North Korea
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North Korea

US Claims North Korea Behind FALLCHILL Malware

1396/8/26 | 14:22
With no obvious reason for the move, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI have released a new technical alert surrounding the FALLCHILL malware system, blaming the North Korean government for it.   The report claims FALLCHILL is part of a remote hacking system, and offers some IP addresses related to the activity. While they assert this is North Korea’s, they offered as usual no real evidence of that being the case.   The US has regularly singled out major hacking attacks as being the fault of whatever nation they happen ...

Anti-US President Trump protest rock South Korean capital

1396/8/17 | 14:22
  Hundreds of people have gathered in the center of Seoul to protest against US President Donald Trump’s two-day visit to the country.     According to Yonhap news agency protestors calling themselves “Collective Action for ‘No Trump,'” gathered in the central Gwanghwamun Square to stage a rally denouncing the US president’s visit to South Korea.   The demonstrators accused Trump of escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula with his provocative rhetoric, forcing South Korea into buying armaments and attempting ...

US Quietly Pursues Direct Diplomacy With North Korea

1396/8/12 | 14:22
  President Trump has not only repeatedly ruled out diplomacy with North Korea, he has also repeatedly mocked the very idea of diplomacy in general as a “waste of time,” insisting North Korea “only understands one thing.”   Despite repudiating talks several times, the US is continuing to participate in direct diplomacy with North Korea through the “New York channel,” where negotiators deal with North Korea’s diplomats to the United Nations.   This is in keeping with comments in mid-October by Secretary of State ...

Even Without Nukes, Korea War Would Kill 300,000 in Days

1396/8/9 | 14:22
  When everyone talks about the possibility of a US attack on North Korea, the major focus is on North Korea’s fledgling nuclear weapons program, and the possibility of retaliatory nuclear strikes against densely populated cities, causing unimaginable destruction.   Assessments of what could happen in this war, however, note that the danger extends far beyond nuclear weapons, and that even in a nuclear-free war, massive exchanges of conventional fire would result in the deaths of as many as 300,000 people in just the first few ...

Qatar is like North Korea, says former US strategist

1396/8/5 | 14:22
  Former White House strategist Steve Bannon said on Monday that events surrounding Qatar and North Korea are of equal importance, Washington Examiner reported. “I think the single most important thing that’s happening in the world is the situation in Qatar,” Bannon said at the Hudson Institute. “What’s happening in Qatar is every bit as important as what’s happening in North Korea,” Bannon continued. Bannon overtly supported the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia’s position for levying a siege on Qatar. The UAE and ...

North Korea: Take hydrogen bomb test threat ‘literally’

1396/8/4 | 14:22
A high-ranking North Korean official has warned that Pyongyang’s threats of testing a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean should be taken "literally."  During a Wednesday interview with CNN, the North Korean Foreign Ministry official, Ri Yong-pil, stressed that his country "has always brought its words into action." While addressing the United Nations General Assembly last month, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho announced that the North may test a powerful hydrogen bomb in the near future. The announcement was made shortly after ...

Repeated nuclear tests at North Korean peak can cause mount to collapse: Report

1396/7/29 | 14:22
  North Korean Mount Mantap, under which a series of nuclear tests were conducted, appears to have suffered serious geological damage, known as “tired mountain syndrome,” a report says. According to a Friday report by The Washington Post, six nuclear explosions since 2006 have so far been carried out at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility, based underneath the 2,200-meter-high peak in the northeast of North Korea. The fifth nuclear test, which caused an enormous detonation, was conducted in September last year and triggered a 6.3-magnitude ...

North Korea threatens to launch ‘unimaginable’ strike on US

1396/7/28 | 14:22
  North Korea has threatened to launch an “unimaginable” strike on the United States as massive joint US-South Korean naval drills are underway off the Korean Peninsula, involving colossal American aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan. “The US is running amok by introducing under our nose the targets we have set as primary ones. The US should expect it would face [an] unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time,” said a government statement carried by the North's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday.  What Pyongyang ...

