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Usman Buzdar’s maiden presser: Bahria Town, Ittefaq Foundry in illegal state land occupation

ADB sets $7.5 billion lending programme for Pakistan

Sindh threatens to stop gas supply to other provinces

Who approached PTI’s Murad Saeed for an NRO?

BBC says omission of Kulbhushan remark from Asad Umar interview 'not an act of censorship'

Army top brass backs renewed push for Afghan peace

Impasse resolved

Iran to repatriate 1784 clay tablets from US

Iran welcomes initial agreements among Yemenis

‘US wants to help Pakistan protect its economy’

Fitch expects further delay in IMF bailout for Pakistan

Global outcry over INGOs’ closure in Pakistan

NAB lets media inside its lock-ups to counter complaints

Israel won’t succeed if it launches another war on Lebanon, says Hariri

Head of Iran Presidential Office off to Turkey

American military support for Saudi-led Yemen war must stop: US Senate

US and allies rely on defunct resolutions: Zarif

Foreign exchange: SBP reserves fall 3.22%, amount to $7.3b

Iraqi official hails ‘strategic ties’ with Iran

Sarfraz calls on squad to play 'without fear' in South Africa

'Wealth creation' imperative to alleviate poverty: PM

Iran, Japan keen on boosting cultural ties

Ex-Olympians want regime change at PHF after World Cup disaster

'Positive U-turn': PM concedes PAC chairmanship to Shahbaz Sharif 'in the interest of democracy'

US media blocked in Pakistan for spreading propaganda

Lebanon warns against regional consequences of anti-Iran sanctions

Maulana Samiul Haq's personal secretary arrested, labelled person of interest in murder probe






Allama Sajid Naqvi’s grandson returns home after two month enforced disappearance

Pakpattan JIT: Miseries pile up for Nawaz Sharif

International travellers can get their phones seized at airports

SC orders 20pc reduction in private school fees over Rs5,000

SC forms JIT to probe 'illegal transfer' of Pakpattan shrine land in 1986

Javed Hashmi claims receiving family members’ kidnapping threats: report


Sanctions not impacting Iran’s trade: Official

Iran urges UNSC to slam US for violating int’l law

Saudi to make biggest foreign investment in Pakistan's history: finance minister

Netanyahu talks of attacking Iran

ICC boss ‘confident’ of corruption-free World Cup

‘Increasing Islamophobia’: FO rejects US religious freedom report

PNS Hangor: Pakistan’s Shark that gave India its costliest naval defeat

Iran, Russia FMs discuss latest Syria developments on phone

Iran remains safe thanks to Islam: Leader

China shares data to check misdeclaration

Pakistan’s power sector causes $18bn loss a year: report

Iran plays down US officials' remarks on renegotiating JCPOA

PM orders inquiry as gas crisis bites

Trump says stands by Saudi crown prince despite rebuke from Senate

China steady on Iran oilfields, to ditch South Pars project: Report

Belgium knock listless Pakistan out of World Cup



Market watch: Stocks continue to bleed as index drops 545 points

Govt has no right to remain in power if it can't bring back stashed wealth: Fawad






A doctor of dubious distinctions

NAB goes after Marriyum Aurangzeb: What is the future of PML-N?

Why is the Afghan war unwinnable?

MWM announces support f for PTI candidate in Punjab by-election

5th Gen. War: How Pakistani media played in the hands of enemy?

Nikki Haley’s swansong at the UN was an embarrassment

Pellet Horror In Kashmir

Dr Shireen Mazari criticises HEC for ‘harassing’ foreign degree holders

Three people killed, 12 wounded in France attack

US action may hurt Pak economy

Lack of religious freedom alleged: Pakistan placed on US black list

Democracy, constitution & rule of law: Essentials to take Pakistan forward

Tit for Tat: Canadian ex-diplomat detained in China amid spat over Huawei executive’s detention

Time magazine names Khashoggi 'person of the year'

IS presence in Afghanistan a 'constant threat to Pakistan'

Who is Umm-ul-Baneen?

