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nawaz sharif

Ex-ISI Chief's revelations: How Musharraf played double game on Kargil

1397/3/3 | 12:16
Former Director General (DG) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani claims former military dictator Pervez Musharraf was obsessed with Kargil and it was a foolish operation. He claims Nawaz Sharif knew a very little about it and not the whole thing, but he had given the go-ahead, so he had to take political responsibility. The former DG ISI made startling revelations in his new book co-authored by former RAW chief A S Dulat. The former spymaster has talked on almost every important issue related to India and Pakistan. General ...

Bashing military: Would Nawaz Sharif's election campaign work?

1397/3/3 | 12:16
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s ceaseless criticism of the establishment took a big step forward on Wednesday as he blamed Pakistan’s “powerful generals and judges” for ousting him thrice from power. Army generals imposed martial laws to throw out democratically-elected prime ministers of Pakistan, and judges legitimised the military rule by providing it legal cover. The three-time prime minister, whose recent statement about the Mumbai attacks has drawn widespread criticism, said this while recording his statement in the Avenfield ...

Empty Chairs: The dark days for PML-N

1397/3/2 | 12:16
The absence of three PML-N parliamentarians – two MNAs and an MPA – from the district Chiniot, during the Punjab chief minister’s visit  on Tuesday, caused embarrassment to the ruling party. The absence of the ruling party lawmakers from the stage during the chief minister’s address to party workers was all the more shocking for the PML-N because its candidates had won all the national and provincial assemblies seats in the district in 2013 elections. Shahbaz Sharif, who is also PML-N president, must have felt very lonely on the stage ...

Desperate Nawaz Sharif on suicide mission

1397/3/1 | 12:16
The gloves are off and the game has only just begun. The three-time former prime minister is clearly on a warpath with the military establishment.   His statement on the Mumbai attacks was not off the cuff but part of a well thought-out strategy. First, what did Nawaz exactly say that shook even the army?   “Militant organisations are active. Call them non-state actors, should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial? “We have isolated ourselves. Despite ...

Dirty politics: Is Nawaz putting country's security in danger?

1397/2/31 | 12:16
Nawaz’s latest statement came in the backdrop of a campaign he and his daughter Maryam Nawaz have been running against his ouster in the Panama Papers case. During public rallies held across the country, the father and daughter duo have consistently called for civilian supremacy.   It is a fact that Nawaz shares responsibility for not having fixed the imbalance of elected and unelected institutions during his time in office. He neither showed any will to rid the constitution of excrements introduced by dictators in the past nor tried ...

Is Nawaz Sharif campaigning for his downfall?

1397/2/30 | 12:16
In a recent interview given to a prominent journalist, Cyril Almeida, former chief of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif said that “you cannot run a country if you have two of three parallel governments.   This has to stop. There can only be one government: the constitutional one.” Reportedly Sharif while answering a question regarding his controversial disqualification from public office said that “We have isolated ourselves. Despite giving sacrifices, our narrative is not being accepted. Afghanistan’s narrative ...

The Last gamble: What is Nawaz Sharif's long term game?

1397/2/30 | 12:16
The more you think, the more you realise that none of the prevalent theories about Nawaz Sharif’s recent statement on Mumbai attacks make sense.   You cannot be that irresponsible to shoot yourself in the foot like that especially at a time when the political tide is in your favour this close to the elections. Unless this is exactly what you want. It almost appears that Nawaz Sharif through his statement has purposely set a course for his party to lose the next elections. To explore this theory, let us first rule out all the other theories ...

Nawaz Sharif's self centered approach: Is PML-S in the offing?

1397/2/29 | 12:16
Chief Minister of Punjab and recently elected PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif chaired his first parliamentary meeting of the party on Thursday in extraordinary circumstances. The younger Sharif brother has been put in an untenable position: trying to lead a national party into a difficult election campaign for the first time while having family loyalty tested to a staggering degree by his brother. Thus he may be mulling to lead another faction of PML-N that is PML Shahbaz and it is highest possible option for Chief Minister Punjab. The younger ...

Avenfield Case: Is Adiala Jail ready to receive Nawaz Sharif?

