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US allegations: Why Pakistan cannot contain extremist groups to raise funds?

1396/5/1 | 19:40
  Pakistan could be in trouble for not doing enough to prevent militant groups from raising funds inside the country, warns a report of the US State Department.   The Congress-mandated document acknowledges that violent terrorist attacks inside Pakistan have continued to decline but also blames Islamabad for failing to prevent cross-border attacks.     In a separate chapter on money laundering, the report notes that Pakistan is a member of the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering, a regional body modelled on the Financial ...

Can Russia help Pakistan to control militancy in Balochistan?

1396/5/1 | 19:40
  The Balochistan provincial government has received an Mi-171E non-combat helicopter from Russian helicopters, Russian news agency Tass reported.     The Mi-171 is a civilian variant of the Mi-17 military cargo helicopter, which is already in service in the Pakistan Army.   The Mi-17 is widely used across the world due to its reliability and ability to operate in all climates, and could be used by the provincial government to transport cargo or passengers, or as an emergency response aircraft.   The Balochistan ...

Wind of true change: The changing political scenario of Pakistan

1396/5/1 | 19:40
  In the fast changing scenario, political tension is mounting between the ruling and opposition parties and their allies, as three-member bench of the Supreme Court reserved order on 'Panama case,' and over the question of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's possible disqualification.   Though no date for the order has been given, there is the indication that it is expected next week.    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif still holds the 'key' in this scenario, as political development revolves around him, both in favour or against. ...

How Raheel Sharif’s appointment will push Pakistan into another war?

1396/4/30 | 19:40
Is Raheel Shrif leading Saudi led alliance or not and Sartaj Aziz, once again struggling to answer questions in the Senate.   Saudi Arabia is rightly a close ally of Pakistan and the ties between the two countries are deep and long-standing, but Saudi Arabia’s interests are not automatically Pakistan’s.    As the war in Yemen and now the blockade of Qatar have indicated, the Saudi leadership, undergoing a generational change, is making questionable decisions. Pakistan’s core national interest is to defeat militancy of all ...

Pakistan’s former chief of army staff: Iran is the only country that has challenged U.S.

1396/4/30 | 19:40
Unfortunately, after 70 years of independence, it wasn’t truly independent, said General Mirza Aslam Beg Pakistan’s former chief of army staff head of the center for strategic studies in Pakistan in an interview with Pars Todi.   He also compared Pakistan to Iran and said Iran has a history of thousands of years.After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran returned to its original identity. Today, it has been able to stand against imperialism and global colonialism with its historical and religious identity. According to ...

Stranded at border: Why Pakistan always neglected Shia pilgrims?

1396/4/29 | 19:40
  More than a thousand pilgrims from south Punjab have been stranded at the Iranian border for five days due to lack of security to escort them back into Pakistan.   People going to Iran and Iraq on religious tours, called Ziarat, are escorted by security forces as the area has often attacks on buses of travelling pilgrims by sectarian outfits.     The stranded pilgrims belong to Multan, Khanewal, Layyah, Dera Ghazi Khan and Kot Addu. Families of the stranded pilgrims told media that they have spoken to their family members ...

Arrival of Qatar Foreign Minister: Is there give and take on Panama case?

1396/4/28 | 19:40
  Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrehman Al-Thani will reach Islamabad Tuesday on an official visit.     According to Express News, the dignitary will meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to discuss issues revolving around the regional situation.     The channel, quoting sources, said the dignitary shall also engage in discourse regarding the Saudi-led military alliance whose leadership was handed over to Gen (retd) Raheel Sharif.   His visit comes weeks after after Middle Eastern countries, ...

Pakistan’s journey to terrorism: From Madrassahs to high grade universities

1396/4/27 | 19:40
  In Pakistan, the stereotype of the militant — madressah-educated or illiterate and coming from an impoverished background — remained intact for a considerable time.    Indeed, it was largely applicable to the earlier generation of militants. But with the conviction of Saad Aziz — a graduate of one of Pakistan’s top business schools — for the Safoora Goth massacre and rights activist Sabeen Mahmud’s murder, it is obvious that the militant landscape in Pakistan has evolved considerably.   While savage violence ...

US divorce to Pakistan: Would Russia take the revenge?

