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British-Pakistani Iris Iftikhar eyes Gold at British Taekwondo Championship

Trump using Iranophobia to sell American munitions to Arab states: Nasrallah

UK imam fired for anti-Saudi comments

Sunni Ittehad Council chief condemns arrest of Faisal Raza Abidi


Riyadh admits it can’t compensate for Iranian oil

1397/8/1 | 17:28
  Saudi energy minister says his country would not be able to compensate for possible oil disappearance from global markets once the US re-imposes its sanctions against Iran. Speaking in a Monday interview with Russian news agency TASS, Khalid al-Falih said Saudi Arabia will have to use its oil reserves if it wants to cover 3 million barrels per day of oil loss from Iran. However, he added, there is no guarantee that oil prices would not go higher once anti-Iran sanctions come into force in early November. Al-Falih’s remarks flatly ...

Jamal Kashoggi was not Hero- Riaz Malik

1397/7/29 | 17:28
  #JamalKashoggi was a despicable scumbag who justified the execution and crucifixion of leading Saudi dissident, #SheikhNimr. Kashoggi called Sheikh Nimr an outlaw simply because the Sheikh lead a protest movement against the US-backed Saudi regime. Kashoggi was another shill for supporting Al Qaeda against the secular Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad. To classify Wahhabi Salafi monarchies like Jordan and Kuwait as more free than Syria and Lebanon takes a special kind of intellectual dishonesty combined with typical rabid ...

Iran and the US Confrontation: What can Pakistan do?

1397/7/28 | 17:28
The EU, France, Germany, China, and Russia; signatories of the JCPOA (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and the IAEA, which is responsible for carrying out the monitoring and inspections to ensure that Iran is abiding by the terms of the JCPOA- are all agreed, with the notable exception of the U.S, that Iran is abiding by the terms of the agreement and there is, therefore, no justification for any signatory to renege on the agreement or to call for its renegotiation. All have been brave in their words but the reality on ground belies these ...

Kandahar attack is a reminder that purposeful dialogue is the only way to end Afghan war

1397/7/28 | 17:28
  It is an attack that will have significant repercussions and perhaps a lasting effect on a war that has entered its 18th year this month. The assassination of a notorious police general, Abdul Razek, inside the governor’s compound in Kandahar in an attack that appears to have targeted the top US general in Afghanistan, Gen Scott Miller, is shocking. The Afghan Taliban have demonstrated that they can reach inside the very heart of the Afghan and US military commands. And they have done so in the Taliban heartland of Kandahar, where ...

US needs Saudi as counterbalance to Iran: Trump

1397/7/28 | 17:28
  US President Donald Trump says Saudi Arabia functions as a counterbalance to Iran in the Middle East region and this has put Washington in a “complex” situation with regards to Riyadh’s explanation about dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death. “They [Saudis] have been a great ally in the Middle East. We need them as a counter-balance to Iran. So it's not the simplest solution. It's not the simplest situation to be in,” Trump said Friday. The remarks came after Riyadh admitted that Khashoggi, who had gone missing after ...

US to press Pakistan for shift in Afghan policy: official

1397/7/27 | 17:28
While calling recent meetings between United States officials and the new Pakistani government useful, acting Deputy Secretary of State Henry Ensher said the US would continue to apply pressure to Pakistan until Islamabad changed its policy towards regional peace and stability in Afghanistan. “There is truth to the idea that we are applying pressure to Pakistan, and it is an important component of our policy,” said Mr Ensher while speaking at a seminar organised by a think-tank called Indus at the Wilson Centre, Washington. The US official ...

Kashoggi's death episode: How Trump is blackmailing Bin Salman?

1397/7/26 | 17:28
  Saudi Arabia has delivered a previously promised $100 million to the United States as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Riyadh to discuss the fate of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who went missing after visiting the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul more than two week ago. According to a New York Times report, the money landed in American accounts on Tuesday and was for purported American efforts to stabilize areas in Syria liberated from the clutches of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group. The ...

A deal again: How US going to rescue Saudia from Kashoggi's murder episode?