1397/2/29 | 12:16
  The accountability court on Friday gave a last chance to former premier Nawaz Sharif and his relatives to record their statement on Monday after their lead counsel requested the court to defer the matter regarding the Avenfield properties reference. The ousted prime minister, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law retired Captain Mohammad Safdar had been asked to record the final statement in their defence under Section 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code and produce anything on record to contradict the statements of 19 prosecution ...

Cat is out of Bag: US comes out to Nawaz Sharif's rescue

1397/2/28 | 12:16
  Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Dana White during the regular briefing at the Pentagon on Friday said that deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s statements regarding the 26/11 Mumbai attacks is an “inflection point” for Pakistan. She said that US expects more from Pakistan and hopes it will play a major role in maintaining peace. The Pentagon spokesman further said that Pakistan can do more with respect to the security of Afghanistan. She expressed hope that Pakistan will be a partner in safeguarding ...

Who pushed Nawaz Sharif into this mess? An Inside story

1397/2/28 | 12:16
  Shahbaz Sharif told his elder brother Nawaz Sharif that whoever had arranged his recent controversial interview had actually done enmity not only with Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N but also with Pakistan. The Punjab chief minister told the PML-N parliamentarians here on Thursday that he had met Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday to convey his views regarding what the former premier recently said on the issue of Mumbai attacks. In response to Shahbaz Sharif’s view, according to sources, Nawaz Sharif kept a mum and did not speak his mind. These ...

Shrouding mystery: Why is international world interested in volume 10?

1397/2/28 | 12:16
  An international firm has approached the Supreme Court to seek a copy of Volume 10 of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on the Panama Papers case for a final decision on the quantum of damages Pakistan may face over an international dispute with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, who took up the application filed by senior lawyer Sardar Latif Khosa on behalf of M/s Broadsheet LLC in his chambers on Thursday, asked the lawyer to submit additional documents, including the interim award granted by sole ...

Conditions for talks: What is Zardari's new game plan against PML-N?

1397/2/28 | 12:16
  Former president Asif Ali Zardari has hinted at softening his stance towards ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif by saying that talks may be held with the arch-rival but only after the latter divulges his sources of income. “Talks may be held (with the Sharifs) on issues but they should first reveal that how they built their fortunes while they had come [migrated to Pakistan after partition] empty-handed,” the Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairperson said while speaking at an Iftar-dinner hosted by the party’s Lahore chief Azizur Rehman ...

Nawaz Sharif's rhetoric: Is Nawaz deliberately pushing PML-N to the end?

1397/2/28 | 12:16
  The parliamentary party of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Thurs­day reached the conclusion that the ruling party should not go into the coming general elections with Nawaz Sharif’s narrative of “confrontation with the establishment and the judiciary”.   Sources privy to the meeting told that Shahbaz Sharif, who recently replaced the senior Sharif as PML-N president after the latter’s ouster from Prime Minister House, agreed that the former prime minister should soften the stance he had adopted after being ...

Fallout of Nawaz Sharif’s statement

1397/2/27 | 12:16
  Disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has dropped a bombshell without realising where he has dropped and its possible fallout, internally and externally. Besides, timing of the statement on 2008 Mumbai attack, and the controversy which has emerged as a result of reaction and counter-reaction has further complicated the situation. Just 24 hours after the National Security Committee (NSC), comprising top civil and military leadership, completely rejected his statement as misleading, the former premier in a rare counter-reaction rejected ...

Spilling the beans: Nawaz Sharif to unveil names behind 2014 Sit ins?

1397/2/26 | 12:16
  Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday claimed there were many characters behind Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s (PAT) 2014 sit-ins and he will reveal their names when the time comes. Addressing the media outside the accountability court conducting corruption proceedings against him and his family, Nawaz said, “Many characters played a part in 2014 sit-ins.” He went on to say: “Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri were among those characters and when time comes I will reveal the names of others involved.” Responding ...

Nawaz Sharif on a suicide mission?

1397/2/26 | 12:16
  Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s scandalous statement has pushed the PML-N in complete disarray at a time when the general elections are just round the corner. Generally considered as endorsement of Indian stance and negation of Pakistan’s policy on the issue of Mumbai attacks, the statement is being clarified and even denied to some degree by top leaders of the PML-N, including Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. However, Nawaz Sharif not only owns the statement, but also insists that ...

