:51
  Saudi warplanes have bombed a bustling marketplace in Yemen’s extreme northwest, killing at least 24 people, the al-Masirah television reports.  The aircraft hit the al-Moshnaq market in Sa’ada Province’s Shada’a District Saturday night as people gathered to buy staples for Eid al-Fitr, a festivity which marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. The network said the casualty figure could rise because the aircraft kept bombing after relief teams arrived at the scene.  The report said some of the fatalities have ...

'US not prone to blind support for Saudi'

1396/3/24 | 05:51
Scott Bennett, a former US army psychological warfare officer from San Francisco, says, “The United States is not prone to blind support for Saudi Arabia,” so the kingdom will be “isolated” if it steps up its provocative actions against Qatar. Saudi Arabia has totally miscalculated in its way of conduct toward Qatar and the Saudi-inspired “arrogance” against other countries, including Yemen, Syria and elsewhere, Bennett told Press TV on Wednesday. The arrogance will end up in the “ultimate fall” of the Saudi regime, he said. He ...

800 days of aggression on Yemen…33,395 of martyr and wounded

1396/3/24 | 05:51
An independent civilian statistic revealed that the number of civilian casualties caused by the Saudi-American aggression on Yemen during the 800 days of the aggression reached 33,395 of a martyr and a wounded.     The statistics published by the Legal Center for Rights and Development on Monday evening said the number of martyrs of children reached 2,689 children, 1,942 women, and the number of martyrs of men 7,943 men, all of them civilians. The number of documented injuries was 20,820, including 2,541 children, 2,115 women and 16,164 ...

Qatar and Saudi Arabia plotted against Iran and Yemen

1396/3/24 | 05:51
"We and Saudi Arabia have plotted against Iran and Yemen; as we regretted, we became enemy," said Qatar's former prime minister.   Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani: “There was a time that Qatar has contributed to the conspiracies of the Gulf States against Iran and Yemen.” We did not expect that our Saudi brothers have this unacceptable behavior with us. “Saudi Arabia supports US-Israeli regional agenda to harass Iran and also spends a large sums of money for that.” “We were partners in an inhumane aggression against our brotherly ...

How Saudi Arabia betrays the Muslim world

1396/3/22 | 05:51
  Yemen is a Muslim country. Yemen is under attack by ostensibly the most Muslim of Muslim countries. 81 unlawful assaults have been carried out on civilian centres in Yemen as part of a devastating aerial campaign, enabled by a $3 billion arms agreement by the United Kingdom and a $100 billion agreement by the United States.     Iran is also a Muslim country. According to WikiLeaks, King Abdullah repeatedly urged its ally, the United States, to invade Iran. In 2008 meeting between General Petraeus and top Saudi officials, ...

Al-Jazeera reveals details of secret prisons under UAE supervision in Yemen

1396/3/22 | 05:51
  [caption id="attachment_45929" align="alignnone" width="3000"] GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA - MARCH 30: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been reviewed by the U.S. Military prior to transmission.) U.S. Navy guards escort a detainee after a "life skills" class held for prisoners at Camp 6 in the Guantanamo Bay detention center on March 30, 2010 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. U.S. President Barack Obama pledged to close the prison by early 2010 but has struggled to transfer, try or release the remaining detainees from the facility, located on the U.S. Naval Base ...

The images of Yemeni children on the Saudi embassy’s wall in London

1396/3/21 | 05:51
Anti-war activists projected the images of Yemeni children on the wall of Saudi embassy in London last night for 800 days of strikes in Yemen.     The move was a part of “Stop the war on Yemen” campaign which is being held in different countries for 800 days of strikes in Yemen. Earlier, conferences was held in Australia, the United States and Gaza to condemn the killing of Yemeni civilians and military aggression against the country. Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, India and Costa Rica are going to host anti-Saudi movements this week.   #StopTheWarOnYemen #StopTheWarOnYemen #StopTheWarOnYemen #StopTheWarOnYemen #StopTheWarOnYemen #StopTheWarOnYemen ...

