Rex Tillerson
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Rex Tillerson

US game plan: Is Pakistan going to disintegrate?

1396/9/25 | 02:08
  Shifting between soft persuasions and tough advice, the United States is now saying that Pakistan could lose control of its territory if it does not sever ties with the Haqqanis and other terrorists.   US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — who issued the advice at a Washington think-tank earlier this week — also said the militants who were focusing on Kabul might one day decide that Islamabad was a better target.   The warning followed a Pentagon statement, which said the new US strategy for Afghanistan had “fundamentally ...

The US Secretary of State Calls again for Regime change in Iran

1396/9/20 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who has repeatedly supported several attempts to change the Iranian government, said on Wednesday that Washington is trying to help the process by supporting certain political groups inside Iran.   ” We have been campaigning to impose sanctions on Iranian regime, especially on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Our goal is to prevent Iran’s economic development and to disrupt a part of the regime’s activities that are considered a threat to stability of the region.” he said after ...

Tillerson warns Saudi about its actions in Mideast

1396/9/18 | 02:08
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned Saudi Arabia about “the consequences” of its actions in the Middle East. His warning came Friday during his brief visit to Paris, France, where he commented on Riyadh’s behavior toward Yemen, Qatar and other neighbors. "With respect to Saudi Arabia's engagement with Qatar, how they're handling the Yemen war that they're engaged in, the Lebanon situation, we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to, I think, fully consider the consequences," ...

Hariri must return to Lebanon for official resignation: Tillerson

1396/8/20 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri needs to return to his country before officially stepping down from his post. Tillerson's remarks come amid growing questions about the premier's sudden resignation last Saturday from Saudi Arabia where he was spending a supposedly routine trip. “If he’s going to step down, as I understand it, he needs to go back to Lebanon to make that official,” Tillerson said en route from Chinese capital Beijing to Danang on Friday, nearly a week after an anxious ...

New terms of engagement: How US asked Pakistan to do more again?

1396/8/13 | 02:08
  Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has said Pakistan will be given an opportunity to prove that it will act on information provided by the US about terrorist groups operating on its soil.   The US has stepped up pressure on Pakistan to crack down on terror groups as part of President Donald Trump’s new South Asia and Afghanistan policy, and Tillerson had told Pakistan’s civil and military leadership to step up efforts to eradicate terrorists during his visit to Islamabad last month.   During a Senate Foreign Relations ...

Top Iraqi Shi’ite Militia Commander Rejects US Demand to Disband

1396/8/11 | 02:08
  Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared the ISIS fight in Iraq to be over, and demanded that Iraq’s Shi’ite militias “go home to Iran” or disarm, even though the groups are legally structured as part of Iraq’s security forces.   Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy leader of the government ministry in charge of the militias and the leader of the Hezbollah Brigades, was the latest to rule out such a move, saying Monday that the groups will stay in Iraq.   “The future of the PMF is to defend Iraq,” ...

Why Pakistan mustn’t do more

1396/8/10 | 02:08
  Mr Rex Tillerson was in town around this time last week. The US Secretary of State’s touchdown lasted long enough for him exchange pleasantries with those seated in front of him, perhaps memorise some of the names, enjoy a cuppa or two, and underline the US strategy to end a 16-year-old war either side of a 1,500 km osmotic border that one side doesn’t practically recognise.       The Pakistani reps wouldn’t mind the ‘do more’ much, not only because they’ve been desensitised to ubermensch degrees, but also ...

Tillerson: Assad Can Have No Role in Syria’s Future

1396/8/8 | 02:08
    With the Assad government in Syria cementing increasingly secure in control over much of the country, the US had quieted down for months on demands for Assad’s ouster, instead shifting to blaming Iran and Russia for Assad’s survival.   Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, however, now says that with Geneva talks coming up in late November, Assad has to be removed from power, and that the only way to end the Syrian war is for the world to accept a “whole and unified Syria with no role for Bashar al-Assad.”   Exactly ...

US loses in the Mideast even as it wins against Daesh

1396/8/8 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited the Middle East last weekend with two simple aims – to wrap Iraq into America’s regional axis against Iran, and persuade Saudi Arabia to end its blockade of Qatar. He failed to accomplish either.   The dust was barely settling on the capture of Daesh’s de facto capital Raqqa, a major success for Washington and the coalition it assembled across the region and beyond. While most of the actual fighting has been done by local forces, without US support the Islamist group would still ...

Tillerson’s self-deception: Can US win Afghan war without Pakistan?

1396/8/8 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that he did not visit Islamabad earlier this week to lecture or coerce Pakistanis but he did tell them that Washington is determined to eradicate terrorism from the region with their support or “in a different way”.   “And that’s not a threat. It’s just a matter of fact. We have to deal with the conditions on the ground. And as you know, the entire South Asia strategy is a conditions-based strategy,” he said.   Mr Tillerson said the message he delivered to Pakistan ...

