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UAE ambassador to Ankara threatens Turkey to close down its embassy

Saudi Arabia's king-in-waiting cements grip on power with charm and crackdowns

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Pakistani teenager develops anti-BlueWhale app

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95,000 patients waiting for unknown fate from the continued closure of Sanaa airport

1396/6/30 | 18:59
  The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology launched a call to the United Nations, international and humanitarian human rights organizations and the Human Rights Council to move quickly to lift the ban on Sanaa International Airport to save the lives of thousands of sick and disabled people.     The Spokesman for the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Dr. Mazen Ahmed Ghanem, reiterated the call by the United Nations and human rights organizations to act quickly to stop illegal and inhumane practices ...

United States supplying weapons worth $2.2B to Syrian terrorists organization

1396/6/29 | 18:59
  According to a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), over $700 million was spent on AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, mortars, and other weapons and ammunition. The report states Washington is using “vaguely worded legal documents which obscure Syria as the weapons’ final destination – a practice experts say threatens global efforts to combat arms trafficking and puts the Eastern European governments who sell the weapons and ...

Certain Western states still back terror groups in Syria: Assad

1396/6/27 | 18:59
  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says “certain Western countries” still support, directly or indirectly, terrorist organizations and groups in Syria despite the fact that this wrong policy has already backfired on their governments and people. The Syrian president made the comments in a meeting with an Italian parliamentary delegation headed by Mario Romani, a member of the Senate of the Republic, in the capital Damascus on Sunday, Syria's official news agency, SANA, reported. President Assad said such visits by the European ...

The United States and Russia rejected the request of Israel to keep Iran far from the Syrian border

1396/6/25 | 18:59
  Haaretz urged Russia and the United States to refrain from any ceasefire agreement in Syria with the presence of Iran or its united troops in southern Syria near the occupied Palestinian state.   Israel raised this demand during talks that took place before the July ceasefire agreement, which has been faced with Russia's opposition.   Senior Israeli Cabinet ministers refer to the US-Russia deal on Syria as a strategic failure of the highest level. “The United States threw Israel under the bus for the second time in a row.   The ...

Why US is not happy with Deir Ez-Zor’s recapture from ISIS?

1396/6/25 | 18:59
  The Syrian forces, backed by an array of allies, keep fast advancing in Deir ez-Zor fronts against ISIS terrorist group, raising hackles of the Americans who decided to deploy the Washington-backed militias to the strategic city in a bid to not fall behind the other actors in competition in eastern Syria.   The Deir ez-Zor city is located in Syria’s east and is considered a gate to the neighboring Iraq. Major part of the city, except for some small neighborhoods, fell to the terrorists in the initial stages of the Syrian conflict ...

Russia urges Syria not to retaliate against Israel airstrike

1396/6/24 | 18:59
  Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is reported to have advised Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad not to retaliate against the Israeli airstrike earlier in the month on a Syrian chemical weapons programme by telling him to “concentrate on the big picture”.     The airstrike on the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre, which Israel claims is associated with Al-Assad’s chemical weapons programme, was the latest in a catalogue of attacks by Israel on Syria.     A senior Russian official dealing with ...

Iran a partner in Syrian victory: Assad's letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

1396/6/24 | 18:59
Syrian President Bashar Assad has sent a letter to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, thanking him and congratulating the Iranian nation on recent advances in Dayr al-Zawr. "In the beginning, I would like to congratulate in the warmest terms Your Excellency and the friendly government and people of Iran on the strategic achievements that the Syrian Arab Army has made with the cooperation of our allies and friends, in breaking the siege on Dayr al-Zawr city," Assad said in a part of the message. Last week, Syrian ...

Assad must keep Iran out of Syria if he wants to survive, says Israeli minister

1396/6/22 | 18:59
  Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said on Monday that Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad has to keep Iran out of Syria if he wants to survive, local media have reported.   “Israel needs to pressure world powers to not allow [Iran to establish a strong presence in Syria],” Shaked told Herzliya’s International Institute on Counterterrorism Conference. If the world powers did not comply with this demand, she said, then Israel should “do what we need to do.”     A few days ago, the Israeli air force carried ...