Govt releases 41pc less funds for development projects

Recent ballistic missile test significant for Iran: Gen. Hajizadeh

US, allies seeking to undermine Iran, Russia

Leader: Outgrowth of Revolution leading to enemy’s defeat

Islam, Humanity and Human Values

Pakistan must not recognize Israel, PLF letter to President and Prime Minister

Hamza Shahbaz's name placed on ECL

Helena Saeed: The first female AIG Police

A formal Arab-USA alliance brewing against Iran

Kashmir boy who acted in Bollywood movie martyred

Is there really a ban on Overseas Pakistanis to bring mobile phone?

Saad Rafique, brother Salman taken into NAB custody in Paragon Housing scam case

100 days not enough to judge performance: Aitzaz Ahsan

PTI to rely on Ordinances: Why is Opposition not happy?

Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers in Venezuela for joint exercises

Peshawar girl to represent country in US Open U-15 squash

PPP questions govt claim of seizing ‘ill-gotten’ £400m abroad

Iran High Council of Human Rights condemns crackdown on French people

THE deadlock appears closer to being broken

Balochistan cabinet shocked by CPEC presentation


American military support for Saudi-led Yemen war must stop: US Senate

1397/9/23 | 08:05
  The US Senate has voted to stop US armed forces from supporting Saudi Arabia in its military aggression against its impoverished southern neighbor, Yemen. The historic bipartisan vote on Thursday, for the first time, invoked Congress' war powers to challenge US military involvement abroad despite the Trump administration's unwavering support for the Saudi regime in its aggression against Yemen. The 56-to-41 vote by the Democrats and some Republicans was both a condemnation of the Saudi-led war on Yemen – which has killed thousands ...

‘Increasing Islamophobia’: FO rejects US religious freedom report

1397/9/22 | 08:05
  Pakistan has brushed aside US state department statement on religious freedom report saying Pakistan is discharging its obligations about protection of minorities rights while proponents of religious freedom have closed their eyes to the persecution of minorities in Occupied Kashmir. The United States had said on Tuesday it had added Pakistan to its blacklist of countries that violate religious freedom and was going to be ramping up pressure over the treatment of minorities in the country. Out of ten countries listed by the ...

Trump says stands by Saudi crown prince despite rebuke from Senate

1397/9/22 | 08:05
    US President Donald Trump has reiterated that he stands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite a CIA assessment that he personally ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and pressure from fellow Republicans in Congress to rebuke the kingdom’s de facto ruler. “He’s the leader of Saudi Arabia. They’ve been a very good ally,” Trump said in an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office. The US president has declined to say whether bin Salman was complicit in the brutal murder of Khashoggi, ...

A doctor of dubious distinctions

1397/9/21 | 08:05
  He claims to be one of the highest qualified orthopaedic and spinal surgeons of Pakistan, and many agree, but he has also been on the wanted list of US for healthcare fraud and medical malpractices since he fled from there to escape a trial. Dr Atiq Durrani is among the busiest physicians in Lahore much like he was in Cincinnati (US), though it later turned out he did numerous medically unnecessary surgeries there, causing bodily harm to patients. An American hospital that he worked for had to pay fine of $4.1 million for Dr Durrani’s ...

Why is the Afghan war unwinnable?

1397/9/21 | 08:05
  Pakistan was the darling of USA in the 1950s and to some extent in early 1960s since it was part of SEATO and CENTO that were poised to contain communism in South Asia and the Middle East.   After betraying Pakistan in the 1965 and 1971 wars with India by applying military sanctions, the US once again befriended Pakistan in the 1980s to make use of it to defeat Soviet occupying forces in Afghanistan. The US abruptly ended its honeymoon with Pakistan in 1990 and put it under sanctions on the plea that it was pursuing ...

US action may hurt Pak economy

1397/9/21 | 08:05
The Trump administration’s decision to place Pakistan in the blacklist for ‘religious freedom violations’ possesses threat for the country. However, top officials told The News on Tuesday night that such downgrading by US administration was used as tactics for exerting pressures on any country which was being done on behest of lobbyists. Federal Minister for Finance Asad Umar on Tuesday night said that India must have been put on the list of increasing religious intolerance where the incidents of religious violence were on rise ...

Lack of religious freedom alleged: Pakistan placed on US black list

1397/9/21 | 08:05
  The United States Tuesday added Pakistan to its blacklist of countries that violate religious freedom, ramping up pressure on its treatment of minorities. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he had designated Pakistan among "countries of particular concern" in a congressionally mandated annual report, meaning the US government was obliged to exert pressure to end freedom violations. Pompeo a year earlier had placed Pakistan on a special watch list — a step short of the designation — in what had been seen as a US tactic to ...