Diplomacy with Pyongyang 'until the first bomb drops,' Tillerson vows

1396/7/24 | 14:22
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praises his boss’s policy towards North Korea, vowing to continue diplomacy “until the first bomb drops.” The US top diplomat made the comments in an interview with CNN on Sunday. "Those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops," Tillerson said. "The president has also made clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically… He is not seeking to go to war." Since US President Donald Trump assumed office in January, his administration has been battered by various scandals and ...

Egypt becomes pawn in Trump’s N. Korea offensive

1396/7/23 | 14:22
  Egypt has become the latest victim of Donald Trump’s North Korean Judea War over its close relations with Pyongyang. In late August, 2017, Trump cut US$95 million and suspended US$205 million military aid to Egypt – part of Washington’s bribe of US$1.3 billion for Egypt establishing diplomatic relations  with the Zionist regime in January 1980 followed by Jordan in 1994.      Egypt became the first Arab country to accept the Jewish occupation of Palestine – the policy is part of current military dictator Gen. Abd al-Fattah ...

UK ‘preparing for war with North Korea’

1396/7/19 | 14:22
  British defence officials have reportedly been instructed to draw up plans in preparation for potential conflict with North Korea.   North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests in recent weeks and launched two missiles over Japan, increasing already fraught tensions between the US and its allies.   One military scenario could see the UK’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth brought into early service, reports The Independent.   “We have plenty of ships to send – the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates,” ...

Trump hints at military intervention against N Korea

1396/7/18 | 14:22
  North Korean tensions seems to be still mounting with the US president referring more and more to the final resort of the US apparatus to solve the issue; military option.     Donald Trump took to twitter once more to assert the fact that “only one thing will work” as with North Korea. The US president is hinting at the futility of all negotiations with Pyongyang and finds military intervention the only way to resolve the tension.   Trump further added that long years of negotiations with the country reached no effective ...

Trump rejects diplomacy with N Korea, hints at military action

1396/7/16 | 14:22
  US President Donald Trump has rejected diplomatic means for dealing with North Korea’s escalating missile and nuclear weapon testing, suggesting that a military response is the only option against Pyongyang. “Sorry, but only one thing will work,” Trump wrote in a Saturday tweet after insisting that US authorities have negotiated and signed agreements with Pyongyang in the past quarter of a century to no avail. Trump's latest tweet outburst regarding the North Korea issue raises fears of potential US military action against the ...

China ousts all North Korean companies

1396/7/12 | 14:22
  The Chinese authorities announced the closure of all North Korean companies on the territory of China against the backdrop of UN sanctions against Pyongyang due to continuing nuclear tests in the DPRK, a message posted on the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of China said.   Officials with the Chinese department said that all legal entities from North Korea, including joint ventures with the participation of Chinese capital in the country and beyond, should be closed until the end of 2017. Last week, pursuant to the ...

North Korea Would be Stupid to Trust the US

1396/7/11 | 14:22
  To many mainstream pundits, the solution to the crisis in Korea is for U.S. officials to sit down and “talk” to North Korea in the hopes of negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement.     While it won’t guarantee that a deal will be worked out, they say, “talking” is the only chance there is to resolve the crisis.     They ignore an important point: Any deal that would be reached would involve trusting the U.S.  government to keep its end of the bargain. And trusting the U.S. government would be ...

North Korea may trigger Eruption of Active Volcano with their Nuke Tests

1396/7/10 | 14:22
  Scientists around the world are watching the activity of Paektu volcano, which is located on the border of China and North Korea.   On September 26, scientists of the Korean Geological Institute initiated an international scientific conference, in which leading seismologists took part.   Paektu Mount is considered a shrine among the people of North Korea (DPRK).The volcano has started showing signs of activity recently, having caused concerns among scientists in China, South Korea and Japan. Famous volcanologist Richard ...

4.7 million North Koreans volunteer to join the army

1396/7/9 | 14:22
  The volunteers: ‘Let’s send 5 million nuclear bombs to blow the evil empire from Earth without a trace!’   KCNA state news agency reported that 4.7 million North Koreans volunteered to join the army to fight Washington. The agency claimed the young volunteers wish to send “millions” of nuclear of missiles to wipe out the US.   North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un had vowed to “tame” US President Donald Trump “with fire.”“Let’s send 5 million nuclear bombs to blow the evil empire from Earth without ...