1 Yemeni dies of cholera every hour

1396/3/20 | 05:51
Oxfam International yesterday warned that the cholera epidemic in Yemen is killing one person almost every hour. “Yemen is in the grip of the rapidly spreading cholera epidemic, which kills almost one person every hour,” the organisation said in a report published on its website. “If the cholera epidemic is not contained, it will threaten the lives of thousands of people in the coming months,” the report said. The cholera outbreak came two years after the brutal war, which destroyed health, water and sanitation systems, severely restricted ...

ALMASDAR | Yemen: Sanaa district devastated in Saudi-led coalition airstrike

1396/3/19 | 05:51
BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:40 A.M.) – A residential area in the Yemeni capital Sanaa was reduced to ruins, Friday, following an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition, which left at least four children, including two children dead. Footage from the airstrike site captured the aftermath of the bombing, which left the buildings collapsed and roads covered in wreckage and debris. Earlier this year, the UN made an urgent appeal to stave off famine in the country, as over seven million people are facing the threat of starvation. Currently, over three million ...

Saudi warplanes strike Yemen hospital treating children

1396/3/19 | 05:51
Saudi warplanes have struck a hospital in Northwest Yemen which was treating patients, including children, affected by the cholera epidemic.   The strike killed and seriously injured a number of people, and damaged structural aspects of the hospital building, causing all surgeries to be cancelled. reports: The assault comes as the World Health Organization said Friday that Yemen’s cholera epidemic has resulted in 605 deaths thus far, 40 percent of whom were children, with the number of people likely infected totaling up ...

Gas attack by terrorists: Death of livestock in Jabal Atan in Yemen

1396/3/17 | 05:51
Thirteen livestock animals were killed belonging to a person in Aran region, South of the Capital Sana’a.   The investigation of the experts and specialists revealed that animals after eating plants in the area have died because of the poisonous gases and harmful chemicals spread in the area by the continuous shelling of the prohibited weapons by the Aggression Air Forces during past days. The weapons of American-Saudi aggression, which are internationally forbidden are used in Yemeni land and in future there is more threat of using of ...

An ideological victory for Iran: The only country fighting for oppressed

1396/3/16 | 05:51
    Amidst all the fanfare, the recent Arab-Islamic American Summit kicked off in Riyadh, in the presence of 56 Muslim leaders.Oxymoronic as it may sound, the Arab-Islamic American Summit showcased President Trump in a different veneer.     Whether Trump bowed just as low or merely squatted; it is clearer than ever that Trump unequivocally woos the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a display of ‘principled realism’.The duo spearheaded the coveted ‘Islamic Summit’ which incidentally coincided with the Iranian Presidential elections.   ...

Cracks in Gulf allies: Saudia on the self destruction mode

1396/3/16 | 05:51
    Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Yemen severed their ties with Qatar on Monday, accusing it of supporting terrorism in an unprecedented rift between the most powerful members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).     The coordinated move dramatically escalates a dispute over Qatar's support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world's oldest Islamist movement, and adds accusations that Doha even backs the agenda of regional arch-rival Iran.     The three Gulf states announced ...

Saudi Arabia not to succeed in Yemen even in next 20 years: Iran’s supreme leader

1396/3/15 | 05:51
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, says the Saudi regime will fail to achieve any victory in Yemen within the next 20 years if it maintains its current approach.   Addressing a ceremony held on Sunday to mark the 28th anniversary of the demise of the founder of Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, the Leader expressed regret that Muslims in some countries, including Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Libya, were facing numerous problems even in the holy fasting month of Ramadan. “The Saudi government is bombarding ...

UK under attack: Paying price of feeding snakes in Yemen and Syria

1396/3/15 | 05:51
  Prime Minister Theresa May responded on Sunday to an attack in London which killed seven people, declaring "enough is enough” and calling for a review of Britain's counter-terrorism strategy.     The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is “severe”, which means an attack is “highly likely”.   There are five threat levels, decided by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood of an attack.   May, who faces a general election Thursday, ...

