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Hazara killings: A passive genocide

1396/6/22 | 18:48
  Four people belonging to the Hazara community were killed and two others severely injured in an attack by armed men in the Kuchlak area couple of days ago.   A 12-year-old boy was among the victims, while two women travelling with them remained unhurt as they were sitting in a vehicle when the attackers opened fire on the men who were standing outside.     According to officials, eight members of the Hazara Shia community were coming to Quetta from Chaman town on the Afghan border. They stopped their vehicle near a ...

Threat and intimidations: US turns Pakistan into another North Korea

1396/6/7 | 18:48
Days after the White House accused Pakistan of continuing to harbor terrorists on its soil, the top US commander in Afghanistan claimed that the United States “knows the Afghan Taliban leadership is in Quetta and Peshawar”.       The allegation elicited a sharp reaction from Islamabad, which has been fuming over the US president’s harsh remarks, with top government ministers calling upon the US to stop blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan.   In sharp response the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal told ...

Another indirect warning: Can US attack Pakistan?

1396/6/6 | 18:48
  Gen John W. Nicholson, the top United States commander in Afghanistan, claimed on Saturday that the US was aware of Afghan Taliban leadership's presence in Peshawar and Quetta, adding that the military would continue to put pressure on Taliban sanctuaries inside and outside Afghanistan.     Trump, in his first address as the commander-in-chief, called for greater troop deployment and Indian involvement in Afghanistan while lambasting Pakistan for offering safe havens to “agents of chaos”.     According to ...

Quetta blast: Why Pakistan failed to completely annihilate terrorism?

1396/5/24 | 18:48
In the latest attack in Quetta at least 15 people died including 8 army men. A suicide bomber rammed his explosives laden bicycle into the military truck. In an earlier attack in June, 13 people ─ including seven policeman ─ lost their lives.   The terrorists are being forced out of their remaining hideouts. The latest operation is being conducted in Rajgal valley along the Pak-Afghan border in Khyber Agency. Reacting like an injured beast the terrorists are attacking ferociously wherever they find an opportunity created by laxity ...

Explosion in Quetta's Pishin Stop area; at least 18 dead, 30 injured

1396/5/21 | 18:48
[caption id="attachment_49178" align="alignnone" width="1460"] Pakistani run away from the site of a blast shortly after a car explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013.[/caption] An explosion near Quetta's Pishin Stop  claimed at least 18 lives and left at least 30 injured. An emergency has been declared in the city following the blast which occurred in a high-security zone near an FC hostel. The nature of the explosion could not be immediately ascertained; however, eyewitnesses said the explosion had occurred near a security ...

Pakistan marks grim Eid after heavy death toll in oil tanker inferno, Parachinar and Quetta blast

1396/4/5 | 18:48
Pakistan began Eid in mourning Monday as the death toll in an oil tanker explosion rose to 153, with scores injured after they were caught in a fireball while scooping up spilled fuel.   Dozens of relatives were waiting outside hospitals in Bahawalpur, the nearest major city, to claim the bodies of their loved ones as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived early Monday to visit victims after cutting short a visit to London. The explosion ignited early Sunday as crowds ignored warnings to stay away from the tanker which had overturned on a main ...

Pakistan under attack: Multiple attacks before eid leave country mourning

1396/4/3 | 18:48
Bombs targeted civilians and security personnel in Parachi­nar and Quetta on Friday, leaving at least 54 people dead and over 120 injured.   Most casualties happened in Parachinar — 41 dead and about 100 wounded — because a second bomb was detonated when people gathered at the place where the first explosion had occurred to carry out the rescue work. While no group claimed responsibility for the twin attacks in Parachinar, two outfits said they had carried out the suicide car bomb blast in Quetta — Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter ...

Second blast in a day: Parachinar blast death toll mounts to 30

1396/4/2 | 18:48
  At least 30 people are feared dead and over 50 injured after two subsequent explosions hit a densely populated area of Kurram Agency's Parachinar city Friday evening, local political administration officials told media.   This is the second major bombing incident reported in the country on the same day. Early morning, at least 15 people ─ including seven policeman ─ lost their lives, while 19 others were injured in a suicide blast that shook Shuhada Chowk in Quetta's Gulistan Road area.   Rescue operations are currently ...

