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Pakistan looks to China, Saudi Arabia for succour

Iraqi court sentences Turkish woman to death for joining Islamic State

Impending crisis stopped PM from banning JuD, FIF

Yemen war: Trial time for Saudi Arabia?

US Muslims raise funds to assist Florida terrorist attack victims, Families

People to take revenge of my disqualification in 2018 polls: Nawaz

Imran’s third wedding news confirmed, Pictures released

Sharifs assets worth Rs58m 18 years back, court told

Who will keep Asma’s flame burning?

Sunnis are assured of Imam Mahdi’s reappearance: Sunni cleric

Bahraini Regime Committed Some 1,000 Human Rights Abuses in 1 Month: Report

Iran plane crash: All 66 people on board dead, says airline

Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima (S.A)

The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)

US meddles in foreign nations elections for 'democracy': Ex CIA director

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PM sanctioned troop deployment to Saudi Arabia for ‘advisory purpose’

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No militant camps exist on Pakistani soil: COAS


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Kuwaiti Emir hails Iran’s role in war on ISIS terror group

Supreme Court issues contempt notice to Rao Anwar

US, UK joint efforts to put Pakistan on terror watchlist

Florida school terrorist supports Trump, white supremacy, hates Muslims

Hasan Ali doubtful for initial PSL matches, Umaid Asif joins as cover

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Supporting terrorists, main objective of US-led coalition: Syria

Pak Army destroys Indian post targeting innocent civilians along LoC

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Sayyed Razi: Life and Work

What led to the fall of MQM-P

Language being used by judges is not appropriate: Nawaz


UK to send Royal Navy warship through disputed South China Sea in challenge to Beijing

1396/11/25 | 21:07
  A Royal Navy warship will sail through the South China Sea in an effort to assert freedom of navigation rights in waters where Beijing is increasingly extending its control.   HMS Sutherland, a Type 23 frigate, will travel through the key trading lane after concluding a visit to Australia, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced.   China claims large areas of the South China Sea and has been bolstering its military deployments there, including reclaiming land on reefs and atolls to build air bases.   Mr Williamson ...

UK bodies delivering education in Saudi: ‘The reality was more difficult than we expected’

1396/11/18 | 21:07
British education institutes are finding that the promise of growth in Saudi Arabia by delivering multimillion pound projects is far more challenging than they initially bargained for.   With one of the world’s largest youth population – more than 60 per cent of the Saudi population is aged the under of 30 – and a King seeking to reform the country at a staggering pace, projects in the Kingdom seemed to be a lucrative venture. However, a British college overseeing $347 million projects is finding that “the reality [was] more difficult ...

Protesters gather outside Saudi embassy in London to condemn UK arms sales

1396/11/17 | 21:07
  Protesters have rallied outside the Saudi embassy in London against UK's arms sales to the kingdom, which has been waging a destructive war on Yemen for some three years now. The demonstration, organized by the UK-based Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) group, featured campaigners expressing their outrage at British profiteering from the ongoing bloodshed which has taken more than 13,500 Yemeni lives so far. Ian Pocock, a spokesman for the CAAT, said London was "complicit in the assault on Yemen", calling on British citizens to protest ...

UK’s new property laws: A deep trouble for Pakistan politicians

1396/11/16 | 21:07
  The UK government has introduced new rules giving unprecedented powers to law enforcement agencies to crack down on properties and assets amassed through “dirty money”.   Under the new rules, which are designed to stop corrupt people from using Britain as a safe haven, individuals can be fined and jailed if they make misleading statements.   The order that came into force recently allows authorities to freeze and recover property of more than 50,000 pounds if individuals cannot explain why they own assets worth more ...

UK doctors refusing urgent surgeries due to bed shortage

1396/11/16 | 21:07
  Doctors in the UK have been refusing to perform urgent surgeries on patients with potentially fatal diseases due to serious shortage of intensive care beds in British hospitals. Hospitals have been cancelling urgent surgery for patients with cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses, despite National Health Service (NHS) orders not to delay such operations. Some patients have had their procedures cancelled several times, even though their critical situation means a surgery is urgent. Others have had operations cancelled ...

UK goes crazy, says Russia is planning mass murder

1396/11/10 | 21:07
  UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is really settling into his job, and started the weekend early by scaring the hell out of the British public by claiming Russia could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths. Why stop there? Why not millions of deaths? Or trillions? Gazillions? “What they [Russia] are looking at doing is they are going to be thinking ‘How can we just cause so much pain to Britain?’” Williamson said. “Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands ...

