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Russia tests Nuke that can wipe UK off the map 3 times over

A German newspaper announced the possibility of a chemical attacks in Europe executed by ISIS terrorists.

Eyeless in Gaza: The story of an Israeli soldier

PTI loses majority in K-P assembly

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Iran vows to buy all the weapons it needs, irrespective what the world thinks about it

Grand Mufti of Egypt declares buying Facebook likes ‘haram’

'Reciprocal' travel restrictions to be imposed on Pakistan diplomats: US.

Baloch activist says RAW asked him to heckle Nawaz in 2015

A Russian praise for Imran Khan

Saudi Arabia open to sending troops into Syria: FM

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The Indo-Iran Syndrome & Pakistan

Man dies as protest against rape, murder of minor girl turns violent in Karachi

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Assad's aide: Syrian defenses smarter than US missiles

'No amount of killing will stop us,' vow Nigerian Shias

Pakistan orders probe into attack on judge

'World War 3' Google Searches Spike After Syria Strike

China voices support for Russia on Syria, holds naval drills against USA

Details of terrorist training were found in a notebook of an ISIS member

Akin to Altaf Hussain: LHC bans Nawaz Sharif's and Maryam Nawaz's speeches

A clean chit: The backdoor deal with Khadim Rizvi

Is Afghanistan the next Caliphate?

Syria Missile attack: Why UN has become a useless object?

Trump morally unfit to be president: Ex-FBI director

Would Ch.Nisar make a forward bloc in PML-N?

Stupid than ever: A Muslim country newspaper claims that Queen of England is descendant of Holy prophet (pbuh)

Why the West hates Syria?

The politics within: Who divided PML-N?

Qatar’s allowing missiles to be fired from airbase shameful: Syrian official

Morocco to pull warplanes from Saudi-led coalition: Report

Attack on Supreme Court Judge: Is it a message to Chief Justice?

The Sham democracy: Why is India still sleeping on rape of a minor in Kashmir?

Model town killing case: Would Adiala Jail welcome both Sharifs?

US Choppers Caught Evacuating ISIS Terrorists according to Syrian news agency

US Considers Opening Embassy in Pyongyang

Erdogan's dual face: Turkey welcomes US-led airstrikes in Syria

Who brought Nawaz Sharif to the closed end?

Russian state TV tells viewers best supplies to pack for Word War III bomb shelters

A mortal blow to Nawaz or a new mountain to climb?

Increasing economic ties: Iran to be part of CPEC

Rape of Kashmiri girl: Would UN awake on Kashmir issue?

Would new CJP annul decision against Nawaz Sharif?

Syria comes under military attack on Trump's orders, 13 missiles shot down

Pak-Iran Ferry service from Karachi to Chabahar to be started to benefit pilgrims

New Scandal: Trump fathers an illegitimate child with an employee at Trump World Tower

Where does Nawaz Sharif's disqualification for life leave him and the PML-N?

Saudi-led boycotters stick to steep demands for Qatar: Report

Historical Judgement: Nawaz Sharif disqualified for life

Penchant for religious extremism: Punjab promulgates ordinance allowing four loudspeakers at mosques

Would Nawaz Sharif be handed life time disqualification?

Pakistan stands with Syria: A green signal to Russian bloc

What Another showdown with TLP would result in?

Merkel: Germany will not participate in any possible military action against Syria

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Israel minister calls for assassination of Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad

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Would Tehrike.eLabaik topple govt this time?

Is Wajid Zia backtracking from his statements?

Diplomatic war: Did Pakistan stun US with strict message?

Syrian forces frees Douma, entire Eastern Ghouta, from terrorists: Russia

Iran: Saudi Arabia cannot hide support for terrorism through playing blame game

Iran threatens Israel over Syria air base strike

Pro-Taliban Deobandi seminaries refuse audit of their funds

War threats: Can Syrian conundrum trigger world war III?

257 dead as military plane crashes in Algeria

US State Department denies imposition of travel restrictions on Pak diplomats

Is Adiala jail ready to receive Nawaz Sharif?

Changing the history: Pakistan puts US diplomat on trial

700,000 Syrians displaced by fighting in 2018: UN

Iranian, Pakistani groups send humanitarian aid to Syria

U.S. 40 Years Behind Russian 'Satan 2' Nuclear Missile

Saudi considering proposal to set up military base, nuclear waste site on Qatar border

Is Pakstan really in the Post-Taliban Era?

