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Saudi Arabia's king-in-waiting cements grip on power with charm and crackdowns

Confidential U.N. report accuses Saudi coalition of killing hundreds of Yemeni kids

Pakistani teenager develops anti-BlueWhale app

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Kuwait ready to commence Yemen peace talks

1396/6/31 | 02:40
  Kuwait is ready to host parties to the Yemen civil war to sign a final peace agreement, Kuwait’s news agency KUNA reported.     In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, representatives of the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah and Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah said: “We express out readiness again to receive our Yemeni brothers to sign a final agreement once they conclude it.”     Kuwait has previously hosted a United Nations initiated negotiation ...

95,000 patients waiting for unknown fate from the continued closure of Sanaa airport

1396/6/30 | 02:40
  The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology launched a call to the United Nations, international and humanitarian human rights organizations and the Human Rights Council to move quickly to lift the ban on Sanaa International Airport to save the lives of thousands of sick and disabled people.     The Spokesman for the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Dr. Mazen Ahmed Ghanem, reiterated the call by the United Nations and human rights organizations to act quickly to stop illegal and inhumane practices ...

Confidential U.N. report accuses Saudi coalition of killing hundreds of Yemeni kids

1396/6/29 | 02:40
  A Saudi-led military coalition conducting airstrikes in Yemen committed “grave violations” of human rights against children last year, killing 502, injuring 838, according to a draft report by the U.N. Secretary General António Guterres.     “The killing and maiming of children remained the most prevalent violation” of children’s rights in Yemen, according to the 41-page draft report obtained by Foreign Policy. “In the reporting period, attacks carried out by air were the cause of over half of all child casualties, ...

US’ Black Hawk Down in Yemen

1396/6/27 | 02:40
    A United States Black Hawk helicopter crashed off the southern Yemeni coast in late August leaving six US army officers stranded in Yemen.   Five elite soldiers were rescued after the crash and a sixth officer was reported “missing” in war-torn Yemen. This crash did not resemble the US’ Black Hawk Down incident of 1993 in Somalia – nothing like it. It has all the hallmarks of a US creeping mission to Yemen.     The elite soldiers on board the aircraft were “supporting Operation Inherent Resolve”, ...

UK arms sales benefiting most from Middle East wars

1396/6/26 | 02:40
  The UK has exported £5 billion ($6.8 billion) worth of weapons to oppressive regimes around the world since the Conservatives came to power 22 months ago, the Guardian newspaper reported.   Arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been pinpointed as the main cause of the increase. In 2015, the Kingdom setup an Arab coalition to battle in Yemen. Since then it has faced criticism that it has repeatedly and indiscriminately attacked civilians in violation of international humanitarian laws.   In July, campaigners brought a case to the British ...

China Backs UN Call for Justice in Yemen; US, Saudis Object to Move

1396/6/24 | 02:40
Calls by the UN human rights chief to set up an international inquiry into war crimes committed in the Saudi War in Yemen are nothing new. A sudden endorsement of the move by China may give this effort a new lease on life, however, after being quietly killed in recent years.   This is the third straight year right chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein had made such a call, and the last two times, the US and Saudi Arabia buried the idea, agreeing the Saudis could investigate themselves in the war. The civilian deaths have continued to mount.     The ...

Facts hidden by the UAE about its military aircraft crashed in Yemen and the fate of its crew

1396/6/24 | 02:40
  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) said, on Monday, its plane had crashed and killed the pilot after a technical fault caused the plane to crash while carrying out operations in the coalition operations in Yemen.     The second deputy pilot of Sultan Mohammed Ali al-Naqbi died after his plane crashed as a result of a technical defect while performing his mission in the process of “restoring hope” in the operations of the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen.   The statement did not specify the area in which the plane ...

UN's inaction on Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen 'striking': HRW

1396/6/23 | 02:40
Human Rights Watch has slammed the United Nations for its inaction on Yemen's ever-worsening humanitarian situation due to the Saudi war. "Yemen is a humanitarian disaster of really epic proportions," said Human Rights Watch chief Kenneth Roth on Wednesday. "What is striking to me is the incongruity between the severity of the disaster and the weakness of the response by the UN Human Rights Council" so far, he added. “What everybody is aware of is that the situation is just so much dire today than it was the last time the Human Rights Council ...