1396/4/26 | 19:40
  The US has already decreased civil and military aid to Pakistan for the year 2017. On Thursday, another congressional panel approved the State and Foreign Operations bill suggesting increased restrictions on US civil and military aid to Pakistan in the fiscal year 2018. The bill now goes to the House for voting.     The recent step of decreasing aid to Pakistan comes at a time when the Trump administration is thinking to increase American troops in Afghanistan. Assuming that the US government cuts down economic and military ...

Should Pakistan allow Jhadav’s mother to Pakistan?

1396/4/25 | 19:40
Pakistan is mulling issuing a visa to the mother of Indian spy Khulbushan Jadhav on compassionate grounds. Pakistan has not given this issue even a second thought. And so plays out contradicting stories from the media of both countries.   Pakistan would do well to tread very carefully. Already its overt use of the death penalty is under review at the United Nations. The concern here is that this has prompted the country’s apparent U-turn. Meaning that once the spotlight fades as the country gets down to the snail-paced business regarding ...

A secrete story of success: How Pakistan helped Iraq in defeating ISIS?

1396/4/25 | 19:40
    Pakistan quietly helped Iraq in its fight against the militant Islamic State (IS) group, which reached a major milestone this week with the liberation of Mosul from the terrorist group’s control after three years of occupation.     Pakistan was among a number of countries that supported Iraq in fighting the IS, also known by its Arabic acronym Daesh, said Ambassador of Iraq Ali Yasin Muhammad Karim at a press conference at the embassy. The presser was held to brief Pakistani media about the eviction of the IS from Mosul.     Pakistan’s ...

Accountability for all : Are the Judges and General next after politicians?

1396/4/24 | 19:40
  Javed Hashmi in his latest rant said that judges and Generals are holy cows and above to accountability. Why it is only for politicians?     General Pervez Musharraf was allowed to leave the country and has not returned since although he still faces a number of cases here. Even when army officials do stand trial, the extent to which that can go is limited.      A case in point is the Asghar Khan case where the FIA has been unable to question the main accused, Ex-Chief of Army Staff General Mirza Aslam Beg and ...

Seizure of assets: Is Countdown beginning for Imran Khan?

1396/4/24 | 19:40
  Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Islamabad on Friday issued orders for the seizure of properties belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri after the two repeatedly failed to appear in hearings of terrorism cases registered against them.     On February 3, an ATC had issued perpetual warrants of arrest against Khan and Qadri in a case related to an attack on a senior police officer during the 2014 dharna which paralysed Islamabad.     The ATC ...

Hard days ahead: Can Pakistan survive without US aid?

1396/4/24 | 19:40
  A proposal has been submitted for consideration before a key Congressional panel of the United States to make the civil and military aid to Pakistan conditional to Islamabad’s support to the fight against the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network and other homegrown militant groups.   The relationship between the two countries has been strained at times, with some in Washington believing Islamabad has not done enough to bring its influence to bear to persuade the Afghan Taliban to renounce violence.     The draft ...

Why Iran’s supreme leader clubbed Kashmir with Yemen, and not with Palestine

1396/4/24 | 19:40
  In subsequent decades, Iranians watered down their rhetoric on Kashmir and strengthened ties with New Delhi.   When the then foreign minister Inder Kumar Gujral was about to undertake an official visit to Iran in 1991, the Iranian government conveyed to New Delhi that the minister was not welcome in Tehran. The Iranian rebuke came in the wake of an Indian military crackdown on pro-independence activists in Kashmir who Tehran considered were waging a legitimate struggle for independence. Four years later, in 1994, Iranians abstained ...

Document reveals Qatar to undermine Pakistan-UAE relations

1396/4/21 | 19:40
Saudi cyber army has disclosed a document that Qatar has been involved in undermining Pakistan-UAE relations.   According to the document, Qatar’s embassy in Pakistan is seeking to reduce the UAE’s influence in Pakistan’s hunting grounds. It had meetings with Pakistani authorities, in this regard. The document states that Qatar’s embassy provoked the Pakistani government against the presence of Emirati sheikhs in Pakistan.   ...

Why Pakistan has failed to control Ttakfiri militancy?