15 killed in blast on Quetta's Gulistan road

1396/4/2 | 18:48
At least 15 people ─ including five policeman ─ lost their lives, while 21 others were injured as a blast shook Shuhada Chowk in Quetta's affluent Gulistan Road area today. The injured were moved to Quetta's Civil Hospital, where an emergency was declared. Security was tightened across the city following the attack. According to DawnNews, the blast occurred close to Inspector General of Police Ehsan Mehboob's office. The blast was powerful enough that it was heard across the city, shattering windows of nearby buildings, said police spokesman ...

Hazara Genocide: The blood on State’s hands

1396/3/20 | 18:48
  The silent killing of Hazaras is once again on cards. The persecuted Hazara-Shia community of Quetta came under attack once again few days back. Three people including a policeman were killed when gunmen opened fire on them.      Just because large-scale terrorist attacks against this persecuted minority, such as the ones that took place back in 2003 and that prompted mass protests, have, for the time being halted, doesn’t mean that things have changed for the better.       Problematic is the way in which the ...

Rise of ISIS: How Pakistan’s faulty policies on Takfiri terrorist group strengthen ISIS in Pakistan?

1396/3/17 | 18:48
  The country has been assured again and again by Ch Nisar that the organisation calling itself IS had no existence in Pakistan.   It must have come as a rude shock to many to learn that that network not only exists in the country but is also responsible for kidnapping a Chinese couple who were teaching Mandarin in Quetta.   This is, in fact, the latest dastardly act committed by the terrorist network. Ch Nisar needs to realise that a state of denial on his part can create serious problems for the country.   Pursuing a ...

Mastung blast: JUI-F reaps what it sowed

1396/2/23 | 18:48
At least 25 people have been killed and over 40 others injured in an explosion in Balochistan's Mastung district, which is around an hour's drive from the provincial capital, Quetta.     The bombing took place near a local seminary shortly after Friday prayers.Deputy Chairman Senate Abdul Ghafoor Haideri's convoy was hit in the attack. The explosion occurred right as Haideri's convoy was exiting the seminary.     A Senate director staff, Iftikhar Mughal, was reportedly killed in the attack. It is unclear whether ...

Plight of Pilgrims: State apathy towards shia community in Pakistan

1395/12/29 | 18:48
  To register protest against the non-provision of security escort to their motorcade for last 10 days, stuck Shia pilgrims have threatened to begin march on foot to Quetta from Taftan border on their own.     The pilgrims who had returned from pilgrimage of Iraq and Iran via Taftan border of Pakistan, 10 days ago, were not allowed to leave the border area because of what they were told the security threat.     Last night, the pilgrims staged protest outside Pakistan House on Taftan border town and threatened to ...

Has Fazal ur Rehman lost his mind?

1395/12/18 | 18:48
  JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman has come out with a queer demand – hand over governance to his party, as this is the only way out to eliminate corruption. Speaking at Ulema convention in Quetta, he said Panama Leaks revealed offshore companies of many people but JUI-F has none.   Maulana Fazlur Rehman is a seasoned politician and has been playing his role in national politics and affairs. His party also had an opportunity to rule KP and remained coalition partner both at the Centre and in Balochistan.   However, the party ...

Lahore blast: Has Pakistan broken back bone of Terrorists?

1395/11/28 | 18:48
    Pakistan had been enjoying a period of calm with a drop in terrorist attacks as well as optimistic outlooks for economic and social development. It was the turn of the worst yesterday when a bomb blast ripped right through the heart of Lahore, and hours later there was a blast in Quetta as well. There was confusion as there always is, about the purpose of the attack. Was it to derail CPEC, payback for military operations against terrorists? Was it to scare the police, or was it to derail plans to host the PSL tournament final? ...

Quetta incident: How Ch.Nisar is trying to undermine a terror report?

1395/11/21 | 18:48
  [caption id="attachment_41367" align="alignnone" width="810"] Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan addressing a Press Briefing at NADRA Headquarters, Islamabad on May 27, 2016.[/caption]   The Interior Ministry has now produced what amounts to a 64 page rebuttal to Quetta report, and a request that some parts of the wording of the report be expunged.   Both the Interior Ministry and its Minister came in for particularly sharp criticism which the minister has condemned since, saying he was unfairly pilloried and misrepresented.     The ...