Refusal to retract remarks: Is Nawaz Sharif looking for Martial Law?

1397/2/25 | 12:16
  Deposed premier Nawaz Sharif has rejected a request from top aides to retract his recent remarks that stirred up a huge controversy and strained the ruling party’s relationship with the establishment. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif met the deposed premier, who is facing a slew of graft cases, separately in an attempt to convince him to retract his statement regarding the 2008 Mumbai attacks or to at least publicly explain it. Shehbaz urged his elder brother to offer a public explanation of his ...

Nawaz's new Narrative: Is it an attempt to appease India?

1397/2/24 | 12:16
  Nawaz Sharif's recent interview has done just that – hit the same nerve exposed in the so-called Dawn Leaks scandal, the same one that seems to be the crux of his disagreement with the military. This time however, the reaction has been much more frenzied. The veracity of his statements is bygone matter at this moment. His claim, the Pakistani military trains and supports armed groups against India, and those who took part in the Mumbai attack, is one of those statements that not many will agree to in public, but behind closed doors ...

Why didn't Pakistan complete Mumbai attacker's trial? Nawaz Sharif's another question

1397/2/24 | 12:16
  Facing a volley of criticism for his statements in an English daily, deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that he will continue to speak the truth and he considers it as his national and moral duty to do so. The former premier also added that he will speak the truth irrespective of what he has to bear. Talking to journalists outside the accountability court hearing corruption references against the Sharif family, the PML-N Quaid further said that former interior minister Rehman Malik, Lt Gen (retd) Mehmood Durrani and ...

Can Shahbaz Sharif defend his traitor brother?

1397/2/24 | 12:16
  In a rare development, the military authorities on Sunday announced that a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC), the country’s top civil-military body, had been called on today to consider the situation arising out of the recent remarks of PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif about the 2008 Mumbai attacks as differences within the ruling party surfaced following the issuance of contradictory statements by the Sharif brothers on the issue. The Prime Minister Office, however, opted to stay silent as there was no announcement ...

A proven Traitor: Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan was involved in Mumbai attacks?

1397/2/23 | 12:16
  Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has tacitly admitted in an interview that Pakistan played a role + in the 26/11 + Mumbai terror attacks. Speaking to Dawn, Sharif stated that terrorist organisations were thriving in Pakistan and "non-state actors" were responsible for the series of coordinated attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 which claimed over 160 lives. Without naming Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed + and Masood Azhar's terror outfits -- Jamaat-ud-Dawah and Jaish-e-Mohammad, -- operating in the country ...

For Nawaz, it’s not over till it’s over

1397/2/23 | 12:16
  Lambasting the ongoing accountability process against himself and his family, former prime minister and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif has said: “You can’t run a country if you have two or three parallel governments. This has to stop. There can only be one government: the constitutional one.” In a wide-ranging and exclusive interview with Dawn ahead of his rally in Multan on Friday, a relaxed but adamant Sharif dismissed the recent defections from the PML-N, particularly in southern Punjab. “They didn’t leave the party, they were ...

Aliens in Politics: Would Shahbaz Sharif part ways with PML-N?

1397/2/22 | 12:16
  Soon after the SC-appointed JIT started questioning the Sharif family, the former PM concluded that the charges being framed against him could not be successfully defended in the courts. While he hired some of the best lawyers in the country the perception got strengthened with the passage of time.   After his disqualification by the SC, Nawaz Sharif decided to fight the charges politically. During the road march from Islamabad to Lahore, he accused the establishment and the courts of penalising him on account of grudge against ...

Would NAB's blunder give a new life line to Nawaz Sharif

1397/2/20 | 12:16
  If National Accountability Bureau's (NAB) Tuesday’s press release was a blunder, the Bureau’s clarification issued on the subject on Wednesday is nothing less than a howler. It’s unbelievable to know through the NAB’s latest clarification that the media report, on the basis of which the NAB chairman Tuesday initiated action against Nawaz Sharif for alleged money laundering of $4.9 billion to India, was published on February 1, 2018. It means it took the NAB and its chairman almost 100 days to ponder over the said media report ...

