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UAE ambassador to Ankara threatens Turkey to close down its embassy

Saudi Arabia's king-in-waiting cements grip on power with charm and crackdowns

Confidential U.N. report accuses Saudi coalition of killing hundreds of Yemeni kids

Pakistani teenager develops anti-BlueWhale app

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Kulbhoshan Yadav’s case: Why ICJ will not give decision in favor of Pakistan?

1396/6/25 | 14:01
  Pakistan will demolish India’s “mischievous designs and motive”. India presented a memorial (petition) before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday, through which it is trying to divert the international community’s attention from the real issue, while trying to bring out the ‘humanitarian’ aspect in the case of its alleged spy Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav, who has confessed to carrying out subversive and terrorist activities inside Pakistan.     The government also found fault with Washington’s ...

Challenging CPEC: Is US agreed to fund Chabhar port secretly?

1396/6/22 | 14:01
  Afghanistan's foreign minister asked India on Monday to expedite development of a strategic port in Iran to bolster a trade route for land-locked Central Asian countries that would bypass Pakistan.     The port would allow India to transport goods to Afghanistan by sea. Pakistan currently does not allow India to transport through its territory to Afghanistan.Last year, India committed up to $500 million for the development of the Chabahar port along with associated roads and rail lines.     Indian External Affairs ...

Kashmir stands against the killings of Rohingya Muslims

1396/6/19 | 14:01
  People from all walks of life in Tral Pulwama joined the protests while condemning the killing of innocent civilians, children and women by Myanmar military.     Hundreds of people assembled at main Aabghar chowk and held anti-Myanmar demonstrations seeking justice for Muslims who are facing persecution by Myanmar military.   Protesters shouted slogans in favour of the Muslim countries who have shown concern over the persecution of minorities in Myanmar.   The Protesters were holding placards during the protest ...

The two-front war: Is India going to commit a grave blunder of history?

1396/6/18 | 14:01
  The Indian army chief’s controversial remarks of ‘two-front war’ with China and Pakistan have triggered a new controversy to which Beijing reacted sharply and now the state media issues a stern warning to New Dehli.   Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat statement came just a little over a week after China and India ended their two-month long border standoff in the Doklam area. In it’s editorial Global Times said, “while many people believe it is time to leave the episode of the border standoff behind, Rawat has sent ...

Will the BRICS declaration prompt a rethink in Pakistan's corridors of power?

1396/6/17 | 14:01
  Most recently, when the BRICS countries pointed to three specific groups in Pakistan and labelled them as terrorist entities, they were only echoing what the UN Security Council had done more than a decade and a half ago.     Still the line came up that ‘these groups are already proscribed in Pakistan’, as a rationale or soft justification for the fact that the groups not only exist, but operate freely and openly, propagate their literature in society, operate giant administrative operations, and in some cases, are ...

BRICS and the ‘Muslim terrorism’

1396/6/17 | 14:01
      On Monday, Chinese president Xi Jinping opened the 2017 summit meeting of BRICS leaders in China’s Fujian province. It was attended by Brazil’s president Michel Temer, Russian president Vladimir Putin, Chinese president Xi Jinping South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.     In a 43-page joint statement the leaders agreed to strengthen co-operation against terror groups which pose threat to BRICS members.   “We condemn terrorism in all its forms and ...

 India to bid for oil and gas exploration in Israel

1396/6/16 | 14:01
  India plans to bid for offshore oil and gas exploration in Israel, local media reported yesterday.   “Indian state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) plans to bid for Israeli offshore oil and gas exploration blocks,” The Times of India quoted Oil Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, as saying.   This is the first major deal between the two countries since Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel in July.     “We will definitely bid for Israel’s oil and gas blocks,” Pradhan said in a press statement. The ...

Israel sells arms to Myanmar despite Junta’s genocide against Muslims

1396/6/16 | 14:01
  Israeli regime continues to sell arms to Myanmar's junta despite reports that Buddhist country's crimes against minority Rohingya Muslims is amounting to genocide.     Thousands of persecuted Rohingyas were slaughtered and burnt alive and some 100,000 more were forced to flee their burning villages to neighboring Bangladesh, many with bullet wounds, after Myanmar’s army launched a bloody offensive on northern Rakhine state on 25 August under the pretext of fighting militants.     But none of this has led to ...