Trump is fostering chaos in the Middle East

1396/3/13 | 05:51
In his first “historical speech to the Islamic world” US President Donald Trump spoke about the “battle between good and evil”, noting that from Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, “Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region”. Chaos is indeed a major feature of the present-day Middle East. According to data provided by the US State Department, “incidents of terrorism” increased by 6,500 per cent since George W. Bush started the “War on Terror” in ...

Nearly 600 people killed by Cholera in Yemen since late April: UN

1396/3/13 | 05:51
The United Nations says the cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen has claimed the lives of nearly 600 people in about a month amid a deadly Saudi military campaign against the impoverished Arab country. He added that the spread of the highly contagious disease "is incredibly fast" in the country, making the already dire situation for children "a disaster."   “Countless children around Yemen die every day in silence from causes that can easily be prevented or treated like cholera, diarrhoea or malnutrition,” he further said, warning that ...

Stop 800 days of war, sanctions and killing

1396/3/11 | 05:51
    As 800 days passed since the start of military attacks on Yemen in March 25, 2015, the "stop the war on Yemen" campaign will be started all over the world from 5 to 15 June.     Anti-war movements from several countries such as the United States, Australia, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey and … announced that they are ready to hold conferences on condemning the military attacks on Yemen, the continued killing of women, children and civilians, the silence of human rights bodies and westerns’ political ...

Trump-Salman Alliance: All Eyes on Yemen

1396/3/11 | 05:51
    The peninsular and impoverished country has been in a state of total warfare ever since the Saudis began a brutal campaign against them in spring 2015.   The stated objective has always been to restore deposed former president Hadi to power, who fled to the Wahhabi Kingdom after the Houthi national liberation movement took control of the country, though the implicit motivation behind the war is commonly recognized by most analysts as being a proxy conflict to counter speculated Iranian influence.      The ...

Qatar information against UAE; exposing secret prisons of UAE in Yemen

1396/3/9 | 05:51
  The State of Qatar has raised the pace of media confrontation with UAE against the background of the crisis of statements attributed to the Emir of Qatar, which the Qatari government denied but that UAE and Saudi media ignored the negation. Al-Jazeera Channel of Qatar, a major point of contention, broadcast a report Thursday accusing the United Arab Emirates of running secret prisons in Aden, Mukala and Socotra and equipping Yemeni forces outside the Traitor’s power in southern Yemen. Al-Jazeera said that there are secret prisons ...

Cholera death toll rises to 471 in Yemen: WHO

1396/3/9 | 05:51
The World Health Organization (WHO) says the death toll of a cholera epidemic in Yemen has passed 470, as the impoverished Arab country continues to be targeted by military aggression launched by its northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia. According to the latest figures released by the United Nations health agency on Monday, at least 471 people have lost their lives after contracting the acute intestinal infection. WHO's latest bulletin, which has covered the period from April 27, however, added that there was a "significant decrease" in the average ...

Proxy wars: Is Britain paying price of waging illegal war in Iraq and Yemen?

1396/3/8 | 05:51
    Britain is reaping what it sowed. From Iraq, Libya to Syria and Yemen it has waged an illegal war.   Britain’s deal with those whom it sent to fight as proxies in yet another overseas war was a sort of reverse option to the CIA rendition programme.     Under Britain’s ‘open door policy’ those who had counter-terrorism control orders placed on them in the immediate aftermath of 7/7 — including remaining at a registered address for up to 16 hours a day — were obviously know to the authorities.     Yet ...

More US lawmakers line up to derail Trump’s $110bn arms deal with Saudi

1396/3/8 | 05:51
  US President Donald Trump’s massive $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia faces a bleak future in Congress as more lawmakers raise questions about the regime's atrocities in Yemen. Trump signed the multi-billion dollar deal with Saudis during his maiden overseas trip to Riyadh last week, boasting that it was going to make and save “billions of dollars and millions of jobs” in the US. Besides fighter jets, warships and other weapons, the deal also included precision guided munitions (PGMs), the sale of which was halted last ...