1396/4/21 | 19:40
  District Police Officer Sajid Mohmand, along with his guard and a civilian, was struck by a suicide bomber in Chaman.   Initial reports that an explosive device placed in the area had exploded are now being dismissed by police investigating the killing.     Essentially Pakistan has failed to halt the militants in their stride. They still have the capacity to strike at will. Quite obviously, the route used by the DPO in the small town where he served was well-known to the group which targeted him.    There are ...

Policy blunders: Can US afford Pakistan’s departure to Russian Bloc?

1396/4/20 | 19:40
  Two senior Republican US senators criticised Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday for his lack of focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan.   Graham, who visited Afghanistan and Pakistan last week with McCain, accused Tillerson of being ‘AWOL’ on the two countries and failing to fill key State Department posts. “I am so worried about the State Department,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”   A State Department official responded to the criticism of Tillerson by saying the State Department was taking an ...

Smelling the rat: Can Qatari Prince save Nawaz Sharif?

1396/4/19 | 19:40
  Ina reply to the JIT letter, the prince has made it clear that he does not recognise the jurisdiction of Pakistani laws and courts, and that the JIT asserting otherwise was “inappropriate”.   For a citizen of a sovereign nation to state that he does not accept the laws of another country is entirely uncontroversial. Quite why it was thought that Prince Al-Thani could be pressurised in this way is inexplicable.   The prince did reiterate his willingness to be questioned in his palace and the JIT now has to decide if ...

McCain’s tacit message: How US threatened Pakistan to release Dr. Shakil Afridi?

1396/4/18 | 19:40
  The US State department has confirmed that matter of detained Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative Dr Shakil Afridi has been raised with Pakistani leadership.    Responding to a question by The News on reports in Pakistani media about the release of CIA spy, a spokesperson of the State Department said the US position on Dr Afridi has been communicated to Pakistan.     “We believe Dr. Afridi has been unjustly imprisoned and have clearly communicated our position to Pakistan on Dr. Afridi’s case, both in ...

Pakistan-Iran rapprochement: Would India realize her blunder?

1396/4/17 | 19:40
  It seems that realpolitik is still the order of the day. What else are we to make of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, imploring the ‘Muslim World’ to support the oppressed people of Kashmir?      The Ayatollah has historically steered clear of mentioning Kashmir so as not to irk his country’s ally — not to mention strong economic partner — India.   The last time the Ayatollah mentioned Kashmir was back in 2010. At that time, New Delhi lodged an official protest with the Iranian government. We ...

Why Pakistan is happy over Supreme Leader’s call on Kashmir?

1396/4/17 | 19:40
  Pakistan has welcomed recent statement of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, on Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).     Addressing a weekly media briefing here Thursday, Zakaria said the Muslim Ummah is worried about the human rights violations by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. The secretary general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has also denounced atrocities in IoK.     Earlier this week, Iranian Supreme Leader called upon the Judiciary of his country to pursue issues like occupied ...

Why is world silent on use of chemical weapons in occupied Kashmir?

1396/4/16 | 19:40
  Indian occupied forces are using ammunition containing chemical agents to kill Kashmiris and destroy their properties in the disputed region, the Foreign Office said on Thursday.     “If use of chemicals in the ammunition is confirmed, then it would constitute a serious violation of international norms and India’s international obligations under Chemical Weapons Convention,” FO spokesperson Nafees Zakariya told journalists during a weekly press briefing in Islamabad.     The FO spokesperson called upon ...

Indo-Israel honeymoon: Why Pak-Iran alliance has becomes a reality?

1396/4/16 | 19:40
  Amidst the tumult in global affairs, the Indo-Israeli relationship has emerged as a steady bilateral alliance, surprising to some, while others have been watching the ties between Tel Aviv and New Delhi grow over the decades.     Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Israel seems to have cemented this alliance, as the warm embrace between the Indian premier and Benjamin Netanyahu on the tarmac of Ben Gurion International Airport on Tuesday showed.      However, the visit has sparked an interesting reaction  from ...

Modi sells India as ‘cash cow’ to isolate Pakistan

1396/4/15 | 19:40
  Last month, taking a cue from Saudi ‘royals’  Indian prime minister Narendra Modi  tried to sell India to US president Donald Trump as cash cow in order to isolate Pakistan.   Modi went to United States with three main objectives; 1) convince Trump to list Pakistan as a terror-sponsoring state like Iran, 2) keep US-NATO forces in Afghanistan. 3) buy arms from US to bully both Pakistan and its regional ally China.   Trump likes countries which can invest billions of dollars in America to boost country’s shrinking ...