Syrian refugee: ‘Europeans are using our name to make money’

1396/6/21 | 18:59
Fatima’s husband and two of her brothers were killed by fighters in Syria. Fearing for her children’s lives, she escaped her homeland and embarked on an arduous journey to Morocco where the family posed as Moroccans and were able to cross into Europe. “Arriving in France was like the end of a bad dream, it was a new start for us.” Less than six months later, Fatima and her children are now begging on the streets. I first met Fatima (not her real name) at a slip road in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris, home to the famous Stade de France. ...

Israeli-syllabus school set up in Syrian area controlled by armed groups

1396/6/15 | 18:59
  An Israeli-US organisation has set up a school in the northern Syria governorate of Idlib, which is under the control of armed groups, Russia Today reported on Monday.     The Israeli syllabus is being taught in the school, with textbooks intended to provide Syrian pupils with a different perspective about Israel.     An Israeli news website reported that the school has 90 Syrian pupils and 15 teachers. It is an addition to two similar schools which have been established in areas controlled by the armed groups ...

Syria holds Iran to 2-2 draw in 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification match

1396/6/15 | 18:59
The Iranian men's national team has been held to a draw against Syria but succeeded to remain top of its group in the third round of the 2018 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup qualification tournament. On Tuesday evening, Team Melli started its Group A match at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in a fine manner, and attacking 31-year-old professional footballer Ashkan Dejagah made an early attempt to run at the Syrian goal; however, the temptation to play the ball in haste forced him to give ball away. In ...

Daesh is not dead and buried; it is another tool in the war on terror

1396/6/14 | 18:59
  As the pick-up trucks and black-clad soldiers of Daesh overran the city of Raqqa in northern Syria and declared the establishment of a new ‘Caliphate’ in 2014, the world watched in astonishment.    Some were taken in by the emergence of this shadowy group, seeing it as the new saviour of the Muslim world, daring to do what the monarchies and regimes in the Middle East had been too afraid, apathetic or sold out to do. They declared that the regional countries were “Zionist puppets” and so the task had passed to this new ...

US siege on civilians in Syria aimed to overshadow resistance’s achievements: Iran

1396/6/13 | 18:59
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has slammed the United States’ move to impose an aerial blockade on buses carrying women and children as part of a deal between the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement and the Daesh Takfiri terrorists. “The US move to lay a siege to women and children seems to be illogical given the country’s history of cooperation with Daesh [terrorist group],” Qassemi said on Sunday. There is a “fundamental difference” between fighting armed Daesh terrorists and the killing of innocent people, ...

Soccer-War-torn Syria on verge of World Cup fairytale

1396/6/12 | 18:59
Against all odds, Syria’s footballers have overcome more than six years of civil war and internal political rifts to raise hopes of qualifying for their first ever World Cup. Forced to play their home games away due to security concerns, Ayman Hakeem’s Syria have embarrassed a succession of better-resourced opponents to sit third in Group A of Asian qualifying, behind leaders Iran and South Korea. An unlikely win away to Iran on Tuesday coupled with defeat for South Korea by Uzbekistan in the final round would give Syria second spot ...

Sadr’s announcement on Hezbollah-IS deal

1396/6/11 | 18:59
Iraqi Shia cleric and militancy leader Muqtada al-Sadr has urged the Iraqi government to ensure protection for its borders with Syria after a controversial deal between Islamic State militants and Lebanese militia Hezbollah helped the group redeploy there.   “The Iraqi government is required to secure the borders with Syrian al-Boukamal region,” Sadr tweeted on Thursday. “We are fully prepared to cooperate with it (the government)”. A deal between Hezbollah and Islamic State fighters, approved by the Syrian government, has gone ...

Israeli security: Assad will regain control of Syria in 2018

1396/6/10 | 18:59
  Top Israeli defence officials believe that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his allies are “likely to regain control of most of Syria’s territory by the end of 2018”, Israel Hayom reported yesterday.   The assessment is based on several regional and international measures, “chiefly the US’ decision to halt aid to Syrian rebel groups fighting to unseat Assad”, the newspaper added.   Israeli security sources have mentioned “Washington’s apparent loss of interest in the outcome of the six-year civil ...

Syria militants plan chemical attack to blame government: Russia

1396/6/10 | 18:59
A senior Russian diplomat has warned that members of a foreign-backed militant group plan to carry out a chemical attack in Syria’s Dara'a province in order to put the blame on the Damascus government.  Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that members of Shabab al-Sunnah group, which is linked to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), have access to chemical weapons in Syria’s Dara'a province. According to the Russian spokeswoman, six settlements, namely Hiran, Nawa, Inkhil, Jamila, Tafas and Deira ...