1397/7/25 | 17:28
  US President Donald Trump has once again risen to the defense of the Saudi government over the mysterious disappearance of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying that pinning the blame on Riyadh before knowing all the facts is yet another case of "guilty until proven innocent.” Trump Tuesday criticized people blaming Saudi Arabia for the disappearance of the US-based journalist and accused them of prejudging the case. "Here we go again with, you know, you're guilty until proven innocent. I don't like that," Trump said during ...

India, Iran to speed up Chabahar plan before US bans

1397/7/24 | 17:28
Indian media have quoted informed officials as saying that the country plans to speed up the development of Iran’s Chabahar port before the new round of US sanctions against Tehran are put into place. The Economic Times quoted unidentified officials as saying that Tehran and New Delhi would rush to complete the first berth of Chabahar port to make it operational within the next weeks. Earlier reports said that India had pledged $500 million for the port, which would become operational by 2019. The port would allow Indian shipments to bypass ...

U.S envoy met the Taliban representatives in Qatar

1397/7/23 | 17:28
  According to a Wall Street Journal report, a U.S envoy met with the Taliban representatives in Qatar to push forward the stagnant dialogue process. The Journal, citing a person familiar with the gathering, said U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad met with Taliban officials in Doha, the second time in four months that American officials have held face-to-face talks with Taliban representatives.   Though the agenda of the meeting was not revealed in the WSJ report, it is not quite difficult ...

Saudis 'reject' threats as stocks drop amid scrutiny over missing journalist

1397/7/23 | 17:28
  Saudi Arabia on Sunday rejected any “threats” of economic sanctions or political pressure — a day after United States President Donald Trump’s comments on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. The statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency also warned that the kingdom will respond to any steps taken against it. This statement came after the Saudi stock market plunged by nearly 7 percent at one point on Sunday. The statement did not directly acknowledge Khashoggi’s disappearance. In an interview to be aired on ...

In the shadow of loan: Is US trying to create rift between China and Pakistan?

1397/7/21 | 17:28
  The United States said that it will examine closely Pakistan request for a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), adding that “part of the reason that Pakistan found itself in this situation is Chinese debt”. Asked at a Thursday news briefing how would the United States deal with Pakistan’s request, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said: “In all cases, we examine that closely from all angles of it, including Pakistan’s debt position, in evaluating any type of loan programme”. Ms Nauert also blamed Pakistan’s ...

Pakistan will continue to trade with Iran in own interest despite US sanctions

1397/7/20 | 17:28
  Pakistan opposed unilateral sanctions imposed by the US on Iran saying that it would continue to trade with Iran in own interest.   Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal while replying to a question at his weekly news briefing in Islamabad said that Pakistan in principle is opposed to coercive economic sanctions which affect the human development and add to the poverty of not only a specific country but the entire region. He added that sanctions limit the economic opportunities and suffocate regional trade. “We ...

US sees Chinese debt responsible for economic woes in Pakistan

1397/7/20 | 17:28
  The United States early today said that the huge Chinese debt responsible for the economic challenges in Pakistan, adding that it will review government's bailout plea to the IMF from all angles, including the country's debt position. During a press conference,the State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said; "We understand that Pakistan has formally requested assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In all cases, we examine that closely from all angles of it, including Pakistan's debt position, in evaluating any type ...

Saudis, authoritarian leaders inspired by Trump: Sanders

1397/7/18 | 17:28
  Saudi Arabia and its de facto leader, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, are among authoritarian entities “clearly inspired” by US President Donald Trump’s totalitarian policies, says senior US Senator Bernie Sanders. The Vermont lawmaker made the comments during a speech on authoritarian threats at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies on Tuesday. "While this authoritarian trend certainly did not begin with Donald Trump, there’s no question that other authoritarian leaders around the world have ...

PhD Transfer Programs: HEC greets US delegation

1397/7/16 | 17:28
  The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in its commitment to enhancing the quality, access, and relevance of research in the higher education sector, is making progress to sustain it.   Last Wednesday HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri held a meeting with a group of representatives from 29 top-end US universities. This higher education initiative was reiterated by the HEC Chairman at the event. As for the group of eminent university representatives, their visit to the HEC was in part to learn about the commission’s programs ...