BRICS declaration: Would China support India against JeM in United Nations ?

1396/6/16 | 14:01
  Let there be no doubt about it. The BRICS’ resolution on terrorist networks is a serious matter. So far only the US, India and Afghanistan had publicly accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorist groups.   Now the same view has been expressed by the BRICS countries albeit in a polite but unambiguous language. What should worry Pakistan is that even China – which had repeatedly blocked India’s attempts to have the JeM leader Masood Azhar put on a UN Security Council blacklist – has signed the resolution.      Just ...

India: Sex in the name Hindu gods

1396/6/14 | 14:01
  The rape trail of Guru Singh Ji-Insan in Panchkula (Haryana, India) which ended in 100 people dead and another 200 injured is well known.   If you think that’s sickening – Sawmi Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda aka Nithi in Tamil Nadu state in South India got hundreds of his female disciples signed a Sex Contract where they agreed to provide sexual enlightenment to the Swami. The contract was similar to Zionist entity’s Gag Order.     The survivors of sexual assaults in Nithyananda’s ashram have spoken ...

BRICS joint declaration: Did China play from Indian side?

1396/6/14 | 14:01
Leaders of the five emerging economic powers have for the first time named militant groups as a security concern in the South Asia region while urging the United Nations to develop a “genuinely broad international counter-terrorism coalition” to combat militancy.   The move came in a declaration passed by heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) at a summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen on Monday. The group called for an immediate end to violence in Afghanistan. “We, in this regard, express concern on ...

In Kashmir, parents try to find their militant sons before Indian forces get to them

1396/6/11 | 14:01
  On the eighth day after his son disappeared, Mohammad Munawar Dar’s phone rang. It was an Indian army officer with news that Dar couldn’t bring himself to believe.     The officer said he had information that Dar’s son Shakoor, 21, had joined the anti-Indian insurgency in Kashmir, the long-disputed Himalayan territory enduring its worst outbreak of violence in years.     Dar never thought that Shakoor, who was studying to be an Islamic preacher, would take up arms. After Shakoor went missing, Dar had searched ...

New Cold war: Indo-US-Afghan VS Pak-Sino-Russian axis

1396/6/10 | 14:01
  Pakistan in a sign of growing maturity, is taking a firm leaf out of the US book on diplomacy and alliance building. Meaning that it is putting national interests first and is not afraid to shop around to secure those.       And so it was that this week that Pakistan took receipt of four advanced attack helicopters, or Mi-35M. This is not insignificant. For it was only back in 2014 that Moscow lifted its arms embargo against this country, which had been in place since the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan war. Fast-forward ...

Unabated nuclear expansion: Why India is leading towards a Chernobyl like incident?

1396/6/8 | 14:01
  An inherent bias towards India over Pakistan has led the world to turn a virtual blind eye to New Delhi’s alarming nuclear expansion, which poses a threat to world peace and security.   Dr Mansoor Ahmed said that India was aiming to become a major nuclear player in the world and was thus exponentially expanding its nuclear and delivery capabilities.   “The central pillar of their strategy is their ability to produce greater quantities of unguarded (not covered under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards) ...

Movement of Shame: How a Guru makes India hostage

1396/6/6 | 14:01
  The world’s largest democracy has an image problem. When it comes to women. Or rather when it comes to taking men to task for crimes committed against women.   Over the weekend an Indian court found guilty of rape a self-styled spiritual leader. It was a long journey to get here. Fifteen years to be exact. Though this was not due to judicial laxity. But, rather, to the power wielded by Ram Rahim, leader of the Dera Sacha Sauda religious sect. The journalist who first reported the rape allegations was found fatally shot not long ...

A calculated reply: Pakistan’s diplomacy stuns mighty US

1396/6/5 | 14:01
  Foreign Minister Khawaja Muham­mad Asif will next week embark on a three-nation regional tour for consultations on the new American policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.     The foreign minister’s previously scheduled trip to the US for bilateral talks with his counterpart, Rex Tillerson, has been delayed for the regional tour.     The regional trip, Pakis­tani diplomats believe, will send a strong message to the US that Pakistan cannot be coerced and that the country enjoys broad support in the region.   Both Moscow ...