ASWJ cheated Islamabad administration for Takfiri gathering

1395/11/20 | 18:48
  Pakistan’s interior ministry has submitted a comprehensive reply with the Supreme Court regarding the judicial commission inquiry report on Quetta terrorism incidents, yesterday, in which it clarified that banned terror outfit ASWJ was not issued any permission to hold public meeting in Islamabad last year but a local cleric was issued the NOC for it.     This response too gives birth to another question: what sort of action has so far been taken against that local cleric for seeking permission on behalf of banned terrorist ...

Quetta Incident report: Some key questions to Pakistan’s defiant interior minister?

1395/11/19 | 18:48
  Since publication of Quetta incident report, the Interior Minister has spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to refute the claims made therein.    The Minister claims that the ATA does not prohibit pubic functionaries from meeting individuals who are on the Fourth Schedule, in case they are seeking lawful redressal of their grievances.   Sounds great! Would the worthy Minister also clarify whether he intends to make Punjab House premises available for all criminals and murders to express their grievances? ...

A half hearted war on terror: A case of banned organizations in Pakistan:

1395/10/19 | 18:48
  The Quetta Inquiry Commission set up under Justice Faiz Esa to investigate the August 8 Quetta attack has not just investigated the attack but has gone a step further and has highlighted the loopholes present in our counter terrorism narrative and the National Action Plan.       The commission’s report specifically requires hate material publication to be restricted and media personnel propagating the views of proscribed organisations to be prosecuted.     Amongst these recommendations, the commission also ...

National inaction plan: The blood on the hands of Ch.Nisar

1395/9/29 | 18:48
    The APS massacre has become part of bitter memories. NAP was the reflection of a collective pledge that state and society would not repeat past mistakes.      Just a day before the APS anniversary, the judicial commission probing the Aug 8 Quetta hospital bombing put forth its findings, reminding us that old habits die hard. The Quetta hospital bombing was no less a tragedy than the APS one, but state institutions reacted differently.     The Quetta commission has suggested “NAP should be made into a ...

Violence against disabled:  An act more than condemnable

1395/8/27 | 18:48
  Police officials reportedly manhandled and dragged disabled persons to clear the route for a government official during a protest demonstration in the Hockey Chowk area of Quetta. The disabled persons were demanding the provincial government to ensure implementation of disabled persons quota in government services and were also demanding a special package for them.“Four to five of our colleagues were injured by the police,” said Izatullah, the head of voice for disabled person in Balochistan. He added the police dragged him on the road ...

Protecting the protectors: A fool proof security plan

1395/8/18 | 18:48
Following the recent terrorists attack in Police Training College, Quetta, Punjab Inspector General of Police Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera has ordered four layers of security for all police training colleges and centers. He also directed the police officials to conduct regular combing operations around these training institutes. On October 24, at least 63 security personnel were martyred when terrorists stormed the Police Training College, Quetta. While chairing a meeting held at the Central Police Office on Friday to review security arrangements of police ...

Shafaqna Special: Quetta Attack and ISIS nightmare

1395/8/10 | 18:48
    Security forces raided a compound in Quetta and killed four militants linked to an attack on a police academy earlier in the week, officials said Friday. The raid in Quetta, was carried out late Thursday following an intelligence tip-off about the presence of fighters from the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) militant group. “A team of anti-terrorist force (ATF) raided the compound and killed four militants after an exchange of gunfire,” a senior local police official Abdullah Afridi told media. ISIS, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and the Taliban ...

Shafaqna Special: Who is backing Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and why?

1395/8/9 | 18:48
Security forces raided a compound in Quetta and killed four militants linked to an attack on a police academy earlier in the week, officials said Friday. The raid in Quetta, was carried out late Thursday following an intelligence tip-off about the presence of fighters from the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) militant group.“A team of anti-terrorist force (ATF) raided the compound and killed four militants after an exchange of gunfire,” a senior local police official Abdullah Afridi told a foreign news agency. Speaking off the record, a police official ...

A dirty business: Political point scoring on Quetta Attack

1395/8/8 | 18:48
  PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday deplored Defence Minister Khawaja Ahmed for drawing a parallel between terrorist attacks and political protests. In a tweet hours after terrorists martyred 60 Pakistanis cadets in Quetta, Khawaja Asif took to the micro-blogging website Twitter and compared the assault with PTI’s plan to hold a protest in Islamabad on November 2. “India attacks LOC & working boundary. Quetta &Peshawar attacked frm Afghanistan. IK preparing to attack Islamabad ..Accidental coordination?,” he tweeted, ...