US, allies seeking to undermine Iran, Russia

1397/9/20 | 08:05
In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Moscow, Dmitry Savelyev added, 'I travelled to Tehran some time ago and met with the Iranian Attorney General and Interior Ministry officials and counter-drug trafficking and representatives of the Iranian Parliament.” 'In the first place, security issues were raised because the US and its allies want to destroy the basis of the governments of Tehran and Moscow,' he added, noting that 'we discussed the various issues'. Savelyev continued,”I believe both countries should ...

A formal Arab-USA alliance brewing against Iran

1397/9/20 | 08:05
  Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has unveiled the plan of the plausible, formal nexus between the United States of America and Arab states to protect the Middle East from what he called “external aggression”.   “The aim is to achieve security arrangements in the Middle East that can protect the region from external aggression… and strengthen relations between the United States and the countries of the region,” Jubeir said. The remarks came at the end of Gulf Cooperation Council meet up which was skipped ...

After Trump's letter to Imran, US tirade against Pakistan continues

1397/9/19 | 08:05
  Despite President Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of Pakistan’s vital role in Afghan peace in a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Washington’s envoy to UN Nikki Haley has repeated allegations against Islamabad. Haley, the first Indian-American ever appointed to a Cabinet position in any US presidential administration, said the US did not need to give money to countries that wish harm to America, go behind its back and try and “stop us from doing things”. “...I think there should be a strategic view on which countries ...

US needs ‘puppet’ like Saudi Arabia to achieve global domination: Analyst

1397/9/19 | 08:05
  Saudi Arabia has is a regional "puppet" of the United States, an American analyst says, arguing that Washington needs Riyadh as part of its grand plan for global domination. Keith Preston, director of, made the remarks while discussing Washington’s continued support for the ongoing Saudi war against Yemen despite international outrage. Timothy Lenderking, the deputy assistant secretary for Persian Gulf affairs in the Near East Bureau of the US Department of State, told a security forum in the United Arab ...

Do not recommend leaving Afghanistan, says US military chief

1397/9/18 | 08:05
  With­drawing US troops from Afghanistan would create instability in South Asia and give terrorists the space to plan another attack on the American people, warns US military chief General Joseph Dunford. That’s why he recommended maintaining US military presence in Afghanistan for as long as it takes to stabilise the war-torn country. When asked at what point he would recommend withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a video interview with The Washington Post on Friday, replied: ...

US accuses Huawei CFO of Iran sanctions cover-up

1397/9/18 | 08:05
    Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s chief financial officer faces US accusations that she covered up her company’s links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to Iran despite sanctions, a Canadian prosecutor said on Friday, arguing against giving her bail while she awaits extradition. The case against Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of the founder of Huawei, stems from a 2013 Reuters report about the company’s close ties to Hong Kong-based Skycom Tech Co Ltd, which attempted to sell US equipment to Iran despite ...

Imran Khan’s Pakistan stands up to US like a sovereign nation: Analyst

1397/9/18 | 08:05
  Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan has stood up to the United States from its position as a sovereign nation, and is demonstrating a clean break from the past, according to Adam Garrie, an independent political analyst and writer based in London. Garrie made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on a statement of Prime Minister Khan where he expressed regret over Pakistan’s past dealings with the United States, adding that Islamabad will not act as a “hired gun” for ...

US Centcom Chief accuses Pakistan of using Taliban as a hedge against India

1397/9/17 | 08:05
  Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie, the next chief of the US Central Command (Centcom), in his written response to the US Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing, has made some accusations against Pakistan top of which is “Taliban being utilised as a hedge against India rather than as part of a stable, reconciled Afghanistan.”   Pakistan’s concerns over India’s growing influence in Afghanistan and what the US could do to allay those concerns were highlighted at a congressional hearing this week in Washington ...

Top general warns of another 9/11 if US pulls out of Afghanistan

1397/9/17 | 08:05
    General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said the US forces must remain in Afghanistan or terrorists might get back on their feet and launch another 9/11-scale attack on American people. Gen Dunford, who addressed an event organized by the Washington Post, said that American military presence in Afghanistan is essential to contain terrorists who otherwise would regroup and take revenge on the US. “Were we not to put the pressure on Al-Qaeda, ISIS (Daesh) and other groups in the region we ...