Indian city under siege after deadly clashes over guru's rape conviction kill 30

1396/6/4 | 14:01
Hundreds of troops on Saturday patrolled Panchkula city in northern India that was hit by deadly clashes that killed at least 30 people after thousands protested a court's decision to convict a controversial spiritual leader of rape. The army was deployed in Haryana state's Panchkula city after tens of thousands of followers of guru Ram Rahim Singh went on an angry rampage, attacking television vans and setting fire to dozens of private vehicles. Security forces were put on high alert to ensure there was no repeat of the violence that erupted ...

India rejects Trump’s plea on Afghanistan

1396/6/2 | 14:01
 India has tacitly dismissed US President Donald Trump’s plea that India should do more in Afghanistan because it made billions of dollars in trade with America.   A statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, however, also made it clear that India would continue to help Afghanistan, because people of the two countries shared ‘traditional friendship.’   “We have been steadfast in extending reconstruction and development assistance to Afghanistan in keeping with our traditional friendship with ...

When Israel stabbed India

1396/5/29 | 14:01
    After the end of the 50-year-long myth of Cold War in 1991, the Zionist Mafia needed a new enemy to replace Communism. What could be better than Muslims who hate West for blindly supporting the Zionist entity.   On September 16, 2001, former US president George Bush used the term ‘War on Terrorism’ – coined by his Jew speech writers (Noam Neusner or David Frum) which the Jewish-owned media turned into War on Islam.   Palestine-born German Jewish author, human rights activist and a renowned musician Elias ...

What US has gained by declaring Hizbul Mujahideen as Global terrorist?

1396/5/28 | 14:01
  US State Department declared the Hizbul Mujahideen a Foreign Terrorist Organisation and a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.   Given that the Hizb is a separatist organisation focused on India-held Kashmir, it is not clear how disruptive the US actions will be in practice.     So why has the US taken this extravagant new step? A straightforward explanation has been offered in the Indian media itself. As argued in an opinion piece in The Indian Express, “For New Delhi, the US designation is strategic and political.      While ...

Smart move: Is India trying to test US by engaging in military clash with China?

1396/5/28 | 14:01
  Indian and Chinese troops clashed briefly on a disputed area of land in the Himalayas, officials said on Wednesday, exacerbating tensions during a months-long stand-off between the two armies.   Chinese troops threw stones at Indian soldiers near Pangong Lake, a major tourist attraction in the picturesque mountain region of Ladakh on Tuesday, an Indian defence official said. The brief confrontation was resolved after Indian and Chinese sides retreated to their respective positions, he added. The latest incident comes amid an ...

Shafaqna insight: How is US helping India to suppress Kashmir’s freedom movement?

1396/5/27 | 14:01
    The United States' decision to declare Hizbul Mujahideen a specially designated terrorist organisation led by an internationally recognised terrorist is "saddening", the Foreign Office said on Thursday.    Nafees Zakaria said that Kashmiris' struggle for their right to self-determination has been rightfully continuing for the past 70 years. He said Indian occupation forces had used excessive force against people in India-held Kashmir and they are "continuing to do so".     The blacklisting of Hizbul Mujahideen ...

Is India applying Israeli model on Kashmir?

1396/5/26 | 14:01
  Kashmiris are dying on both sides of the LoC, and none of them has been killed from Pakistani fire. Indian troops have reportedly been targeting civilian houses as well as vehicles on this side of the LoC. In 1989, Indian-administered Kashmir broke out into an armed revolt for self-determination. from India.Since 2008, a civilian resistance, known widely as the “Kashmiri intifada”, is resurging.To date, more than 70,000 Kashmiris, both combatants and non-combatants, have been killed by Indian actions.   To make matters worse, ...

Ugly face of India: How the righting Hindus pressurizing Govt to deport Rohingyas

1396/5/25 | 14:01
UN United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres is concerned about India's plans to deport Rohingya Muslim refugees it says are living in the country illegally, his spokesperson said on Monday. Tens of thousands of Rohingya have fled persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh since the early 1990s, with some of them then crossing over a porous border into Hindu-majority India.   “Obviously, we have our concerns about the treatment of refugees," Guterres' Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters ...

