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Islamic Jihad vows retaliation for Israeli attack

1396/8/23 | 04:10
  Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Movement slammed the fresh Israeli threats as a declaration of war, saying the Tel Aviv regime will have to pay the price for a military attack on a tunnel in Gaza that killed 12 members of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas some two weeks ago.     “Israel has killed 12 Palestinians in Gaza and another one in the West (Bank) over the last two weeks… When they kill men of the resistance, and especially from Islamic Jihad, we have no other choice but to punish the occupier, and continue to strengthen the buildup ...

The untold story: why Priti Patel’s departure is ‘a great loss for Israel’

1396/8/22 | 04:10
  It is easy enough to understand why an ambitious politician like Priti Patel would have wanted to court Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), described this week by The Jewish Chronicle’s reporter Marcus Dysch as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster”.   But what about the Israeli government and its allies? Why, in the words of Israeli opposition politician Isaac Herzog, was Patel’s fall from grace a “great loss for Israel”?   True, she looked like future leadership material. But in fact, a more interesting ...

Israel arrests 483 Palestinian children this year

1396/8/17 | 04:10
    Israeli occupation forces have arrested 483 Palestinian children since the start of 2017, the Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Committee announced yesterday.   Quds Press reported the official Palestinian rights groups saying that the Israeli occupation locked up a number of these children in Ofer Military Prison under administrative detention.   The lawyer of the rights group Louai Al-Mansi said “40 Palestinian children were arrested in October”; eight of them were tortured.   Al-Mansi said that one child ...

Palestine is Iran’s central issue, says senior adviser

1396/8/15 | 04:10
  A senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Friday that Palestine remains Iran’s central issue, Quds Press has reported.   “The enemy axis creates sedition in the region in order to divert eyes from the Palestinian cause,” Ali Akbar Velayati told a conference in Lebanon to mark the centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration. “The choice of resistance and confrontation is the only road to liberate occupied Palestine.”   Velayati noted that some governments in the region have opted ...

Why should Britain apologise for the Balfour Declaration?

1396/8/12 | 04:10
  Until now, the British government does not seem inclined to review its colonial behavior in Palestine, which led to the establishment of the Zionist state “Israel” there, and caused a catastrophe for the Palestinian people.   They were dislodged from most of their land, and their social fabric was ripped apart, while most Palestinians became refugees. The statement by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, in which she showed pride in the Balfour Declaration and the foundation of Israel, is only proof of that.   British policy ...

Leaked emails: UAE wants Qatar to be ‘accountable’ for supporting BDS

1396/8/11 | 04:10
  Qatar’s support for the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel was a major cause of concern amongst senior UAE diplomats in Washington during the months leading up to the imposition of the Saudi-led siege on Doha. The UAE plays a leading role in the siege on its Gulf neighbour.   The UAE’s ambassador to the US, Yousef Al-Otaiba, vented his frustration about the Qataris to a former American diplomat, Dennis Ross, in a series of leaked emails, which have been obtained by MEMO. Ross is known to some ...

Is India looking Israel’s help to crush uprising in Kashmir?

1396/8/11 | 04:10
  Signaling the increased cooperation between India and Israel on how to suppress genuine freedom struggles in Palestine and Kashmir, Israeli chief of ground forces, Major General Yakov Barak, visited the Indian Army’s Northern command headquarters in Jammu and interacted with army commander and other senior officers,  Kashmir Media Service reported on Wednesday.   The report said Indian army spokesman, Colonel N N Joshi, told media men in Jammu that Major General Barak accompanied by some other Israeli army officers visited ...

UK: Now is not the ‘right time’ to recognise Palestine

1396/8/10 | 04:10
  UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson declined the Labour Party’s offer to recognise a Palestinian state “now” insisting that “the moment is not yet right to play that card”.   Replying to questions about the Balfour Declaration in the House of Commons yesterday, Johnson said: “It won’t on its own end the occupation. It won’t on its own bring peace. It isn’t after all something you can do more than once.   “That card having been played that will be it. We judge that it is better to give every possible encouragement ...