McCain’s visit: Is US trying to appease Pakistan?

1396/4/14 | 19:40
The Pakistan visit of US Senator John McCain, accompanied by fellow Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and David Perdue as well as Democrat Elizabeth Warren, was meant to reassure us that the alliance between the two countries will not be abandoned.     Pakistan has been worried about noises from the Trump administration warning of cuts in aid; and the recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US has not helped.    The crux of the issue of US-Pakistan partnership in WOT has been lack of appreciation of the ...

A fool’s cry: Can Pakistan force US to extradite Raymond Davis?

1396/4/14 | 19:40
  A former senator and ruling party leader has asked the Supreme Court to order the immediate extradition of Raymond Davis — a contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — and asked that he be tried for the murder of Pakistanis under local penal laws.     Written in Urdu, the five-page petition moved before the apex court also seeks a ‘lifetime disqualification’ for a number of persons named as respondents in the petition, so that none of them is vested with any constitutional, political or state responsibilities ...

Why Qatri prince is dragging his foot from JIT probe?

1396/4/14 | 19:40
  For the third time, Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani has refused to visit the Pakistan Embassy to record his statement in Panama Leaks case.   Sources told that the prince has asked the authorities to come to his house if they want to record his statement for the panama case.       According to Qatari sources, no witness can record the statement in such circumstances which appeared after the leaked photo of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son, while he was being questioned by JIT at the Judicial ...

Fazlur Rehman's advice to Kingdom:The United States fights Islam, not terrorism

1396/4/13 | 19:40
Head of Pakistan's Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam has stressed the war that the United States launched in the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism is actually against Islam and Muslims.   “Islamic countries should know that the United States intends to defame the face of Islam and Islamic States, not fighting terrorism,” Maulana Fazlur Rehman said yesterday in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. Head of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam added Saudi Arabia should cut off relations with the United States and expand ties with Islamic world, because US ...

Hinting the Dhaka fall: Did PML-N indirectly threatened to play Punjab card?

1396/4/13 | 19:40
  Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique has said that stealing public mandate has once resulted in a great loss to the federation in the form of Dhaka fall, and a similar attempt is being made yet again.       “Powers are trying to remove the government through unconstitutional means,” he said while addressing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers in his constituency on Saturday.   If at all, the government should be removed through votes or through a constitutional mechanism, said Rafique, ...

Misuse of Qisas and Diyat laws in Pakistan

1396/4/12 | 19:40
The recently published memoir of CIA contractor Raymond Davis titled “The Contractor: How I Landed in a Pakistani Prison and Ignited a Diplomatic Crisis” has once again stirred a controversy, bringing into focus the Qisas (retribution) and Diyat (blood money) provisions of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), 1860. The memoir reveals how a mockery of the law was made by none other than officials of a top intelligence agency of the country as well as other people at the helm of affairs. While certain facts about the trial of Raymond Davis in March ...

Who’s drafting Panama JIT reports?

1396/4/12 | 19:40
   A source related to banking, who has close association with one of the members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Panama Papers case, confirmed to this scribe that majority of the JIT members were not even given the time to go through the documents which were being submitted before the apex court by the JIT and they were only asked to sign them at the eleventh hour.     Not only this, documentary evidence and two latest proof surfaced have shown beyond an iota of doubt that even the controversial complaint ...

What the Gulf crisis means for Pakistan

1396/4/12 | 19:40
  Having pulled off a diplomatic recovery, Pakistan is now being forced to navigate the increasingly troubled waters of the Gulf.      The latest crisis stems from mounting tension between Qatar and the rest of the GCC and resulted in the blockade when Saudis along with the rest of the GCC and Egypt accused Qatar of financing terror outfits in the Middle East and meddling in the internal affairs of its neighbours.      Even as Islamabad successfully rescinded itself from the Yemeni crisis, what was troubling ...

Parachinar genocide: Can military ensure security of Parachinar shias?