Disappointed Saudis seek face-saving Yemen war exit

1396/6/21 | 02:40
  The Saudis cannot win the war they launched against the neighboring Yemen two-and-a-half-Year ago due to the resistant nation's strong inclination to maintain its dignity.     Saudi Arabia’s decision to launch a bloody aggression on Yemen was a disastrous mistake, and its expenses are increasingly dragging the Arab kingdom into a dormant economic crisis and forcing the wealthy princes and the investors out of the country. The outcome is a set of consequences causing popular discontent at home.   The country witnesses ...

Yemen President: Military option to end conflict is ‘firmly on the table’

1396/6/21 | 02:40
Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi said that the military solution is “firmly on the table” to end the crisis in his country, adding this is “due to the rejection of the Houthis to peaceful solutions”.   “The US administration wants to strike Iranian interests in Yemen by supporting a military solution, but Europe wants a political solution, not a military one,” Hadi said in an interview published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper today.     “We and Saudi King Salman and his crown prince, want a solution that ...

UN human rights chief calls for probe into Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen

1396/6/21 | 02:40
  The UN’s human rights chief has called for urgent investigation into Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes against civilians in Yemen. Zeid Ra‘ad al-Hussein made the remarks during a Monday speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva after the global body attributed over 5,000 civilian deaths to Saudi Arabian airstrikes. “The minimal efforts made toward accountability over the past year are insufficient to respond to the gravity of the continuing and daily violations involved in this conflict,” he said. The latest call for an investigation ...

Red Cross: More than half of Yemen’s hospitals are out of service

1396/6/16 | 02:40
The health situation in Yemen is “catastrophic” with more than half of its hospitals and clinics out of service, and less than half are open, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).     “There is a shortage of basic medical supplies, a collapse of the health system as a direct consequence of the conflict, and crippling restrictions on imports, especially essential medicines and medical supplies,” the Red Cross said in a statement.   On the other hand, the Red Cross expressed deep sorrow over ...

Is Sudan about to withdraw troops from Yemen?

1396/6/16 | 02:40
  In June, Sudan sent additional troops to support the Saudi-led military intervention into Yemen. Exact numbers are not available but estimates and official briefings put the figure at close to 8,000 combat soldiers on the ground.     In recent weeks reports of Sudanese casualties have increased with the Houthi media claiming that a ballistic missile launched towards Saudi Arabia’s Jizan Region killed “scores” of Sudanese soldiers days ago.       MEMO was not able to confirm that the incident took ...

Imam Khamenei demands immediate end to domestic wars in Islamic countries

1396/6/10 | 02:40
  Ayatollah Khamenei demanded an end to the catastrophic incidents in Islamic countries and stressed: the most important duty of Muslims is to save Palestine.   Ayatollah Khamenei’s Hajj 2017 message: In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad – the Final Prophet – upon his immaculate household and upon his chosen companions   I thank God Almighty for bestowing, this year as well as previous years, the blessing ...

Poverty leads Yemen boy to commit suicide

1396/6/9 | 02:40
A 12-year-old Yemeni boy has hung himself because his family couldn’t afford new clothes for Eid, the New Arab reported.   Ammar Mohamed Ali was found dead on the roof of his family home in the city of Ta’iz. Sadiq Abdullah Al-Qubati, a neighbour told the news site that Ali was heartbroken that Eid was on its way and that he didn’t have new clothes or an animal to sacrifice. The war in Yemen had left Ammar’s father in a difficult financial condition leaving him unable to purchase new clothes for his children.     Impoverished ...

57 human rights groups call for UN inquiry in to Yemen

1396/6/8 | 02:40
  Fifty-seven human rights groups have demanded that a United Nations inquiry takes place on abuses in Yemen, Human Rights Watch reported.     The human rights groups called upon the UN Human Rights Council to create an independent inquiry to document the abuses by all parties to the Yemen war. A joint letter mentioned the dire humanitarian crisis and famine amid a civil war. Some 5,110 civilians have been killed since March 2015 and at least 8,719 wounded in the civil war, according to the Office of the High Commissioner ...

Saudi Arabia and UAE have contributed to the spread of al Qaeda in Yemen

1396/6/4 | 02:40
A UN report revealed that UAE’s support for armed groups, the practice of illegal detention and enforced disappearance in Yemen.     The group of experts of the International Sanctions Committee on Yemen said in a report that these groups receive direct funding and assistance from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, pointing out that one of these groups in Taiz is led by a person named Abu al-Abbas Salafi, financed by the UAE, who allowed al-Qaeda elements to spread in Yemen.     The report, which is being kept secret by members ...