Pyongyang reserves right to shoot down US bombers, says North's foreign min.

1396/7/4 | 14:22
Amid a war of words between Washington and Pyongyang, the North Koran foreign minister says his country reserves the right to take countermeasures against threats by the United States, including shooting down US strategic bombers. Ri Yong-ho told reporters in New York on Monday that recent remarks by US President Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly constituted a declaration of war against Pyongyang. In light of the declaration of war by Trump, all options will be on the operations table of the supreme leadership of the DPRK ...

If US Nukes North Korea, radiation will affect China, Russia, South Korea

1396/7/3 | 14:22
  The US’ foreign policy may lead to a nuclear nightmare in Asia Pacific, compared to which the Fukushima disaster is a “firecracker,” an expert told Sputnik, adding that in his UN speech Donald Trump had repeatedly contradicted himself by calling upon nations to maintain their sovereignty while at the same time threatening to destroy North Korea.     US President Donald Trump’s threat to “totally destroy” North Korea in case the US is “forced to defend itself or its allies” means a potential atomic Armageddon ...

North Korea Threatens Potential Hydrogen Bomb Test Over Pacific

1396/7/2 | 14:22
World’s last atmospheric nuclear detonation carried out over three decades ago. North Korea says it may detonate a nuclear weapon over the Pacific Ocean in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday at the United Nations.   On Friday Pyongyang’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was considering testing “an unprecedented scale hydrogen bomb” following Trump’s vow to “totally destroy” the country if the U.S. needed to defend itself or its allies.     Kim had ...

South Korea Unexpectedly Approves Aid to North Korea

1396/7/1 | 14:22
In a move no one expected, and which puts them squarely at odds with the US, South Korea today announced the provision of a new $8 million aid package for neighboring North Korea. The provision of humanitarian aid is directly in contrast with US calls for “more pressure.”   South Korea’s Unification Ministry says that there is no risk of the aid being diverted to military use, and will not include any cash payments. Rather, the aid is to wholly be in the form of food and medicine for children and pregnant women.     This ...

How Kim has Cornered the US

1396/7/1 | 14:22
  Years ago Bernard Brodie wrote about how war will be like after the induction of nuclear weapons. With the evolution of the concepts of deterrence and compellance, war strategies accounted for this “absolute weapon” as a mean to deter and compel the adversary.   Thankfully, a nuclear clash has remained hypothetical at best despite simmering nuclear rivalries. But it could all just change anytime. The Korean Peninsula is at a tipping point where a nuclear Armageddon cannot be ruled out.     Kim Jong Un, the feisty ...

US Might Not Even be Able to Shoot Down North Korean Rockets

1396/6/31 | 14:22
  Despite President Donald Trump telling the UN General Assembly that the US would “totally destroy” North Korea if it is attacked, the US arsenal may not be able to stop a nuclear strike if one is carried out, according to some analysts.   Some experts in the military and missile defense fields believe that even if the US had information that North Korea posed a real threat to America, or one of its allies, they may not be able to shoot down a missile headed for a target.     North Korea’s intermediate range missile ...

Trump says if threatened, US will 'totally destroy' North Korea

1396/6/28 | 14:22
UNITED NATIONS: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday vowed to “totally destroy” North Korea unless Pyongyang backs down from its nuclear challenge, mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a “rocket man” on a suicide mission. It was Trump’s most direct threat to attack North Korea for belligerent acts that have included launching ballistic missiles over Japan and conducting underground nuclear tests. His comments rattled the world leaders gathered before him in the green-marbled UN General Assembly hall, where minutes earlier ...

Is China using North Korea to break US's Super power's myth?

1396/6/26 | 14:22
  The firing by North Korea of yet another missile that overflew the Japanese mainland on Friday 15th September has ratcheted up tensions yet again.  While few days ago a hydrogen bomb was detonated in an underground tunnel and pictures suggest that the device is small enough to fit on top of one of the missiles currently having the sea as their target.   Given the impermeability of the regime in North Korea, it is difficult to know whether the leader, Kim Jong-Un, is of sound mind or otherwise. There appears to be an emerging ...