Yemeni forces kill 13 troops in retaliation: Report

1396/3/7 | 05:51
Yemeni troops have carried out major retaliatory attacks against separate locations in southwestern Saudi Arabia, killing as many as 13 Saudi forces. Six of the fatalities occurred at the al-Fuaz military base in the Saudi region of Najran, Yemen’s al-Masirah television network reported on Sunday. Yemeni forces also struck a military vehicle carrying three Saudi troops on their way to the Alib command post in the kingdom’s Asir region. Four more Saudi troopers died in another attack against the outpost. The Yemeni Army and its allied ...

Saudi Arabia after splitting Muslim people: Yemen’s Houthi

1396/3/6 | 05:51
  [caption id="attachment_45083" align="alignnone" width="650"] Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader al-Houthi: “Yemeni Revolution Continues”[/caption] The leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement says Saudi Arabia seeks to split the Muslim Ummah — the Muslim people as a whole —  and to turn them into indecisive people who can be exploited. Abdul Malik Badreddin al-Houthi made the remarks in a Saturday message to the Yemeni public, in which he also felicitated them on the occasion of the start of the Muslim fasting month of ...

Saudi Arabia agrees to form a coalition government in Yemen

1396/3/3 | 05:51
[caption id="attachment_44862" align="alignnone" width="644"] Qatar's Minister of Foreign Affairs has reported that Saudi Foreign Minister reached an agreement with Russia and the United States to form a coalition government in Yemen.[/caption]   Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Qatar’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has reported Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir reached an agreement with Russia and the United States to make peace among all Yemeni groups within the next three months. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani added: ...

Why Britain’s support for Bahrain king is unwavering?

1396/2/31 | 05:51
Since the start of pro-democracy uprising in Yemen in 2011, the country’s political developments have been under the effects of role played by the regional and international actors.     Britain, a country with deep and historical influence in the tiny Persian Gulf Island and holding special relations with the ruling regime of Al Khalifa, has always come against any possible changes in the power structure or even reform of the political system of Bahrain. London opposition against any kind of reform in Bahrain was even worsened by the ...

US Senator censures $110Bn arms sale to Saudis, citing atrocities in Yemen

1396/2/31 | 05:51
A US senator has censured the whopping $110 billion weapons deal President Donald Trump signed with the Saudi kingdom, insisting that Washington is trusting a regime with “the worst human rights record” in the region to bring peace to the Middle East. “It appears the Trump administration is counting on the country with the worst human rights record in the region to enforce peace and security in the Middle East," Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut wrote in an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post on Saturday, describing the arms ...

Yemenis fire ballistic missile at Riyadh ahead of Trump visit: Report

1396/2/30 | 05:51
Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah fighters and their allies in the army have reportedly fired a long-range ballistic missile at the Saudi capital Riyadh, a few hours ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit to the Arab kingdom. According to a report by Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, the Yemeni forces, backed by allied fighters from Popular Committees, launched a Borkan-2 (Volcano-2) ballistic missile, a domestically modified rocket, aimed at the Saudi capital on Friday evening. The report, however, gave no further detail, ...

State of emergency over Cholera Outbreak In Sanaa, Yemen

1396/2/26 | 05:51
SHAFAQNA – Yemen’s Resistance government declared a state of emergency over a sudden outbreak of cholera in the capital, Sana’a. The health ministry said in a statement it was “unable to contain this disaster” and appealed for international humanitarian assistance to deal with the crisis, Al-Waght reported. Cholera has spread through all the city’s districts, infecting 2,567 people, the Resistance-controlled news agency said on Sunday. The disease, transmitted by contaminated food and water, has claimed 116 lives in 14 provinces ...

Yemen popular forces capture military base in Saudi Arabia

1396/2/26 | 05:51
Yemen's popular forces have captured a Saudi military base in Raboah, Asir province. The  Yemen forces entered the base after missiles were executed by Yemen’s national army loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Masadar News reported that several Saudi Arabian soldiers were killed and wounded in the attack. Saudi Arabia responded with targeted airstrikes in the Asir province, and sent surveillance aircrafts to gather locational intelligence of the Houthi group. Saudi officials have not commented on the incident. Saudia has been ...