Saudi foreign reserves hit lowest level since 2011

1396/6/4 | 02:40
  New figures show that Saudi Arabia’s foreign reserves have hit their lowest level in the past six years as the kingdom is struggling with a budget deficit caused by low oil prices. According to the figures released by the Saudi central bank on Thursday, the country’s net foreign assets dropped by $6.3 billion from June to $487 billion in July, their lowest level since early 2011. The Saudi reserves also fell 12.8 percent from a year earlier, the figures indicated. Riyadh began liquidating its assets in late 2014. In June 2017, ...

Salary crisis puts 13,000 schools in Yemen at risk of closure

1396/6/3 | 02:40
  A Yemeni non-governmental research centre has warned that 13,000 schools are to be closed, most of them in the Houthi-controlled areas in the country, because of a salary crisis.     A report issued by the Research and Education Resources Information Centre, based in Taiz, states that “the suspension of the salaries of 70 per cent of teachers 10 months ago puts more than 13,000 out of about 17,000 at risk of closure”. This, according to the same report, “entails depriving millions of children from their right to education”.     Some ...

Information reveals Ali Abdullah Saleh’s plan to hand over Sanaa and join the aggression

1396/6/2 | 02:40
  The 70th anniversary of the Popular People’s Congress (CPP) is a new paper whose implementation is being pursued by some of the leaders of this party.   The intelligence information, as indicated by Commander Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi in his historic speech that put an end to the fifth column, The implementation of some leaders in the Congress Party and reform to break the will of the people.     According to this information, there is a large conspiracy to drag the battles into the capital Sana’a, through ...

Saudis' destructive policies harming region, kingdom itself: Iran’s FM

1396/6/2 | 02:40
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Saudi Arabia's policies have harmed not only the region but also the kingdom itself.   He said that Iran seeks a “secure, powerful and convergent region... in line with the interests of the country as well as those of the region," adding that this framework has defined the Islamic Republic’s policies vis-à-vis interaction with regional states, including Saudi Arabia. On the contrary, Saudi Arabia has been seeking to create tensions in the region to fulfill its own interests, the ...

The Saudi economy is smoldering down with Yemen’s fire; figures and facts

1396/5/31 | 02:40
  Saudi Arabia now has a complex crisis on more than one level, perhaps the heaviest burden on the Saudi citizen, or the quickest one is the economic crisis.   The continuation of the war on Yemen, the increase in arms costs and the low oil prices increase the negative effects on the struggling economy.   Studies by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirm that the Saudi war in Yemen has cost Riyadh a heavy price, not only in smearing Saudi Arabia’s already distorted reputation for its crimes in Yemen and its support ...

Foreign Policy magazine: A UN report confirms the failure of the Saudi alliance in Yemen

1396/5/31 | 02:40
  For almost two and a half years, Saudi Arabia and its allies, equipped with US-made aircraft and precision guided missiles, have launched one of the most advanced air force campaigns against one of the world’s poorest countries.   But the military supremacy of the Saudi-led coalition has brought no victory in Yemen. Instead, it has strengthened Yemen’s political disintegration and deepened a humanitarian crisis that has plunged the country to the brink of famine and fueled widespread public discontent in response to major human ...

The UAE has supported the spread of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, alleges UN report

1396/5/31 | 02:40
  A UN report by a group of experts belonging to the International Sanctions Committee against Yemen has confirmed the support provided by the United Arab Emirates for armed groups and its involvement in illegal detention and enforced disappearances in the war-torn country. The document has also revealed that, according to some reliable sources, UAE forces have been forcibly detaining two people in Aden for more than 8 months.     The report – a copy of which has been obtained by Al-Jazeera – speaks of the spread of militias ...

New UN Project; The Saudi alliance may be blacklisted

1396/5/29 | 02:40
  A new UN report, called Al-Sari, is expected to be published next month accusing the coalition of aggression of child abuse in Yemen, the magazine said.   The report will also demand the inclusion of the Saudi alliance on the blacklist.   The newspaper, quoting senior UN officials, said the report, which the magazine obtained a copy of, would recommend a Saudi-led alliance be included in the list of countries and entities that kill and maim children, suggesting that the top UN adviser suggested it. Saudi officials in particular ...