China says countdown for war with India has begun

1396/5/23 | 14:01
  The relationship between India and China seemed to worsen Wednesday when the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that 53 people and an Indian bulldozer was in China’s territory and advised India to pull them back.    This followed a warning Tuesday when an editorial in the state-run China Daily said that the “countdown to a clash between the two forces has begun.”   India should withdraw its troops and equipment. Regardless of how many Indian troops have trespassed into and stayed in Chinese territory, they have gravely ...

New Afghan strategy: Is US looking bigger role for India in Afghanistan

1396/5/22 | 14:01
  US Senator John McCain has unveiled his long-promised strategy  for Afghanistan, which threatens “imposing graduated diplomatic, military, and economic costs on Pakistan” if it continues to provide the alleged support and sanctuary to terrorist and insurgent groups, including the Taliban and the Haqqani Network. The strategy, issued on Thursday afternoon as an amendment to next fiscal year’s defence bill, includes providing additional US troops for counter-terrorism missions. It also allows US advisers to work closer to the front ...

Baron Desai: China may attack India in September 2017

1396/5/20 | 14:01
  Gujarat-born Meghnad Desai, Labour Party member of the British House of Lords predicted that China may attack India if the later did not withdraw its army from the Bhutan-Sikim stand-off.     “Even today, nobody is contemplating that the whole Doklam thing could break anytime. We could be in a full scale war with China within a month. At that stage it will not be controllable. It may come as a surprise, but that is when the defence co-operation of India with its allies will bear fruit,” Desai told India’s IANS news ...

Is India marching towards another Himalayan blunder?

1396/5/16 | 14:01
  The row between Beijing and New Delhi began in June when China tried to construct a road in its disputed area with Bhutan, the Doklam Plateau in Tibet, which doesn’t have any land contact with India.   ...

Why is India dragging Iran into Chahbhar?

1396/5/16 | 14:01
The Indian government is hopeful that the strategic Chabahar port in Iran will be operational by 2018, Union minister Nitin Gadkari has said.     India’s minister for transport, highways and shipping was in Tehran on Saturday in connection with the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani’s second term in office.     Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier congratulated Rouhani on his re-election as the president of Iran and affirmed India’s commitment to strengthen the “special relations” between the two ...

Is US inciting India, China tensions to break BRICS?

1396/5/14 | 14:01
Tensions are building up between China and India along parts of their 3,500km-long border — over a plateau called Doklam in India and Donglang in China with war drums getting louder.     China accused India on Wednesday of “concocting” excuses over the illegal entry of the South Asian nation’s military into Chinese territory on their disputed border, adding that China had shown great restraint. The stand-off on a plateau next to the mountainous Indian state of Sikkim, which borders China, has ratcheted up tension between the neighbors, ...

Heat In Pakistan Could Become Intolerable Within A Few Decades

1396/5/13 | 14:01
Venturing outdoors will soon become deadly for people living in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh due to climate change, predicts a new study.   The climate change will drive heat and humidity to new extremes, which may prove unbearable for many people.   Why This Reports Matter More? Although majority of the climate research and reports are based on temperature projections, this report — published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances — is rather unique because it considers humidity along with body’s ability to cool down in ...

Another Kashmiri freedom fighter leader killed: Protests choke Kashmir

1396/5/11 | 14:01
The killing of a top Kashmiri commander and his comrade by New Delhi forces has sparked massive protests and violent clashes across the Indian-controlled Himalayan valley. Police spokesman Manoj Pandita said on Tuesday that Abu Dujana, of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant group, was gunned down with an accomplice during a pre-dawn operation in Pulwama district, which is located to the south of the region's summer capital Srinagar. Police Inspector-General Muneer Ahmed Khan confirmed that the two were killed after troops cordoned off ...

India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 4: India beat Sri Lanka by 304 runs to take 1-0 lead

1396/5/8 | 14:01
The end was swift for Sri Lanka as India razed their lower order in the final session to register a massive 304-run win on Day 4 of the Galle Test and take 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Needing 550 runs to win, Sri Lanka were all out for 245 with two batsmen absent-hurt. India recorded their biggest away win, in terms of run-margin, while it's Sri Lanka's biggest defeat at home. With Dimuth Karunaratne (97) and Niroshan Dickwella (67), Sri Lanka would have hoped for taking the Test in to the final day after being 192/4 at tea-break. ...