We will sink Japan and turn US to 'ashes and darkness', says North Korea

1396/6/25 | 14:22
North Korea has threatened to sink Japan and said the US should be “beaten to death like a rabid dog” after the two countries spearheaded fresh UN security council sanctions in response to the regime’s recent nuclear test. The Korea Asia-Pacific peace committee, which oversees North Korea’s relations with the outside world, described the UN security council, which passed a new round of sanctions on Monday, as a “tool of evil” in the pay of Washington, and called for it to be broken up.   It is the first time that Pyongyang ...

North Korea's Capital City Cleared Out After Latest Nuclear Tests

1396/6/22 | 14:22
  A Singaporean pilot was shooting aerial footage over North Korea when he noticed something peculiar: Pyongyang, the capital city which is normally home to 2.58 million, was absolutely deserted.   According to the New York Post, the eerie footage was shot by 41-year-old Aram Pan and was originally supposed to be part of his larger project, DPRK360, which aimed to show the totalitarian regime from a “different perspective.”     Pyongyang is the regime's most populous city, home to most of its hustle and bustle; ...

North Korea calls Nikki Haley a “prostitute”

1396/6/20 | 14:22
  North Korea threatens US will pay for Ms Haley’s rhetoric. In response to the US ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech at UN early in the week, North Korean Central News Agency which is run by the government, called her a “prostitute” who is a “blind fool”.       “She is crazily swishing her skirt, playing the flagship role in Trump administration’s hideous sanctions and pressure racket,” said the Korean news agency. “Nikki should be careful with her tongue though she might be a blind fool. The US administration ...

North Korea Threatens EMP Attack On U.S. For First Time Ever

1396/6/19 | 14:22
North Korea has, for the first time, threatened to wage an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack against the United States. Such an attack has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to North America, Canada, the West, and many of its neighbors.     North Korea threatens to wipe out the United States on a regular basis through its state media. However, this is the first time North Korea has openly threatened to use an EMP weapon.   According to the Associated Press, shortly after North Korea launched its sixth nuclear test ...

Trump orders US military to shoot down North Korean missiles

1396/6/18 | 14:22
US President Donald Trump has ordered military to shoot down any missile launched from North Korea and heading toward Guam or the United States. Sources close to the White House national security team told Newsmax on Thursday the order was issued to the US military in the wake of last month's threat by North Korea to fire a ballistic missile toward Guam, a US territory.  "The threat provoked the president," one source told the news agency. Another national security source told Newsmax that Trump also is considering a new "shoot down" ...

South Koreans Protest Against US Missile Defense Deployment, Dozens Injured

1396/6/17 | 14:22
  Public opposition to the deployment of US THAAD missile defense systems near a South Korean farming village has grown into major protests, with demonstrators coming out in force after the announcement the government was letting the US install four additional launchers.   The THAAD are installed at a former golf course, and in an area that was historically very pro-military, because the previous government expected them to support the deployment. Instead, locals were opposed to the move, fearing the US presence would make them ...

Can North Korea Target a US City? Experts Say Not Yet

1396/6/16 | 14:22
Very public advances in North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons technology has raised a lot of concerns. Among the biggest concerns is that this might conceivably allow North Korea to target cities on the US mainland, but can they?   Probably not. North Korea will of course claim such capabilities for the deterrent effect it would have, but there remain many questions surrounding North Korea’s ICBM technology, and its ability to accurately deliver a payload that far. North Korea’s successes have included a new nuclear detonation, details ...

US: Many Options for ‘Total Annihilation’ of North Korea

1396/6/13 | 14:22
Just days after saying that he doesn’t believe the US is ever out of diplomatic options, Defense Secretary James Mattis took on a more militaristic tone today, saying that the US may not be looking toward the “total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea,” but that the US has many options to do that.   Mattis made the comments after a White House meeting, which he said was called because President Trump wanted to be briefed on his “many military options” for attacking North Korea. He added that the US will use a “massive ...