Is Britain about to join US military action over reports of Syria chemical attack?

Syria warns about ‘dangerous repercussions’ of Israeli attack

US tells Indian daily that Pakistan took steps against terrorists

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Would Chief Justice take pity on oppressed Hazaras?

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Burning Syria

What Does Kim Jong Un Mean by 'Denuclearization'?

Philippines may become ISIS' next caliphate

Bin Salman is heading to the Saudi throne along an Israeli path

Demand to decriminalize consensual sex: Is UN trying to change Pakistan's ideological basis?

No end of dynasty: Maryam Nawaz's son, the new master of PML-N

Why is Nisar reluctant to join PTI?

Saudi crown prince in Paris for arms, other deals

Mullah on defiance: Why is Govt helpless before Khadim Rizvi?


Eyeless in Gaza: The story of an Israeli soldier

1397/1/30 | 08:12
Write down: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief.   Write down: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief. We don’t belong to ...

Israel minister calls for assassination of Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad

1397/1/23 | 08:12
  Israeli Housing Minister Yoav Galant has called for Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad to be assassinated, Sky News reported. Israeli media reported that Al-Assad has left his presidential palace yesterday morning accompanied by a Russian military convoy for fear of an American strike, reports Russia has denied. In preparation for a possible US-led strike on Syria, Russia Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) yesterday recommended all Russia flights exercise caution while travelling through the eastern Mediterranean region. “Rosaviatsiya ...

Iran threatens Israel over Syria air base strike

1397/1/22 | 08:12
  A senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatened Israel following its attack on an air base in Syria. “The Iranian fighters stand by the Syrian people and their government and continue to fight the enemies of the Islamic nation, especially Israel and its masters,” Ali Akbar Velayati told reporters upon his arrival to Damascus. “These enemies will be expelled from Syria soon,” he added.   Israeli jets fired eight guided missiles at an airbase in Syria’s Homs province yesterday, five of which ...

Syria warns about ‘dangerous repercussions’ of Israeli attack

1397/1/21 | 08:12
  Syria has warned about the “dangerous repercussions” of Israeli assaults on its territories, stressing that a recent attack on an air base in the Arab country’s province of Homs would not have been possible without massive US support. The warning was made by the Syrian Foreign Ministry in a letter to the United Nations secretary general and the UNSC president on Monday, Syria's official news agency SANA reported. Two Israeli F-15 warplanes carried out strikes from Lebanese air space on T-4 air base in Homs on Sunday that killed ...

Bin Salman is heading to the Saudi throne along an Israeli path

1397/1/20 | 08:12
  The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has created widespread speculation about the potentially controversial nature of his future Kingdom as and when he succeeds his father. Mohammad Bin Salman has attracted attention through a series of actions and comments that are seen by many as a coup against Saudi, Arab and Islamic traditions. Some analysts believe him to be ignorant of the principles underpinning his country, as well as those of Arab and Islamic diplomacy. The ambitious prince started his political life by forming a coalition to interfere ...

Crocodile tears for Gaza

1397/1/16 | 08:12
  Most of the international community is miffed with Israel. Not in general, mind you. Just regarding the weekend violence directed against unarmed protestors. Indeed, the EU and UN are all but desk-thumping their outrage over Tel Aviv’s flat-out refusal to investigate its military for disproportionate use of force that left up to 17 Palestinians dead and some 1,100 injured. The US, for its part is playing along with Mr Netanyahu and went as far as blocking a Security Council resolution towards this end. All of which is good news. At ...

US-Supplied Israeli F-35 Stealth Jets Penetrate Iranian Airspace

1397/1/15 | 08:12
US-supplied Israeli F-35 stealth jets have penetrated Iranian airspace for the first time, making a renewed Jewish attack upon that country a distinct possibility as tensions increase in the region once again. According to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida, as repeated in The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s new F-35 stealth fighter jets circled at high altitude over Iran and even flew over three towns: Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz, all associated with Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. It was reported that the F-35 jets were not detected ...

Muhammad Bin Salman clear message to Muslims: Israel has right to defend her land

1397/1/14 | 08:12
  The crown prince and de facto leader of Saudi Arabia said Israel has a “right” to a homeland, a notable shift in the kingdom's position, in an interview published in The Atlantic on Monday. Saudi Arabia and Israel still have no formal diplomatic relations, but behind the scenes, improvements in their ties have accelerated in recent years. Both countries see Iran as their biggest outside threat and the United States (US) as their key ally, and both see danger from armed extremists. Israel's conflict with the Palestinians has long ...