Where do Yemeni missiles come from?

1396/11/9 | 21:07
  Saudi Arabia’s brutal military aggression against Yemen has taken quite a few drastic turns ever since its beginning in March 2015. The deadly war has seen Saudis use illegal weapons such as cluster bombs over populated areas without any raised eyebrows in the West.   The war has also seen the Riyadh regime’s allies such as the US and the UK ramp up their arms deals with the monarchy despite international outcry. All of this, however, has been overshadowed by one question the answer to which has so far defied observers: How ...

Macron asks Saudi king to lift Yemen blockade: Report

1396/10/7 | 21:07
French President Emanuel Macron has reportedly asked King Salman of Saudi Arabia to remove a long-running blockade on Yemen and let humanitarian aid through, as millions of Yemeni civilians struggle with the humanitarian crisis caused by an ongoing Saudi military invasion. The Saudi-led war, which began in March 2015, was one of the main issues Macron discussed with the Saudi monarch over the phone on Wednesday, an Elysee source told Reuters. The constant bombing by Saudi Arabia and its regional allies, including the United Arab Emirates, has ...

Jerusalem solidarity protests continue in UK cities

1396/10/4 | 21:07
  Protests against the Trump declaration on Jerusalem have continued for the third week running in cities across Britain with no sign of abating.      On Saturday, hundreds of protesters rallied in Birmingham in response to calls from the Palestine Forum in Britain (PFB), the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Birmingham Council of Mosques.     Representatives from a number of civil society organisations addressed the rally, all emphasising their rejection of the US president’s claim and support for Palestinian ...

UK: “20,000 Muslim Terrorist Suspects

1396/9/22 | 21:07
  UK Prime Minister Theresa May—herself the target of a new Muslim terrorist assignation plot—has warned of a “right wing” danger to Britain, even though 90 percent of all terrorists in the UK are Muslim, and currently there are more than 20,000 Muslims under surveillance by authorities.   May’s ridiculous allegation that Britain faced a “right wing terrorist threat” was made in Jordan only a few days before UK police swooped on a Muslim pair, Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, for a plan ...

US brought UK senior officials to keep Pak military on side

1396/9/12 | 21:07
  British security think-tank, the Royal Unites Services Institute (RUSI), has said that relationship between British and Pakistani armies is transforming from one based mostly on pomp ceremony and personal friendships to one based on shared strategic interests.   In an analysis, the RUSI drew similarities and closeness between the two armies and said that armies of two countries have grown closer in recent years. It said that the Pakistan Army can sometimes be more British than the British Army, at least when it comes to pomp and ...

Ire in UK over Trump anti-Islam retweets

1396/9/9 | 21:07
  The White House is defending US President Donald Trump’s anti-Islam retweets, which have drawn rebuke in the UK, reviving calls for revoking his planned visit to Britain. The widely condemned retweets of unverified videos, posted by leader of the far-right organization Britain First Jayda Fransen, purportedly showed violence committed by Muslims. "@realDonaldTrump you are not welcome in my country and my city," said Labour Party lawmaker David Lammy in a tweet on Wednesday, while another Labour legislator, Chuka Umunna, said directly ...

Prominent Bahraini Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim’s health worsening: Activists

1396/9/7 | 21:07
  A human rights group says the health condition of Bahrain’s top Shia cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim, who has been under a virtual house arrest since last year, has dramatically deteriorated in recent days, warning that he is in urgent need of medical treatment. According to a statement by the UK-based Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) on Monday, physicians who had visited the spiritual leader at his home in the northwestern village of Diraz a day earlier had diagnosed him to be suffering from a “groin hernia requiring ...

Bahraini pounds buy UK silence on human rights abuses

1396/9/4 | 21:07
  From a small office in central London, Bahraini exile Sayed Alwadaei is taking on the abusive monarchy that runs his home country.   Amongst the most prolific commentators on the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain, activist Alwadaei has been indefatigable in his calls for basic reforms. His approach to human rights personifies fairness, an absence of sectarianism, and honesty.   Last month, Alwadaei wrote about how his mother had recently passed away, and his daughter was due to arrive into this world “stateless”. ...

How has Islamophobia changed over the past 20 years?