US, Israel ‘masterminding’ weapons supplies to ‘terrorists’ in Syria

1396/6/9 | 18:59
  An investigative reporter who claimed to have discovered a covert scheme “masterminded” by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE to supply weapons to Daesh and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups under the watch of the CIA and NATO, has been sacked by her employers for what she describes as “telling the truth about weapons supplies to terrorists”.     Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhiev claims she was dismissed after being interrogated by security forces following her report that “at least 350 diplomatic …flights transported ...

Netanyahu: Iran building missile production sites in Syria, Lebanon

1396/6/7 | 18:59
  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Iran is building sites to produce precision-guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon, with the aim of using them against Israel.     Iran, Israel’s arch-enemy, has been Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s staunchest backer and has provided militia fighters to help him in Syria’s civil war. There was no immediate comment from Iran.   Israel has pointed to Tehran’s steadily increasing influence in the region during the six-year-old Syrian conflict, whether via ...

Daesh terrorists had no choice except submission: Nasrallah

1396/6/7 | 18:59
  Leader of Lebanese Hezbollah movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, says Daesh terrorists who left the border region between Lebanon and Syria had no choice, but to submit to resistance fighters. “Daesh had no choice, but to submit to us, because they had collapsed from within and had to accept our conditions,” the leader of hezbollah said in a televised address on Monday explaining about evacuation of Daesh terrorists from Qalamoun region near the border with Syria. Nasrallah pointed out that the battle against Daesh terrorists ...

Russia agrees to 1,000 more Iranian troops entering Syria

1396/6/5 | 18:59
  Russia has agreed that thousands more Iranian troops may enter Syria in support of the exhausted regime forces which have limited military capabilities, Israel’s Maariv revealed on Friday.   According to the newspaper’s security analyst, Yossi Melman, Israeli intelligence evaluation has disclosed that in the battle against Daesh in eastern Syria the regime needs intensive support from the well-trained Iranian troops as well as Russian air cover. Russia, he said, has approved the reinforcements from Iran.   “The Iranian ...

Israeli Media: Israel is Defeated in Syria

1396/6/5 | 18:59
As far as Syria is concerned, I think Israel has been defeated”, said the Arab affairs analyst on Israel's TV station Channel Two.    “In the Syrian civil war, many people and different parties lost, but the most prominent one among them is Israel...I know I say very harsh words, but I had them on my mind for months, maybe more”, said the Israeli analyst.   The Israeli analyst pointed out that Israel and its intelligence services failed to understand what was exactly going on in Syria, adding that they underestimated the role of ...

ISIS Seeks Deal to Withdraw From Syria-Lebanon Border as Troops Advance

1396/6/4 | 18:59
The Lebanese military, backed by Hezbollah, continues to push north along their border with Syria, pushing deeper into the territory held by a small pocket of ISIS forces, with officials saying a total victory is increasingly close and Hezbollah bragging about territory they’ve seized on both sides of the border. Unlike most other ISIS territory in Syria, which is connected, this area is far afield from the rest of their territory, and has ISIS leaders within the exclave formally requesting a deal that would allow them to surrender the ...

Netanyahu fears Syria resolution will not be in Israel’s interest   

1396/6/2 | 18:59
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Israeli concerns over the role of Iran in Syria.   It’s believed that Netanyahu will use the occasion to secure a place at the negotiating table to make sure that a resolution to the Syrian conflict does not strengthen Iran’s power in the region.   During the meeting in Sochi, Russia, today, Netanyahu – who was visiting his counterpart for the eighth time over the last five years – was intent on bringing ...

The Syrian rebellion enters its endgame

1396/6/1 | 18:59
  Credible reports centred on the collapse of Ahrar Al-Sham in north-west Syria point toward an important shift in the six-year Syrian rebellion. The group was widely regarded as the largest and most potent non-jihadi element of the Syrian rebellion. By definition, therefore, its collapse is a key indicator of jihadist domination in that part of Syria.     The term “jihadi” in this context refers to groups whose outlook is either internationalist or whose activities are not purely focused on changing the ruling system ...