In rebuttal to Trump, Salman says Saudi won’t pay US for kingdom’s security

1397/7/14 | 17:28
  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says Riyadh “will pay nothing” to the United States for the kingdom's “security,” in rebuttal to US President Donald Trump who recently said King Salman would not last in power “for two weeks” without US military support. “Actually we will pay nothing for our security. We believe that all the armaments we have from the United States of America are paid for, it’s not free armament," the Saudi crown prince said in a Bloomberg interview conducted on Wednesday and published on Friday. He ...

America’s Iran Policy Is Helping China Advance a Multipolar World

1397/7/13 | 17:28
  The U.S. withdrawal from the Iran deal, and subsequent escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran presents immediate challenges for China:higher prices for the world’s largest oil importer , a potential conflict along a key juncture in the Belt and Road Initiative, and heightened risk of nuclear proliferation. Chinese Middle East experts have also raised concerns that overly constrictive U.S. pressure could sideline moderate elements in Tehran, and drive Iran to “adopt a more radical foreign policy ” (采取更激进的外交政策), ...

Iran says ready to work with Saudis to build strong region, end US conceit

1397/7/13 | 17:28
  Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran is prepared to cooperate with Saudi Arabia in order to build a strong region together and put an end to the US humiliation of regional countries. “President Trump repeatedly humiliates the Saudis by saying they can't last 2 weeks without his support,” Zarif said in a Thursday tweet. “This is the recompense for the delusion that one's security can be outsourced. We again extend our hand to our neighbors: let's build a "strong region", and stop this conceit,” the Iranian top diplomat ...

What does Russian arms deal mean to China, Pakistan and US?

1397/7/12 | 17:28
  Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in India today looking to tie up billions of dollars in arms deals with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likely irking the US, China and Pakistan in one fell swoop. The Kremlin said before the two-day visit that the "key feature" would be the signing of a $5-billion deal for the advanced S-400 air defence system, despite US sanctions against countries buying Russian defence hardware. India will ask the United States for a special waiver for the purchase — as discussed by their defence and foreign ...

Any US strike to take out Russia missile system could trigger WWIII: Analyst

1397/7/12 | 17:28
Any attempt by the United States to take out Russian cruise missile systems would lead to a larger military confrontation between the two nuclear powers, says an analyst. "This is a very extreme situation that could lead to World War III," American writer and academic James Petras told Press TV on Tuesday after Washington’s ambassador to NATO warned Russia to halt development of a banned cruise missile system or the US would seek to destroy it before it becomes operational. "At that point, we would be looking at the capability to take out ...

Saudi king wouldn't last 2 weeks without US support, says Trump

1397/7/12 | 17:28
  United States (US) President Donald Trump says Saudi Arabia's king "might not be there for two weeks" without US military support, further increasing his pressure on one of America's closest Mideast allies over rising oil prices. As crude oil prices reach a four-year high, Trump repeatedly has demanded OPEC and Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, push prices down. However, analysts are warning prices could go up to $100 a barrel as the world's production is already stretched and Trump's sanctions on Iran's oil industry take ...

US threats of imposing sanctions on Iran 'unjust': Turkey's Erdogan

1397/7/10 | 17:28
  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed as unjust the United States' move to impose sanctions against Iran and threaten to further toughen them. In a speech at the opening of the Turkish parliament on Monday, Erdogan added that excluding Iran from regional matters is wrong. He emphasized that the US had taken the wrong path by threatening and using blackmail instead of dialogue, saying it was impossible for any country to trust Washington. In his second address to the General Assembly in New York on September 25, US President ...

What is behind Qatar’s shift towards Israel? (Part 1)

1397/7/9 | 17:28
  Over the past year or so, the tiny Gulf state of Qatar has been getting increasingly close to pro-Israel figures from the United States.   Things are so bad that Qatar last year donated a quarter of a million dollars to some of America’s mostly rabidly anti-Palestinian, hard-right Zionist organisations, including the Zionist Organisation of America, whose president Morton Klein this month slandered Palestinians in openly racist terms as “filthy Arab[s]”. A pro-Israel policy is something of a departure for the small, gas-rich ...

Will Pakistan handover Shakil Afridi to US?