Quetta again: The rhetoric of security lapse

1395/8/5 | 18:48
60 young men destined to protect the city and province in the future, died unceremoniously in the night as heavily armed suicide bombers stormed Quetta Police Academy, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families. Such a state of affairs should put the government and military establishment on high alert, and looking at the flurry of activity that has followed the attack it seems that it has. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Raheel Sharif on Tuesday attended a high-level meeting on security at the governor ...

Shafaqna Special: A country vulnerable to terrorism

1395/8/5 | 18:48
  At least four terrorists targeted the Police Training Centre on Saraib Road on Mondaynight, killing at least 60 young cadets and injuring over 117 others. All three assailants, including two who had detonated their suicide vests after entering the premises, causing the majority of casualties, were killed in the prolonged action that followed this latest attack. It is quite obvious then that we have won no war. The terrorists continue to score the kind of victories only they can rejoice in. The war against terrorism is far from over no matter ...

Shafaqna Exclusive: Quetta carnage, The war is not over

1395/8/4 | 18:48
Today terrorists wreaked another havoc when they stormed a police academy in Quetta, killing at least 61 people and wounding at least 117. It is one f the  deadliest attack on a security installation in the country's history. Three gunmen burst into the sprawling academy, targeting sleeping quarters home to some 700 recruits, and sent terrified young men aged between 15 and 25 fleeing. Talking to journalists, Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti said that three militants had targeted the guard of the hostel before entering the premises."The ...

Stranded at border: Did Govt deliberately abandon Shiite pilgrims?

1395/8/2 | 18:48
  Up to 700 Pakistani pilgrims, including a large number of women and children, are currently stranded in Iran after a travel agent failed to procure visas for the onward leg of their journey which would have taken them to Iraq. Pilgrims, intending to travel to Karbala in Iraq to observe Ashura, had booked with the Karachi-based travel company Karavan of Pride. The travel agency, located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi, had offered pilgrims a budget package to visit the holy sites in Iran and Iraq that would enable them to undertake ...

Rise in terror attacks: Is Pakistan failing against terrorists?

1395/7/16 | 18:48
 Terrorist attacks have been increased in Pakistan during the past one month. Seven major incidents of terrorism took place in which 30 people were killed and 37 injured. Last month in Quetta a suicide bomber targeted the emergency services ward at Quetta’s Civil Hospital Monday, killing at least 70 people and leaving scores injured. Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) splinter group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA), has claimed responsibility for the bombing which occurred at the gates of the building housing the emergency ward. Following the successful ...

Quetta carnage: Does any Government exist in Pakistan?

1395/7/3 | 18:48
 The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Balochistan and the Chief Secretary (CS) to submit detailed report regarding Quetta blast before the next date of hearing along with CCTV footages of the incident. During the course of proceedings, the court reprimanded IGP Balochistan for lack of progress in investigation into the incident. Senior Advocate Hamid Khan counsel for victim families appeared before the court and stated that neither any arrest had so far been made in the case nor anyone had been held responsible. ...

Curious absence: The missing defence minister of Pakistan

1395/6/7 | 18:48
After a long time appearance Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said over the period Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain has adopted a habit to speak against Pakistan, its security institutions and incite people to violence. Talking to media, the minister said Altaf Hussain had also been using indecent and derogatory language against the homeland during Pervez Musharraf’s regime. He also mentioned an anti-Pakistan speech by Altaf Hussain delivered in India during the Pervez Musharraf’s tenure and said no one had ...

Regional proxies: Is Pakistan victim of her own policies?

1395/5/26 | 18:48
Advisor to Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz has said that Taliban splinter group, Jamaatul Ahrar had assistance of Afghanistan intelligence in carrying out suicide blast in Quetta’s Civil Hospital that killed 70 people, reported Friday. He said that coordination and cooperation between Indian Research and Analysis Wing and Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Service is evident.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government wants dedicated talks to resolve Kashmir dispute, he said adding that Foreign Secretary ...

The new target: Pakistan’s militancy takes a new dimension

1395/5/24 | 18:48
Lahore High Court justices condemned the Quetta blast and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families. LHC Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and other judges strongly condemned the murder of Bilal Anwar Kasi, the Balochistan High Court Bar Association president, and the suicide attack in which scores of lawyers, journalists and other citizens were killed and injured. They offered their sympathies and condolences to the bereaved families. The judges prayed for the early recovery of the wounded.The chief justice personally spoke to Khan Abdul Ghani ...