Syria: a testament to international moral bankruptcy

1396/6/1 | 18:59
  Much has been written about Syria’s civil war which has engulfed the country for the past six years, but sadly the mounting death and destruction in Syria has long since become mere statistics. The international community grew comfortably numb to the horror, the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War II.   Both internal and external players have been nurturing their vested interests by prolonging the deadly conflict, hoping to improve their position to serve their long-term objectives. The irony is that none of the ...

Former Mossad chief Halevy admits Israel supported Al Qaeda in Syria to weaken Russia

1396/6/1 | 18:59
  Israel provided “tactical” assistance to Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda, throughout the Syrian civil war.   In an interview with the Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera, Efraim Halevy, the former head of Mossad confirmed what many in the Middle East and around the world already surmised: that Israel provided “tactical” assistance to Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda, throughout the Syrian civil war.   The fact that Halevy chose the Qatari government-funded Al Jazeera to make his ...

MI5 chief: Hundreds of Britons fighting in Syria alongside terrorist groups

1396/5/29 | 18:59
  BBC-“The number of British citizen have gone to Syria to fight alongside terrorist militants “, a senior UK intelligence official says.   Andrew Parker, head of domestic intelligence service MI5, told a parliamentary hearing the conflict was attracting al-Qaeda UK sympathisers.   MI5 has previously said that up to 200 British fighters are in Syria.Last month, BBC News learnt that a group of 20 young men from the UK were fighting against forces allied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the Turkish border.     “The ...

The U.S. is stealing Syria’s ancient artifacts

1396/5/27 | 18:59
  The Lebanese Al-Hadith news agency believes that the construction of numerous military bases in Syria by the United States is a meaningless task from the security and military perspectives. These bases are far from each other and in some cases, not more than a dozen soldiers are stationed in them.     The Lebanese agency poses the question of the secrets behind the plurality of US military bases in Syria?   Local sources near a US military base between the “Georud” area and the “Al-Zamir” airport in Damascus, ...

Lack of Investigation into US Strikes in Syria Proves Idlib Attack Was Staged

1396/5/26 | 18:59
  The US strikes in Syria without investigation prove that Idlib chemical attack was staged, Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday during a press briefing in Damascus.   A US missile strike on a Syrian airfield three days after a chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun in April indicates that the strike was planned ahead of time and the chemical attack was staged, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told journalists. “Based on the fabricated facts of the terrorists who said that the Syria Arab Army was ...

Syria says US, allies supplying terrorists with toxic agents

1396/5/26 | 18:59
Syria says the US, Britain and their allies are supporting terrorists in the war-torn Arab country by supplying them with toxic agents and other kinds of weapons. During a press conference in the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s main office in the capital Damascus, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday that toxic agents found in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus were made by US and UK companies, Syrian's official news agency SANA reported. He also called on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ...

Daesh making $100m a year selling looted historic artefacts

1396/5/17 | 18:59
Daesh is profiting up to $100 million a year from the sale of looted antiquities from Iraq and Syria and selling them on the black market, the Wall Street Journal has reported. A French security source, who was not named by the paper, estimated that the terrorist group has been funding it’s wars in the Middle East by selling historical artefacts from both war torn counties and selling them on the black market in addition to oil revenues. Other experts have estimated the amount obtained by the group to have reached tens of millions annually ...

Fear of Hezbollah kept Israelis  out from Arsal battle intervention

1396/5/17 | 18:59
  The Israeli regime set up plans to support the Jabhat Tahrir al-Sham's terrorists who fought Lebanon’s Hezbollah last month in the Lebanese Arsal heights following an agreement between Tel Aviv and the terrorist group, the Times of Israel website quoted an Israeli expert as saying.     The website further said that Tel Aviv’s help to the terrorists was meant to come to surprise the Hezbollah forces and was motivated by the regime’s desire to take revenge on the Lebanese group for the defeat of the 2006 34-Day War. However, ...

Why Syria partition not possible?

1396/5/14 | 18:59
Syria was one of the most stable West Asian countries.   Except for some short periods of times like the military coup of General Hafez al-Assad in 1970, since its independence in1946 from the French mandate, Syria was one of the most stable West Asian countries.    But after the Arab uprisings of 2011, it fell victim to a plot developed by the opponent regional countries and Western powers and the resultant military interventions that transformed the country to the world’s safest havens for terrorist groups. The war in Syria after ...