Walls and militarised police: How Israel is exporting its occupation to the US

1396/8/10 | 04:10
  Israeli footprints are becoming more apparent in the US security apparatus. Such a fact does not bode well for ordinary Americans.   US Senate Bill S.720 should have been a wake-up call. The bill, drafted by the Israel lobby group, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), as part of its “2017 Lobbying Agenda” is set to punish any individual or company that boycotts Israel for its violation of Palestinian human rights.   The severe punishment could reach a million dollars in fines, and up to 20 years in jail. ...

8 Palestinians killed, over 10 injured as Israeli jets bomb Gaza tunnel

1396/8/9 | 04:10
At least eight Palestinian men have lost their lives and more than 10 others sustained injuries when Israeli fighter jets bombarded and destroyed a lifeline tunnel in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip.  Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, identified six of the victims as 25-year-old Ahmad Khalil Abu Armanah, 27-year-old Omar Nassar al-Flit, 30-year-old Misbah Fa’iq Shubair, 22-year-old Mohammed Marwan al-Agha, Arafat Abu Morshed, Hassan Abu Hassanain and. The sources added that Morshed and Hassanain were two senior ...

Hamas: We will never sever ties with Iran as perquisite for talks with Israel

1396/8/1 | 04:10
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has stressed that it will never sever ties with Iran as prerequisites for talks with the Tel Aviv regime. Hamas's deputy leader Saleh al-Aruri (seen below) made the remarks in a statement released on Saturday. Aruri is leading a high-ranking Hamas delegation which arrived in Tehran on Friday for talks with Iranian officials including Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. Aruri noted that Israel had set three preconditions for the beginning ...

‘We are not at war with Islam’, says Israeli president

1396/7/28 | 04:10
  Israeli President Reuven Rivlin told a delegation of Zionist Christians that his country is not at war with Islam.   Speaking yesterday in Jerusalem during a meeting with the head of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) from Africa, Bishop Barnabas Lekganyana, Rivlin said: “We have never had a religious war with Islam; we understood that we had to live in harmony.”   Rivlin’s comments appeared to be another attempt to challenge the notion that the conflict in Palestine is a religious war. He had echoed similar sentiments ...

The backdrop of Palestinian reconciliation

1396/7/22 | 04:10
  With a deal for political reconciliation having been reached by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, attention should shift to the humanitarian impact of Mahmoud Abbas’s collective punishment of the people in the Gaza Strip.     The punitive measures, blatantly visible, were primarily an exercise in deprivation for political gain.On Wednesday, Wafa and Alray reported that re-establishing adequate electricity supply to Gaza is dependent on whether “the Palestinian Government of National Consensus can assume its duties ...

The EU context for increasing financial aid to Palestine

1396/7/21 | 04:10
  We might be excused for assuming that the only party involved in the reconciliation talks is the Palestinian Authority. Since Hamas announced its willingness to commit to political unity, PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and President Mahmoud Abbas have been hailed by international institutions as beacons of progress and change.   There has been no mention of how, since Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza in 2014, this state of affairs was a top priority for the US. That Gaza should come under the PA is not a novel proposal; ...

Netanyahu wants Hamas to disarm, cut ties with Iran

1396/7/16 | 04:10
  The West Bank ruling Fatah prime minister Rami al-Hamdallah chaired Fatah and Hamas cabinet meeting in Gaza Strip for the first time since 2014 in a move toward establishing a Palestinian Authority unity government between the Islamist and pro-US secularist factions.   Hamdallah told ministers that the meeting was a major step in a reconciliation process promoted by neighboring Egypt and other US-allied Arab countries.   “Today, we stand before an important historical moment as we begin to get over our wounds, put our ...

Israeli intelligence has power to refuse, dismiss teachers in Arab schools

1396/7/16 | 04:10
  Israel’s Internal Security Agency, Shin Bet, has the power to reject the appointment of Arab teachers at the country’s Arab schools, Quds Press reported on Friday.   The agency can also dismiss such staff for political reasons, it is claimed. A former official at the Israeli Ministry of Education, Emmanuel Koplovich, told Ynet News that Shin Bet has rejected the appointment of many qualified teachers.   “Shin Bet was involved in everything regarding recruitment for education positions,” confirmed the former head ...