1397/7/9 | 17:28
  Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi hinted that Islamabad may be willing to discuss the contentious issue of Dr Shakil Afridi which has plagued bilateral relation between the two countries. “Openings are always there,” said the foreign minister in an interview with Fox News. Afridi, hailed as a ‘hero’ by the US security establishment for his role in the raid by US special forces that killed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, is viewed as a traitor in Pakistan. “He is viewed in a particular light in Pakistan, he is viewed as ...

Intensification of China-US conflict, Is there a new cold war?

1397/7/9 | 17:28
  The Chinese-American war of business would not naturally be a win- win, but its outcome could strengthen China’s financial, banking and national currency. Many financial and currency institutions in China and even the central bank have succeeded in increasing the use of yuan in international trade this year, and especially after the March conflict over the two countries. China has been making efforts to convert the yuan into an international currency for many years, and its trade dispute with the United States has now made it possible ...

Trump humiliated Saudi Arabia and its king again

1397/7/9 | 17:28
  The president of the United States, speaking at a gathering in Virginia, once again made humiliating remarks about Saudi attachments to the United States, saying it is not clear what will happen to Saudi Arabia without the United States! “I love Saudi Arabia,” Donald Trump said in a gathering of his supporters in West Virginia. “They are great, King Salman, I spoke with him this morning. I said, king, you have got trillions of dollars. Without us, who knows what’s going to happen. …. With us they are totally safe. But we don’t ...

Qatar and Saudi Arabia come closer against Iran under US patronage

1397/7/8 | 17:28
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brought the foreign ministers from feuding Gulf powerhouses Saudi Arabia and Qatar together under the same roof on Friday as he hosted a meeting of Washington's Arab allies.   In a statement issued after the meeting on the sidelines of the ongoing UN General Assembly, the State Department said “all participants agreed on the need to confront threats from Iran directed at the region and the United States.” “We all have a shared interest in a wide range of security issues — defeating ISIS, Al-Qaeda, ...

Will Russia swallow Israel’s insult?

1397/7/7 | 17:28
Russia is one of the most protective countries of Israel and its security. This was strongly confirmed during the on going Syrian war. While Russia does not agree with some Israeli actions sometimes, the lack of approval does not develop into anger, and Russia continues to search for ways and means to ensure Israel’s security. Russia has swallowed a number of insults and humiliations from Turkey, the US, France, and Israel for confronting the armed organisations in Syria. It preferred the insults to the clashes, which could potentially result ...

US most expensive fighter jet totaled in first-ever crash

1397/7/7 | 17:28
A Marine F-35B joint strike fighter has crashed close to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in Beaufort, South Carolina, in what turns out to be the first-ever crash of the cutting-edge stealth aircraft. The costly plane was completely destroyed in the crash during training on Friday, according to one official, who also said, "It's a total loss." Images posted on social media show a plume of black smoke rising above what users described as the crash site. It was an F-35 "B" variant, which is used by the Marine Corps, and it is capable of taking ...

John Bolton threatens Iran

1397/7/4 | 17:28
  While his boss was in town to address the U.N. General Assembly, his national security advisor, John Bolton, reinforced Trump’s we’ll-do-as-we-see-fit message to the world in an speech to a handpicked New York audience of people hostile to the Iran nuclear deal. As the Times of Israel reports, Bolton was about as subtle as a daisy-cutter bomb hitting a nuclear facility: US national security adviser John Bolton warned Iran of “hell to pay” and “serious consequences” if it defies the US, using some of the most aggressive language ...

Pakistan’s Cold War Technology shrinks the effectiveness of India’s S-400 ABM System

1397/7/4 | 17:28
  In March 2017, General David Perkins of the U.S army bragged in a military symposium about the success which one of the “close U.S ally” had in shooting down a $200 dollar, purportedly hostile, quadcopter with the U.S made PATRIOT missile defense system.   He did not name the particular country nor went into further specifics of the incident. But the mention itself, that a $200 worth toy grade drone was shot with a $3 million missile, was enough to raise a key question about the economic exchange disparity, which apparently ...

Ahvaaz attack: The US and Arabs proxy war against Iran

1397/7/3 | 17:28
On Saturday, insurgents attacked a military parade in the city of Ahvaz, killing at least 25 people. While women and children were among the victims, the primary target appeared to be troops of the Pasdaran, the elite, ideological military unit dedicated to protecting the Islamic system in the country.   This is the second major attack in Iran where state symbols have been targeted; last year, in a deadly attack claimed by the militant Islamic State group, insurgents stormed the Iranian parliament, as well as the mausoleum of revolutionary ...