Israeli carnage raises fears of Gaza conflagration

1397/1/13 | 08:12
  Palestinians have protested for the third day as part of the annual “March of Return” to commemorate Land Day, braving Israeli tanks and snipers deployed along the Gaza fence where 17 protesters were killed a few days ago. At least 50 people were injured on Sunday as Israeli forces shot at Palestinian protesters in the city of Jabalia and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip. Several dozen protesters suffered suffocation due to inhaling teargas. Clashes have been ongoing since Friday when tens of thousands of Palestinians began a six-week ...

World's criminal silence: Israel brutally martyrs 15 innocent civilians

1397/1/11 | 08:12
  Clashes erupted as tens of thousands of Gazans marched near the Israeli border in a major protest on Friday, leaving 15 Palestinians dead and hundreds more wounded in the conflict’s worst single day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war. Late in the day, Israel’s military targeted three Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip with tank fire and an air strike after what it said was an attempted shooting attack against soldiers along the border that caused no injuries. Protesters, including women and children, had earlier gathered at multiple ...

Recognise Gaza as independent state says former Israeli major general

1397/1/8 | 08:12
A former head of Israel’s National Security Council has urged the government to recognise and treat the Gaza Strip as a de-facto independent state. Writing in Yediot Ahronoth, former Major-General Giora Eiland argued that Israel needs to take the “initiative, on the basis that “the situation [in Gaza] is unstable and could deteriorate very soon”. According to Eiland, Gaza “has been a de-facto independent state” since 2007, with “a defined area; an efficient central government; an independent foreign policy; and an army of its ...

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu rushed to hospital

1397/1/8 | 08:12
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rushed to hospital, say Israeli media sources. According to several media sources on Tuesday, Netanyahu was transported to Haddassah Hospital in Jerusalem al-Quds after suffering from a high fever and severe coughing. His personal physician has said that Netanyahu is suffering from lack of rest following an illness he contracted around two weeks ago. "The prime minister is suffering from a high fever and is coughing," confirmed his spokesman. ...

‘Only a matter of time before Israel military confrontation with Gaza’

1397/1/7 | 08:12
An Israeli confrontation with Palestinian factions in the besieged Gaza Strip is inevitable and it is only a matter of time before it happens, the former head of the Israeli army’s Southern Command, Brigadier General Itay Virov, said yesterday. During a meeting with the new graduates of Yonatan, a pre-army preparatory programme, he said: “Each passing day gets us farther away from the previous campaign, but closer to the next one. It’s only a matter of time.” He added: “We paid a heavy price in ‘Operation Protective Edge’. You ...

The trouble for Iran: Is Zionist state pulling strings of Donald Trump?

1397/1/7 | 08:12
  The Islamic Republic of Iran is in trouble — again. This time, the Trump administration has announced criminal charges and sanctions against the Iranians accused in a hacking scheme to pilfer sensitive information from hundreds of universities and American government agencies.   According to the US government, the nine suspects were working at the behest of the Iranian government-tied Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They nabbed over 31 terabytes of data and fed it back to the Iranian military. Since the beginning of his term ...

Israel’s El Al to take its row over Saudi airspace to Supreme Court

1397/1/4 | 08:12
  As Saudi Arabia opened its airspace for the first time to a commercial flight to Israel, El Al will take its own fight for access to Saudi airspace to the Supreme Court in Israel, officials said on Friday. The historic Air India flight on Thursday ended a 70-year flyover ban for jetliners en route to or from Israel, in what many have taken to be a sign of thawing ties between Israel and Saudi. Granting an Israeli airline access to its airspace would, however, mark a dramatic diplomatic shift. Saudi Arabia does not recognise Israel and ...

US created ISIS to distract world from Israel: Says Iran

1397/1/3 | 08:12
  Iran's supreme leader criticized U.S. involvement in the Middle East, accusing it of sponsoring organizations such as the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that were responsible for destabilizing the region. Speaking to a large audience gathered at the Shrine of Imam Reza in the northeastern city of Mashhad on Wednesday, Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wished Iranians and celebrants around the world a happy Nowruz—the Persian New Year—and called on citizens to invest in the local economy by purchasing domestically produced goods. ...