Two states for Israel and none for the Palestinians

1396/7/3 | 04:10
  The Zionist movement continues its Judaisation battles which have been ongoing since 1948 all across the Palestinian territories, especially in the cities that maintained their Arab-Palestinian nature and character, despite being occupied and their inhabitants displaced.     The Judaisation battles in the 1960s and 1970s in Galilee and the Triangle, as well as the ongoing battle in the Negev, have been the fiercest battles fought by several successive governments.     In the wake of the second occupation of ...

Palestinian President Abbas Says One-State Solution Is an Option

1396/7/2 | 04:10
  Speaking at the UN, President President Mahmoud Abbas took an unprecedented position in the course of what have become increasingly common warnings over the lack of progress on a two-state solution. He conceded that the one-state solution is an option.   That’s not a position Palestinian officials historically like to talk about. For a long time, establishing an independent Palestine next to Israel has been the only game in town. Israeli policies, Abbas warned, are “gravely undermining” the two-state solution.   But ...

Is Abbas ready to end his punishment of Gaza?

1396/6/31 | 04:10
  As the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Ismail Haniyeh, made his way back to the Gaza Strip after an 11-day trip to Cairo, during which he announced the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza and agreed to reconcile with Fatah, the residents of the territory waited for the punishing measures taken against them by Ramallah to be cancelled. They are still waiting.     Reconciliation, it seems, is not that easy. Life in Gaza has become intolerable due to the Israeli-led siege and the internal ...

Outrage in Egypt over Israeli Flag in educational book

1396/6/27 | 04:10
  In the wake of the controversy over the removal of Palestinian flag from the eight grade's social studies book and mentioning the Zionist regime's flag instead, the Egyptian Ministry of Education announced that a specialized technical committee will be set up to examine the issue.     According to Reza Hejazi, head of the Egyptian General Education Department, said the foreign book, which included the flag of Israel, did not obtain the distribution permission from the Ministry of Education and therefore was not validated ...

The United States and Russia rejected the request of Israel to keep Iran far from the Syrian border

1396/6/25 | 04:10
  Haaretz urged Russia and the United States to refrain from any ceasefire agreement in Syria with the presence of Iran or its united troops in southern Syria near the occupied Palestinian state.   Israel raised this demand during talks that took place before the July ceasefire agreement, which has been faced with Russia's opposition.   Senior Israeli Cabinet ministers refer to the US-Russia deal on Syria as a strategic failure of the highest level. “The United States threw Israel under the bus for the second time in a row.   The ...

Israel’s war against the United Nations

1396/6/23 | 04:10
  In Israel’s propaganda narrative, the apartheid state attempts to portray itself as upholding law and order in the “rough neighbourhood” that is the Middle East. In explicitly racist terminology, Israeli leaders talk about themselves as the “villa in the jungle,” as Ehud Barak once put it. But a simple look at the reality of what Israel has done and continues to do to the indigenous peoples of the Middle East shows the very opposite of law and order: death, destruction and disorder are the reign of the day. Israel has meant ...

Who will stop the Israeli settlements?

1396/6/20 | 04:10
  The Palestinian reaction to the decision of the Israeli defence minister to grant 800 settlers in the centre of Hebron independence from the municipality of Hebron was weak and did not match the action taken by the Israelis.     The Ramallah government warned against the fierce settlement attack waged by the Israeli government, through which it seeks to end any chances to revive the political process and end any trace of the international efforts in this regard. Warnings no longer scare Israel and it will not stop settlement ...

Imam Khamenei demands immediate end to domestic wars in Islamic countries

1396/6/10 | 04:10
  Ayatollah Khamenei demanded an end to the catastrophic incidents in Islamic countries and stressed: the most important duty of Muslims is to save Palestine.   Ayatollah Khamenei’s Hajj 2017 message: In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad – the Final Prophet – upon his immaculate household and upon his chosen companions   I thank God Almighty for bestowing, this year as well as previous years, the blessing ...