1396/8/28 | 21:07
    Anti-Muslim hatred has become more pervasive and entrenched in the UK, compared with 20 years ago, according to a report by the think tank that catapulted the term “Islamophobia” in 1997. Runnymede Trust’s latest survey, released on Tuesday, came two decades after the group first launched a groundbreaking report highlighting racism faced by British Muslims. “Over the past two decades awareness of Islamophobia has increased, whether in terms of discrimination against Muslims, or in terms of public and policy discussion ...

UK Hindu minister urges military aid to Israel

1396/8/23 | 21:07
  British foreign aid minister Priti Patel, 45, has urged anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May to provide aid to Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to defend Israel from it next-door enemies – Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and Iranian fighters in Syria.   She also suggested that London should provide humanitarian to the Israel-occupied Syrian territory Golan Heights where Israel army runs field clinics to provide medial treatment to wounded members of ISIS terrorist group.   Priti Patel was in Zionist entity on a 12-day ...

Shafaqna analysis: Why Pakistan cannot bring Altaf Hussain back?

1396/8/23 | 21:07
    Pakistan has provided fresh ‘damning evidence’ to British authorities against alleged involvement of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-London supremo on laundering billions as well as his contact with Indian spy agency-RAW, seeking London’s help for a ‘conclusive headway’ into an ongoing investigation against the leaders of MQM-London, MQM-Pakistan and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).     The ‘fresh damning evidence’ carried over fresh record of around a dozen bank accounts, which were once being used by leaders of ...

The untold story: why Priti Patel’s departure is ‘a great loss for Israel’

1396/8/22 | 21:07
  It is easy enough to understand why an ambitious politician like Priti Patel would have wanted to court Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), described this week by The Jewish Chronicle’s reporter Marcus Dysch as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster”.   But what about the Israeli government and its allies? Why, in the words of Israeli opposition politician Isaac Herzog, was Patel’s fall from grace a “great loss for Israel”?   True, she looked like future leadership material. But in fact, a more interesting ...

Thousands of ISIS Fighters Returning To UK Given Luxury Housing & Rehab

1396/8/18 | 21:07
    While the average young person in Britain struggles to gain a foothold in the crowded housing market, returning ISIS fighters are set to be given free tax-payer funded homes as well as cars, counseling, and public sector jobs to “bribe” them not to carry out terror attacks on British soil.   The top-secret new government strategy, codenamed Operation Constrain, will even allow terrorists to jump to the top of council house waiting lists, allowing them to choose the best available homes to live in rent free, elbowing ...

US misled Britain over Iraq war, claims Brown

1396/8/16 | 21:07
  Gordon Brown has claimed the UK was “misled” over the Iraq war because the US defence department failed to pass on information casting doubt on Saddam Hussein’s destructive capability.   The former prime minister, who was chancellor when the decision to go to war in 2003 was made, said it was “astonishing” that top-secret US intelligence was not shared with Britain. He claimed that only after leaving office did he become aware of “crucial” papers held by the US Department of Defense and believes the course of history ...

Malicious anti-Pakistan slogans: Who is behind the smear campaign?

1396/8/13 | 21:07
  Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua summoned the British High Commissioner in Pakistan Thomas Drew on Friday over slogans being displayed on London cabs "that directly attack Pakistan's territorial integrity and sovereignty."     According to a statement released by the Foreign Office, "the high commissioner was informed that Pakistan, in line with the UN Charter, rejects actions and advertisements with malicious content that impinge on our sovereignty and territorial integrity."   It said that the "issue was also being ...

Nearly half of US working women say they’ve experienced sexual harassment: Poll

1396/8/12 | 21:07
  Nearly half of all employed women in the United States say they have received an unwelcome sexual advance or other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature at work, according to a new poll. As women around the US and UK continue to come forward with accusations of sexual harassment by famous men, the poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal found that 48 percent of female workers said they had personally experienced sexual harassment at work. In addition, 41 percent of currently employed men admit that they have personally ...

UK: Now is not the ‘right time’ to recognise Palestine

1396/8/10 | 21:07
  UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson declined the Labour Party’s offer to recognise a Palestinian state “now” insisting that “the moment is not yet right to play that card”.   Replying to questions about the Balfour Declaration in the House of Commons yesterday, Johnson said: “It won’t on its own end the occupation. It won’t on its own bring peace. It isn’t after all something you can do more than once.   “That card having been played that will be it. We judge that it is better to give every possible encouragement ...

UK arms sales to Saudis topped £1.1bn in first half of 2017

1396/8/4 | 21:07
  Britain’s sales of military equipment to Saudi Arabia hit £1.1 billion in the first six months of this year, according to the latest government data. The UK sold £836 million worth of arms and military hardware to the Saudi kingdom between April and June, up from £280 million between January and March, according to statistics by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The latest export license figures come amid increasing concerns over the Saudi military’s bombing in Yemen, which has so far killed more than 12,000 people ...

‘When the aggression stops, so will we’, say the Houthis

1396/7/30 | 21:07
  As the battle lines settle on a stalemate after the inception of the Saudi-led coalition’s unforgiving bombing campaign, it’s about time all parties to the conflict think about a peace process, which must include the Houthi armed group.   “We are ready to reach a peace agreement with the Saudi-led coalition”, Deputy Head of External Relations, Muhammed Al-Bukhaithi confirms to me.   It’s of mutual interest for all parties in the conflict to put an end to war, but the Houthis claim that Saudi Arabia is not acting ...

UK ‘preparing for war with North Korea’

1396/7/19 | 21:07
  British defence officials have reportedly been instructed to draw up plans in preparation for potential conflict with North Korea.   North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests in recent weeks and launched two missiles over Japan, increasing already fraught tensions between the US and its allies.   One military scenario could see the UK’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth brought into early service, reports The Independent.   “We have plenty of ships to send – the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates,” ...

AOHR: British police must arrest Ehud Barak

1396/7/14 | 21:07
  The London based Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR) in the UK has stated that London has become a safe haven for war criminals visiting the city.   According to the AOHR these individuals come to the city because law enforcement has failed to take any measures to arrest them.   The organisation added that Britain is one of the countries that adopts clear laws regarding global jurisdiction that allow the police to arrest the perpetrators of certain crimes, if they are on British soil, regardless of the suspect’s ...

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia risks poverty and civilian casualties’

1396/7/14 | 21:07
  Exporting arms to countries like Saudi Arabia contributes to increased rates of poverty and civilian casualties, Save the Children warns in a new report.   “The UK should not undermine its humanitarian response… by exporting arms which contribute to increased rates of poverty and more civilian casualties,” the report warned.   Save the Children advocated for the Department of International Development (DFID) to have a more powerful role in the Exports Controls Joint Unit (ECJU) which makes crucial export decisions.  ...

A surprise come back: Is Nawaz Sharif ready to face accountability?

1396/7/4 | 21:07
  Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan from London on Monday, putting to rest all speculation by political rivals. He had left for the UK about a month ago to see his wife Kulsoom Nawaz, who is undergoing cancer treatment.     All other members of his family, including daughter Maryam and sons Hussain and Hassan, are also in London and none of them accompanied the ex-PM on his return.   PML-N Senator Asif Kirmani told reporters that Sharif will appear before the accountability court in Islamabad tomorrow ...

Why has a UK team genetically edited human embryos?

1396/6/30 | 21:07
By Michael Le Page Human embryos have been genetically edited in the UK for the first time, using a technique called CRISPR. But why do researchers think this is so important? What gene editing was carried out? The UK team, led by Kathy Niakan of the Francis Crick Institute in London, used the CRISPR genome-editing method to disable a gene thought to play a key role in early development. The researchers used around 60 spare embryos donated by couples who’d had IVF, which would otherwise have been discarded. The embryos had been frozen ...

UK arms sales benefiting most from Middle East wars

1396/6/26 | 21:07
  The UK has exported £5 billion ($6.8 billion) worth of weapons to oppressive regimes around the world since the Conservatives came to power 22 months ago, the Guardian newspaper reported.   Arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been pinpointed as the main cause of the increase. In 2015, the Kingdom setup an Arab coalition to battle in Yemen. Since then it has faced criticism that it has repeatedly and indiscriminately attacked civilians in violation of international humanitarian laws.   In July, campaigners brought a case to the British ...

US policy shift: Would Pakistan turn into another Iran for US?

1396/6/26 | 21:07
The Trump administration is considering dropping Pakistan as an ally as it examines tough measures to quell more than 20 terrorist groups it says are based in the country, a UK publication had reported.   Financial Times reported that officials familiar with the Pakistan prong of Washington’s new “AfPak” strategy — which involves an open-ended commitment in Afghanistan and praise for India — say it has yet to be fleshed out. But they have plenty of levers.   President Donald Trump last month promised to get tough on Pakistan, ...