Syrian refugee achieves his dream of becoming a doctor

1396/5/14 | 18:59
Ten years, four countries, four medical schools and 21 houses later Tirej Brimo, a refugee who fled the Syrian war, is finally a doctor. Having been just 10 months away from graduating with a medical degree at a university in Aleppo, Brimo was forced to flee his homeland in 2012 due to the war, crisscrossing the MiddleEast before arriving in Britain in 2013. Last week, he graduated from St George’s University of London – after having been turned away by several medical schools – and is now embarking on his career as a junior doctor ...

Turkish Army Sends Huge Arms Cargo to Terrorists in Al-Bab

1396/5/13 | 18:59
The Turkish army dispatched a large cargo of light weapons and ammunition to its affiliated terrorist groups in al-Bab city in Northern Aleppo.   According to Hawar news, sources in al-Shahba region in Northern Aleppo reported that the cargo was sent through al-Ra'i border crossing towards the village of Sousian and then was transferred towards al-Bab region in Northern Aleppo on Wednesday. The sources added that the cargo was delivered to several militant groups affiliated to Sultan Morad terrorist group. Turkey sent its military into ...

Why Iran did not get involved in the US-led coalition in Syria

1396/5/12 | 18:59
  An enemy whose goal is to make governments and nations follow him tries different methods. It is not the case that he always speaks with the language of threats.    Sometimes, he flatters you and sometimes he writes a letter saying that we should go and cooperate with the Americans so that together we can “resolve global matters”. He speaks to you like this. You might be tempted to go and cooperate with a superpower so that you can resolve an international matter.     This is how they speak in the discourse of ...

The U.S. War Against Civilians in Syria.

1396/5/12 | 18:59
It was midday on Sunday, May 7th, when the U.S.-led coalition warplanes again began bombing the neighborhood of Wassim Abdo’s family. They lived in Tabqa, a small city on the banks of the Euphrates River in northern Syria. Then occupied by the Islamic State (ISIS, also known as Daesh), Tabqa was also under siege by U.S.-backed troops and being hit by daily artillery fire from U.S. Marines, as well as U.S.-led coalition airstrikes. The city, the second largest in Raqqa Province, was home to an airfield and the coveted Tabqa Dam. It was also ...

Hezbollah and Al-Nusra to swap corpses

1396/5/9 | 18:59
  Hezbollah and Al-Nusra Front will exchange the corpses of fighters on Sunday in the first stage of a ceasefire agreement in the Lebanon-Syria border area, the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manartelevision station reported.   The ceasefire took effect on Thursday and will also involve the release of five Hezbollah prisoners and the departure of Nusra fighters to northern Syria along with any civilians who wish to go with them.     Nusra and Daesh have been present in the mountains near Arsal in northern Lebanon for years, ...

At least 29 civilians killed in US airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqah

1396/5/5 | 18:59
A UK-based monitoring group says at least 29 people have been killed in US airstrikes in the Syrian city of Raqqah. "At least eight children are among the dead," said the director of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, on Wednesday. The observatory noted that the recent airstrikes brought the civilian death toll to at least 325, including 51 children, in the two months since the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces began operations to liberate Raqqah from the Daesh Takfiri group. The US-led coalition has been ...

American and French weapons seized in Syria's Qalamoun before al-Nusra terrorists get their hands on them +Photos

1396/5/5 | 18:59
According to Sanaa news agency, after receiving precise intelligence, Syria's security forces discover and capture a vehicle full of weapons and ammunition, including Thousands of bullets, the French anti-tank missiles "C 57", American "CJ" balls, various types of special guns and rifles designed for snipers and RPGs. The discovery of Western weapons proves that The USA and Europe are still supporting the terrorist groups, in violation of international law. On May 4th of last year, Syrian security forces also found four vehicles carrying ...

Fear and Trepidation in Tel Aviv: Is Israel Losing the Syria War?

1396/5/4 | 18:59
  Israel, which has played a precarious role in the Syrian war since 2011, is furious to learn that the future of the conflict is not to its liking. The six-year-old Syria war is moving to a new stage, perhaps its final. The Syrian regime is consolidating its control over most of the populated centers, while Daesh is losing ground fast – and everywhere.     Areas evacuated by the rapidly disintegrated militant group are up for grabs. There are many hotly contested regions sought over by the government of Bashar al-Assad ...