US admits Pakistan army conducted operation against Taliban safe havens

1397/7/2 | 17:28
  US State Department has admitted that Pakistan conducted operation in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan to eradicate terrorist safe havens. The US State Department said in its annual Country Reports on Terrorism for the year 2017 that the total number of terrorist attacks worldwide in 2017 decreased by 23% compared to 2016.   The report said that terrorism in Pakistan decreased significantly as compared to 2014. The report further said that Pakistan Army carried out operation in areas formerly known as Federally Administered ...

A stunning statement : Pakistan calls out Trump's ignorance on US role in destabilising ME

1397/6/31 | 17:28
Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari on Friday hit back at United States (US) President Donald Trump's tweet in which he complained that despite the 'protection' afforded to Middle Eastern countries by the US, they continue to raise oil prices. President Trump in a tweet on Thursday said: "We protect the countries of the Middle East, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices!" he said. "We will remember." In 2016, major oil producers both within and outside OPEC agreed ...

US envoy says Washington seeks a treaty with Iran

1397/6/29 | 17:28
The United States says it seeks a treaty with Iran ahead of the next week's United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. US special envoy for Iran Brian Hook made the comments at an event at the Hudson Institute on Wednesday. “The new deal that we hope to be able to sign with Iran, and it will not be a personal agreement between two governments like the last one, we seek a treaty,” he told the audience. He further said that the nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), lacked support among ...

NATO warships moving closer to Syria shores amid looming US airstrikes: Report

1397/6/27 | 17:28
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is reportedly beefing up its naval presence in the eastern sector of the Mediterranean Sea amid indications that the United States and its allies would use a staged chemical attack in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib to launch airstrikes on government forces. Russia’s Sputnik news agency, citing Western websites monitoring naval activity in the region, reported that military vessels from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) are inching closer to the Syrian coast. The reported added ...

US always has a political bias against Muslims, says Minister Shireen Mazari

1397/6/26 | 17:28
  Pakistan's Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari criticized the way Muslims are treated and attacked in the US and Western states noting time has come for those countries to look at their own records on religious freedom rather than preaching Muslim states.   In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), she said the US always has a political bias against Muslims which is against all conventions of human rights. “We think that given the situation in Europe where Muslims are not allowed to practice their ...

Iran says Saudis, UAE turned OPEC into “tool” for US

1397/6/26 | 17:28
  Iran has criticized the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for allowing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to turn the body into a “tool in the hands of the US.” "Saudi Arabia and the UAE are turning OPEC into a tool for the US and consequently the organization has not much credit left," Iran's OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, was quoted by media as saying. "It is a fact that OPEC is losing its organizational character and becoming a forum," Kazempour Ardebili added. Elsewhere in his remarks, ...

A massive paradigm shift: US envoy claims Pakistan ready to open Afghan land route for India: US envoy

1397/6/25 | 17:28
Pakistan approached Afghanistan earlier this year, indicating its willingness to discuss the resumption of trade between Afghanistan and India through the Pakistani land route, says a senior US diplomat. In an interview to India’s Economic Times newspaper, Ambassador John Bass said that reopening land routes between South and Central Asia will benefit all countries in the region. Pakistan does not allow India to use the land route for trading with Afghanistan, arguing that technical and strategic issues connected to transit trade should ...

Taliban for minus Pakistan talks with US administration

1397/6/23 | 17:28
  The Taliban are ready for a second round of talks with the US, possibly this month, which is likely to focus on prisoner exchanges, confidence building measures, and ways to move from back-door meetings to formal negotiations, said Taliban officials in separate interviews in recent days.   Although Taliban remained in constant touch with US government, Pakistani or Western media reported it second round of talks.   Speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorised to speak to the media, Taliban officials ...

Spain gives in to Saudi pressure to deliver 400 precision bombs

1397/6/23 | 17:28
Spain has backed off from its earlier decision to pull a contract for the sale of 400 precision bombs to Saudi Arabia over human rights violations by the Riyadh regime in its war on Yemen. Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell announced on Thursday night that his country will remain committed to a 2015 contract to sell Saudi Arabia 400 laser-guided bombs despite an earlier decision by the Spanish Defense Ministry to halt the deal. "The decision is that these bombs will be delivered to honor a contract that comes from 2015, and was made by ...