North Korea claims its 'hydrogen bomb' can 'wipe out the whole US territory'

1396/6/13 | 14:22
  North Korea has declared that its recent nuclear test has given it the capability to "wipe out the whole territory of the US all at once".   The bombastic claim was made in a commentary released by state-run media on Tuesday, six days after what North Korea claims was a successful test detonation of a hydrogen bomb. The statement repeated the regime's insistence that the blast was of a miniaturised hydrogen bomb and that the nation's scientists had achieved a "new high state" in the development of defensive nuclear weapons.   "The ...

North Korea can turn South into desert without using nukes

1396/6/9 | 14:22
  Solving the Korean Peninsula crisis through diplomacy is in everyone’s interests, geopolitical experts have told RT, citing potential scenarios of South Korea being turned “into a desert,” or other states, not directly involved, being severely affected by a “stray missile.”     If the current situation in East Asia is not resolved, a number of countries “will be living under a threat of a nuclear volcano erupting,” Russian diplomat and an expert in Asian studies, professor Georgy Toloraya told   “Everyone ...

Threat and intimidations: US turns Pakistan into another North Korea

1396/6/7 | 14:22
Days after the White House accused Pakistan of continuing to harbor terrorists on its soil, the top US commander in Afghanistan claimed that the United States “knows the Afghan Taliban leadership is in Quetta and Peshawar”.       The allegation elicited a sharp reaction from Islamabad, which has been fuming over the US president’s harsh remarks, with top government ministers calling upon the US to stop blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan.   In sharp response the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal told ...

North Korea fires missile over Japan

1396/6/7 | 14:22
North Korea has launched an unidentified missile which directly passed over Japan, says NHK.   The Japanese government activated its J-Alert warning system after North Korea fired an unidentified missile early Tuesday morning. The North Korean missile passed over Japanese territory around 6:06am local time. The Japanese military did not attempt to shoot down the missile but warned people to take precautions, Reuters reports citing local media. The Japanese government announced the missile fell into the Pacific ocean just 14 minutes after ...

US aid to Egypt cut due to North Korea links

1396/6/5 | 14:22
  The US State Department has hinted that the decision to cut and freeze aid to Egypt may be because of Cairo’s cooperation with the government of North Korea.     This was revealed in statements by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert during Thursday’s press briefing in Washington. When asked whether the aid issue was related to Egypt’s agreements with North Korea, Nauert replied, “We have conversations with Egypt and many other countries around the world about the need to isolate the DPRK [Democratic People’s ...

Russian nuclear-capable bombers fly near North Korea amid US drills

1396/6/3 | 14:22
Russia has sent nuclear-capable bombers near North Korea amid an ongoing military exercise by the United States and South Korea in the region and at a time of heightened tensions over North Korea’s intensified missile activity. Japanese and South Korean militaries said Thursday that they had scrambled fighter jets to escort Russia’s Tupolev-95MS bombers after they flew over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed the bombers had been dispatched to the area and said ...

Nuclear apocalypse: Trump and Kim should not hold the world hostage

1396/6/1 | 14:22
  Not too far away from Seattle, Washington there are eight ballistic-missile submarines carrying the world’s large shipments of nuclear weapons.     The 560-foot-long black submarines are docked at the Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, hauling what is described by Rick Anderson in a recent Los Angeles Times article as “the largest concentration of deployed nuclear weapons in the US.”     “If it were a sovereign nation,” Anderson wrote, quoting government estimates, “Washington State would be the third-largest ...

US Could Drop Neutron Bomb on North Korea

1396/5/25 | 14:22
  “If we have one [neutron bomb] that is what’s going to be used, that is what Trump is hinting at,” radio host Michael Savage said in response to President Donald Trump’s threatening to unleash “fury and fire… never seen before” on North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, and his doubling down saying the threat wasn’t “tough enough.” Dr. Savage believes the U.S. may still have reconstructed neutron bombs despite President George H. W. Bush once having them deconstructed, and described the situation as a “perfect storm for war.” “My ...

Rule of stupid: Would Trump push the world into a another nuclear war?

1396/5/23 | 14:22
  It would be nothing more than a childish shouting match if Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un weren’t volatile heads of states capable of unleashing nuclear fury. Usually, with anybody else in the White House, occasional bouts of N Korea-specific tension are periodic headaches, nothing more.     Threats coming from Pyongyang, as analysts put it, are ‘always the second half of a sentence’. Yet Trump’s response is already on a marked tangent from his predecessors. That can be said about most of US foreign policy, of course, ...