Saudi Arabia, Sudan banned from Labour party conference

1396/6/25 | 21:07
  The Arab League has cancelled its annual reception at the Labour party conference at the end of the month after Saudi Arabia and Sudan were allegedly rejected from attending the event.   Cancellation of the reception was confirmed in a letter sent to all MP’s and peers on Wednesday by the Arab League’s London Office. “Unfortunately, the council of Arab Ambassadors has taken the decision to cancel its annual reception and buffet dinner,” the letter stated.   “Our council has decided to refrain from attending the ...

Overloaded School Bags Put 70 % Children at Risk of Back Problems

1396/6/22 | 21:07
Children often choose bags featuring their favourite cartoon characters rather than those that are back-friendly.   These poorly fitting bag-packs that are often overloaded, can put children at risk of long-term back and spinal problems, experts have warned. The Australian Physiotherapy Association revealed that non-fitting and heavy bag-packs put up to 70 per cent of school-children at risk. Effects Of Poorly Chosen Bag-Packs The association stated that bag-packs that are not back-friendly can cause strain in back, neck and shoulder of ...

Diana was murdered: Prince Charles was ‘Planning an accident’ ten months before the crash

1396/6/12 | 21:07
On the 20th anniversary of the Prince Diana’s death, Theories that Princess Diana may have been murdered have resurfaced, pushed by a letter she allegedly wrote in the final year of her life claiming that Prince Charles was planning “an accident in my car” meant to leave Diana with a severe head injury.   There have long been conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death, including those who believe that she was targeted by members of the royal family. What we know is that Princess Diana was killed in a high-speed car crash on August ...

Does Britain have a secret travel ban against Arabs?

1396/5/30 | 21:07
  Britain stands accused of operating a secret travel ban against Arabs after it emerged that a large number of internationally renowned academics, religious leaders, musicians, artists and performers from the Middle East have been refused visas to enter the UK. All were booked to appear or perform at the world famous Edinburgh Festival in Scotland but were rejected on the grounds that they would not return to their home countries after the festival ends on 28 August.     The move by the Home Office in London is said to have angered ...

Syria says US, allies supplying terrorists with toxic agents

1396/5/26 | 21:07
Syria says the US, Britain and their allies are supporting terrorists in the war-torn Arab country by supplying them with toxic agents and other kinds of weapons. During a press conference in the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s main office in the capital Damascus, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday that toxic agents found in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus were made by US and UK companies, Syrian's official news agency SANA reported. He also called on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ...

There are almost 100 new volcanoes hiding under Antarctic ice

1396/5/24 | 21:07
  Almost 100 volcanoes have been newly identified beneath the ice covering West Antarctica. It’s not yet known whether they’re active, but if they are, it could spell added trouble for ice sheets already in retreat because of global warming. “If they erupted, they would create water beneath the ice,” says Robert Bingham at the University of Edinburgh, UK. “That would make the ice above flow faster, so it would have the potential to increase the losses of ice we’re already seeing.” Bingham and his colleagues identified ...

UK govt. censoring documents on past military ties with Saudi Arabia

1396/5/13 | 21:07
The UK government has blocked the public release of nearly 1,000 documents detailing sensitive data about the country’s past military deals with Saudi Arabia.   London has also refused to release an additional 27 documents connected to Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s visit to the Middle East in 1986. Normally, the government is required to declassify all documents held in various departments after 30 years and pass them on to the National Archives at Kew. However, departments can ask for a specific document to be withheld or redacted. The ...

Saudi tycoon invests millions in renowned British media outlet: Report

1396/5/8 | 21:07
A Saudi tycoon has reportedly invested millions of dollars to acquire up to 50 percent of voting rights in the British media organization, the Independent, causing grave concern among human rights and press freedom activists in the UK. According to an exclusive report by the Middle East Eye (MEE) news portal on Friday, Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel, 42, has acquired up to 50 percent of the Independent website and controls up to 50 percent of voting rights within Independent Digital News and Media, the company that controls the Independent brand. Abuljadayel, ...

A wrong time visit: Is Nawaz Sharif trying to escape the SC verdict?

1396/5/5 | 21:07
  Maldivian troops blockaded Parliament and clashed with Opposition leaders for a second day.   The latest turbulence came as the U.K. urged its citizens to take caution in the capital Malé after soldiers tear gassed protesting politicians there.   Soldiers barred the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) from entering the heavily guarded Parliament complex again on Tuesday, with witnesses reporting shoving as MPs were forced back from the barricade.   In such a crucial time when Maldives is facing political ...