The Story of a Compromise

1396/6/4 | 04:10
  The chain of events concerning the compromises on Palestine began with the Rogers plan, gained prominence at Camp David, intensified in Madrid, set in ink in Oslo, and reached their height in Washington and Camp David 2.   Today, September 17th, coincides with the 36thsigning of the “Camp David” accords by the then President of Egypt Anwar al-Sadat, and the then Prime Minister of Israel, for which the stage was set by the then President of the United States. The leader of the revolution had this to say on the accords: “the ...

Israel’s anger with Turkey

1396/6/3 | 04:10
  The battle of Al-Aqsa Mosque is ongoing with the Netanyahu government, which is surrounded by corruption cases and drowning in the confidence crisis that is being threatened with the emergence of more evidence regarding its involvement in corrupt and suspicious deals.      Under the current circumstances, the Israeli government and its media mouthpieces found the best solution to be exporting its crisis abroad and fabricating crises with countries that support the worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, beginning with Turkey and ...

Israel confiscates children’s toys in Jenin

1396/5/26 | 04:10
Israeli occupation forces yesterday announced that they confiscated children’s toys from the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. In a statement, the Israeli army said that its troops carried a campaign, the first of its kind, against air guns used by children fearing that they would be turned into “lethal weapons”. The commander of the Israeli Military Central Command issued a military order banning the possession of toys which are similar to real arms or which could be turned into real arms, the statement said. The Israeli occupation ...

Inner conflicts: Is PA committing treason to Palestine cause?

1396/5/19 | 04:10
  Fissures within the Palestinian camp also need to be addressed to form a united front against the Israeli occupation and to secure the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.  In this regard, Mahmoud Abbas’s recent statement to step up sanctions on Gaza — ruled by Fatah’s rival Hamas — is unfortunate. While many states recognise the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority based in the West Bank as the ‘genuine leadership’ of the Palestinians, Hamas has been running Gaza’s affairs since it took over the tiny coastal strip in ...

US planning to air strikes in Palestine

1396/5/17 | 04:10
The US Department of Defense is weighing a new strategy that would authorize the military to expand its global drone strike program to the Philippines, according to a new report. The drone strikes would be part of an official operation against Daesh (ISIL) targets in the Southeast Asian country, NBC News reported Monday, citing two US military officials. According to the unnamed sources, the operation might be named as early as Tuesday, helping it to get more funding. A bloody standoff between government forces and extremist militants who ...

The deal: Israel’s endgame

1396/5/16 | 04:10
De facto what we have in Palestine today is precisely what the Zionist movement, the pre-state Yishuv and successive Israeli governments have been working towards since the start of the twentieth century: the complete “judaisation” of Palestine – transforming an Arab country into the Land of Israel. Having reached the de facto stage of complete judaisation, Netanyahu’s government is now “mopping up” – constructing infrastructure and settlements, eliminating along with the Palestinian Authority (PA) effective sources of resistance, ...

Can a land exchange resolve Israel-Palestine conflict?

1396/5/8 | 04:10
  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel could take control of West Bank settlements in exchange for Arab Israeli communities moving under Palestinian control, Israeli media said Friday.     Under the proposal for a solution to the Palestine-Israel question, Netanyahu reportedly told U.S. officials that the Wadi Ara region of Israel could be taken over by the Palestinian government.   The suggestion came during a meeting a few weeks ago with U.S. presidential adviser Jared Kushner and Ambassador Jason Greenblatt, ...

Is Abbas really halting contacts with Israel?

1396/5/3 | 04:10
  The President of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, declared a freeze on Friday on all contacts with Israel. His move was in protest at the latest measures taken by Israel at the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa, including the installation of metal detectors at the gates of the holy site. “Relations will be frozen at all levels until Israel commits itself to cancelling all its steps against the Palestinian people as a whole and against the city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, ...

Saudi prince: ‘Let us go and fight for Al-Aqsa’

1396/5/3 | 04:10
The son of the late Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz took to the social networking site Twitter to discuss the events unfolding at Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Israeli restrictions imposed on Palestinian worshippers. In the tweets, Abdulaziz Bin Fahd called on Muslims and Arabs to stand in solidarity with Al-Aqsa. One tweet reads: “Every Muslim is obliged to support our brothers in Palestine and the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, everyone within their means. O nation of Muhammad, show them who you are. Neglecting Al-Aqsa would be a disgrace and God will hold ...