Can Russia put an end to western hegemony?

1397/9/17 | 08:05
  After the total crucifixion of nonwhite, Non-christian Asian and African countries through colonialism, apartheid, the plunder of their natural resources and brutal wars induced into their societies, apologists still argue that why and how has the emotional pride of Muslims, Russians and Chinese been hurt by the acts of the West. Why do Muslims argue about their emotional pride and the proclivities to compare themselves with the most powerful civilization on earth? Americans forget that it is not just Muslims, its also Christian ...

Trump’s letter to PM Khan: A long-overdue realization

1397/9/17 | 08:05
  After a poisonous and outrageous tirade against Pakistan, Finally, US President Donald Trump has realized that the Peace in Afghanistan is not possible without cooperation from Pakistan. He might have been advised by think tanks that the world has become Multipolar and America has lost its stake as sole Superpower to influence its decisions on other countries of the World. Pakistan has welcomed the decision since it had always advocated that Afghan Solution lies in peaceful dialogue with the Taliban to reach an agreement to bring ...

'Do not want Pakistan treated like a hired gun': PM Khan on US ties

1397/9/16 | 08:05
  Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an interview with The Washington Post, expressed his desire to have "a proper relationship with the US" akin to Islamabad's ties with China rather than the one "where Pakistan is treated like a hired gun". The prime minister, in an exclusive interview with the American newspaper on Thursday, said: "I would never want to have a relationship where Pakistan is treated like a hired gun — given money to fight someone else’s war. It not only cost us human lives, devastation of our tribal areas, but it ...

US fails to condemn Hamas at UN General Assembly

1397/9/16 | 08:05
    A US-sponsored draft resolution seeking to condemn Palestinian resistance group Hamas at the United Nations General Assembly has failed to gain a majority vote. The 193-member UNGA voted 87-57 in favor of the resolution Thursday while 33 members chose to abstain, leaving Washington with a plurality vote that fell short of the two-thirds requirement to adopt the resolution. The US had originally called for a simple majority vote, but the world body opted for a two-third majority instead after a narrow 75-72 vote, with ...

Saudi warplanes launch 28 airstrikes on Yemen, kill 3 amid Sweden peace talks

1397/9/16 | 08:05
    “The fact that the coalition forces and their mercenaries have continued their aggression against Yemen on the first day of peace talks in Sweden indicates that the aggressors have no interest in the establishment of peace and preparing the grounds for a second round of talks,” Yemen’s al-Masirah television network quoted a Yemeni army general as saying. Three women were killed, and many houses were destroyed in the airstrikes, General Yahya Saree, a spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, said. In retaliation, ...

Pakistan army wants US to leave Afghanistan

1397/9/16 | 08:05
Pakistan's military says it wants the US to pull out its troops from the neighboring Afghanistan in order to end a 17-year-old war there. "We wish that (the) US leaves Afghanistan as friend of the region, not as a failure," Pakistan army spokesman Major-General Asif Ghafoor said during a news conference in the garrison city of Rawalpindi Thursday. He also said Islamabad supports Washington's outreach to the Taliban which want US troops out of Afghanistan. Asked what Pakistan could do to help the United States negotiate a political ...

Trilateral summit between Afghanistan US and Pakistan: Will the afghan war finally end?

1397/9/14 | 08:05
  Ambassador Munir Akram Ex. Permanent Representative of Pakistan in UN in a program “Live with Dr. Moeed Pirzada” talked about US invitation to Pakistan for the trilateral summit, which is due in Doha in December 2018. While answering the question related to the ‘expectations of US from Pakistan’ and the ‘letter of Trump’ to Imran Khan, Ambassador Akram considered it a positive development as such a formal and direct message shows US’s acknowledgment of the sacrifices of Pakistan and its role as a regional power. 55% ...

Yemen Peace Talks: A ray of hope after years of fighting

1397/9/14 | 08:05
  The first meeting between all the stakeholders of the Yemen War, including Houthi Rebels and the ousted Hadi government representatives alongside Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries, will be held in the first week of December, the U.S defense secretary said.   “It looks like very, very early in December up in Sweden we’ll see both the Houthi rebel side and the UN-recognized-President Hadi’s government will be up there,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. “The Saudis and the Emiratis are fully on board,” ...