Saudi Arabia opens its airspace for Israel

1397/1/3 | 08:12
Saudi Arabia has opened its airspace to Air India flights to and from the Israeli-occupied territories, adding concrete evidence to the long-running reports of warming Riyadh-Tel Aviv relations. On Thursday night, an Air India passenger jet became the first commercial flight to Israel to transit Saudi airspace. “We will be flying non-stop from New Delhi to Tel Aviv from March 22 over Saudi airspace,” Air India spokesman Praveen Bhatnagar told the agency. There will be three flights weekly in each direction, ending a decades-long Saudi ...

Hundreds of Israeli Forces Deployed in Iraq

1396/12/28 | 08:12
  Arab media reports disclosed presence of hundreds of covert Israeli troops in Iraq, saying that they are conducting special terrorist operations in the country. The Arabic-language Palestinian al-Manar newspaper quoted an Iraqi source as saying that 250 to 300 Israeli soldiers are stationed at Taji military base, North of Baghdad, using American or Canadian passports to conceal their real identity. Observers believe that the soldiers are indeed missioned to conduct terrorist operations and assassinate Iraqi figures, including Hashd ...

India forces continue to use inflammable chemical in IOK

1396/12/27 | 08:12
  In Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), forces continue to use “Israel-made chemical substance to destroy houses and burn bodies of Kashmiri youth during search operations in the region”. The troops used a highly inflammable chemical compound, RD 2PNG, to destroy houses in Balhama area of Khonmoh on the outskirts of Srinagar. On June 22, 2017, charred bodies of three youth were also recovered from the debris of a house, burnt by Indian forces in Kakpora of Pulwama district. A similar incident took place on October 14, 2017, when troops ...

Trump caught between Saudi Nuclear ambitions, Israeli Opposition

1396/12/24 | 08:12
For some time, the US and Saudi Arabia have been engaged in serious talks to build a nuclear reactor for the Arab kingdom. Riyadh has an ambitious plan to build 16 reactors by 2030 that will cost $100 billion.   According to the schedule of the negotiations between the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia, the US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is set to lead a delegation to London, where he will meet the Saudi nuclear negotiators. On the other side, initially and behind the scenes, the Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ...

Palestinians boycott US forum as Arabs meet Israelis

1396/12/23 | 08:12
  The Palestinian Authority has refused to take part in a meeting hosted by the White House on the situation in the Gaza Strip, with officials from Israel and Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, in attendance. The Tuesday meeting was the first of its kind to be hosted by the White House. It was joined by representatives from Israel and 17 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Canada, and several European states. Gaza, which hosts roughly two million Palestinians, is facing ...

Netanyahu: Gulf states consider Israel an ally

1396/12/21 | 08:12
  The Arab Gulf states consider Israel an ally against the Iranian threat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News last night. In a 40 minute interview during which the prime minister spoke of Israel’s key political and economic challenges, when questioned as to whether Israel had seen warmer relations with countries in the Gulf, Netanyahu replied: “That’s definitely right.” “I think there are two processes, one is they [the Gulf states] recognise that Israel is not a threat, but actually a vital ally in countering ...

Israeli, Saudi officials hold Egypt-mediated meetings in Cairo: Report

1396/12/20 | 08:12
  An official with the Palestinian Authority (PA) says top Israeli and Saudi officials held a series of secret Egypt-brokered meetings in Cairo, last week, as more signs emerge of warming relations between the two regimes. The unnamed official, told Emirati daily Khaleej Times on Friday that the meetings were a “significant development” in the slowly warming ties between Tel Aviv and Riyadh. The talks between Israeli and Saudi officials took place at a luxury hotel in Cairo, with Egyptian officials present, dealing with the economic ...

Why does Saudi Arabia describe Hamas as a terrorist organisation?

1396/12/19 | 08:12
  Dictatorships in the Arab region have historically worked to eliminate their internal crises and shrinking international legitimacy at the expense of the Palestinian cause. They have done so through identifying with American and European ideas which are based on looking at Israel as an advanced Western base that guarantees their interests in the Middle East; they make acceptance of Israel the only way for such dictatorships to secure introductions in Western capitals. Designating legitimate resistance to Israel’s military occupation ...

