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A Russia-Saudi rapprochement isn’t happening

1396/7/26 | 18:11
  When the Saudi royal family booked out much of Moscow’s premium hotel estate earlier this month the media exploded with stories about a Russia-Saudi rapprochement.   Russia managed to sell, it was reported, around $3.5 billion in arms. That sounded a great deal. A grand new romance had apparently erupted.   Many thought similar in 2009, when Russia and Saudi Arabia signed a deal for $2 billion worth of the exact same missile system that is supposedly part of this new package, the S-400. The S-400 missile systems never ...

Saudi King Salman in Russia on historic visit

1396/7/13 | 18:11
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, on a first such visit by a monarch in the kingdom’s history. Salman landed in Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport early on Wednesday to launch a four-day visit, which many say would take him to discussions on the global oil market and the situation in Syria. The trip marks a huge turnaround in ties between Russia and Saudi Arabia, two countries that have repeatedly come at odds over the conflict in Syria. Moscow has backed Syria’s fight against terror and has even deployed ...

Russia sends Yemeni bank notes to south Yemen

1396/7/4 | 18:11
  Russia is creating Yemeni bank notes, RT Arabic reported yesterday, to pay the salaries of officials in the country.   The bank notes were printed in Moscow, dispatched yesterday and are heading for Aden International Airport. A source confirmed to RT that the “batch of printed paper will be transferred to the central bank in the city, and will be paid as salaries for the army and security forces in the provinces in Yemen”.     A contract between the Yemeni government and a Russian printing company has ordered ...

Russian general killed in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr by Daesh

1396/7/3 | 18:11
A Russian general has been killed by Daesh terrorists close to Syria’s eastern Dayr al-Zawr province. According to a statement released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Sunday, Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov was killed after coming under Daesh mortar fire. The statement added that Asapov, a senior military advisor in the country, was stationed at a Syrian command outpost aiding in the liberation of Dayr al-Zawr when he was killed. "As a result of a sudden mortar shelling by Daesh militants, Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov was fatally ...

PRESS TV | Moscow ready to normalize relations with Washington: Russian FM

1396/5/6 | 18:11
Russia has expressed its readiness to normalize relations and cooperate with the United States on major global issues based on mutual respect. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Rex Tillerson on Friday, adding that Moscow sought to mend the bilateral ties based on "mutual respect and balance of interests," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The statement further said that the senior Russian diplomat and his US opposite number “agreed to maintain contact ...

Riyadh-Moscow military cooperation: Did Russia betray Iran and Syria?

1396/4/20 | 18:11
Moscow and Riyadh have signed a preliminary military cooperation agreement worth $3.5 billion, Russia Today (RT) reported today, quoting the CEO of Russia’s Rostec Corporation, Sergei Chemezov. “Within the framework of the new round of talks, we have reached a preliminary agreement worth $3.5 billion,” Chimezov said, pointing out that the Saudi government has imposed some conditions for the implementation of the deal. Saudi Arabia, Chimezov added, has however stipulated that the deal will come into effect on condition that Moscow provide ...

Is the US attack on Syria is attack on Russia?

1396/1/21 | 18:11
  Moscow considers the US strike on a Syrian airbase early Friday as “aggression against a sovereign state,” which will further harm US-Russia ties, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.   “President Putin considers American strikes on Syria aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international norms, and under an invented pretext,” Peskov was reported as saying by Russian agencies     “President Putin considers American strikes on Syria aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international ...

Russia deploys missile-armed ship to Syria after US attack: Source

1396/1/20 | 18:11
  Russia has reportedly sent a missile-armed frigate to its naval base in Syria’s Mediterranean coastal city of Tartus following a recent US missile strike against an airbase in the Arab country.   An informed military-diplomatic source in Moscow told Russia’s TASS news agency on Friday that the Admiral Grigorovich, a Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate, was due to arrive in the Mediterranean later on the day.   “The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus,” the source ...

New power bloc: Pakistan, Russia and China inch closer to formal alliance

1396/1/15 | 18:11
  For well over two decades, Islamabad and Moscow competed against each other to pursue their interests. But that is history now. The two are all set to become part of a possible alliance in a dramatic turnaround in their otherwise frosty relationship for decades.     What has compelled Pakistan and Russia to join hands is apprehensions that the United States may not be interested in bringing stability to Afghanistan for its own strategic interests. These fears have now opened up the possibility of an alliance between Pakistan, ...

US blame game: The declining super power and increasing Russian influence

1396/1/12 | 18:11
  As a US lawmaker described Russia as a revisionist power, a top American general warned that Moscow may be providing weapons and other support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.     “In my view, Russia is a revisionist power that will cause further trouble across Europe and in the international order more generally,” Senator Ben Cardin, a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said at a congressional hearing in Washington. “Russia sought to undermine and interfere in our election, and how we respond ...

A stern warning: What did Putin say to Netanyahu about Iran?

1395/12/25 | 18:11
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop adopting hostile policies against Iran based on a legend in “the fifth century B.C.,” instead of focusing on the realities on the ground.     Putin made the remarks at a Thursday meeting with Netanyahu in Moscow, during which the Israeli premier claimed ancient Persia had made a failed attempt to “destroy the Jewish people” some 2,500 years ago, a legend commemorated through the Jewish holiday of Purim, which Israel ...