Israel Removes Metal Detectors From Around al-Aqsa Mosque

1396/5/3 | 04:10
Faced with soaring unrest related to the matter, Israel’s Security Cabinet has voted Tuesday morning to remove the metal detectors they set up around the outskirts of the al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the most important holy sites in Islam.   The metal detectors were wildly unpopular, with Palestinian officials accusing Israel of using security problems as a pretext to establish greater control over the holy site. The detectors fueled massive Friday protests, and warnings of more to come. Israeli officials don’t want to be seen backing ...

Arab’s Infighting: Israel launches plan of greater Israel

1396/5/2 | 04:10
  Earlier this month, Israel introduced security measures that severely compromised Palestinian access to al-Aqsa Mosque. These included metal detectors and barring entry to men under the age of 50.   Which explains why that particular gentleman was praying outside. Palestinian rights activists have decried these ‘protocols’ — pointing out that an occupying power has no legitimate grounds for denying freedom of worship. It is, they say, an attempt to expand illegitimate Israeli ‘control’ over the compound.     Palestinian ...

Iran raps Israel for ‘vicious crackdown’ on Palestinians

1396/5/2 | 04:10
Iran has strongly condemned Israeli regime's continued acts of aggression and brutal crackdown on Palestinians, calling on independent nations across the world to voice solidarity with the oppressed people.   bGhasemi criticized certain so-called promoters of Islam in region for their silence and inaction in the face of Israel’s aggression, calling on the international community, particularly the United Nations, to make an urgent probe into the unfortunate developments in the occupied territories and take a firm stance against Israel’s ...

Israel’s diplomatic expansion in the face of Arab retraction

1396/4/27 | 04:10
One of the manifestations of the fragmentation of the Arab nation is the decline of the Palestinian cause on the list of regional government priorities.   Palestine was the focus of the Arab unity project from the start of the occupation nearly seventy years ago, but no more. There are many reasons for this decline, including US hegemony in the Middle East and the evil alliance against the Arab people and their aspirations. This has pushed many Arab countries not only to abandon the Palestinian cause, but also to seek normalisation with ...

Why Iran’s supreme leader clubbed Kashmir with Yemen, and not with Palestine

1396/4/24 | 04:10
  In subsequent decades, Iranians watered down their rhetoric on Kashmir and strengthened ties with New Delhi.   When the then foreign minister Inder Kumar Gujral was about to undertake an official visit to Iran in 1991, the Iranian government conveyed to New Delhi that the minister was not welcome in Tehran. The Iranian rebuke came in the wake of an Indian military crackdown on pro-independence activists in Kashmir who Tehran considered were waging a legitimate struggle for independence. Four years later, in 1994, Iranians abstained ...

Abbas Visits Egypt to Try to Derail Hamas Rapprochement

1396/4/21 | 04:10
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made an “emergency” visit to Cairo this weekend to meet with Egypt junta leader Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, seeking “clarification” on Egypt’s growing rapprochement with Hamas, and hoping to derail the move. Egypt recently reopened the Gaza border crossing, which threatens to derail Abbas’ efforts to destabilize the Gaza Strip and try to force Hamas to relinquish control. The risks have gotten even bigger for Abbas, however, with key rival Mohammed Dahlan now working on a power-sharing ...

Israeli settler runs over, injures pregnant Palestinian woman

1396/4/19 | 04:10
An Israeli settler has reportedly run over and injured a pregnant Palestinian woman in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Local sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the 28-year-old victim, identified as Abeer Bassam Joubarah, was walking along the main road next to al-Arroub refugee camp, located 15 kilometers south of Bethlehem, on Sunday morning when she was struck by a settler's vehicle, Arabic-language Safa news network reported. Palestinian medics quickly rushed to the scene and provided the injured woman with ...