Report: Saudi Arabia, Israel exchanged letters on Iran, deal of the century

1396/12/18 | 08:12
  Saudi Arabia and Israel have been coordinating on a range of regional issues, including Iran and the Palestinian cause, Israel Hayom newspaper revealed yesterday. The paper quoted an unnamed Egyptian source as saying that Riyadh and Tel Aviv exchanged letters through Egypt during Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman’s recent visit to Cairo. A high-level source in the Egyptian intelligence services passed the letters between the two sides, the newspaper was told, denying that direct meetings were held between Israeli and Saudi officials ...

Arabs' failure to take action encouraged US move on al-Quds: Palestinian FM

1396/12/18 | 08:12
  Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has criticized the Arab states’ indifference towards the Palestinian conflict over the past decades, arguing that their failure to carry out concrete actions encouraged the United States to continue its "unfortunate approach" and declare Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel. “Our failure has also given a small country like Guatemala the green light to decide to relocate its embassy to al-Quds,” Maliki told Palestine’s official WAFA news agency on Thursday. He added that Guatemalan ...

Israel owns and operates foreign policy of US: Journalist

1396/12/16 | 08:12
  Israel owns and operates the foreign policy of the Unites States, according to Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist in Washington. Madsen, an author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on the speech US Vice President Mike Pence delivered to the annual conference by the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby group on Monday. In his address to the AIPAC, Pence hailed the bond between their country and Israel as “the best they have ever ...

Israeli planes spray Palestinian farmlands in Gaza with toxic herbicides

1396/12/14 | 08:12
  Israeli planes have sprayed toxic chemical substances and dangerous herbicides on farmlands across the besieged Gaza Strip as the Tel Aviv regime continues its acts of aggression against the impoverished Palestinian enclave. Nizar al-Wahedi of the Palestinian Agriculture Ministry said that the herbicides were used along the border between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories on Sunday. He said the Palestinian ministry was not aware of the composition of the Israeli chemicals being sprayed on Palestinian farmlands. “Israel ...

Killing Nasrallah ‘decisive victory’ in next war on Lebanon: Israeli general

1396/12/11 | 08:12
  An Israeli military official says killing Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, would be a “decisive victory” in the regime’s future war against the Arab country. “If we manage to kill Nasrallah in the next war, I would see that as reaching a decisive victory,” Major General Yaakov Barak said on Wednesday, Haaretz reported. Barak claimed that any future war is expected to be very different from previous ones, and that Israeli ground forces are “ready and prepared” to be sent into ...

Lebanese President says army ready to confront Israeli regime

1396/12/8 | 08:12
  Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun on Monday has said the country’s army is ready to confront the Israeli regime amid Tel Aviv’s provocations. President Aoun made the remarks when he visited the command center of the Lebanese Armed Forces in Yarze where he met with military chief General Joseph Aoun and reviewed the current security situation in the country. The meeting was also attended by a brass of senior officers and unit chiefs. During the meeting Aoun heaped praise on the army efforts to protect stability and defend the country ...

‘Bibi go home!’ Israelis demand Netanyahu resignation over looming corruption charges

1396/12/6 | 08:12
The “Bibi Netanyahu go home” slogan once again united the Israeli crowd holding their weekly anti-government corruption protest in Tel Aviv. Waving signs that read “Bibi, you are not above the law,”“Love Israel, separate from Netanyahu,” they chanted, “A mafia country and a corrupt Prime Minister.” Earlier this month Israeli police recommended that Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted over allegations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Despite the pressure and daily calls to resign, Netanyahu maintains his innocence, further exacerbating ...

Israel suffers major setback in Syria

1396/12/4 | 08:12
  The military confrontation between Israeli and Syrian/Iranian forces on 10 February set off widespread analysis and speculation on the probability of a major regional war. The severity of the latest clash – with reports that Israel may have destroyed up to 50 per cent of Syrian air defence systems – underscores the depth of tension in the area. But the most important aspect of the clash was the shooting down of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet by Syrian air defences. This marked the first time in 36 years that an Israeli fighter jet has ...

South Africa to cut diplomatic ties with Israel

1396/12/3 | 08:12
  The South African government is intending to cut diplomatic ties with Israel in protest of its treatment of the Palestinian people, the country’s Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor announced yesterday. Pandor informed parliamentarians of the government’s resolution during a ten-hour joint debate on South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) that he delivered last week. “The majority party has agreed, that government must cut diplomatic ties with Israel, given the absence of genuine ...