Party in disarray: Is PML-N afraid of free and fair election?

1397/2/19 | 12:16
It is beginning to look, increasingly, as if PML-N is putting time-bombs in its own path to the general election. With barely days of the present government’s tenure left, the party is still without a clear election strategy even as PTI makes inroads into its powerbase — Punjab. Leader-for-life Nawaz seems convinced that the biggest hurdle to another victory would be ‘aliens’, not bulk desertions in south Punjab and Balochistan (with indications of more to follow), divergent points of view within the party and especially PTI snatching ...

Did Nawaz transfer billion of dollars to India?

1397/2/19 | 12:16
  Taking notice of a misleading newspaper article based on a ‘flawed’ report of the World Bank, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started verification whether former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was involved in sending $4.9 billion to India. According to NAB, World Bank’s migration and remittance book released in September 2016 carried information that foreign exchange reserves of India increased by $4.9 billion after receiving the huge amount sent through money laundering, inflicting losses to Pakistan’s national kitty. While ...

Guns towards army: Is PTI looking for political mileage?

1397/2/17 | 12:16
  The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief, during an interview to Geo News’ senior journalist Hamid Mir, said that the ruling party and Nawaz Sharif were helped tremendously by elements from the armed forces in Punjab during the 2013 general elections – which helped him rig it. Nawaz Sharif, who had chosen the odd moniker of “extraterrestrial beings” to refer to outside interference in elections – and who was being mercilessly mocked by the media for using such imagery – would be breathing a sigh of relief. Not only has his ...

The revenge of the ‘aliens’?

1397/2/16 | 12:16
  Elections are just round the corner; the three main protagonists are invoking the ostensible role of the military in politics. But Sharif and his handpicked Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi have gone a few notches further by fantastically predicting that ‘aliens’ will conduct the upcoming polls. The enigmatic PTI chief Imran Khan has further upped the ante by alleging that Sharif won the 2013 elections with the aid of the army. He has even named a serving MI (military Intelligence) brigadier at the time Muzaffar Ali Ranjha as ...

Inside story of Zardari-Nawaz conflict

1397/2/15 | 12:16
  What really is the conflict between the former president, Asif Ali Zardari, and former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, which has now sharpened and seems unlikely to resolve before 2018 elections.   In short, it’s a complete distrust in each other since 2008, even when they came close to each other and the PPP was blamed for being a friendly opposition, which in reality never existed. Recently, both leaders levelled some serious allegations against each other, as to who was responsible for break-up of the understanding. The PPP-PML-N ...

Trading allegations: How PTI-PML-N war of words demonizing democracy?

1397/2/15 | 12:16
  In a renewed exchange of allegations, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) accused the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief of looking towards the umpire’s finger instead of believing in voters while the latter described the PML-N government as worse than a military dictatorship. PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif in an apparent reaction to PTI chief Imran Khan’s statement that the polls could be delayed for one and a half months warned that his party would not tolerate delay for a single day and expressed doubts over transparency of ...

Spilling the beans: Is Nawaz Sharif going to expose forces behind 2014 sit-in?

1397/2/14 | 12:16
  The deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday claimed he knows several secrets regarding the 2014 marathon sit-in of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and that he will reveal them at an ‘appropriate time’. In August 2014, the PTI and the PAT simultaneously started their sit-in in Islamabad for essentially different reasons but with the same objective to topple the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government. The sit-in continued for months and ended after Dec 2014 grisly attack on a ...

Can Nawaz Sharif sustain the wind of oppoisiton?

1397/2/13 | 12:16
  With the day of judgment drawing near, Nawaz Sharif is becoming increasingly bitter. What adds to his fury is that his attacks on the Supreme Court have drawn no strong response which he could present as an evidence of malice and grudge on the part of the judges. In a state of desperation, he has now gone a step further by accusing the CJ by name as one of the detractors who have been all along stopping him from putting the country back on an even keel. Sharif also believes he must indulge in bluster to keep up the morale of his supporters, ...

misogynistic remarks: Should PML-N sack Rana Sanaullah?