Saudi Arabia, India or the US – who is conspiring against Nawaz Sharif and why?

1396/5/5 | 14:01
  At the beginning of this month, the government found itself in something of a pickle. Regardless of a dubious WhatsApp call fiasco and alleged political proclivities of the joint investigation team (JIT) members, the Sharifs had failed miserably in elucidating a tangible money trail for their opulent assets abroad.      To truly offset the velocity of the storm they faced, they would have to counter attack with something far more potent and invidious – something powerful enough to offset the damning reality of their inconclusive ...

Can Russia help Pakistan to control militancy in Balochistan?

1396/5/1 | 14:01
  The Balochistan provincial government has received an Mi-171E non-combat helicopter from Russian helicopters, Russian news agency Tass reported.     The Mi-171 is a civilian variant of the Mi-17 military cargo helicopter, which is already in service in the Pakistan Army.   The Mi-17 is widely used across the world due to its reliability and ability to operate in all climates, and could be used by the provincial government to transport cargo or passengers, or as an emergency response aircraft.   The Balochistan ...

China moved huge military hardware into Tibet after Sikkim standoff: Report

1396/4/31 | 14:01
  The Chinese Army moved tens of thousands of tonnes of military hardware into the remote mountainous Tibet region after the standoff with Indian troops in theDoklam area in the Sikkim sector , the mouthpiece of the PLA said . The vast haul was transported to a region south of the Kunlun Mountains in northern Tibet by the Western Theatre Command - which oversees the restive regions of Xinjiang and Tibet, and handles border issues with India, reported the PLA Daily, the official mouthpiece of Chinese military. The move took ...

Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China

1396/4/30 | 14:01
The election of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fueled the country's nationalist sentiments and pushing it to war with China, state-sponsored daily Global Times said in an analytical piece on Thursday.     ‘Since Indian troops illegally crossed into the Doklam area, China and India have been locked in a stand-off for over a month. Regardless of China's call urging India to withdraw its troops that have crossed the border, New Delhi has continued its provocation. At the same time, anti-China sentiments are rising in India ...

Chutzpah: India wants to fight ISIS in Iraq

1396/4/30 | 14:01
  On July 9, Iraqi prime minister Haidar al-Abadi paid a visit to Mosul which was liberated from the US-Israel created ISIS terrorists after eight month battle. He congratulated Iraqi army, Shi’ite fighters and Iranian military advisers over the strategic victory.     Washington never stopped lying about its support for Baghdad to defeat ISIS, which according to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing Israel’s dirty work in Iraq and Syria.     Now, as the ISIS gets its AZZ being kicked in both ...

Indian Scientists Discover Supercluster of Galaxies

1396/4/30 | 14:01
  Indian scientists have now claimed to have discovered an extremely large supercluster of galaxies. The supercluster of galaxies is as big as 20 million billion suns and named Saraswati by scientists from the Pune-based Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). Discovered by four scientists — Shishir Sankhyayan, a PhD student at the Pune-based Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), IUCAA research fellow Pratik Dabhade, Joe Jacob of the Newman College, Kerala and Prakash Sarkar of the Jamshedpur-based ...

Cost benefit analysis: Why India cannot wage a war with China?

1396/4/29 | 14:01
  China has conveyed to foreign diplomats in Beijing that troops of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been waiting patiently at the Doklam plateau in a standoff with Indian troops, but will not wait for an indefinite period, the Indian Express.   Quoting an unnamed P5 official privy to the briefing, the newspaper said the diplomatic community in Beijing is worried and some have conveyed this message to their Indian counterparts in Beijing and Bhutanese counterparts in New Delhi.   Last month, Indian troops blocked ...

China ‘Ready’ for Long-Term War With India

1396/4/28 | 14:01
Chinese forces are holding an increasingly large series of live-fire training drills in Tibet, reflecting soaring tensions with neighboring India, while Chinese state media outlets suggest the nation is gearing up for a possible “long-term confrontation” with India over the border region.   The tensions center on the border region of China, India, and Bhutan. China was trying to build a road in remote Dokola, when Indian ground troops streamed across the border to stop them. The construction has stopped but it has left scores of ...