Syria downs Israeli F-16 warplane: Start of new strategic phase says Hezbollah

1396/11/22 | 08:12
  The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s continued acts of aggression against Syria’s military and civilian structures, saying the downing of an Israeli F-16 jet by the Syrian air defense systems marks the “start of a new strategic phase” which would limit Israeli violations of the Syrian airspace. Hezbollah, in a statement released on Saturday evening, praised “the vigilance of the Syrian army and its valiant response to shoot down the hostile Israeli aircraft.” “Today's developments ...

Abu Dhabi-Tel Aviv relations: From cold to warm times

1396/11/20 | 08:12
Past months witnessed fresh media revelations on the behind-the-scenes relations between Israeli regime and some Arab countries, giving the notion that the former enemies are moving step by step towards diplomatic normalization.     The Israeli newspaper Maariv in a report has revealed that the UAE is buying Israeli arms, and under a new weapons deal Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv ties have strengthened. The Israeli daily added that the the occupying regime also supplied drones to Egypt and the head of Libyan National Army General Khalifa ...

Saudi officials arrest activist over criticizing normalization of ties with Israel

1396/11/20 | 08:12
Saudi authorities have arrested a female activist over denouncing the Riyadh regime’s attempts, particularly those of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel at the expense of the "Palestinian issue." According to a report published by Qatar’s Arabic-language al-Arab newspaper, Saudi forces detained Noha al-Balawi on Thursday over a post she published on her Twitter page, criticizing such a move. Balawi, wearing a niqab in the video, states that Israeli-Saudi relations would only serve the ...

Israeli Police to Recommend Indicting Netanyahu

1396/11/19 | 08:12
  Israeli police will recommend indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, the premier confirmed on Wednesday. Netanyahu said he remained confident that he won’t be prosecuted despite the coming recommendation from the head of police, Roni Alsheich. “Many of you ask, What will happen? So I want to reassure you: There will be nothing, because I know the truth,” Netanyahu said in a video posted on his official Facebook account. “The State of Israel is a state of law,” he added. “The law says that the ...

Saudi gives airspace to Israel-bound flights as ties grow

1396/11/19 | 08:12
  Saudi Arabia has reportedly allowed Israel-bound flights to cross its airspace, an unprecedented move that is attributable to the kingdom's gradual but steady normalization of ties with Tel Aviv, a years-long process accelerated by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman's ambitions. Riyadh has apparently agreed to let the flagship Indian carrier Air India to operate direct flights from New Delhi to Tel Aviv and vice versa through the Saudi airspace, cutting the flight duration by two-and-a-half hours, Israeli media reported on Wednesday. Currently, ...

' Bahraini Royal visits Israel, Due in knesset

1396/11/18 | 08:12
Israel’s Communications Minister Ayoub Kara has confirmed having met with a Bahraini prince in Tel Aviv.   “I met publicly for the first time in Tel Aviv with Mubarak Al Khalifa, the prince of Bahrain, in order to strengthen the relationship between our two countries,” Kara tweeted on his personal account on Sunday, boasting of the meeting as a sign of growing relations with Manama, which publicly poses as Tel Aviv’s traditional foe.   “On Monday I will also have the honor of welcoming him to Israel’s Knesset,” he ...

War Could Break Out in Gaza in Hours

1396/11/17 | 08:12
  Gaza is just days or even hours away from war, Palestinian factions warned, as tensions build between the militant group Hamas and Israel. Sources close to Hamas’s political leadership told the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat that chances of war with Israel “stood at 95 percent” and could happen at any moment. Individuals in contact with Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’s hard-line political leader in the Gaza Strip, said Palestinian factions believe Israel will use an upcoming training exercise as a cover to attack Hamas. In preparation, ...

Ahed Tamimi: A symbol of resistance against Zionist oppression

1396/11/17 | 08:12
  As has been reported in various media outlets, some days earlier, Israeli troops had shot one of Ahed’s cousins — also a teenager — thus eliciting the furious reaction from the young activist. Unfortunately, humiliation, violence and suffering have been the fate of many such as Ahed and their families as illegal Jewish settlements continue to devour Arab land, while Tel Aviv’s shock troops beat into submission Palestinians who dare to raise a voice for their land or their rights.   While the excesses of the militarised ...