1396/4/11 | 19:40
    Around 133 people have been killed and 555 injured in the first six months of the year. Almost all the attacks in Parachinar city, that has faced the brunt of these attacks, have had a similar pattern which points towards a security failure despite the presence of a large number of security personnel and extensive measures adopted.     However, a twin bombing just before Eid has triggered a protest, a sit-in that has lasted for eight days now. The demands of the protestors are that of justice and to be treated like ...

Kashmiris are not humans: US answer to Kashmir call for Indian atrocities?

1396/4/11 | 19:40
  The US State Department listed Syed Salahuddin, a Pakistan-based Kashmiri separatist leader, as a specially designated global terrorist.   What Mr Trump and his administration have succeeded in doing, however, is making clear to the people of IHK that they do not matter.     Suffering a spell of fresh and severe repression since the popular protests over the killing of Burhan Wani last July, the plight of the people of IHK did not merit a mention in any of the official statements or discussions between the Indian and ...

Sectarian strife: Who is attempting to turn Pakistan into another Syria?

1396/4/10 | 19:40
  There can be no two opinions that Pakistan is currently facing immense challenges both at internal and external fronts requiring complete national unity and solidarity to address them and foil designs of our enemies.   It is, however, regrettable that some elements are fully exploiting the uncertain political situation and are knowingly or unknowingly strengthening enemy hands by further polarising the society on sectarian lines.   Unscrupulous elements are misusing the social media and indulging in propaganda campaign ...

How the state is disappointing Parachinar?

1396/4/10 | 19:40
  Protests against the twin bombings that killed 75 in Parachinar continued in the city and elsewhere in the country for a seventh consecutive day Friday.   More people from nearby villages joined the sit-in in Parachinar, where protesters dressed in shrouds chanted slogans demanding justice and threatening mass suicide if their call went unheeded. The protests erupted after security personnel opened fire on a rally demanding justice for Parachinar attack victims.   Anger among locals over the security lapse and official indifference ...

Raymond Davis leaks: How Pakistani politicians and Ex- Spy chief betrayed the nation

1396/4/10 | 19:40
United States citizen and ex-Central Intelligence Agency employee who sparked a diplomatic storm in Pakistan in 2011 after shooting dead two young men in Lahore — has written a book about his experience. In his memoir, titled The Contractor: How I Landed in a Pakistani Prison and Ignited a Diplomatic Crisis, Davis talks in detail about his experience in Pakistan.   On January 27, 2011, Lahore's Lytton Road police had registered a case against Davis on the charge of killing two Pakistani citizens, Faizan and Faheem, at downtown Qurtaba ...

A secrete Story of Pak-Israel secrete ties

1396/4/9 | 19:40
  It might by shocking for some that Pakistani governmental and political leaders not only tried to start an open relationship with Israel but secretly visited the country times and again.   This is not a story of today but it has been in development since long In 2007, Pakistan’s People’s Party’s (PPP) high profile leadership visited New York and Washington DC, and then to Tel Aviv. On 07 May 2006, Benazir Bhutto had arranged a Birthday party of the high figure of Israel in a New York’s expensive hotel.   The hotel ...

Takfirism if unchecked will lead Muslims to ultimate annihilation

1396/4/8 | 19:40
  The major problem with the religious militancy espoused or practiced by the so-called Islamic or sectarian jihadists such as those represented by the groups fighting under the umbrella of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or independently as the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Jamaat ul Ahrar, etc or those now fighting under the banner of Islamic State (IS) or Daesh is that these militants instead of fighting for freedom from oppression are conversely trying to establish an oppressive religious cum sectarian system by force, that is, to say: ...

Army chief assures nations elements behind Parachinar attack to be brought to book

1396/4/7 | 19:40
Chief of the Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa  assured the nation that elements responsible for Parachinar attacks would be brought to law and victims will be compensated without any discrimination. According to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the army chief  has interacted with religious clergy of all sects over the last few days for their positive involvement in defeating this ongoing sinister campaign. The ISPR said army is closely following the sectarian and ethnic colour being deliberately given ...

Meeting of two terrorists: Why is US silent on Indian terrorism inside Pakistan?

1396/4/7 | 19:40
US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embraced each other as friends and partners Monday, vowing to work more closely on combating terrorism, the war on Afghanistan and defence cooperation. The two leaders called on Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used to launch terrorist attacks on other countries, a statement from the White House said. At this occasion, the US State Department imposed sanctions Monday on Syed Salahuddin, the senior leader of the Kashmiri group Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. The move means the ...