A rare paradigm shift: Moscow’s love affair with Islamabad

1395/12/17 | 18:11
  As new alignments are taking shape in the world, Pakistan and Russia while forgetting bitterness of cold war era have also embarked upon a journey to develop relations on a strong footing.   Monday’s meeting between Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and Russian Ambassador Alexey Youevich was also held in the context of further expanding military-to-military relations between the two countries, which Bajwa very rightly described as important for regional security.     In fact along with China, the three ...

Face to Face at Moscow: Can two rivals bring peace in Afghanistan?

1395/11/23 | 18:11
  Pakistan and India are going to find themselves face to face at Moscow at the same table discussing a common interest but without either the Americans or the Taliban.     Russia and China, both having vested interests if not always convergent motives in regional peace, are the brokers for a new order. Iran is also invited, and if all parties agree to work together then real change becomes a possibility.     Pakistan has ever opposed any Indian involvement in matters Afghan, worried that Indian intelligence agencies ...

Russia Deploys Maritime Air Defense After Jet Shot Down Over Syria

1394/9/3 | 18:11
Moscow will deploy a warship off the Syrian coast near Latakia to strengthen the defense of its air base there, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces announced on Tuesday after Turkish warplanes shot down a Russian strike aircraft. Russian fighter jets will now accompany all of Moscow's missions against Islamic State targets in Syria, the General Staff said. Prior to Tuesday's attack, Russian bombers were conducting their missions without air cover.Turkish warplanes shot down a Russian Su-24M bomber aircraft that Turkey said had ...

LNG deal: Could Russia cater Pakistan’s soaring energy demands?

1394/8/5 | 18:11
 Pakistan and Russia signed a government-to-government deal on Friday to construct a pipeline to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Karachi to Lahore. Moscow will lend Islamabad $2 billion for the project. Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to visit Pakistan within the next four months to perform the groundbreaking of the pipeline project, for which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had handed over the framework to the Russian president in Ufa earlier this year. Moscow had then sought some time to get a nod from its competent forum. ...

Meeting in Moscow: Russian involvement in Syrian affairs makes US dwarf

1394/8/4 | 18:11
 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad flew into Moscow on Tuesday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in what is believed to be his first trip abroad since start of the war in 2011.The leaders discussed their joint military campaign against rebels in Syria, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday, calling the meeting a "working visit". The Syrian presidency confirmed that Assad and Putin held three meetings in which Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu were present. ...

Pak-Russia gas pipeline: Is another strategic alliance in the offing in South Asia?

1394/7/27 | 18:11
 Pakistan and Russia signed a government-to-government deal on Friday to construct a pipeline to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Karachi to Lahore. Moscow will lend Islamabad $2 billion for the project. Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to visit Pakistan within the next four months to perform the groundbreaking of the pipeline project, for which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had handed over the framework to the Russian president in Ufa earlier this year. Moscow had then sought some time to get a nod from its competent forum. ...

Russia in the game: Would Russian air strike against ISIS make some difference?

1394/7/12 | 18:11
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday won permission from the Russian parliament to carry out air strikes in Syria, in what would be Moscow's first engagement in a distant theatre of war since the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.The announcement comes as Putin and US President Barack Obama push rival plans on ways to defeat the self-styled Islamic State (IS) group in Syria and on the future role of the country's embattled leader President Bashar al-Assad.“The Federation Council unanimously supported the president's request,” the Kremlin's ...

Defence Ministries meeting: Is US convincing Russia to throw out Bashar Al-Assad?

1394/6/31 | 18:11
US and Russian defence ministers have held their first talks in more than a year, to discuss the conflict in Syria.The phone call follows signs that Moscow is taking a more active role in the conflict, and American concern over the extent of the plans.Meanwhile, four Russian fighter jets have arrived at an airfield near the Syrian city of Latakia, the US said. The US and Russia have disagreed sharply on Syria's bloody civil war and the role of President Bashar al-Assad. While Moscow has backed the Syrian government, the US sees the removal of President ...

MI-35 deal: Pakistan-Russia keen to forge a defense deal

1394/5/31 | 18:11
 Pakistan signed an agreement with Russia to purchase MI-35 ‘Hind’ attack helicopters. “An agreement was signed between Pakistan and Russian authorities in Rawalpindi for the purchase of four MI-35 helicopters,” said a senior military official on Wednesday. The official, however, did not provide any further details about the deal, or shed any light on the configuration of the helicopters which Pakistan will receive. No timeline for delivery of the helicopters was revealed. The agreement is believed to have been finalised during Chief ...

NATO deal with CAR's for exit: Would Pakistan be black-mailed by US and NATO?

1394/4/17 | 18:11
  NATO has struck a deal with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to remove equipment through their territories as it winds down the Afghan operation, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday. "We reached agreement on reverse transit from Afghanistan with three Central Asian partners: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan," Rasmussen said at a news conference.Transit routes for the withdrawal are proving a major headache for the US-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan, with massive ammounts of materiel dispatched in the decade-long ...

Marriage of convenience

1394/3/30 | 18:11
SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency)-Army chief General Raheel Sharif arrived in Moscow on a three-day official visit to Russia against the backdrop of realignments taking place in the region. This visit was of utmost significance regarding emerging regional scenarios especially after CPEC. It was an effort to open up a new chapter in relations. Historically, the former Soviet Union always took initiatives to pursue friendly ties with Pakistan, but the latter failed to come up to its expectations and relations remained estranged during the Cold ...