Israel’s diplomatic expansion in the face of Arab retraction

1396/4/27 | 14:01
One of the manifestations of the fragmentation of the Arab nation is the decline of the Palestinian cause on the list of regional government priorities.   Palestine was the focus of the Arab unity project from the start of the occupation nearly seventy years ago, but no more. There are many reasons for this decline, including US hegemony in the Middle East and the evil alliance against the Arab people and their aspirations. This has pushed many Arab countries not only to abandon the Palestinian cause, but also to seek normalisation with ...

At daggers drawn: Chinese cross border rocket attack kills 158 Indian soldiers

1396/4/27 | 14:01
At least 158 Indian soldiers have been killed on Monday as China fired rockets across the border on Indian border installations.Reportedly, several soldiers were wounded in the attack .  The development came in after China flexed its political muscle in the area today close to Tibet border with a fully equipped brigade indulging in live ammunition drill, China’s state television reported. A two-minute footage that was broadcast on China Central Television showed the soldiers attacking an ‘enemy position’ using rocket launchers, machine ...

Should Pakistan allow Jhadav’s mother to Pakistan?

1396/4/25 | 14:01
Pakistan is mulling issuing a visa to the mother of Indian spy Khulbushan Jadhav on compassionate grounds. Pakistan has not given this issue even a second thought. And so plays out contradicting stories from the media of both countries.   Pakistan would do well to tread very carefully. Already its overt use of the death penalty is under review at the United Nations. The concern here is that this has prompted the country’s apparent U-turn. Meaning that once the spotlight fades as the country gets down to the snail-paced business regarding ...

Cannot solve Kashmir’s issue on gunpoint: Congress leader

1396/4/19 | 14:01
After Congress leader Saifuddin Soz went viral, the Indian National Congress camein to defy Soz said that instead of firing on people in the Valley, Prime Minister Narendra Modi must involve in bilateral talks.    Soz had said that he would have kept Burhan Wani alive for sake of dialogue. “Being a Kashmiri, Saifuddin is much more aware about Burhan Wani’s matter. There are Wani’s supporters in large number. One cannot solve any matter on gunpoint. Instead of firing on people, the Prime Minister must hold bilateral talks with people ...

How Burhan Wani changed the narrative of Guerrilla warfare in IOK?

1396/4/18 | 14:01
Nobody knew in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) that a 22-year-old boy will change the narrative of guerrilla warfare by mounting a challenge to the massive Indian security grid. That, too, without concealing his identity.     He appeared with his real name. Showed his presence in combat uniform from dense forests and lush green orchards in the south of IOK and ruled over the hearts of the young generation of Kashmir across the Line of Control (LoC).     The boy was born in September 19, 1994 at Dadsara village of Tral ...

Why Hindutva loves Israel?

1396/4/18 | 14:01
  With Narendra Modi’s ‘groundbreaking visit’ to Israel, India seems to have traversed the distance of 70 years and bypassed a long history of standing by the dispossessed Palestinians in the blink of an eye.      Israel has been one of India’s largest suppliers of arms – many of them US-made and provided with the help of the US taxpayers’ money – after Russia and the US. Of course, Washington looks the other way. Thanks to those exports to India, Israel has been earning more than a $1 billion annually in addition ...

Why is world silent on use of chemical weapons in occupied Kashmir?

1396/4/16 | 14:01
  Indian occupied forces are using ammunition containing chemical agents to kill Kashmiris and destroy their properties in the disputed region, the Foreign Office said on Thursday.     “If use of chemicals in the ammunition is confirmed, then it would constitute a serious violation of international norms and India’s international obligations under Chemical Weapons Convention,” FO spokesperson Nafees Zakariya told journalists during a weekly press briefing in Islamabad.     The FO spokesperson called upon ...

Indo-Israel honeymoon: Why Pak-Iran alliance has becomes a reality?

1396/4/16 | 14:01
  Amidst the tumult in global affairs, the Indo-Israeli relationship has emerged as a steady bilateral alliance, surprising to some, while others have been watching the ties between Tel Aviv and New Delhi grow over the decades.     Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Israel seems to have cemented this alliance, as the warm embrace between the Indian premier and Benjamin Netanyahu on the tarmac of Ben Gurion International Airport on Tuesday showed.      However, the visit has sparked an interesting reaction  from ...