US official: Military action on the table against Iran

1397/9/10 | 08:05
  The Trump administration says military action against Iran could be possible should US sanctions against the country fail to curb Tehran from threatening Washington's interests. The threat by Brian Hook, the US State Department's director of policy planning and head of Iran Action Group, on Thursday came a day after Tehran asserted that it did not seek a war with any other nation. "We have been very clear with the Iranian regime that we will not hesitate to use military force when our interests are threatened," Hook said. "I ...

US, Saudi Arabia closer to signing $15b deal for THAAD missile system

1397/9/8 | 08:05
  Saudi Arabia has signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the United States for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system, taking a significant step toward closing a $15 billion deal, a US State Department spokesperson says. The State Department spokesperson, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said Wednesday that the Saudis and US officials signed the crucial government-to-government document earlier this week, paving the way for the massive sale of 44 THAAD launchers, missiles and related equipment. The ...

What U.S sanctions? Qatar expands flight operation in Iran

1397/9/7 | 08:05
Qatar Airways has announced that it is expanding its operation into the third city of Iran, Isfahan, with weekly two flights. The announcement has come at a time when the latest round of U.S sanctions over Iran has made some aviation giants like Air France, British Airways and KLM terminate their flight operations in Iran. “These latest launches are further evidence of Qatar Airways’ commitment to Iran,” said Akbar al-Baker, the airline’s group chief executive. Qatar Airways– filling in the wedge caused by other airlines– are going ...

Saudi brutality and imperialist hypocracy

1397/9/7 | 08:05
  The murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul’s Saudi Consulate at Istanbul has intensified the diplomatic rows on a world scale due to capitalism’s protracted crisis internationally. After repeated denials the kingdom finally confessed that Khashoggi ‘died’ in a “fist-fight” inside the consulate, without disclosing the whereabouts of his body. Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official said, “This puts the ball firmly in Washington’s court… Not only will there be more pressure now from the media but Congress will say, ‘Gina, ...

US Mumbai $5 mn reward: What’s behind the Agenda

1397/9/6 | 08:05
  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday urged Pakistan to take action against those responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks as Washington offered a new reward of $5 million for helping secure their capture. The announcement came on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the assault, which left 166 people dead and hundreds injured after Islamist militants from Pakistan unleashed a wave of violence across India’s financial capital lasting three days. “It is an affront to the families of the victims that, after ten years, those who ...

India’s navy chief in Russia despite US warnings

1397/9/6 | 08:05
  India’s navy chief on Monday was starting a three-day visit to Russia, where he will hold talks with Russian officials on expanding bilateral military relations, despite a looming threat of sanctions by the United States, which has constantly warned New Delhi against military transactions with Moscow. Admiral Sunil Lanba will arrive in St. Petersburg, where he is scheduled to hold wide-ranging talks with his Russian counterpart, Admiral Vladimir Korolev. Lanba will also meet a number of top military officials “to consolidate bilateral ...

‘Muslim unity against US’: Rouhani’s call at desperate times

1397/9/5 | 08:05
  Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has called for unity of Muslim countries against the United States of America instead of what he called “rolling the carpet for criminals”. The latter part is interpreted as a dig at the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in particular which are having a close-knit partnership with the USA under President Donald Trump. “Submitting to the West headed by America would be treason against our religion … and against the future generations of this region”. “We have a choice to either roll out red carpets ...

Iran’s President Rouhani urges Muslim unity against US, Israel

1397/9/4 | 08:05
  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called on Muslim nations to unite and stand against hostile policies of the US and Israel. Rouhani told an annual international conference on Islamic unity in Tehran Saturday that Muslims have no way but to remain united in order to achieve victory over the US and fight its blatant oppression. "Today, the Muslim world is alone and Muslims should join hands. Relying on outsiders is the biggest historical mistake," he told more than 350 Muslim politicians and scholars from 100 countries attending the ...

China to resume imports of oil from Iran soon

1397/9/3 | 08:05
  China is said to be preparing to resume imports of crude oil from Iran in what analysts say could allay fears that US sanctions on the major producer would constrain global supplies. Bloomberg quoted informed people as saying that China would start loading as much as 360,000 barrels per day of Iranian crude oil again before the end of November after a hiatus of a month caused by the newly imposed US sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Asia’s largest buyer of Iranian oil was one of a handful of countries that was exempted by Washington ...