70th Independence Day: Do Pakistanis have much to celebrate?

1395/5/24 | 18:48
Pakistan is celebrating its 70th Independence Day today with national zeal and fervor. All major public and private buildings, roads and avenues have been decorated with illuminations, national flags, posters, and banners for the Independence Day festivities. The day was dawned with special prayers in mosques for the progress and prosperity of the country, to be followed by thirty-one gun salute in the federal and twenty-one gun salute at the provincial capitals. Mobile phone services would remain suspended in several parts of Islamabad, Karachi, ...

An intelligence failure: Why not to blame sacred cows for Quetta massacre?

1395/5/22 | 18:48
Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai has again stirred up controversy – this time by disputing with reports about the involvement of Indian intelligence agency RAW in Monday’s Quetta blast. Taking part in the National Assembly debate on Monday’s blast in Quetta, Achakzai said that country’s intelligence agencies could trace a needle from murky water, how could they have missed extremists. The PkMAP’s leader held intelligence agencies and law enforcement departments responsible for the negligence, adding that Indian ...

Quetta Aftermath: Was Quetta Attack a conspiracy against CPEC?

1395/5/21 | 18:48
Top civil and military leadership believed that Monday’s suicide attack at the Civil Hospital was actually an attempt by the “enemies of the country” to sabotage the ongoing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed all state security institutions to respond “with full might to eliminate terrorists” and Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif gave a free hand to intelligence agencies to target anyone linked to the terrorist attacks. The PM and the army chief separately arrived in the provincial ...

Quetta Carnage: Who exactly is Pakistan supposed to be fighting?

1395/5/21 | 18:48
A suicide bomber targeted the emergency services ward at Quetta’s Civil Hospital Monday, killing at least 93 people leaving scores injured. Two journalists, Mehmood Khan and Shahzad Khan lost their lives reporting on the protest where the attacker struck. CM Balochistan Minister Sanaullah Zehri was quick to blame RAW for the attack. Strange that such clear intelligence was gathered so swiftly. IS Khurasan has claimed the attack according to reports. The contradiction is terrifying in its implications of our understanding of the war on terror ...

Quetta Slaughter: The multifaceted violence in Balochistan

1395/5/19 | 18:48
The Quetta Civil Hospital was rocked by a bomb blast followed by firing, which claimed the lives of 70 people and injured more than 108 on Monday. Eyewitnesses stated that scores of lawyers were injured due to the blast. A stampede ensued after the blast took place, causing anarchy and chaos everywhere. A couple of minutes before the blast had taken place, the dead body of Bilal Anwar Kasi, the Balochistan Bar Association President who had been killed earlier in a firing incident. Sources claimed that among the dead, mostly were lawyers since ...

Bloodbath in Quetta: Death toll surges to 63

1395/5/18 | 18:48
At least 63 people killed and over 50 others were injured when a bomb exploded in Civil Hospital Quetta today. The blast, followed by firing was heard after president of Balochistan Bar Association Advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Quetta. There was no claim of responsibility for the blast, which occurred at the gates of the building housing the emergency ward.“The blast took place after a number of lawyers and some journalists had gathered at the hospital following the death of the president of the Balochistan ...

Feather in cap: Muhammad Waseem writes a new history of Pakistan boxing

1395/4/29 | 18:48
 Pakistan’s only professional boxer Muhammad Waseem Sunday defeated Philippines’ Jether Oliva for World Boxing Council (WBC) Silver flyweight title in Seoul. In a 12-round competition, Waseem strongly knocked out Oliva and managed to gain fourth position in international boxing ranking. Belonging to Quetta, 28-year-old Waseem is the first boxer of the country who won the WBC international professional title.He underwent two-month special training in United States and Japan for this fight. Muhammad Waseem began his professional career in ...

Crackdown against LeJ: The homegrown snakes biting the masters

1395/4/14 | 18:48
 Security forces killed three militants at the start of a crackdown on sectarian militant group in Balochistan, officials said on Thursday, following a spate of attacks targeting security forces. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), whose roots are in Punjab province, claimed responsibility for gunning down four policemen on Tuesday and four soldiers of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the city of Quetta on Wednesday. A spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps said the government had decided to launch an armed operation against LeJ at a late night ...