Palestinians angered by Indian leader Modi's 'biased' Israel visit

1396/4/16 | 04:10
Ramallah has expressed disappointment at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's refusal to visit the Palestinian territories during his state visit to Israel.   Palestinian Deputy Foreign Minister Tasir Jaradat told Al Jazeera that the Indian leader's historic visit to Israel would be overshadowed by his decision not to meet President Mahmoud Abbas during the three-day tour. "We expected him [Modi] to visit both Israel and Palestine," Jaradat told Al Jazeera."To play an important role between the two sides and to be able ...

Visiting Israel: Is Modi isolating India from Muslim countries?

1396/4/13 | 04:10
  Narendra Modi becomes the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel when he arrives on Tuesday, the result of growing ties that have led to billions of dollars in defence deals.     Israel, in constant search of allies to vote in its favour at UN bodies as well as business partners, has been portraying the visit as historic.     Israeli analysts have also noted Modi will apparently not travel to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian leaders during his three-day stay, as is common for many foreign dignitaries. Modi ...

Abbas’ siege on Gaza: The goals and the financial benefits

1396/4/11 | 04:10
  Since Hamas’ victory in the parliamentary elections on 25 January 2006, the president of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, has been collaborating with the forces of the occupation to place Gaza under siege for approximately ten years now.   These endeavours – directly or indirectly – have been aiming to suffocate Palestinian resistance and any potential to establish a viable and independent Palestinian state. Abbas’ latest measures, which include cutting the salaries of the families of martyrs and the wounded, as well as all employees, ...

Zionist indoctrination: The nefarious plan to change Palestinian’s ideology

1396/4/11 | 04:10
  Young Palestinian Faris Abu-Mayyaleh will soon find out how he did in his final high school exams, in which he answered questions about Israel’s founding fathers and the history of Zionism.     Faris, 18, chose to study the Israeli curriculum instead of the Palestinian equivalent in the hope that it will open more doors at colleges in Israel and help him get work there. “I know it’s the ‘Occupation’. But Palestine, Israel — I don’t care. I just want to go to university,” said Abu-Mayyaleh, who lives and studies ...

Fear of unrest: #Saudis_against_normalisation with Israel

1396/4/8 | 04:10
Saudis have taken to social media to counter a campaign to encourage normalisation with Israel, tweeting using the hashtag “Saudis against normalisation”. Activists described normalising relations with Israel as “an explicit act of treason that must be reconsidered and whose dangers must be unveiled.” This comes as news has been circulating that Saudi Arabia’s actions against Qatar in recent weeks have been to harm the Palestinian resistance and edge it closer to the occupation state, Israel. They also demanded people not adhere to ...

Remembering what the Supreme leaders of Iran said about Al-Quds day

1396/4/3 | 04:10
  Al-Quds Day (يوم القدس) takes place every year on the last Friday of the month of Ramazan. Soon after the Islamic revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to dedicate this day to demanding the rights of oppressed Muslims around the world - particularly in Palestine. On this day, rallies are organised before Friday prayer to protest against the occupation of Palestine.   Since the end of Ramzan varies from country to country, if the last day of Ramzan falls on Friday or Saturday in Iran, Al-Quds day will be held ...

Mass killing of Palestinians: Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

1396/4/2 | 04:10
  Rabbi Shlomo Mlmad, the chairman of the so-called Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements, called on settlers to poison Palestinians through their water supply, which came to light by the Israeli organization ‘Breaking the Silence’ . Group member Yehuda Shaul said, according to WAFA, that the aim behind poisoning water in the West Bank is to push Palestinians out of their towns and cities in order to allow settlers to take over Palestinian lands.   The ministry of foreign affairs said, in a press release, that Palestinians ...

Qaradawi accuses Saudi Arabia of cooperating with Israel

1396/3/26 | 04:10
Yusuf al-Qaradawi stressed that Muslim Brotherhood is a Muslim congregation, a true defender of Islam and Muslims' pivotal issue which is Palestine.   I ask god for forgiveness that I remained silent against Saudi ruling family and what they have done to Muslims so far, he added. Qaradawi said: “what is painful is that Sisi sold Tiran and Sanafir to the Saudis and Zionists so they oppose with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Resistance. They forced me to leave Qatar. It is a betrayal to Muslims and Egyptians. Emirati officials who ...