False claim in Trump’s tweets against Pakistan unearthed by US media

1397/9/1 | 08:05
  In his tweets on Pakistan on Monday, US President Donald Trump claimed that he had identified Osama bin Laden as a threat to the United States in a book he wrote almost two years before the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. However, the US media on Tuesday said that his claim was not correct.   A fact-check by the Associated Press news agency showed that the book — The America We Deserve— had “only a passing mention of bin Laden”, pointing to the Al-Qaeda leader “as one of many threats to US security”. Mr Trump in ...

The Khashoggi crisis: (Re)Shaping US politics and relations with Saudi Arabia

1397/9/1 | 08:05
  The killers of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have gotten more than they bargained for. The killing has sparked multiple battles that are likely in coming months to shape relationships ranging from that between the United States and Saudi Arabia to those between US President Donald J, Trump, his Republican party, the US Congress, and the country’s intelligence community. The fallout of the killing could also shape Mr. Trump’s ability to pursue his policy goals in the Middle East, including forcing Iran to its knees and imposing ...

US to give Saudis a pass even if Crown Prince behind murder

1397/8/30 | 08:05
  President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to stick by ally Saudi Arabia even while admitting that de facto leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may have been behind the brutal murder of a dissident journalist. "It could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event — maybe he did and maybe he didn't!" Trump said in a statement. "We may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of Mr Jamal Khashoggi. In any case, our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," he said. "The United States intends ...

US, Pakistan engage in verbal jousts over fight against terrorism

1397/8/30 | 08:05
  Pakistan and the United States have engaged in a fresh war of words after President Donald Trump accused Islamabad of doing nothing in the fight against terrorism despite getting billions of dollars in aid. The accusations drew a strong response from the Pakistani prime minister. Press TV’s Kamran Yousaf has the details.   ...

Pakistan summons US diplomat to lodge protest over Trump tirade

1397/8/29 | 08:05
  Foreign Office on Tuesday summoned US Charge d'Affairs Paul Jones to lodge protest over President Donald Trump's latest tirade . According to Geo News, the Foreign Secretary handed over démarche to the American diplomat. According to Foreign Office spokesman, Pakistan has lodged strong protest over President Trump's uncalled for and baseless allegations. He said Pakistan expressed disappointment over Trump's recent tweets and said Islamabad played vital role in war against al-Qaede. The foreign office said such statements were unacceptable. According ...

17 years into Afghanistan War, US admits ‘Taliban not losing’

1397/8/29 | 08:05
  17 years into Afghanistan War, US admits ‘Taliban not losing’.The US State Department has named former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad as its special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation process. Khalilzad has traveled to the region to meet national government officials and the Taliban to try and jump-start a dialogue. But progress has proven elusive. That is partly because the Taliban are gaining strength as the Afghan government in Kabul struggles to keep ground. The US government's overseer for the military ...

Pakistan ups the ante: Imran Khan's befitting reply to Donald Trump

1397/8/28 | 08:05
  In a scathing rejoinder to Donald Trump over his fresh rant, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that the US president should do self-assessment instead of “making Pakistan a scapegoat for its failures” in Afghanistan. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Trump fired off a fresh tirade against Pakistan saying that “they [Pakistan] don’t do a damn thing for us” even though Washington gave Islamabad billions of dollars in aid. Going a step further, Trump accused Pakistan of sheltering Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda kingpin ...

Photos of US forces dining with Kurdish militants in Syria anger Turkey

1397/8/28 | 08:05
  Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has expressed indignation at photos showing US troops dining with Kurdish militants near the Turkish border in Syria. "These photos have found wide coverage in our media and disturbed our people. They tarnished the image of the US and its army... for the Turkish public," he was quoted by the official Anatolia news agency as saying. The pictures dated November 11 show American troops having a US Veterans Day dinner with members of the so-called People’s Protection Units (YPG) militant group in ...