Israel threatens Slovenia against recognising State of Palestine

1396/11/16 | 08:12
  Israel warned Slovenian against recognising the State of Palestine as planned, Quds Press reported yesterday. According to the Israeli TV Channel 10, the Israeli Ambassador to Slovenia Eyal Sila spoke to the Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament Milan Brglez and the chair of the Foreign Policy Committee Jozef Horvat in Ljubljana to warn them against the move. According to the TV channel, Sila told the Slovenian authorities that recognising Palestine would have “negative consequences” on Israeli-Slovenian relations. Slovenia’s Foreign ...

Israel, Lebanon Threaten Next Middle Eastern Oil War

1396/11/13 | 08:12
Israel has threatened to invade Lebanon amid a recent spat over natural resources and militant groups that, once again, raised tensions between the longtime foes. Addressing the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University on Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Lebanon’s latest plans to drill in a disputed offshore oil and gas field known as Block 9 were “very, very challenging and provocative,” according to Reuters. In the same speech, the far-right minister threatened to wage a full-scale ...

Netanyahu Pushes ‘New Model’ for Palestinian Peace

1396/11/12 | 08:12
  In Davos on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahy was talking up what he’s calling a “new model” for a peace deal with the Palestinians, which appears to be his latest alternative to the two-state solution, which he once again refused to endorse.   Netanyahu complained he wanted to avoid “labels” by talking about two states, but set out a policy which is clearly well short of such a solution, offering to allow the Palestinians to have “the whole trappings of self-governance,” but with Israel maintaining ...

Hezbollah vows to defend Lebanon’s oil, gas against Israel

1396/11/12 | 08:12
Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has vowed to defend the rights of the country in oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean region against any new Israeli aggression. In response to comments made by Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, who on Wednesday warned companies not to engage in exploration activities with Lebanon, Hezbollah said the group would do its best to defend the Lebanon’s “oil and gas rights” against any Israeli threat. Lieberman told a security conference in the occupied territories ...

German FM to Israel: Your actions won't go unnoticed by EU

1396/11/12 | 08:12
German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has issued a warning to Israel over the EU's rising "frustration" with the Tel Aviv regime's policies toward the future of a so-called two-state solution. Speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, Gabriel noted that several members of the Israeli cabinet were “explicitly against the two-state solution.” He added that such a solution “has always been the foundation of our engagement for Israeli-Palestinian peace and for the large amount of funding” from Germany and the EU. "We need to ...

Why Saudi Arabia supports holocaust?

1396/11/10 | 08:12
The views of a majority of the Muslim world’s scholars have never been supportive of Israeli regime-supported Holocaust story. The views of a majority of the Muslim world’s scholars have never been supportive of Israeli regime-supported Holocaust story, Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa the head of the Muslim World League, an NGO based in Mecca, in unusual comments said on Saturday that the Holocaust was the Nazis’ crime that shocked the humanity. He added that it brought aftermaths, and no fair man in his right mind and can deny it. The ...

Is Israel Pakistan’s enemy?

1396/11/9 | 08:12
In the mid-80s Israel and India had secretly planned to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear facility in Kahuta on the outskirts of Islamabad. Israel, which does not share border with Pakistan, was thought to be a part of the plan because it did not want to see an “Islamic bomb.”   The plan was aborted after Pakistan warned that it would target India’s nuclear facilities if Kahuta came under attack. Neither Israel nor India have ever officially acknowledged it, although, there were several private accounts and references in some books, showing ...

Amnesty International launches urgent appeal to release Ahed Tamimi

1396/11/5 | 08:12
  Amnesty International has launched an urgent appeal demanding Israel immediately release Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi, 16, who faces 10 years in prison.   The organisation appealed to its friends around the world to help put pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to release Tamimi without delay.   “There is nothing Ahed Tamimi has done that can justify the continuing detention of a 16-year-old child. She is one of approximately 350 Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons and detention centres” ...

Israel plans for railway connecting it with Saudi Arabia

1396/11/2 | 08:12
  The Israeli government has begun preparing plans to build a railway linking Israel with Saudi Arabia to transfer goods and people, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported yesterday.   Reporting the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the London-based website said that the 15 million shekels ($4.5 million) cost of the plans for this project was included in the 2019 budget, which was approved three days earlier.   The initial plan for the project is to build a railway station in the city of Bisan with a railway network which travels through ...