Three dead multiple wounded in Quetta Blast

1395/4/4 | 18:48
At least three people were killed and over 28 injured in a blast near Quetta’s Almo Chowk today. The remote-controlled blast occurred near a shop on Airport Road, spreading panic in the area. Security officials confirmed the deaths in the incident, saying the explosives weighing eight to 10 kilogram were installed on a motorcycle parked outside a nearby shop. According to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Quetta Chaudhary Manzoor, around 5 kilograms of explosives were used in the blast. The blast went off outside a shop in the crowded ...

Ambiguous statistics: Balochistan presents an unprepared budget for next year

1395/4/2 | 18:48
Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has  presented provincial budget over 289 billion rupees for the fiscal year 2016-17. Presenting the budget in the provincial assembly in Quetta on Sunday evening, he said deficit of the budget has been estimated approximately 36 billion rupees. The Chief Minister said that revenues worth more than 252 billion rupees would be collected during the new financial year. He further said that amount worth 218 billion has been allocated for non-development expenditures, in the budget while over 71 billion ...

Politics of Popularism: Is Nawaz Sharif trying to bury corruption scandal

1395/2/16 | 18:48
  Prime Minister (PM) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has inaugurated National Health Insurance program and other development projects on a day-long visit in Quetta on Monday. On arrival, he was received at the airport by Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and members of the provincial cabinet. It is said that initially, the program will be launched in Quetta, Loralai, Turbat and Lasbela. Sources told that three hundred thousand poor patients would avail free medical treatment under this program. Talking at the ceremony, PM Nawaz ...

Handling protests: A tainted democracy of Pakistan

1395/1/22 | 18:48
Young Doctors Protest turned violent as the doctors attempted to penetrate in red-zone on Thursday, in clash with police 07 doctors were injured while 10 arrested during YDA protest here in Quetta. At least 07 Protesters were injured and three arrested as clashes took place amid Police and Young Doctors Association (YDA) here in the provincial capital on Thursday. Young Doctors Association (YDA) commenced a rally from Civil Hospital Quetta against the Health Department non-payment of salaries for nine months. The Protesters carried-out placards ...

History of Jabal-e-Noor, Quetta

1394/12/28 | 18:48
Quetta is one of the metropolitan cities and an attractive tourist destination. It is situated in Baluchistan being the 9th largest city of Pakistan. The city is surrounded by beautiful river valleys and mountains. Talking about mountains, Jabal-e-Noor or the Quran Mountain is of very high importance. But why is that, this article will explain it to you.The Holy Quran has been on Earth since the beginning of Islam. Pakistan too has had very old Holy Qurans published years ago. But, very old published copies start to tear or rot away. Ever wondered ...

Shahbaz Taseer’s mysterious return: More questions than answers

1394/12/21 | 18:48
  Assassinated Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer’s son Shahbaz Taseer on Wednesday reunited with his family in Lahore after almost five years in captivity. Shahbaz Taseer was flown from Samungli Air Base in Quetta in a special aircraft to Lahore, a day after he was recovered from Balochistan’s Kuchlak area. The kidnapping, that took place some months after the assassination of Mr Taseer’s father Salmaan Taseer in 2011, had raised several questions about the motives and identity of the kidnappers. Meanwhile, one can only imagine the ...

Polio again: Pakistan need to fight narratives to eradicate disease

1394/12/8 | 18:48
 Balochistan’s first and Pakistan’s third polio case of the year 2016 was reported in Quetta on Monday. Mohammad Ikram, a 30-month old toddler from Quetta city was diagnosed with the virus, sources in the Polio Emergency Cell said. Dr Syed Saif ur Rehman, Chief of Polio Emergency Cell, said that the recurring polio cases were the result of parents refusing polio drops for their children. “There has been a 90 per cent decline in refusals in Balochistan,” said Rehman. He added that during the recent polio campaign launched in the country’s ...

An own league: How PSL could help return of international cricket to Pakistan?

1394/12/5 | 18:48
Pakistan´s inaugural national cricket league has been an unexpected success, even though all the matches have been played in the United Arab Emirates. Since the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was announced last September, the country´s cricket board has sold five franchises for $93 million and attracted players from 11 different countries. They include big names like West Indies batsman Chris Gayle and former internationals Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka and England´s Kevin Pietersen. The biggest surprise, however, has been the response from Pakistan´s ...