Afghans fighting in Syria worry Hezb-e-Islami chief

1396/5/4 | 18:59
Veteran Afghan Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar  voiced concerns over thousands of his countrymen allegedly sent to Syria by Iran. Talking to leaders of various communities from across the country at his Kabul residence, Hekmatyar blamed neighbouring countries for fueling violence in Afghanistan and using Afghans to fulfil their objectives in Iraq and Syria. “The blood of the Afghan people is considered even less than the value of oil,” he told the audience which also included representatives of ethnic Hazara from southeastern Ghazni ...

Nusra Front's Militants Begin to Surrender at Syrian-Lebanese Border

1396/5/3 | 18:59
  Nusra Front began to surrender in the mountainous region of Aarsal at the Lebanese-Syrian border, according to a source in Hezbollah movement.     The militants of the Nusra Front terrorist group (banned in Russia) have begun to surrender in the mountainous region of Aarsal at the Lebanese-Syrian border.     On Friday, Lebanese Shiite militant movement Hezbollah announced a military operation against the Nusra Front. The offensive began simultaneously from two sides — from the city of Flita on the Syrian ...

Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria rebels: Who believes?

1396/4/30 | 18:59
The Trump administration has decided to halt the CIA's covert program to equip and train certain rebel groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, two U.S. officials said, a move sought by Assad ally Russia.     The U.S. decision, said one of the officials, is part of an effort by the administration to improve relations with Russia, which along with Iranian-supported groups has largely succeeded in preserving Assad's government in the six-year-civil war.     The CIA program began in 2013 as part ...

Turkey state news agency leaks secret locations of US, French troops in Syria

1396/4/30 | 18:59
Turkey’s state news agency on Tuesday published the locations of secret US military bases in Syria as well as details on the numbers of US and French troops stationed there, sparking the ire of fellow NATO member states. In the latest display of tensions between Turkey and other NATO member nations, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency earlier this week published a detailed report of the secret locations of US military bases, operational posts and military posts inside Syria. The 620-word news report also included the numbers of US soldiers ...

Israeli General: We Won’t Let Iran Win the Syrian War

1396/4/30 | 18:59
Israel has made no secret of not liking the southern Syria ceasefire, negotiated between the US and Russia, complaining in particular that it doesn’t keep the Syrian government, and its Iranian allies, totally barred from that part of the country, which they see as tantamount to letting Iran be too close to the Israeli border.   Israeli Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror is the latest to step up the ever-growing series of threats against Iran over the matter, attending a briefing with foreign correspondents today and warning that if the US and ...

US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria kills 12 civilians per day

1396/4/29 | 18:59
  According to a report published by “the Daily Beast” website based on data from “Airways” NGO, during six-month of Trump in the office US Airborne War in Iraq and Syria have caused the death of 12 civilians a day.     Airwars researchers estimate that at least 2,300 civilians likely died from Coalition strikes overseen by the Obama White House, roughly 80 each month in Iraq and Syria. As of July 13, more than 2,200 additional civilians appear to have been killed by Coalition raids since Trump was inaugurated.     Belkis ...

Intelligence Reports Suggest IS Leader Al-Baghdadi is Still Alive

1396/4/28 | 18:59
  An Iraqi intelligence officer said Sunday that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was still alive.    Last month, the Russian Defense Ministry media said that al-Baghdadi was believed to have been killed in an airstrike in Syria.  U.S. officials, however, said they don't have any proof confirming the Daesh leader's death.      "Al-Baghdadi is still hiding in Syria in an area outside [the northern Syrian province of] Raqqah," Abu Ali al-Basri, the head of the intelligence and anti-terrorism department at the ...

Why West created ISIS?

1396/4/27 | 18:59
  The ISIS terrorist group is living in dire straits as it continues to sustain sweeping defeats in major battlefields in Syria and Iraq and its fighters day by day lose further morale amid fierce battle.     From alliance with the other terrorist organizations such as al-Nusra Front and seizing vast areas in both Syria and Iraq to receiving weapons from foreign patrons to push for its regional barbarity and then becoming target of the US-led international military coalition whose ostensible mission is fighting the terrorist ...