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ASWJ-allied Deobandi Fazalur Rehman elected MMA president

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Waging war against Pakistan army prohibited in Islam: Ex-Terrorist organization Chief Sufi Muhammad

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5,000 Yemen Children Killed or Wounded in War Since 2015

Iran reiterates Missile program non-negotiable

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Netanyahu: $500mn Israel-India arms deal 'back on track'

Saudi politicization of holy places is unislamic, we will continue to oppose

Israel prepares for air bridge to India over Saudi Arabia

Don’t forget old friends to make new one

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Syria militants in US seeking CIA dollars to ‘confront Iran’s influence’

US ‘policy of Armageddon’ means nuclear attack even against non-nuclear states

Rape, murder of 7-year-old Pakistani girl seem work of serial killer: Officials

Yemeni snipers kill three Saudi troopers in retaliatory attacks

Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution

US to sell 17 Black Hawk aircrafts to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia seeks arrest of citizens on wanted list who are abroad

US deploying 1,000 troops to Afghanistan

Israel Keeps Bombing Syria and Nobody Is Doing Anything About It

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Hariri lauds Hezbollah, wants ‘best of relations’ with Iran

16 US troops and officers killed in Afghanistan

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Anti-Trump demonstrators march in Swiss capital

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Trump Says He ‘Probably’ Has Good Relationship With Kim Jong Un

Pentagon Investigates Video of US Soldier Shooting Afghan Civilian

saudi arabia

Iran: Saudi, US, Israel fanning flames of regional tensions

1396/10/19 | 13:02
Iran says Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel are fanning the flames of regional crises through their interventionist policies and invasive actions. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remarks in an address to Tehran Security Conference on Monday. The one-day event - held under the banner of ‘Regional Security in West Asia; Emerging Challenges and Trends’ - is the second of its kind organized in the Iranian capital. More than 200 Iranian and international political figures and analysts attended the conference. Zarif blamed ...

Three Reasons behind Fuel Price Hike in Saudi Arabia

1396/10/17 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia started its new year with gasoline prices hike, allowing the fuel price to sharply increase by 80 percent.   About gasoline, the Octane 91 will sell for 1.37 riyals (0.36 U.S. Dollar) a liter, up from 0.75 riyals (0.2 U.S. Dollars), while Octane 95 will sell for 2.04 riyals (0.544 U.S. Dollars) a liter, up from 0.90 riyals (0.24 U.S. Dollars), the country’s news agency SPA reported on Monday.   The oil-dependent monarchy also for the first time in its history activated the Value-Added Tax (VAT) since January ...

International companies compete for cinema market in Saudi Arabia

1396/10/17 | 13:02
  The world’s largest film companies are stepping up their plans to open cinemas across Saudi Arabia after the kingdom issued a resolution to lift a 35-year ban on such entertainment venues, Huffington Post Arabic has reported. According to a report published in the Financial Times, Britain’s Vue Entertainment, America’s AMC and the Canadian IMAX Corporation are among the most prominent companies competing to open cinemas in the Kingdom. The first could open as soon as March.   The lifting of the Saudi ban provides these companies ...

Ex-White House official raps Saudi support for terrorism

1396/10/12 | 13:02
      Al Saud, encouraged by US President Donald Trump, could risk confrontation with Iran.  A former national security official at the White House warned Saudi Arabia about the dire consequences of its support for the terrorist groups, voicing concern that Al Saud, encouraged by US President Donald Trump, could risk confrontation with Iran.   Frank N. von Hippel, the assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during 1993–1994, blamed the Trump administration’s ...

Back door conspiracies: Saudi plan to steal mandate of Pakistani people

1396/10/12 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia is likely to become the hub of Pakistani politics as ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is set to leave for the kingdom on Saturday while his brother Shahbaz Sharif and Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique are already there.   Although the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is reluctant to officially state anything about the party chief’s departure, a seat has been booked in Nawaz Sharif’s name for a Jeddah-bound flight for Saturday.     The Punjab chief minister is already in Saudi Arabia on an “official” ...

Nawaz Sharif could go into exile under Saudi Arabia deal: report

1396/10/11 | 13:02
  Pakistan’s former prime minister would escape a corruption trial and be allowed to live in exile under a potential deal being brokered by Saudi Arabia.   Nawaz Sharif is expected to visit Saudi Arabia as the kingdom appears ready to intervene in the stand-off between the head of Pakistan’s longest ruling political dynasty and the military establishment.   he article quoted sources and claimed that the ex-PM only requires permission to leave the country and quit politics in order to survive the corruption references against ...

German churches call for halting arms exports to Saudi Arabia

1396/9/29 | 13:02
Churches in Germany have called on the government to halt all the arms exports to Saudi Arabia.   During the Joint Conference for Church and Development, which was attended by Germany’s Protestant and Catholic churches, the religious community demanded a halt to arms exports citing Saudi Arabia’s military involvement in the Yemeni crisis.   In 2013, the German government agreed to export some €1 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia from January 2014 to April 2017. The agreement included exporting patrol boats and components ...

How some Umrah pilgrims bring bad name to Pakistan

1396/9/26 | 13:02
  Many Pakistanis on Umrah pilgrimage are bringing a bad name to their country by their activities during their stay in Saudi Arabia . All such people are supposed to be resourceful enough to bear all their expenses, but, unfortunately, thousands of them live on charity food and are involved in begging, which is against the spirit of holy mission.   In Makkhah, there are about a dozen food points outside King Abdulaziz Gate and King Fahd Gate of Masjid Al-Haram. A large number of Pakistani pilgrims line up in front of these outlets ...

ISIS terrorists obtained US, Saudi Arabia weapons

1396/9/25 | 13:02
  ISIS Takfiri terrorist group regularly received weapons supplied by the United States and Saudi Arabia, a new report reveals.   According to a study by arms-monitoring group Conflict Armament Research (CAR) published on Thursday, weapons supplied by the US and Saudi Arabia to militants in Syria often fell into the hands of ISIS, significantly enhancing the “quantity and quality” of the group’s armaments.   The number of weapons goes “far beyond those that would have been available through battle capture alone”, ...

UN official rejected Haley’s ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ that Iran is arming rebels in Yemen

1396/9/25 | 13:02
    The deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary-General said there is no solid reason to determine the source of the missiles.   According to the United Nations Secretary-General’s spokesman, Farhan Haq, the UN rejected US’s allegation that Iran had supplied a missile fired at Saudi Arabia last month.   Haq said at a press conference in the UN headquarters in New York that the UN Secretary General has given a written analysis to the Security Council which pretenses a half-yearly report on the implementation of Resolution ...

Saudi Foreign Minister replaced by Crown Prince’s brother

1396/9/19 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia has reportedly fired foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir on Friday.Several media outlets, including Al-Masdar News, reported that Jubeir was replaced by Khaled bin Salman, the crown prince’s younger brother   Middle East Eye also cited an unnamed diplomatic source as confirming the royal decision.   The Saudi government has yet to comment on the reports.   Prince Khaled is currently Riyadh’s ambassador to the US. He was trained at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi and has been an F-15 pilot in the ...

Riyadh advancing Israeli interests, Palestinian officials worry

1396/9/19 | 13:02
Palestinian officials have expressed worry that Saudi Arabia is forgoing important Palestinian rights as it acts behind the scenes to advance a United States “grand bargain” over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that heavily favors Israel. Four Palestinian officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity on Friday that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had communicated a proposal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that would give away the right of return for Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital ...

CIA: Saudi Arabia working with Israel to fight terror

1396/9/14 | 13:02
  Israel is working directly with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations in the fight against terrorism, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said on Saturday, according to the Jerusalem Post.   The comments were made at the Reagan National Defence Forum in California, where Pompeo cited the danger Iran posed not just to the US, but to other states in the region, as a unifying factor.   “We’ve seen them [Saudi Arabia] work with the Israelis to push back against terrorism throughout the Middle East, to the extent we can continue to develop ...

The UK secretly trains the Saudi army in Yemen

1396/9/6 | 13:02
  Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is accused of crimes against humanity in Yemen, the British Army secretly trains the Riyadh army to fight in Yemen. According to “Daily mail”, about 50 British military personnel teach combat skills to Saudi units who are about to be stationed in a “dirty” war against Yemen. Thousands of Yemeni civilians have lost their lives in the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing attacks in Yemen, and around one million children face famine and serious illness as a result of Riyadh aggression. The English ...

Is Hariri’s change of heart real, or is he a Saudi Trojan Horse?

1396/9/4 | 13:02
  Hariri is back in Lebanon, but where he really stands and whose interests he is really supporting remain to been seen.   After his disgraceful showing in Saudi Arabia, where he read out his resignation like a condemned criminal having made a deal for life imprisonment instead of hanging, he is hardly an independent, with his children left behind in Saudi Arabia as possible hostages.   We then saw the circus widen, as the Saudis pulled all their strings possible to get a new jihad going against Iran and Hezbollah – one ...

Daesh Defeat in Iraq and Syria Means Beginning of the End for Saudi Arabia and Israel

1396/9/4 | 13:02
  After years of suffering and violence, Iraq and Syria now seem to be rid of Daesh, sometimes referred to as ISIS or ISIL, thanks mainly to the efforts of Iran.      On Tuesday, November 21, Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani sent Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei a congratulatory message on Daesh’s defeat in these countries, and thanked him for his leadership.   Although his own work with the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) was key to this victory, Major General Soleimani also praised the armed forces of Syria ...

Saudi Arabia arrests second richest man in kingdom

1396/9/4 | 13:02
  Saudi authorities have arrested Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, a dual national with Saudi and Ethiopian citizenship and is reportedly the second richest Saudi, after Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.   While bin Talal’s arrest has gained most media attention. Al-Amoudi’s arrest is especially important because it could potentially destabilize the economy of an entire country, according to Middle East Eye.   Al-Amoudi, who is also known as “the Sheikh”, has invested in almost every sector of Ethiopia’s economy, including ...

Saudi Arabia receives Pakistani Special Forces

1396/9/3 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia announced the arrival of the Pakistani army’s special services group in the capital Riyadh.   “Special security forces are preparing to carry out the Shahab-2 joint exercise with the Pakistan Army Services Group in the city of Riyadh in the coming period,” Saudi Arabia said in a statement broadcast by the official SPA news agency.   On October 28, Saudi, Pakistani and Turkish forces concluded the 2017 “Center of Air Excellence” exercises and trained Al-Samasam 6 between the Saudi ground force and its ...

New Saudi counterterrorism law aims to silence critics: HRW

1396/9/3 | 13:02
  Human Rights Watch (HRW) has strongly denounced Saudi Arabia's new counterterrorism law, saying it could be used to further stifle dissent across the kingdom. The New York-based group said in a statement on Thursday that the law, introduced earlier this month, could further enable authorities in the ultra-conservative kingdom to silence critics. "Saudi authorities are already methodically silencing and locking away peaceful critics on spurious charges," the statement read. "Instead of improving abusive legislation, Saudi authorities ...

Pakistan nears its moment of truth

1396/8/29 | 13:02
  The government already had its hands full dealing with internal problems including the ongoing Islamabad sit-in by religious groups, and now it has to decide on a tricky foreign policy matter that will have both domestic and external repercussions. Pakistan needs to finalise the extent of its participation in the Saudi-led coalition of Muslim countries later this month when the defence ministers of member countries meet in Riyadh. The defence ministers from Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) are due to meet in the ...

The conditional release of Saad al-Hariri; Saudi Arabia kept his two children in Riyadh

1396/8/28 | 13:02
  Saad al-Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister, tweeted on Saturday morning that he is heading for Riyadh airport to leave for Paris.   According to the Al-Akhbar newspaper, only Al-Hariri’s wife,  Lara Bashir Al Azem, acompanied him for his visit to Paris and their daughter “Lulwa” and their son “Abdulaziz” remained in Riyadh with the pretext of having to go to school. Al-Hariri’s elder son, Hessam, who studies in Britain, yesterday traveled to France with a number of other family members to see his father. Al-Akhbar wrote ...

Arab media: Baghdad not ready to host Saudi Crown Prince

1396/8/27 | 13:02
  Baghdad has decided to postpone a visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the country, a source close to the Iraqi prime minister said.   The source was quoted by Arabi 21 news website as saying that given the regional conditions, Baghdad cannot host the Saudi crown prince.   This is while during his recent trip to Riyadh, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had invited bin Salman to visit Baghdad in November.   Jassem Jafar, a senior Iraqi parliamentarian, said that the recent events in Saudi Arabia, ...

Yemeni hospitals will run out of fuel in three weeks: UN

1396/8/25 | 13:02
The UN has warned that Yemeni hospitals will run out of fuel within three weeks unless Saudi Arabia removes its blockade on the war-tron country. On Wednesday, UN spokesman Farhan Haq stressed that fuel is critical to the hospitals for generating electricity as well as pumping and purifying water. He added that stocks of diphtheria vaccines will become depleted within two weeks unless aid deliveries resume. Meanwhile, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has announced that prices have soared in the Yemeni capital, ...

Lebanese Bankers Fear Qatar-Style Blockade by Saudis

1396/8/24 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia’s newfound hostility toward Lebanon has a number of the nation’s politicians and bankers expressing concern about the possibility that the Saudis and their allies intend to impose a Qatar-style blockade on them soon.   Such a blockade would have limited impact on basic goods, as unlike Qatar Lebanon’s trade with the Gulf states is fairly limited and doesn’t include everyday necessities like food and water. That doesn’t mean such a blockade would be consequence-free, however.   Qatar, after all, is ...

Turkish President slams Saudi Crown prince over ’Moderate Islam’

1396/8/23 | 13:02
  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has indirectly lashed out at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over his promotion of the so called moderate Islam saying the Saudi official is ignorant of Islam. President Erdogan said on Friday that the notion that there was a “moderate” Islam and an “immoderate” one was invented by the West to “weaken” the faith.   “Countries that do not let women drive cannot talk about moderate Islam,” Erdogan   told an entrepreneurship certificate ceremony of the Islamic Cooperation ...

Is Lebanese PM Hariri a Prisoner of Saudi Arabia?

1396/8/22 | 13:02
  Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who attempted to resign last weekend, reportedly met with a French diplomat at an undisclosed location within Saudi Arabia, where both he and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince claimed he is “not a prisoner.” But is he?   France is clearly far from convinced, as the most recent statements out of the French Foreign Ministry said they “wish Hariri had all his freedom of movement,” and added that he should be able to “make his own choices” regarding his future in Lebanon.   Germany, ...

Ankara’s reading of the recent events in Saudi Arabia

1396/8/20 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia surprised the world last weekend by arresting dozens of princes, officials and businessmen on various charges, including accepting bribes, embezzlement, extortion, money laundering and exploitation of influence to achieve personal interests.   These arrests occurred after the formation of a new committee to combat corruption, led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.   All observers agree that the events in Saudi Arabia are part of a purely political conflict, regardless of the claims that they are “combatting ...

Saudi poisonous gas behind Yemen's cholera epidemic: Official

1396/8/8 | 13:02
A high-ranking Yemeni military official says Saudi Arabia’s massive bombing campaign with poison gas is to blame for the humanitarian crisis and cholera epidemic in the conflict-plagued Arabian Peninsula country. Yemen's army spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia is the main culprit for the current cholera epidemic among Yemen's vulnerable population as Saudi fighter jets continue to spread biological agents in the air, which subsequently contaminate water supply systems. Luqman further described ...

What’s behind Riyadh’s invitation of Iraq PM?

1396/8/6 | 13:02
  Heading a 70-person delegation, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. The visit to Riyadh is the second within past few months.     The trip is reportedly aimed at forming a coordination council between the two Arab countries to assess the political and economic relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The final goal of the council is to improve the bilateral relations as Riyadh and Baghdad saw their ties frayed over the course of past few decades.   Reports say that the ...

UK arms sales to Saudis topped £1.1bn in first half of 2017

1396/8/4 | 13:02
  Britain’s sales of military equipment to Saudi Arabia hit £1.1 billion in the first six months of this year, according to the latest government data. The UK sold £836 million worth of arms and military hardware to the Saudi kingdom between April and June, up from £280 million between January and March, according to statistics by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The latest export license figures come amid increasing concerns over the Saudi military’s bombing in Yemen, which has so far killed more than 12,000 people ...

New game plan: Saudi Arabia and Iraq pledge cooperation against Daesh

1396/8/2 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia and Iraq convened a new joint body to coordinate their fight against Daesh and on rebuilding Iraqi territory wrested from the group, the Saudi King Salman and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in Riyadh on Sunday.   The rare senior meeting, signalling a thaw between states that have been at loggerheads for decades, was also attended by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who praised the accord between the two close US allies.   The council will also contribute to reforms that will grow and diversify ...

Facebook rejected Saudi demand to remove Al-Jazeera page

1396/7/25 | 13:02
  When Snapchat has removed Al-Jazeera from its app in Saudi Arabia, Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, revealed that Saudi Arabia has also asked Facebook to block Al-Jazeera on Facebook.   Sandberg said Marc Zuckerberg was opposed to this request and counted it as an insult.   Sandberg stated that Saudi Arabia wants to achieve its political goals by exploiting its economic influence regardless to the fact that such actions are against the global free flow of information on the internet.     She ...

Why Saudis welcome US sanctions on Hezbollah call for more?

1396/7/21 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia has called for setting up of what it called an international coalition against Hezbollah, as the US is simultaneously imposing new sanctions on the resistant Lebanese group.   Thamer al-Sabhan, the Saudi minister of state for the Persian Gulf and Arab world affairs, in a Twitter post on October 8 praised the US fresh anti-Hezbollah sanctions as “good”, but added that the solution lied in a decisive international coalition to face the group and its supporters to help restore the security and peace to the region.   Saudi ...

Will Saudi Arabia become the sick man of the Middle East?

1396/7/12 | 13:02
  In 1839, Sultan Abdulmejid I of the Ottoman Empire carried out legal, administrative and social reforms, later known as the Ottoman Tanzimat, in an effort to modernise the empire and keep pace with the European countries.   The Sultan’s reforms were a continuation of those made by his father, Mahmud II, which he started when he took the throne in 1808 and were focused on the military. These continued under his successors until the end of Abdul Hamid II’s rule, the last Ottoman Sultan who was deposed in 1909.   The Ottoman ...

Western and Turkish backing for Doha

1396/7/5 | 13:02
The backing by Turkey, a NATO member state and rival to Saudi Arabia in the Muslim world, helps Qatar withstand the sanctions of four allied Arab states.   The support, moreover, gives assurances to the Qatari leaders, telling them that they will have beside them such serious patrons as the Turks who will not allow Qatar to fall victim to the Saudi excesses. Furthermore, the US has given a mix of paradoxical responses to the Qatari crisis, making clear to the Saudi leaders that they cannot cross certain red lines and damage Qatar as Washington ...

Uniting the adversaries : What if Saudia and Iran join CPEC?

1396/7/1 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia will "soon" undertake investments at Gwadar Port and join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), The News has reported quoting Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf Saeed Ahmed Al-Malkiy, in a story published on Friday.     During an interview with Jang Group publications, the ambassador said Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are taking measures to strengthen "fraternal and trade ties".     The ambassador added that bilateral relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would be further strengthened through ...

German company bans gun sales to ‘corrupt’ Israel

1396/7/1 | 13:02
  German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch has banned the sale of weapons to corrupt countries including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Jerusalem Post reported that the company made the decision because it is difficult to obtain licenses from the German government to supply weapons to countries which are corrupt, undemocratic, or not affiliated in some way to NATO. The list of countries include Israel, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and all African countries. According ...

Confidential U.N. report accuses Saudi coalition of killing hundreds of Yemeni kids

1396/6/29 | 13:02
  A Saudi-led military coalition conducting airstrikes in Yemen committed “grave violations” of human rights against children last year, killing 502, injuring 838, according to a draft report by the U.N. Secretary General António Guterres.     “The killing and maiming of children remained the most prevalent violation” of children’s rights in Yemen, according to the 41-page draft report obtained by Foreign Policy. “In the reporting period, attacks carried out by air were the cause of over half of all child casualties, ...

UAE: Saudi Arabia was going to launch military attack on Qatar

1396/6/26 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia was preparing for a military attack on its neighbour Qatar, leaked emails dated May 2017 appear to show.   The emails between UAE Ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and US diplomat Elliott Abrams in May 2017 claim that Saudi came close to “conquering” Qatar and this would “solve everyone’s problems”, according to the Emirati official.   Al-Otaiba added that deceased Saudi monarch King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz “came pretty close to doing something in Qatar” a few months before his death in January 2015.   Abrams ...

Mehr News | ‘Saudi Arabia, Taliban like brothers’

1396/6/25 | 13:02
Taliban spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed said Saudi Arabia was like a brother to the Taliban militants. In an Interview with the International Desk of Mehr News Agency (MNA), Mojahed shared his views on political issues in Afghanistan as well as position of the Taliban insurgent group in the country. When asked whether the time was ripe to put an end to ongoing wars in Afghanistan to prevent more bloodshed, the official said “people of Afghanistan are bound to fights since war, rather than being their own choice, has been imposed upon them ...

MEHR | Saudi Arabia, Israel paving way for US military presence on China border

1396/6/23 | 13:02
Referring to the role of Saudi Arabia and Israel in ongoing massacre against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Bankok- based geopolitical researcher Anthony Cartalucci believes these Washington proxies are paving the way for the US military presence on the China borders. Myanmar's population is overwhelmingly Buddhist and there is widespread hatred against the Rohingya Muslims, who are denied citizenship and labelled illegal "Bengali" immigrants. The grievous situation of 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims in the wake of a new wave of violence that ...

UN's inaction on Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen 'striking': HRW

1396/6/23 | 13:02
Human Rights Watch has slammed the United Nations for its inaction on Yemen's ever-worsening humanitarian situation due to the Saudi war. "Yemen is a humanitarian disaster of really epic proportions," said Human Rights Watch chief Kenneth Roth on Wednesday. "What is striking to me is the incongruity between the severity of the disaster and the weakness of the response by the UN Human Rights Council" so far, he added. “What everybody is aware of is that the situation is just so much dire today than it was the last time the Human Rights Council ...

Riyadh may have sponsored 9/11 'dry run': New lawsuit data

1396/6/20 | 13:02
New evidence in a lawsuit, which holds Saudi Arabia responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks, shows that the kingdom may have funded a “dry run” prior to the incident. The lawsuit alleges that the Saudi embassy in Washington paid for two Saudi nationals, living undercover in the US as students, to fly from the city of Phoenix to Washington “in a dry run for the 9/11 attacks” two years before their occurrence, the New York Post reported on Saturday. Lawyers for the plaintiffs said the new details had painted “a pattern of both ...

Saudi 'suspends' planned talks with Qatar minutes after rulers’ contact

1396/6/19 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia has suspended plans to hold talks with Qatar on how to resolve the ongoing crisis between Doha and four Arab states minutes after the Saudi crown prince and the Qatari ruler discussed the planned negotiations during a phone call. On Friday, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, expressing his willingness to hold dialogue over the demands of the four Arab states from Doha. During the phone conversation, both leaders stressed the need to resolve the crisis through dialogue. "During ...

Palace puts final touches to plans for Saudi transfer of power

1396/6/18 | 13:02
Twitter uses in the Gulf have been busy tweeting hints that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman will be stepping down and handing over power to his son Mohammad within a matter of hours.     The most prominent prediction was made by “Mujtahidd”, which many believe is actually an account run by two princesses from the Al-Saud family living in London. The tweet said, “Bin Salman completed arrangements for his father to step down and appoint him in his place.”     Reuters has attributed a rise in the Saudi stock market ...

Bashir is re-enforcing Sudanese forces in suspicious deal with Saudi Arabia

1396/6/8 | 13:02
  A new batch of Sudanese troops arrives in Aden, opening the door again to question the numbers of Sudanese forces participating in the aggression and areas of deployment.     According to the movements of the Sudanese forces so far, they are present in each of the different areas in the city of Aden and units of them at the base of Al-Anad air, while other units are involved in the fronts of the western coasts in the direction of Mukha in Taiz province.     For more than a year and a half, Saudi Arabia has moved ...

Pakistani minor girl raped in Saudi Arabia

1396/6/1 | 13:02
A seven-year-old Pakistani girl was brutally raped by an African national in Taif of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette reported. According to the newspapers, the Saudi authorities have apprehended the culprit, 17-year-old African youth. According to details, the gruesome crime occurred when the minor girl had gone out for the grocery store to buy edible items in Aqiq, where many Pakistani and other Asian nationalities inhabit the Taif city among other expatriates. The minor was later found lying in unconscious state near her house. The incident ...

Ex-Yemeni president stresses unity with Houthis against Saudi-led war

1396/5/31 | 13:02
  Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh says he will continue to cooperate with the Houthi Ansarullah movement in the country to counter the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Saleh also said on Monday that Saudi Arabia had been targeting Yemen’s sovereignty and independence with the military campaign, the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen TV channel reported. He also emphasized that the Yemeni nation would not surrender or accept any parties’ dictates. Saleh and the Houthis have been in alliance almost since the Saudi-led war began on ...

Saudi Arabia defends decision to execute 14 Saudi Shiites

1396/5/19 | 13:02
  Saudi Arabia is defending its decision to execute 14 minority Shiites — whose verdicts sparked criticism in the United States and Europe — declaring in a rare public statement that their trials were conducted fairly.     The men were arrested for their involvement in demonstrations in 2011 and 2012 during the Arab Spring revolts and were later sentenced to death in a secretive counterterrorism court, according to human rights activists and the men’s relatives, who also say that some of the men were tortured and forced ...

Lack of funding may force Yemen to shut down national blood bank: Official

1396/5/18 | 13:02
Yemen’s national blood bank may be forced to close due to a lack of funds as the impoverished country continues to suffer from a deadly military aggression by Saudi Arabia. Yemen's National Blood Transfusion Center director, Dr. Adnan al-Hakimi, said on Tuesday that the crisis emerged after an international medical charity decided to end two years of its support. The remarks come as the Doctors Without Borders organization, also known by its French acronym MSF, informed the bank it was suspending its aid after more than two years of work. MSF ...