UN Report: Saudis Killed 502 Children in Yemen in Past Year

1396/5/27 | 02:40
A draft version of a new UN Security Council report on the Saudi War in Yemen has been obtained by Foreign Policy, who are reporting that it accuses the Saudi coalition of “grave violations” of human rights, particularly against children in Yemen. The report covered the past year, and counted 502 children killed by the Saudis, including 349 killed in airstrikes. It also noted that the Saudi coalition had bombing at least 28 schools over the time. It encourages the inclusion of the coalition on the blacklist of nations that kill and maim ...

Cholera bomb: Who would save Yemen from mass annihilation?

1396/5/27 | 02:40
  The Yemeni people — amongst the poorest in the Arab world — have to face bombings as well as starvation as the infrastructure in their country lies in a state of shambles.    While a power struggle had long been brewing between the Houthi forces — who captured the capital Sana’a in late 2014 — and their local opponents, the situation was exacerbated when Saudi Arabia intervened in the Yemeni conflict in March 2015.      Since then, Yemen’s condition has gone from bad to worse, with none of the belligerents ...

Yemen bank: UAE stopping employee salaries reaching Aden

1396/5/24 | 02:40
The Central Bank of Yemen yesterday accused members of the so-called Arab coalition of obstructing its business by preventing a plane carrying staff salaries from landing in Aden International Airport 13 times. In reference to UAE forces which govern security measures at the airport, the central bank said that there had been “severe difficulties … as a result of the coalition cell obstructing the landing of these funds at Aden International Airport for unknown reasons since April 2017. In addition, 13 trips permits were cancelled.” The ...

What drives UAE participation in Yemen War?

1396/5/23 | 02:40
  Saudi-led Arab military coalition's aggression in 2015 ushered in a series of new developments in Yemen.   A couple of months after start of the war which changed Yemen into a scene of asymmetrical military confrontation, the country met an array of its specific highs and lows.     The Ansarullah movement and the Yemeni army managed to resist and keep many cities from falling to the Arab coalition despite a glaringly apparent imbalance with the opposite side in terms of the equipment and weapons. However, the battle ...

The war on Yemen is draining Saudi economy…Economic report

1396/5/22 | 02:40
The war on Yemen to preserve the interests of the Zionist regime has cost the Gulf regimes an enormous cost.   In response to the crimes committed by the Saudi regime against humanity in more than two years, Yemen has put it in a dilemma that cannot be solved simply. As the information indicates, this war cost more than 200 million dollars every day on the Gulf regimes, as there are wonderful numbers and figures in the bill of this false war and estimated the cost of this war from 20 billion dollars to 660 billion dollars and the other ...

UN envoy for Yemen arrives in Iranian capital to discuss Yemeni conflict

1396/5/21 | 02:40
The United Nations (UN)’s Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed has arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, to discuss the Yemeni conflict with Iranian officials, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Cheikh Ahmed arrived in Tehran on Saturday and would meet Minister Zarif and other officials, including Zarif’s deputy for Arab and African affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari, later in the day, according to ISNA. This is Cheikh Ahmed’s second visit to Iran. Yemen has been facing war by a Saudi-led coalition since March ...

Explosives sent to Saudi may be used against Yemen civilians, says Greenpeace

1396/5/19 | 02:40
Madrid has handed over to Saudi Arabia more than 300 containers of explosives, according to Greenpeace, who have expressed concern that the explosives will be used to commit war crimes in Yemen. “We have raised this issue with the Spanish government, and the latter has assured us that the documents accompanying the issuance of licenses for the sale of these weapons clearly emphasise their non-use,” the organisation’s spokesman Alberto Stevens, told Al Jazeera.    “But we have real doubts that the Saudi authorities will not ...

Israel assisting Saudi regime in aggression against Yemen

1396/5/16 | 02:40
The Israeli regime is providing logistic and material assistance to Saudi regime in its military offensive against Yemen, reports say.     An Israeli warplane recently provided large volumes of light and heavy military equipment and mobile spying devices to Saudi military forces in a regional base. Israeli regime military officers are also training the Saudi officers on urban and irregular warfare.   Tel Aviv regime is “manipulating” the UAE and Saudi Arabia to achieve its expansionist goals in the Middle East region.   In ...

Sending weapons from Kuwait to Yemen; is it an allegation or a strategic disability of Saudia?