1397/2/12 | 12:16
He said Sanaullah has been using derogatory language both against the PTI’s leadership and its women participants. “Sanaullah is the one against whom an FIR had been registered for using derogatory language against former PM Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam and wife Kulsoom,” he added. He said Sanaullah should be given lessons on woman’s respect. “A law minister who does not have respect for woman is not eligible for this slot. It is opinion of respected members of the house that the law minister be immediately removed from the slot ...

Why ‘Zardari won’t last’?

1397/2/11 | 12:16
  Former prime minister and PML-N Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday said the PPPP President and former president Asif Ali Zardari will soon be on the receiving end for his actions. Addressing party leaders and workers outside the accountability court after attending the proceedings here, he said attempts were being made to repeat the same game in the National Assembly election that was played in the Senate chairman’s election. “I ask Zardari what they have done for the people of Sindh. They could not even give them peace,” he ...

Can Nawaz fight out Establishment?

1397/2/9 | 12:16
  The presumption that elements supported by ‘hidden forces’ will win the upcoming elections need to be proven wrong, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif told parliamentarians from Gujranwala and Faisalabad at the PML-N Secretariat in Model Town on Saturday. Just five weeks before the completion of the government’s tenure, the former prime minister acknowledged that economically, Pakistan had the weakest currency and was trailing behind in the region. Currencies of Sri Lanka, Nepal and even Bangladesh were stronger than Pakistani ...

End of Khawaja Asif: Is Judiciary sidelining Nawaz Sharif's loyalists?

1397/2/7 | 12:16
  The Islamabad High Court on Thursday April 26th 2018 disqualified Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif under Article 62(i)(f) of the Constitution for holding a work permit — iqama — issued by the UAE. This is a grievous blow to the PML-N as Asif was one of the true heavyweights, a politician of real heft and clout with a parliamentary history stretching back to 1993. His argument that he had never hidden his UAE work permit cut no ice with the bench and there is a more clear-cut decision than in the case of his erstwhile leader, Nawaz Sharif. This ...

The bull in China shop: Is Chief Justice over-stepping his authority?

1397/2/5 | 12:16
While Nawaz Sharif resorts to hyperbole when he says Pakistan today is the ‘worst kind of dictatorship’, one would have readily agreed with him if he had said that there is a visible and continuous curtailment of democracy in the country.   While the CJ maintains that the whole SC would resign if a Martial Law was imposed, the court prefers to look the other way as acts that curtail basic democratic rights take place. A media channel has been forced to go offline in several cities including areas of Lahore, newspapers receive tweets ...

Nawaz Sharif would be sent behind bars: Interior Minister

1397/2/4 | 12:16
  Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Monday claimed that there was no doubt left now that former premier Mian Nawaz Sharif would be sent behind bars but claimed that he had decided to face whatever be the consequences for a ‘great cause’. “Do you still doubt that he would not be sent behind bars? But let me tell you one thing very clearly, he has returned, leaving behind his wife in London, who is fighting cancer, to face the consequences for his great cause”, Ahsan Iqbal said while talking to The News at the Dow University ...

Has Chief Justice become a dictator?

1397/2/3 | 12:16
  Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that recent actions by the top judiciary indicate that a regime worse than a martial law has been imposed across Pakistan. Speaking to reporters inside the accountability court in Islamabad, Sharif claimed: "What is prevalent in the country is not democracy, but the worst kind of dictatorship under [Chief Justice Mian] Saqib Nisar." "What is happening in the country is not less than a 'judicial martial law'," said the former prime minister, who returned from London late on Sunday after ...

Wooed by Imran : Would Ch.Nisar join PTI?

1397/1/31 | 12:16
  Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday made a fresh bid to woo the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s maverick leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and invited him to join his party so that they could work together to build a ‘new Pakistan.’ Mr Khan extended the invitation to the PML-N dissident while speaking at a ceremony to launch the PTI’s logo and slogan for the upcoming general elections. At a time when Mr Khan was praising Chaudhry Nisar for “courageously” challenging Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of former ...