At least 29 civilians killed in US airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqah

1396/5/5 | 21:07
A UK-based monitoring group says at least 29 people have been killed in US airstrikes in the Syrian city of Raqqah. "At least eight children are among the dead," said the director of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, on Wednesday. The observatory noted that the recent airstrikes brought the civilian death toll to at least 325, including 51 children, in the two months since the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces began operations to liberate Raqqah from the Daesh Takfiri group. The US-led coalition has been ...

Saudi breeds ‘fodder for terrorism’, says former British ambassador

1396/4/25 | 21:07
A former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia is the latest high profile figure to raise concerns about Saudi funding of terrorism in the UK. Sir William Patey, who was the British ambassador in Riyadh for four years between 2006 and 2010, said Saudi funding helps create “fodder for terrorism”.     Patey’s comment follows recent revelations that the UK government has buried a report exposing Saudi funding of extremism in the UK. Prominent British MP accused Number Ten of burying a report that was originally commissioned by the former ...

Trying to protect Saudi Arabia,UK refuses to publish report on ‘funding of extremism’

1396/4/25 | 21:07
  The British government has announced that it would not publish in full its report on the sources of "funding of extremism" in Britain, prompting opposition charges it was trying to protect its ally Saudi Arabia.     British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Wednesday that though some “extremist organisations” were receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars, she had decided against publishing the review in full. “This is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons,” she said ...

UK Profiting From Yemeni Civilians Suffering: HRW

1396/4/22 | 21:07
Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the United Kingdom is profiting from the suffering of Yemeni civilians by selling arms to Saudi Arabia.     The prominent rights group made the remarks in a press release on Tuesday, after a UK High Court ruling earlier in the week declared that London’s arms sales to Riyadh were not illegal.     Describing the judgment as terrible news for Yemeni civilians, the HRW also expressed disappointment at the ruling for not helping pressure Riyadh to end its “unlawful attacks” in the war-torn ...

King Salman and PM May fund Islamic extremism

1396/4/20 | 21:07
  UK-based Henry Jackson Society, a pro-Israel and anti-Muslim neocons advocacy group in its latest report has accused both King Salman of Saudi Arabia and British prime minister Theresa May, a Zionist whore, of spreading Islamic extremism in Britain.     British prime minister Theresa May visited Saudi Arabia in April this year and dined with King Salman and country’s crown prince and defense minister. Saudi ‘royals’ are major buyer of conventional military equipment from Britain.Theresa May has supported Saudi ...

First pregnant man in Britain gives birth to a girl

1396/4/18 | 21:07
Hayden Cross, 21, made headlines around the world when he announced he was pregnant by a sperm donor, three years after becoming legally male through gender reassignment, reported The Independent. He put his transition on hold to have a child.  His daughter Trinity-Leigh was born by caesarean on June 16, his family confirmed. It makes Cross, from Gloucester, the first transgender man to give birth in the UK. “She’s perfect in every way,” he told The Sun. He now plans to complete his gender reassignment to remove his breasts and ovaries. Cross, ...

Saudi terrorism link: Blair confesses promoting Salafi Islam

1396/4/18 | 21:07
Saudi Arabia has spent a cool 67 billion GBP over the last three decades spreading globally its Wahabbi strain of Islam. In Britain-specific terms, this has translated into an estimated 110 mosques adhering to this ideology, with a combined capacity to hold around 45,000 followers as of 2014. (Though the latter refers to those mosques preferring to identity as Salafi). The think tank has some tough words for the political leadership: get serious about tracking foreign funding and make all such findings public. The Cameron government held back ...

Syria’s al-Qaeda removed from Canada & U.S. terror watchlist

1396/4/15 | 21:07
  The Syrian branch of al-Qaeda changed its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and is now officially removed from the U.S. and Canadian terror watchlists.   Now, the U.S. and Canada can donate money and weapons to the terrorists, and can even go fight with them against the Syrian government and spread their propaganda.   It turns out that getting off the U.S.’ and Canada’s terror watchlist is as simple as changing your name. While the terror watchlist in the U.S. has long been both secretive and controversial – as ...

Most wanted’ British jihadist bride now ‘desperate’ to flee ISIS, return to UK

1396/4/15 | 21:07
British jihadist Sally Jones, the world’s most wanted female terrorist who traveled to the Middle East to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), is now “desperate” to return to the UK, a friend has claimed. Jones, who was the lead guitarist of an all-girl rock-band in the 1990s, fled her home in Kent to join the terrorist organization in its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria with her husband Junaid Hussain. Hussain, 21, was killed in a US drone strike in 2015. He had previously used his youngest son as a human shield. Drone operators ...