1396/5/14 | 02:40
Nearly four decades passed since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which was an ideological revolution.   It was clear that it’s not going to be restricted within the geographical boundaries. Its theories had a fresh global discourse and new literature. It had a great impact to the extent that the West launched an Iranphobia scenario and tried to change the concepts of the Iranian Revolution and to prevent the spread of its Iranian version. In all these decades, whenever a feeling of people’s victory and Islamic resistance ...

Saudi Airstrike Kills Nine Civilians, Mostly Children, in Northern Yemen

1396/5/14 | 02:40
A pre-dawn Saudi airstrike against the predominantly Shi’ite city of Saada, in northern Yemen, has destroyed a home and killed nine civilians, six of them children. Saudi officials have yet to comment on why the house was attacked.   This has been a problem throughout the Saudi war in Yemen, however, with airstrikes killing a massive number of civilians, particularly in Shi’ite parts of the country, and despite repeated promises to improve their targeting, it keeps happening. A relative of the victims says that everyone was still ...

New strategy of the American aggression on Yemen

1396/5/13 | 02:40
Today, after the failure of the unjust siege and the punitive American economic measures imposed on Yemen in clear violation of international law, the American initiatives to save the legitimacy of the aggression from falling and defeat in the result of failure on the military fronts, and the result of the chaos and cracks between the militias of aggression.     The movements of Ould Cheikh comes with a clear American payment admitted by the American ambassador Toller also aims to save the Saudi-UAE alliance, which lost many of his ...

Kuwait Denies Its Waters Being Used for Iran Arms Smuggling

1396/5/12 | 02:40
Yesterday claim emerged from Reuters that Iran is using Kuwaiti waters as a route through which to smuggle arms to Yemen, That didn’t sit particularly well with Kuwait, who was quick to issue a statement denying the claim today.   The allegations were that Iran was smuggling weapons into Kuwaiti waters and then just sticking them on random smaller boats, figuring those boats wouldn’t get searched, mostly because Kuwait is literally nowhere near Yemen. Kuwait, however, noted that they have a navy and a coast guard, and not a lot ...

More than 1 million malnourished children in Yemen at risk of cholera

1396/5/11 | 02:40
    More than one million malnourished children aged under five in Yemen are living in areas with high levels of cholera, the charity Save The Children warned on Wednesday as it began sending more health experts to the worst hit areas. The scaling up in response came after latest figures show that a deadly cholera epidemic that started in April 2015 has infected more than 425,000 people and killed almost 1,900. Save the Children said children under the age of 15 are now accounting for about 44 percent of new cases and 32 percent ...

Saudis blocking fuel to UN aid planes in Yemen

1396/5/11 | 02:40
The United Nations has said that Saudi Arabia is blocking jet fuel delivery to planes trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Yemen’s capital city Sana’a. According to the UN’s country director of the UN Development Program, Auke Lootsma, on Tuesday, the global body operates two aid flights into Sana’a from Amman and Djibouti, which due to lack of fuel get stranded in Yemeni capital. "We have difficulties obtaining permission from the coalition and from the government of Yemen to transport this jet fuel to Sana’a to facilitate these ...

Houthis call for truce with Saudi for Hajj

1396/5/10 | 02:40
  The Houthi armed group yesterday called for a truce to stop fighting during the holy pilgrimage of Hajj, Al Alam News reported.   Chair of the Supreme Yemeni Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, called for fighting in all areas in Yemen to stop during the holy months in Islam, including Dhul Hijjah.    He went on to say the Yemeni people should not be banned from performing Hajj for any reason and called upon Saudi Arabia to initiate a truce. The religious pilgrimage of Hajj begins on 30 August and ends in ...

Yemeni General: Army Shot Down Coalition Plane Over Saudi Soil for 1st Time

1396/5/9 | 02:40
A representative of the Yemeni Army, brigadier general Aziz Rashid, told Sputnik about an incident involving a reconnaissance aircraft of the Saudi-led coalition that took place on July 25.   The general claimed that the army had shot down a plane on the territory of Saudi Arabia in the administrative district of Najran near the border with Yemen. According to Rashid, the Yemeni Army managed "to restore its radar warning station" and can now efficiently detect the Arab coalition's aircrafts. He also noted that this is ...

America and Britain partners in crime … Yemen is the victim

1396/5/8 | 02:40
  Martin Berger, in an article published by the website «New Eastern Look» described that the child mortality rates caused by the cholera epidemic is only the tip of the iceberg of the humanitarian disaster suffered by Yemenis as a result of the Saudi aggression.   However, political media and Western politicians are still deaf and willing to overlook the tragic disaster in Yemen. Yemen could be turned into an area of ethnic cleansing and permanent genocide, while new reports of civilians dying by Saudi forces with all kinds of ...