Lamenting Musharraf for N-technology disclosure: Did Pakistan convey a message to US?

1396/5/22 | 14:22
  The disclosure made by retired General Pervez Musharraf in his 2006 autobiography that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan transferred sensitive nucl­ear material to North Korea had come as a big embarrassment to the country, an official of the Foreign Office said on Friday at a meeting of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.   The disclosure had forced the Foreign Office on the defensive and left it with no choice but to regurgitate the standard response that Pakistan was firmly against nuclear proliferation, the additional secretary said.   Pervez ...

State news says China will side with North Korea if USA attacks

1396/5/22 | 14:22
A state-run newspaper has argued in an editorial that China should remain neutral if North Korea attacks the U.S., but intervenes forcefully if the U.S. strikes first.   The widely read state-run Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, wrote in an editorial that Beijing is not able to persuade either Washington or Pyongyang to back down.   “It needs to make clear its stance to all sides and make them understand that when their actions jeopardize China’s interests, China will respond ...

State news says China will side with North Korea if USA attacks

1396/5/21 | 14:22
A state-run newspaper has argued in an editorial that China should remain neutral if North Korea attacks the U.S., but intervenes forcefully if the U.S. strikes first.   The widely read state-run Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, wrote in an editorial that Beijing is not able to persuade either Washington or Pyongyang to back down.   “It needs to make clear its stance to all sides and make them understand that when their actions jeopardize China’s interests, China will respond ...

Guam Fliers Aim to Prepare Islanders for Nuclear War

1396/5/21 | 14:22
The sudden and stark possibility of a nuclear war has reached the island of Guam. The US territory, which is hosting the air base from which US bombers would likely depart to attack North Korea, is also liable to be a target for North Korean retaliation. The territory’s Office of Civil Defense has been handing out fact sheets with useful tips for the potentially incipient nuclear conflict, advising locals to hide in concrete or brick structures, ideally underground, and not to look directly at any nuclear flashes. The flier goes on to ...

Plans to fire missiles at Guam ready by mid-August: North Korea

1396/5/19 | 14:22
North Korea has announced that it will develop plans by mid-August to fire four intermediate-range missiles at the US territory of Guam. North Korea's state media made the announcement on Thursday, noting that the plans will be presented to the country's leader Kim Jong-un who will decide on whether to launch the missiles. "The Hwasong-12 rockets to be launched by the KPA (Korean People's Army) will cross the sky above Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi Prefectures of Japan," said the report, citing KPA Commander General Kim Rak-gyom. "They ...

Who on Earth has more nukes?

1396/5/19 | 14:22
Nine countries are believed to have nuclear arsenals with the US and Russia on top of the list with an estimated 7,000 nuclear warheads each and North Korea at the bottom probably with less than 20, if any.   How come Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons launch tests have become more dangerous than Donald Trump’s arsenal of about 2,000 deployed warheads? North Korea has threatened to attack the American Pacific territory of Guam with missiles, after US President Donald Trump threatened to hit the country “with fire and fury like the world ...

North Korea threatens to strike US territory after Trump’s warning

1396/5/18 | 14:22
North Korea says it is "carefully examining" a plan to strike the American Pacific territory of Guam with missiles, after US President Donald Trump threatened to hit the country “with fire and fury.” A spokesman for the Korean People's Army said on Tuesday the strike plan will be "put into practice in a multi-current and consecutive way any moment" once North Korean leader Kim Jong-un decided about it, the North's state-run KCNA news agency reported. The North Korean military said in a separate statement that it could carry out a pre-emptive ...

Winds of War: Why is US Ordering Its Citizens Out of North Korea?

1396/5/14 | 14:22
  All American citizens are to leave North Korea by September 1, according to a statement by the US State Department obtained by RIA Novosti.    Even though the decision has raised fears of a possible military showdown between Washington and Pyongyang, many experts still doubt that the two will actually come to blows.     Influential US Senator Lindsay Graham told NBC on Tuesday that President Trump was ready for a military solution to North Korea’s nuclear program if Kim Jong-un obtains a nuclear-tipped missile ...