No thaw in ties: What message Tillerson gave to Pakistan?

1396/8/4 | 02:08
  [caption id="attachment_52892" align="alignnone" width="1023"] US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (C) chats with Pakistani foreign office official Sajid Bilal (2nd L) upon his arrival at Pakistan's Nur Khan military airbase in Islamabad on October 24, 2017. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Islamabad on October 24 as Washington turns up the heat on Pakistan for allegedy providing "safe havens" for Taliban militants. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / AAMIR QURESHI[/caption] Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday the United ...

US must accept military defeat in Afghanistan: Pakistan FM

1396/8/4 | 02:08
  The stalemate in Afghanistan will not improve unless the United States acknowledges its defeat in the country, says Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif.   Asif told lawmakers that US policymakers, and not their military commanders, needed to drop the failed military plan and devise a political solution. "There will only be room for improvement if Washington accepts their defeat, their failures in Afghanistan," Asif said. "They are not ready to accept this." "Our country, our military and our police have made sacrifices in ...

Iraq Rejects Tillerson Call to Disband/Expel Shi’ite Militias

1396/8/3 | 02:08
  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting Baghdad on Monday, and Prime Minister Hayder Abadi is none too happy with his weekend calls for Iraqi Shi’ite militias to leave Iraq, a call he said was necessary because the ISIS war is over.       Abadi, himself a high-ranking member of one of the militias, the Badr Brigade, rejected Tillerson’s comments, praising the militias as the “hope of Iraq,” and saying they ought to be encouraged instead of opposed.   The US has had a strange relationship with Iraqi ...

Lesson learnt from Iran: Pakistan’s cold shoulder to US

1396/8/3 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got a frosty welcome to Pakistan Tuesday after Washington turned up the heat on Islamabad for allegedly providing safe havens for Taliban militants.   America´s top diplomat was quietly greeted by a mid-level Pakistani Foreign Office official at the military airport in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, an AFP photographer saw -- a welcome devoid of the pomp that usually marks high-level visits.     The secretary´s visit, the first to Pakistan by a senior Trump administration official, ...

Warning to Pakistan: Can US wage a war on Pakistan?

1396/8/2 | 02:08
    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday he would travel to Islamabad on Tuesday to reinforce President Donald Trump administration’s demand that Islamabad move against the Taliban and other extremists based inside its borders or face the consequences.     Speaking at a press conference after meetings with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah during an unannounced visit to Kabul, Tillerson said America’s future policy towards Pakistan would base on whether Islamabad takes ...

More sticks: Another snub for Pakistan

1396/7/28 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will visit Islamabad next week during an Asian trip that will also take him to India.     As part of a South Asia strategy unveiled by Trump in August, Tillerson is expected to press Islamabad, which denies aiding the Taliban, to take stronger steps against militants and allied groups and intensify efforts to pressure them to agree to peace talks with Kabul.      “We expect Pakistan to take decisive action against militants groups based there that threaten its own people and the ...

US U-Turn: What made US to take policy turn on Islamabad?

1396/7/25 | 02:08
   Interior Min­i­ster Ahsan Iqbal has said that the United States and Pakistan will have a detailed and frank discussion on all relevant issues when US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visits Islamabad later this month.     The minister’s remarks came hours after US President Donald Trump expressed his desire to build a much better relationship with Pakistan, also hinting that the two allies were already cooperating with each other on many fronts.     This was the second reconciliatory message for Pakistan from the US ...

Diplomacy with Pyongyang 'until the first bomb drops,' Tillerson vows

1396/7/24 | 02:08
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praises his boss’s policy towards North Korea, vowing to continue diplomacy “until the first bomb drops.” The US top diplomat made the comments in an interview with CNN on Sunday. "Those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops," Tillerson said. "The president has also made clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically… He is not seeking to go to war." Since US President Donald Trump assumed office in January, his administration has been battered by various scandals and ...

Policy mess or what: Did Washington deliberately cornered Pakistan?

1396/7/18 | 02:08
  During their likely visit to Pakistan this month, top US officials will hold talks with Islamabad in a bid to remove Pakistan’s reservations on Trump’s new policy for the war-torn Afghanistan.   However, a well-placed source told Daily Express that the dialogue will be held on the ‘basis of equality’ and that Pakistan might discontinue the talks if the US officials continued their old mantra to ‘do more’.   A source said the visits aim to remove the present tension between the two countries and the ensuing talks ...

Trump rejects diplomacy with N Korea, hints at military action

1396/7/16 | 02:08
  US President Donald Trump has rejected diplomatic means for dealing with North Korea’s escalating missile and nuclear weapon testing, suggesting that a military response is the only option against Pyongyang. “Sorry, but only one thing will work,” Trump wrote in a Saturday tweet after insisting that US authorities have negotiated and signed agreements with Pyongyang in the past quarter of a century to no avail. Trump's latest tweet outburst regarding the North Korea issue raises fears of potential US military action against the ...

Pompeo under consideration to replace Tillerson as secretary of state: Report

1396/7/15 | 02:08
US President Donald Trump’s advisers and allies have called on him to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, according to a new report. Trump is said to have a good rapport with Pompeo, and is considered a member of the president’s inner circle, Axios reported on Friday.  However, White House chief of staff John Kelly has reportedly advised the president against high-level shake-ups before next year, fearing that it would create more chaos in the administration. Tensions between Tillerson and Trump have ...

German FM urges US to engage in nuclear dialogue with Iran

1396/7/10 | 02:08
  German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has called on the United States to engage in dialogue with Iran over its nuclear program amid growing concerns about the future of the nuclear agreement Iran clinched with the P5+1 group of countries more than two years ago. In a statement on Sunday, Gabriel welcomed US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's announcement that Washington was in direct contact with North Korea and was “probing” whether the government in Pyongyang was open to talks about its nuclear weapons program. Amid an escalating ...

US: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Fail to Respect Religious Freedom

1396/5/26 | 02:08
An annual US State Department report on religious freedom is strongly criticizing key US allies, notably Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, for their lack of religious freedom and admonished Israel to respect its non-Orthodox citizens.   Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared unusually willing to go after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain about the matter, saying both nations need to stop discriminating against their substantial Shi’ite minorities and embrace a greater degree of religious freedom for all citizens.   Bahrain has struggled ...

Did Iran make a historical mistake by signing a nuclear deal with the US?

1396/5/14 | 02:08
  It was reported in the Washington Post that the US Secretary of State, Mr Rex Tillerson, said the following words,   “I would like to assure the North Koreans that the USA is not their enemy; does not want any harm to come to them; they have nothing to be afraid of; the US does not seek regime change or the forced unification of the Korean peninsula, and the North Koreans need have no fear of any military invasion from the USA.”     He then went on to say that the North Korean ballistic missile program is ...

Tillerson's failed attempt: Did Saudia demand a regime change in Qatar?

1396/4/24 | 02:08
The Persian Gulf diplomatic crisis has intensified, with the Saudi-led alliance warning that the Qatari siege will not end unless Doha meets all its demands. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates announced in a joint statement on Tuesday that the new anti-terror agreement reached between Qatar and the United States is insufficient for the lifting of sanctions. The deal was signed after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Doha in an apparent attempt to end the rift between Washington’s Arab allies. The four countries ...

Policy blunders: Can US afford Pakistan’s departure to Russian Bloc?

1396/4/20 | 02:08
  Two senior Republican US senators criticised Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday for his lack of focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan.   Graham, who visited Afghanistan and Pakistan last week with McCain, accused Tillerson of being ‘AWOL’ on the two countries and failing to fill key State Department posts. “I am so worried about the State Department,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”   A State Department official responded to the criticism of Tillerson by saying the State Department was taking an ...

Tillerson: US Working for Regime Change in Iran

1396/3/27 | 02:08
Speaking to the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was asked about whether or not the Trump Administration’s policy is one of trying to impose regime change on Iran.   While Tillerson insisted that the specifics of administration policy on Iran are still under development, he did confirm that the goal remains regime change.   Exactly how they expect to pull that off remains to be seen, but Tillerson said the US policy as it stands is to rely on “elements inside of Iran” who can be supported ...

Assad Had The Upper Hand So Why Would He Gas His Own People?

1396/2/10 | 02:08
On March 30, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the future leader of Syria should be determined by the people of Syria. This major policy statement by the US took regime change off the table, and was obviously great news for Bashar al-Assad. Combined with Syrian military gains on the ground, Assad was in the strongest position he'd been in since the war in Syria began. So, why 5 days later would he gas his own people? But even without a thorough investigation, and less than 72 hours after the alleged chemical attack took place, ...

Trump administration to review Iran sanctions relief: State Dept

1396/1/30 | 02:08
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday he has told Congress of plans to review whether sanctions relief given to Iran as part of the 2015 nuclear deal was in US national security interests. The notification came as the White House certified that Iran was complying with its commitments under the deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama, which is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods,” Tillerson wrote in a letter to Republican ...

US favours political solution to Syria crisis, but no role for Assad

1396/1/23 | 02:08
  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the Trump administration prefers using a political process for changing the Syrian government but sees no further role for President Bashar al-Assad. “In terms of the future of Bashar al-Assad, it is important to us that we undertake a political process that leads to the final conclusion of how Syria will be governed,” he said. A transcript of his remarks, released by that the State Department in Washington, gives the first comprehensive insight into how the Trump administration wants ...