An old Mantra: Is US planning again to control Pakistan nukes?

1397/6/22 | 17:28
US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the decision to suspend military aid to Pakistan was not taken lightly as the Trump administration was fully aware of the consequences of taking such an action against a nuclear weapons state. In his address to a Washington think-tank — the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies — earlier this week, Mr Bolton also said that the US wanted Pakistan to cooperate fully in war against terrorism as “it’s a matter of extraordinary importance” to America. “It was before my ...

India’s push on Iran's Chabahar puts US in tight corner

1397/6/22 | 17:28
India and Afghanistan have signaled their commitment to the development of Iran’s strategic Chabahar port ahead of a Thursday meeting with the US which is pushing for economic strangulation of Tehran. Afghan deputy minister for foreign affairs Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Indian foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale and Iranian deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi met in New Delhi Tuesday to discuss a whole gamut of issues related to the project. “The meeting focused on consolidating economic cooperation, including Chabahar,” the Indian foreign ministry ...

Pompeo said US would not block Pakistan if it seeks IMF bailout: Fawad Chaudhry

1397/6/21 | 17:28
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured Pakistan last week that Washington would not try to block any request for a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Tuesday. The remarks, which Chaudhry said Pompeo made during his visit to Pakistan on Wednesday, come in stark contrast to Pompeo´s warnings in July that the United States had serious reservations about the IMF giving money to Pakistan due to concerns Islamabad would use the cash to pay off Chinese loans. Chaudhry told Reuters that relations ...

Failed Maduro assassination part of US plans for coup: Venezuelan official

1397/6/20 | 17:28
Diosdado Cabello, speaker of the ruling Constituent Assembly of Venezuela has claimed that the US was behind the failed drone assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. "The presidential assassination that was stopped was led by the United States. Is there anyone who has any doubt?" Cabello exclaimed at an event held by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on Monday. The US "acknowledges having met at least three times with military coup leaders to carry out a coup" added Cabello, linking the failed assassination ...

US senator: British intelligence services are planning a chemical attack in Syria

1397/6/19 | 17:28
Virginia state Senator Richard Black said last week that Britain’s MI6 had been working on a chemical attack in Syr ia for the past few weeks, adding that the main aim of the plan was to blame the Syrian government and military for targeting defenseless civilians. “Around four weeks ago, we knew that British intelligence was working towards a chemical attack in order to blame the Syrian government, to hold Syria responsible,” said Black in an interview with Al Mayadeen, a news channel based in Beirut. The Democratic senator, who was ...

US warplanes drop phosphorous bombs on Syria: Russia

1397/6/19 | 17:28
American warplanes reportedly drop phosphorous bombs on a village in the eastern Syria province of Dayr al-Zawr. Vladimir Savchenko, the chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria, announced the development on Sunday, Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency reported. "On September 8, 2018, two F-15 warplanes of the US air force delivered airstrikes on the settlement of Hajin with the use of phosphorous bombs. The airstrikes caused heavy fires. Information about casualties and damages is being verified," he said. “The ...

Pakistan, India attend US-Egypt joint military exercise ‘Bright Star’ as observers

1397/6/18 | 17:28
  Teams from Pakistan and India are attending the United States (US)-Egypt joint military exercise “Operation Bright Star” as observers, according to Egyptian media. The exercise is being held at Egypt’s military base in Alexandria. In addition to the US and Egyptian forces, Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan also take part in the exercise. Moreover, teams from Lebanon, Rwanda, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, South Africa, Senegal, ...

US officials, Venezuelan military officers discussed anti-Maduro coup plot: Report

1397/6/18 | 17:28
US officials have reportedly met repeatedly with insurgent Venezuelan military officers over the past year to prepare potential coup plots to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Trump administration officials and a former Venezuelan military commander who took part in the discussions were cited in a New York Times report on Saturday as saying that a secret channel was established between American officials and the coup plotters. According to the report, the US-backed Venezuelan opposition elements asked Washington to supply ...