Pakistan’s conscience and Yemen?  

1396/5/7 | 02:40
  Yemen is home to 27 million people. The Riyadh-led military intervention has left 3 million internally displaced and 10,000 dead.   In addition, 17 million have access to barely sufficient food to ensure sustenance; 7 million suffer chronic hunger; and a staggering 10 million children have no kind of access to basic medical care, clean drinking water, sanitation and education.   According to those who know — Yemen is now facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.   Pakistan, for its part, is regularly ...

Yemeni forces seize several Saudi military bases, outposts in Jizan region

1396/5/7 | 02:40
Yemeni army troops, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees, have managed to seize several strategic Saudi military bases and outposts in the Arab kingdom’s southwestern Jizan region, inflicting casualties on Saudi forces. According to Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, the Yemeni forces captured al-Jaberi and al-Malhamah military bases as well as al-Fariza and al-Ghavieh military outposts on Friday, after launching a retaliatory offensive against the southwestern regions of Saudi Arabia. The report added that ...

UAE receives banner from Daesh in Yemen

1396/5/6 | 02:40
The crime of executing four prisoners of the Yemeni army and the popular committees in a directorate distributed in this harsh and painful picture and the Daesh way are the latest chapters of the criminal acts of the UAE which are escalating in a way that proves the decline of this state and stripped of the simplest principles, values and humanitarian ethics.     The violations and crimes of the UAE have not only led the Takfiri groups, which are under its cover, to commit crimes of slaughter, murder and mutilation of bodies in the military ...

Pakistan’s appeasement diplomacy and Yemen crisis

1396/5/4 | 02:40
  Failure to develop economically, the domestic policy of instrumental exploitation of the radical Islamism, and long-lasting tensions with the neighboring India push the Pakistani to submit to the international powers and the Persian Gulf Arab states' agenda that revolves around fueling the conflicts rather than seeking peace and de-escalation of tensions.     On the other side, Pakistan, a nuclear power with about 110 warheads, knows that expanding relations with the non-democratic Arab regimes and even worse standing in the face ...

ABNA | Houthi: Yemen ready to participate in any confrontation with the Zionist Israel

1396/4/31 | 02:40
(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The leader of the Yemeni revolution, Seyyed Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, said that the Yemeni people are ready to participate in any confrontation with Zionist Israel as he said that we are present for military participation in any confrontation with enemy Israel. He said in a speech on Thursday marking the anniversary of the Sarkha against oppression that the Israel should calculate its account for the Yemeni people in any confrontation they have with Hezbollah or the Palestinian people.  He told ...

Saudia’s next battle ground: Turning Qatar into another Yemen

1396/4/31 | 02:40
  The fierce regional and international race to control Yemen and extend its influence in its vast territory, which is also diverse in its climates and terraces, with many political and intellectual trends, is not new but extends deep in Yemen’s history.     However, there is a new change in the Yemeni scene which is the project against the American project and the guardianship. The emergence of this variable and the fear of its effects outside the Yemeni borders is one of the main reasons for the war and the siege imposed ...

Houthi forces kill 3 soldiers inside Saudi Arabia

1396/4/29 | 02:40
Yemen’s Houthi group killed three soldiers inside Saudi Arabia yesterday, reported Al Masdar. The Houthi fighters used sniper bullets to kill Saudi Arabian soldiers at Al-Talaa Base in Najran region. In a second incident, Houthi fighters killed Saudi soldiers in the Jazan region, inside Saudi Arabia. The number of Saudi casualties has not been reported by the Houthi group or by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence. The killings were reported on Houthi social media, including Twitter and Telegram. Saudi Arabia is frequently subject to attack ...

Plan of the United Arab Emirates to divide Yemen

1396/4/29 | 02:40
The role of the UAE has become more and more apparent to the international and Arab opinion in southern Yemen.   The role of the UAE has become more and more apparent to the international and Arab opinion in southern Yemen, especially to the Yemeni people, as the UAE has sacrificed much of its money and soldiers to implement the Zionist’s demands in southern Yemen.     The UAE has carried out a major task in Yemen, and observers believe that this task is greater than the UAE and its people, and this task is the division ...