Pakistan orders probe into attack on judge

1397/1/28 | 12:16
  Pakistan has formed a high-level panel to find out those behind the recent firing incident of a judge who was part of a ruling that de-seated former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Opposition parties were quick to point fingers at the ruling party, although it denies the charge. Press TV’s Kamran Yousaf has more in this report.   ...

Akin to Altaf Hussain: LHC bans Nawaz Sharif's and Maryam Nawaz's speeches

1397/1/27 | 12:16
  The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday temporarily barred TV channels from airing alleged "anti-judiciary speeches" uttered by PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and other leaders. A three-judge full bench, headed by Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi, and comprising Justice Atir Mahmood and Justice Chaudhry Masood Jahangir, had taken up a set of petitions against "anti-judiciary speeches" delivered by PML-N leaders. The bench directed the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to decide the ...

The politics within: Who divided PML-N?

1397/1/26 | 12:16
  The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is once again locked in internal division between ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’ regarding former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s lifetime disqualification by the Supreme Court earlier on Friday. The former premier’s political survival now hinges on the verdict of the accountability court which is hearing a reference against him on the orders of the top court in Panamagate case. Sharif will have the option to move Supreme Court with the request to end lifetime disqualification on the basis of the ...

Model town killing case: Would Adiala Jail welcome both Sharifs?

1397/1/26 | 12:16
Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has ordered daily hearing of a complaint in the 2014 Model Town case while taking notice of delayed proceedings on a day when in another case related to the railways ministry he told Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique that the Supreme Court judges were not prejudiced against anyone including his ‘friends’. CJP Nisar ordered the presiding officer of an antiterrorism court, Ijaz Awan, to hold hearing of a private complaint moved by Idara Minhajul Quran, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), regarding the ...

Who brought Nawaz Sharif to the closed end?

1397/1/25 | 12:16
  Mr Sharif, who has recently completed a half-century of appearing before an accountability court, must also be regretting over his party taking a stubborn position on the issue of replacing the “politically-motivated” National Accountability Bureau (NAB) with an independent and powerful National Accountability Commission (NAC) as per the CoD. Besides this, Mr Sharif, who is now running a campaign for “vote’s sanctity”, should be repenting for ignoring the constitution of a National Democracy Commission with an aim “to promote ...

A mortal blow to Nawaz or a new mountain to climb?

1397/1/25 | 12:16
  The Supreme Court on Friday shut the doors of parliament permanently on the politicians disqualified under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution by ruling that such ineligibility is for life, dashing the possibility of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif running for re-election after being disqualified over graft allegations last year. The unanimous decision of a five-judge SC bench comprising Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Justice Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah on the question ...

Would new CJP annul decision against Nawaz Sharif?

1397/1/25 | 12:16
The apex court’s decision to disqualify Nawaz Sharif for life will only last until the retirement of the five judges who penned the verdict, Maryam Nawaz said on Monday. She was speaking at the Social Media Convention organised by the PML-N in Sialkot. She said that the decision was an act of retribution, adding that Sharif was no stranger to such decisions and this would also not be the first time he would be facing imprisonment. But such decisions against popular leaders were relegated to the dustbin of history, she said. According to ...

Where does Nawaz Sharif's disqualification for life leave him and the PML-N?

1397/1/24 | 12:16
  In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court today ruled that the disqualification handed down to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif under Article 62 (1)(f) of the Constitution is for life. The decision also affects Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's Jahangir Tareen. What impact will the ruling have on Pakistan's largest party? How will it impact the upcoming general elections? Where do the Parliament and the judiciary stand after this decision? Analysts and politicians give their take: 'The verdict will decide the tone PML-N takes' — Mazhar ...

Historical Judgement: Nawaz Sharif disqualified for life

1397/1/24 | 12:16
  In a landmark verdict that will change the course of the country’s political history, the Supreme Court on Friday ruled that disqualification handed down under Article 62 (1)(f) of the Constitution is for life. According to DawnNewsTV, the verdict was issued unanimously by all five judges of the bench. Article 62(1)(f), which sets the precondition for a member of parliament to be "sadiq and ameen" (honest and righteous), is the same provision under which Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by a five-judge SC bench headed by Justice Asif ...