Bipartisan Senate bill to suspend US arms exports to Saudi Arabia

1397/8/26 | 08:05
  A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill that would halt US arms exports to Saudi Arabia as a response to the “barbaric” murder of Jamal Khashoggi, continued detention of activists and “indiscriminate” bombing campaign in Yemen. The “Saudi Arabia Accountability and Yemen Act of 2018” bill was introduced on Thursday by Bob Menendez and Todd Young along with Jack Reed, Lindsey Graham, Jeanne Shaheen, and Susan Collins. The senators referred to the US Treasury Department’s Thursday decision to impose economic ...

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi assassination: Washington Post

1397/8/26 | 08:05
  The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the gruesome murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Arab kingdom’s consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul last month, a report says. In a report published on Friday, The Washington Post, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter, said that the American spy agency had reached the conclusion that the Saudi de facto ruler had ordered the assassination, contradicting Riyadh’s claims that he was not involved ...

US may extradite Gulen to ease Turkey pressure on Saudi Arabia: Report

1397/8/25 | 08:05
  The White House is finding ways to extradite the US-based Turkish dissident Fethullah Gulen, an arch-rival of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a media report says. Four sources have told NBC News that the administration of Donald Trump is looking for ways to extradite Gulen, who is accused by Ankara of having masterminded the July 2016 coup attempt against President Erdogan. The move is said to be aimed at appeasing Erdogan and easing Turkey's pressure on Saudi Arabia over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, according to two senior US officials and ...

Russia says US using white phosphorous bombs in Syria

1397/8/25 | 08:05
  Russia says US warplanes are using white phosphorous bombs in their airstrikes against civilian-populated areas east of the Euphrates River in Syria, leaving civilian casualties. "The Americans have resumed intensive airstrikes against terrorist-controlled settlements along the eastern bank of Euphrates,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday. According to local residents, US-led coalition jet fighters are using “white phosphorus munitions" in their airstrikes, Zakharova said, speaking at a press briefing ...

US Senate considers legislation to punish Saudi Arabia

1397/8/24 | 08:05
  The US Senate is expected to vote on legislation aimed at punishing Saudi Arabia over its brutal war on Yemen as well as the murder of a dissident journalist at its consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Tuesday that the upper chamber could vote on the resolution within weeks prior to the end of the year. Corker said that the legislation seeks to stop all assistance to the Kingdom, adding measures to end arms sales to Riyadh would also be discussed at ...

US to squeeze Iranians 'very hard': John Bolton

1397/8/23 | 08:05
  US National Security Adviser John Bolton says his country will keep up pressure on Iran after imposing new sanctions on the Islamic Republic early this month. Bolton said on Tuesday that Washington’s ultimate aim was to zero Iran’s oil exports despite backing down on the pledge after eight importers were given waivers when the sanctions took effect on Nov. 5. "The objective has been from the beginning to get oil exports from Iran down to zero," Bolton said. "It is our intention to squeeze them very hard. As the British say: 'Squeeze ...

Exports to Iran from Pakistan not to be affected due to US sanctions: FO

1397/8/21 | 08:05
  Foreign ministry spokesman has asserted that exports from Pakistan to Iran mainly consist of food items, textiles et cetera, et cetera which are not affected by the US sanctions.   Dr Faisal told the media recently at weekly briefing that Pakistan’s import of oil from Iran is quite limited at present. Regardless of the US statement, it is a known fact that the grant of exemptions from reimposed US sanctions on Iran relates only to the major buyers of Iranian oil, he said. The spokesman further said that on 31 October 2018, ...

US to Saudi Arabia: No more ‘bombings in Yemen’

1397/8/21 | 08:05
  The United States of America has announced to halt the refueling operation of coalition jets and bombers, the only active part in the Saudi led coalition campaign against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. It was announced by Saudi Arabia, however, in a statement, giving the impression that the support was actually declined by the coalition and not the other way around. “Recently, the Kingdom and the Coalition increased its capability to independently conduct in-flight refueling in Yemen. As a result, in consultation with the United States, the ...

Brazil will stand with Iran in face of US sanctions: Ex-president

1397/8/21 | 08:05
  Former President Fernando Collor de Mello says Brazil will stand with Iran like other member states of BRICS, the association of five major emerging economies, in the face of US sanctions. Collor de Mello, currently the head of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and National Defense at Brazil's Federal Senate, made the remarks during a meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran late Saturday. The senator stressed that Brazil like other BRICS members - namely Russia, India, China and South Africa - stands by Iran and ...