Pakistan marks grim Eid after heavy death toll in oil tanker inferno, Parachinar and Quetta blast

1396/4/5 | 19:40
Pakistan began Eid in mourning Monday as the death toll in an oil tanker explosion rose to 153, with scores injured after they were caught in a fireball while scooping up spilled fuel.   Dozens of relatives were waiting outside hospitals in Bahawalpur, the nearest major city, to claim the bodies of their loved ones as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived early Monday to visit victims after cutting short a visit to London. The explosion ignited early Sunday as crowds ignored warnings to stay away from the tanker which had overturned on a main ...

Pot calling the kettle black: Why US cannot blame Pakistan for backing Haqqanis?

1396/4/5 | 19:40
  While US  openly backs terrorists in Syria against Assad forces, it is accusing Pakistan of supporting Taliban and Haqqanis.   In a recent released report, the US Department of Defence (DoD) has claimed that Taliban and Haqqani network have retained freedom of action inside Pakistani territory.    The report titled 'Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan  released early this month has further claimed that these militant elements "benefit from support from elements of the Pakistani Government".   While US ...

Nightmare for Zionism: How Hezbollah’s future war with Israel can draw fighters even from Pakistan?

1396/4/4 | 19:40
  Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan  Nasrallah said that a future war waged by Israel against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters from countries including Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.     His comments indicated that the same array of Iranian-backed militias - but not countries - currently fighting in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad could take part in any future conflict with Israel.     Tensions have risen between Hezbollah and its longtime foe Israel in recent months since Donald Trump ...

Another confession of Yadav: Has Pakistan failed to convince world about Indian terrorism?

1396/4/4 | 19:40
  The ISPR on Thursday released another video recording of convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in which he gave further information about his subversive activities in Pakistan.       It is a welcome opportunity for an establishment that has long bristled at the world’s dismissive attitude towards its regional concerns.     For Jadhav, making a clean breast of what he has been orchestrating in this country has no obvious downside: he has already been found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death by ...

Rise of a war monger: Why Pakistan would be more under pressure by new crown prince?

1396/4/4 | 19:40
  Pakistan’s policy regarding the Saudi led Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) remains ambivalent. The Prime Minister agreed to join the alliance which excluded Shia majority countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria long before there was any clarity about its precise purpose.     On Wednesday, while explaining the government’s position before a Senate Committee, Sartaj Aziz said Raheel Sharif could not be recalled because he had joined the alliance in his personal capacity. Within hours, FO was  to clarify that the Adviser was  ‘misquoted ...

US bill to revoke Pakistan’s major ally status: Is it a blessing in disguise for Pakistan?

1396/4/4 | 19:40
  Two US lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill in Congress, seeking to revoke Pakistan’s status as a major non-Nato ally (MNNA).     The movers also argue that since Pakistan has failed to effectively fight terrorism, it no longer deserves US economic and military assistance.   The focus of the bill, however, is on revoking the MNNA status, which was granted to Pakistan in 2004 by then President George W. Bush to encourage Islama­bad to help the United States fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban. If passed, the ...

Downing the drone: What caused the trust deficit between Pakistan and Iran?

1396/4/3 | 19:40
The relationship between Pakistan and Iran has been tense in the near past. Iran’s army chief recently warned that Tehran would strike militant safe haven inside Pakistan ─ remarks that drew a strong protest from Islamabad ─ after 10 Iranian border guards were killed by militants allegedly from across the border earlier this year.   This is a far cry from the time Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan after it gained independence in 1947. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been made a theatre of Shia Sunni proxy war between ...

Pakistan under attack: Multiple attacks before eid leave country mourning

1396/4/3 | 19:40
Bombs targeted civilians and security personnel in Parachi­nar and Quetta on Friday, leaving at least 54 people dead and over 120 injured.   Most casualties happened in Parachinar — 41 dead and about 100 wounded — because a second bomb was detonated when people gathered at the place where the first explosion had occurred to carry out the rescue work. While no group claimed responsibility for the twin attacks in Parachinar, two outfits said they had carried out the suicide car bomb blast in Quetta — Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter ...