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Saudi politicization of holy places is unislamic, we will continue to oppose

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Don’t forget old friends to make new one

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Syria militants in US seeking CIA dollars to ‘confront Iran’s influence’

US ‘policy of Armageddon’ means nuclear attack even against non-nuclear states

Rape, murder of 7-year-old Pakistani girl seem work of serial killer: Officials

Yemeni snipers kill three Saudi troopers in retaliatory attacks

Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution

US to sell 17 Black Hawk aircrafts to Saudi Arabia

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US deploying 1,000 troops to Afghanistan

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Pakistan can’t be forced to compromise on national interests: US historian

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Hariri lauds Hezbollah, wants ‘best of relations’ with Iran

16 US troops and officers killed in Afghanistan

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Anti-Trump demonstrators march in Swiss capital

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Abandoning the secular dream

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Inside Bahraini regime death chambers

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Protests hit Tunisia for 3rd night as PM warns of clampdown

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Pakistan reportedly mulls toll tax hike on NATO containers amid Trump rift

Trump Team Debates Limited Strikes on North Korea


Russia, France Slam US Over Emergency UN Meeting on Iran

1396/10/18 | 16:28
  An emergency meeting at the UN Security Council on the subject of week-long protests in Iran saw a series of speeches, including the US reiterating its previous public statements backing demonstrators and threatening Iran, and other nations wondering why this was worth an emergency meeting. French Ambassador Francois Delattre insisted the Iran protests had nothing to do with international peace and security, warning against “attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends,” which many see as a direct rebuke of the US. Russian ...

Macron asks Saudi king to lift Yemen blockade: Report

1396/10/7 | 16:28
French President Emanuel Macron has reportedly asked King Salman of Saudi Arabia to remove a long-running blockade on Yemen and let humanitarian aid through, as millions of Yemeni civilians struggle with the humanitarian crisis caused by an ongoing Saudi military invasion. The Saudi-led war, which began in March 2015, was one of the main issues Macron discussed with the Saudi monarch over the phone on Wednesday, an Elysee source told Reuters. The constant bombing by Saudi Arabia and its regional allies, including the United Arab Emirates, has ...

France ‘has no plan’ to move embassy to Al Quds (Jerusalem)

1396/9/26 | 16:28
France does not intend to move its embassy to a city other than Tel Aviv for now,” French FM says.French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Friday that his country had no plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem.   “France does not intend to move its embassy to a city other than Tel Aviv for now,” Le Drian told RTL Radio during an interview.   He said the Palestinians needed hope while the Israeli side should take responsibility. “France will support any peace process in the region,” the French minister said.   According ...

Tillerson warns Saudi about its actions in Mideast

1396/9/18 | 16:28
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned Saudi Arabia about “the consequences” of its actions in the Middle East. His warning came Friday during his brief visit to Paris, France, where he commented on Riyadh’s behavior toward Yemen, Qatar and other neighbors. "With respect to Saudi Arabia's engagement with Qatar, how they're handling the Yemen war that they're engaged in, the Lebanon situation, we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to, I think, fully consider the consequences," ...

ISIS takes Santa Claus hostage!

1396/9/8 | 16:28
  In images released by ISIS supporters, the extremists posed a serious threat to Christmas markets in Britain, France and Germany.   On one of the posters, there is a picture of Santa Claus on a background of London Streets kneeling in front of an ISIS member with his hands tied.   ISIS supporters posted said images in Messaging apps in English, French and German. on the pictures there is also a message “Soon on your vacation,” which apparently suggests London should wait for a terrorist attack on the holiday season. ...

Senior Iranian official warns Macron against meddling in Iran’s internal affairs

1396/8/28 | 16:28
  A senior Iranian official has advised French President Emmanuel Macron against meddling in Iran’s internal affairs, including such strategic issues as the Iranian defense program. Ali Akbar Velayati, who advises Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on international affairs, made the remark in an interview with IRIB News after Macron said Iran’s ballistic missile program had “to be curtailed.” Such interference will have no impact other than diminishing the French government’s credibility in Iran’s ...

Is Lebanese PM Hariri a Prisoner of Saudi Arabia?

1396/8/22 | 16:28
  Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who attempted to resign last weekend, reportedly met with a French diplomat at an undisclosed location within Saudi Arabia, where both he and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince claimed he is “not a prisoner.” But is he?   France is clearly far from convinced, as the most recent statements out of the French Foreign Ministry said they “wish Hariri had all his freedom of movement,” and added that he should be able to “make his own choices” regarding his future in Lebanon.   Germany, ...

Merkel’s victory: The rise of Extremism in the world

1396/7/6 | 16:28
    Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives beat their rivals on Sunday to win her a fourth term in an election that will brought a far-right party into Germany's parliament for the first time in more than half a century.     After shock election results last year, from Britain's vote to leave the European Union to the election of President Donald Trump, many look to Merkel to rally a bruised liberal Western order tasking her with leading a post-Brexit Europe.     Where Emmanuel Macron’s twin decisive ...

Saudi Crown Prince Calls Off Visit to Paris for Fear of Popular Uprising

1396/6/26 | 16:28
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman cancelled his upcoming visit to Paris after activists in his country called for wide public protest rallies in coming days.   The Arabic-language Arabi 21 news website quoted a Saudi source as stating that Bin Salman was due to visit Paris to meet with President Emanuel Macron but repeated demands for holding protest rallies in Saudi Arabia by the 'September 15 Movement' postponed the trip to an unspecified period of time. According to the report, the Saudi people were due to hold protest rallies on ...

American and French weapons seized in Syria's Qalamoun before al-Nusra terrorists get their hands on them +Photos

1396/5/5 | 16:28
According to Sanaa news agency, after receiving precise intelligence, Syria's security forces discover and capture a vehicle full of weapons and ammunition, including Thousands of bullets, the French anti-tank missiles "C 57", American "CJ" balls, various types of special guns and rifles designed for snipers and RPGs. The discovery of Western weapons proves that The USA and Europe are still supporting the terrorist groups, in violation of international law. On May 4th of last year, Syrian security forces also found four vehicles carrying ...

Macron, Netanyahu and Holocaust

1396/4/31 | 16:28
  On Sunday, two liars and Muslim haters, French president Emmanuel Macon and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Paris to mourn the 75th anniversary of the ethnic-cleansing of French Jews.     According to the Holocaust Industry, on July 14, 1942, French police rounded up 13,152 French Jews who were later sent to death camps in Poland and other German occupied territories.   Speaking near the former site of the Velodrome d’Hiver, the indoor cycle track from which the Jews were allegedly deported ...

France attempts to remove Holy Qura’n among young Algerians

1396/4/15 | 16:28
  After 128 years of French brutal colonialism, in May 1943, France conducted a scientific experiment aimed at eliminating the spirit of Islam among the youth of Algeria.   Ten Muslim girls were chosen in Algeria. These girls went to French schools under the supervision of the French government. They wore French clothing, behaved like a typical citizen and became familiar with their customs.   After 11 years from the start of this colonial program, the French government set up a graduation ceremony for these girls that ministers, ...

U-Turn on Assad: France’s Macron says Assad removal no longer necessary

1396/4/1 | 16:28
French President Emmanuel Macron said his country no longer deems the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a precondition for resolving the conflict in the Arab country.   On Wednesday, the newly-elected president made the announcement which was in stark contrast to the stance of the previous French administration and closer to Russia's pro-Assad position.   "My lines are clear, firstly, a complete fight against all the terrorist groups [is required], they are our enemies," he said, adding that his second priority ...

Marine Le Pen: France should support Assad

1395/12/11 | 16:28
  On Monday, French anti-Muslim president candidate and leader of country’s main opposition party French National (FN)Marine Le Pen  praised Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and called on French government of Francois Hollande (Jew) to stop supporting anti-Assad rebels.     She claimed that Assad is the only Syrian leader who can solve Europe’s refugee problem. Because an ISIS victory would create more refugees who would fuel more hatred toward Israel and Jews in the European Union member countries. It seems the in-fighting ...

The hype of Propaganda against Assad

1395/11/28 | 16:28
  The Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Monday published a report stating that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons in opposition-controlled parts of Aleppo during battles to retake the city late last year. The findings add to mounting evidence of the use of banned chemical weapons in the six-year-old Syrian civil war and could strengthen calls by Britain, France and the United States for sanctions against Syrian officials. Government helicopters dropped chlorine bombs “in residential areas in Aleppo on at least eight occasions ...

An inevitable confrontation: West- Iran face to face in Persian Gulf

1395/11/13 | 16:28
  The US, UK, France and Australia will run a war games drill in the Persian Gulf that will simulate a confrontation with Iran.     All the task forces of the US Naval Forces Central Command [NAVCENT] headquartered in Bahrain will be involved in the exercise, including, "surface, strike, mine countermeasure, maritime patrol assets along with UK, French and Australian naval forces in the Arabian Gulf," according to News Blaze, citing the US Fifth Fleet spokesman.   The exercise, which has apparently been planned for some ...

Saving two-state solution: Can France sustain US pressure on Israel-Palestine issue?

1395/11/1 | 16:28
  A conference for peace in Middle East organised by France warned against unilateral steps on Jerusalem and borders saying such an approach could threaten a negotiated solution to the seven-decade old conflict.       Following the deadlock in peace process between Israel and Palestinians, France has advocated urgent and renewed mobilisation of international community in order to preserve the two-state solution and spark new momentum for peace.     Paris Summit was held with the same objective and we believe that ...

Paris gathering: Israel’s real fear begins

1395/10/29 | 16:28
    French President François Hollande told the Paris gathering of 70 nations on Sunday, a two-state solution wasn’t a dream; it remained “the goal of the entire international community for the future”.     Given its track record, Israel’s rejection of the Paris call shouldn’t surprise the world with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing the 69 nations (Britain didn’t sign the communiqué) of imposing conditions “incompatible with our needs”.     Israel’s fear is that the Paris statement could ...

Banning Chopper sale to Syria: Why doesn’t Saudia fall in the list?

1395/10/5 | 16:28
France and Britain are pushing the UN Security Council to ban the sale of helicopters to Syria and to impose the first sanctions over the use of chemical weapons in the five-year war.   A draft resolution calls for asset freezes and travel bans against four Syrian officials and 10 entities including a Syrian research center tied to chemical weapons development.   A joint investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found that several units of the Syrian army had used ...

France begins dismantling of Calais Jungle camp

1395/8/3 | 16:28
SHAFAQNA – Migrants and refugees have begun arriving at official meeting points set by French authorities as part of the full evacuation of the Jungle camp in Calais. Men and women carrying suitcases and bundles of possessions gathered early on Monday in front of a warehouse which is serving as the main headquarters of the evacuation operation. French authorities believe the evacuation will take around three days in total. As part of the operation, between 6,000 and 8,000 migrants and refugees – mostly from Afghanistan, Sudan and Eritrea ...

Burkini ban: Cultural imperialism or discrimination against Muslims?

1395/6/6 | 16:28
Photographs have emerged of armed French police confronting a woman on a beach and making her remove some of her clothing as part of a controversial ban on the burkini. Authorities in several French towns have implemented bans on the burkin,which covers the body and head, citing concerns about religious clothing in the wake of recent terrorist killings in the country. The images of police confronting the woman in Nice on Tuesday show at least four police officers standing over a woman who was resting on the shore at the town’s Promenade des ...

France’s paranoia: Is France blinded by Muslim bigotry

1395/6/3 | 16:28
The mayor of Cannes in southern France has banned full-body swimsuits known as "burkinis" from the beach, citing public order concerns.David Lisnard said they are a "symbol of Islamic extremism" and might spark scuffles, as France is the target of Islamist attacks.France is on high alert following a series of incidents including July's truck attack in nearby Nice.Anyone caught flouting the new rule could face a fine of €38 (£33). They will first be asked to change into another swimming costume or leave the beach. Nobody has been apprehended ...

Pushing against the wall: Discriminating Muslims can be dangerous

1395/5/28 | 16:28
Halal supermarket in a Paris suburb has been told by local authorities it must start selling alcohol and pork or else it will be shut down. Good Price discount mini-market in Colombes has been told by the local housing authority, from which it rents its premises, that it has not followed the conditions on the lease that stipulate that the shop must act as a "general food store." The authority argues that all members of the local community are not being served properly if there are no alcohol or pork products in the Good Price store, which is run ...

In the name of Islam: Why ISIS using Islamic Shadow for terrorist activities?

1395/5/9 | 16:28
The so-called Islamic State (IS) has released a video it says shows two men who murdered a priest in France, pledging allegiance to the group. The two men are filmed speaking in Arabic and referring to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. One holds a piece of paper on which the IS flag is printed. Fr Jacques Hamel, 86, had his throat cut in the attack on Tuesday at a church in a Normandy suburb. Both attackers were shot dead by police after taking hostages. The video was posted by Amaq news agency, the media arm of IS, which has posted the group's videos ...

Munich Mall shooting leaves 9 dead

1395/5/2 | 16:28
At least nine people were killed and 21 others hurt in a shooting rampage at a busy shopping district in Munich, Germany, police said. Police searched for attackers, thinking there might be three, and found a man who'd killed himself on a side street near Olympia shopping mall, police Chief Hubertus Andrae said. The pistol-wielding attacker, identified by Munich Police Chief Hubertus Andrae as a dual national, was later found dead of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. Police, citing eyewitness accounts, had initially said they ...

France bleeds: French Islamophobia and simmering radicalization

1395/4/28 | 16:28
The ISIS group claimed responsibility for the truck attack that killed 84 people in Nice on France's national holiday, a news service affiliated with the terrorists said on Saturday. Amaq quoted an ISIS security source as saying one of its "soldiers" carried out Thursday's carnage "in response to calls to target nations of coalition states that are fighting (ISIS)". n an online statement by the terror group's media agency Amaq and circulated by its supporters, it said the person behind the attack is an ISIS "soldier." Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, ...

Another bloodbath: Why France again?

1395/4/26 | 16:28
 French officials on Friday identified the man who used a 19-ton truck to massacre dozens of people on the French Riviera as a 31-year-old native of Tunisia with a history of petty crime and marriage problems — but no links with the militant extremists who have targeted and traumatized France. Nearly 24 hours later there was no claim of responsibility, and the Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said the killer, whom he identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, had been “completely unknown by intelligence services.”  84 people were reported ...

80 killed as Truck ploughs into crowd in Nice, France + (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

1395/4/24 | 16:28
At least 80 people were killed and dozens injured when a truck ploughed into a crowd watching a Bastille Day fireworks display in the southern French resort of Nice today.  Nice prosecutor Jean-Michel Pretre said the truck drove two kilometres (1.3 miles) through a large crowd that was watching the fireworks on France's Bastille Day national holiday. "An individual drove a truck into the crowd. He was killed by police," said interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet. A photograph showed the front of the truck riddled with bullet holes and ...

Immigration row: Poor diplomacy and problems of Pakistani immigrants

1395/3/24 | 16:28
 France’s deputy ambassador and the European Union envoy met Pakistan’s interior secretary on Friday to defuse a diplomatic row between Islamabad and Paris over an attempt to deport a Pakistani citizen which prompted a strong reaction from Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar a day earlier. France’s interior department had wanted to deport Muhammad Mansha to Pakistan for criminal activity, vaguely defined as ‘severe moral crimes’. When the matter was raised with Nisar, he reacted strongly. The minister insisted on Thursday that Pakistan ...

Crusade against sexual harassment: A bold step by French women

1395/2/30 | 16:28
 Seventeen French ministers and ex-ministers have vowed to "systematically denounce" sexual harassment, days after a probe was opened into multiple claims against a former deputy parliamentary speaker. The signatories of Sunday's statement, who are all women, include the IMF chief Christine Lagarde,  former health minister Roselyne Bachelot and  former housing minister Cecile Duflot."We will no longer keep quiet," they said in a statement published by the Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper.They promised to "systematically denounce all ...

French Bigotry: Restrictions on Muslims can lead to another disaster

1395/2/15 | 16:28
 A Muslim prayer hall was seriously damaged by fire overnight in the capital of the French island of Corsica, local authorities said, four months after a separate Muslim prayer hall there was ransacked. No one was injured in the fire in Ajaccio, which police are investigating as criminal after finding two separate sources of fire inside the hall. "This is unacceptable," Ajaccio mayor Laurent Marcangeli told iTELE newschannel. "Those sites are not sufficiently protected." In late December, the island was rocked by days of racial tension after ...

Will France Stop Muslim Soccer Players From Praying?

1395/2/13 | 16:28
SHAFAQNA – Fear has gripped the French Riviera just as the region heads into tourist season. Now one of its most conservative mayors is challenging Muslim soccer players. Wearing Muslim head scarves in schools has been banned all over the country since 2004. But will the mayor of Nice get away with telling Muslim football players they can’t pray on the field?Many in Nice question why Mayor Christian Estrosi is suddenly taking a harder-than-normal line against Muslims—trying to shut down a big mosque and threatening to cut funds to the local ...

France to recognize Palestine: Israel moving towards political alienation

1394/11/14 | 16:28
France has issued an ultimatum to Israel, saying it will recognise a Palestinian state if a renewed push for a two-state solution fails. The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, announced on Friday that France was trying to convene an international peace summit to renew diplomatic efforts by Israel and the Palestinians. He said that if diplomacy failed, France would formally recognise a Palestinian state.Speaking at a conference of French diplomats in Paris, Fabius said: “Unfortunately, Israeli settlement construction continues. We must ...

Half hearted against ISIS: Is West banking on Daesh against Assad tacitly?

1394/9/16 | 16:28
 A matter of international deliberation (or rather, contention), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed to capture the imagination of the entire globe, with the many speeches at the United Nations’ General Assembly (UNGA) session and a dedicated sideline summit bearing testimony to it. From the corridors of Kremlin to the alleys of the Senate, it can be said with staunch conviction that no country in the world today is unaware of the grotesque phenomenon that the ISIS is. Its graphic brutality, pillaging of historic towns, ...

UK first airstrike on Syria: Who is the target of RAF bombing?

1394/9/14 | 16:28
Britain has carried out its first airstrikes in Syria, hours after MPs voted overwhelmingly to authorise military action. Four RAF Tornado jets were seen taking off from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus early on Thursday morning and the Ministry of Defence later confirmed they had carried out the “first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes”.The RAF jets carry a range of munitions including Paveway IV guided bombs and precision-guided Brimstone missiles. The strikes were focused on six targets in an Isis-controlled oilfield ...

Climate change conference: How long third world countries would be at receiving end?

1394/9/10 | 16:28
 France’s Ambassador Martine Dorance on Friday said that despite the Paris attacks they will go ahead and host the Paris Climate Conference, the COP 21, the biggest diplomatic event ever hosted in the country.“We want France to remain itself, we must continue to work, to go out, to live, and that is why the Paris Climate Conference will not only go ahead but will be a moment of hope and solidarity,” she said while addressing a reception ‘On the Road to Paris Climate Conference’. “In just 11 days, world leaders will have a historic ...

Fight against ISIS: A jigsaw puzzle

1394/9/9 | 16:28
 Russia is to impose wide-ranging economic sanctions on Turkey in retaliation for the shooting down of one of its jets on Tuesday. Turkey has so far refused to apologise for the incident, in which one Russian pilot died.Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, said "economic and humanitarian measures" could come into force within days, and would include bans on food shipments, investment projects and "works and services provided by Turkish companies".The move is likely to have a serious impact on the Turkish economy. Russia is Turkey's ...

Rise in Anti-Muslim hate crimes: Is world heading towards clash of civilizations?

1394/9/5 | 16:28
  Anti-Muslim hate crimes rose 300 percent in Britain in the week following the coordinated attacks in Paris, according to figures published on Monday. A "vast and overwhelming majority" of the 115 attacks were against Muslim women and girls aged between 14 and 45 who were wearing traditional Islamic dress, according to the findings reported in The Independent newspaper. The perpetrators were mainly white males aged between 15 and 35, according to the report, which noted that the true numbers of attacks were likely much larger than those ...

France: Discrimination Against Muslims Extends to the Workplace

1394/9/4 | 16:28
SHAFAQNA – From crossing the Mediterranean Sea to finding shelter while many countries seek to close their borders, the challenges faced by Syrian refugees are numerous—and sometimes deadly. If refugees do make it safely to the United States or Europe, the process of resettlement is far from easy, as oneBosnian refugee detailed on Twitter last week. But gaining employment poses its own set of challenges, according to new research that shows discrimination against Muslims in French workplaces was already pervasive prior to this month’s ...

Innocent causalities by France airstrike: Hate has become the solution to hate

1394/9/2 | 16:28
 Belgium widened its search on Sunday for armed Islamist extremists whose presence has put Brussels on maximum alert, with officials saying more than one militant was at large in the city. The alert has closed the capital's metro system, although a senior minister said it was likely to reopen on Monday. Belgium has been at the heart of investigations into the Paris attacks on Nov. 13 that left 130 people dead after links emerged to Brussels, and the poor district of Molenbeek in particular.Two of the Paris suicide bombers, Brahim Abdeslam ...

Does Mali attack have any connection with Paris assault?

1394/9/2 | 16:28
 Malian security forces are hunting for at least three suspects involved in an attack at a five-star hotel that killed 21 people in the heart of the capital, Bamako.A breakaway al-Qaeda faction from the country's restive north claimed responsibility for the nine-hour hostage-taking siege that ended after special forces stormed the luxury hotel. "We are actively pursuing three suspects who might have been involved in Friday's attack on the Radisson Blu hotel," a Malian security official told the AFP news agency on Saturday. Mali was under a ...

Paris mayhem: A fresh wave of xenophobic and anti-Muslim sentiments engulfs Europe

1394/8/27 | 16:28
Pakistan fears that the working conditions for its nationals living abroad could become starker and harsher in the aftermath of the execution-style killings of 132 Parisians by Islamic State terrorists. The Paris massacre has already triggered a xenophobic and anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe with far-right groups stepping up their campaigns against the influx of refugees from Muslim countries. According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), more than 750,000 migrants are estimated to have arrived in Europe by sea so far this year. ...

Night of horror: Is France punished for supporting Bashar-al-Assad?

1394/8/25 | 16:28
 France was in a nationwide state of emergency on Saturday after a night of horror in Paris when gunmen sprayed restaurants with bullets, massacred scores of concert-goers and launched suicide attacks near the national stadium, killing at least 160 people and wounding over 200. However, officials confirm 128 deaths in the attacks. At least eight militants, all wearing suicide vests, brought unprecedented violence to the streets of the French capital, in the bloodiest attacks in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in 2004. France has declared ...

To fight ISIS, France should integrate its Muslim population – OpEd

1394/8/25 | 16:28
SHAFAQNA – In the coming days, I will mourn with the nation of France as they bury their loved ones after brutal attacks in different locations in Paris left more than a hundred people dead. This incident — less than a year after the brutal attack on Charlie Hebdo — is a reminder of how precarious and tumultuous our world has become.After ISIS issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks, France is expected to move forward with a bold tactic against terrorism in the coming days. While I support France in its fight against ISIS, ...

Rejecting French proposal: Jewish state not bothered about international community

1394/7/30 | 16:28
Israel has rejected a proposal by France to send international observers to monitor the situation near the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday for the second time slammed France's draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to deploy monitors to the area, which has been witnessing deadly clashes for weeks. "Israel cannot accept the French draft resolution at the UNSC," Netanyahu said. Paris submitted its proposal on the matter in a draft resolution to the UNSC ...

Intensive Conflict: Why the world is mum on Netan Yahu’s nefarious designs?

1394/7/28 | 16:28
Four Palestinians were shot dead and a fifth wounded in attacks on Israelis in east Jerusalem and the West Bank Saturday, as violence that has fuelled concerns of an uprising showed no let-up.The violence that has raged for more than two weeks prompted a “very concerned” US President Barack Obama to call for calm, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to chair a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. Including alleged assailants, 41 Palestinians have been killed since the violence erupted on October 1, while seven Israelis have lost ...

Flag at UN General Assembly: A moral victory of Palestinians

1394/6/23 | 16:28
The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Thursday allowing the Palestinians and the Holy See to raise their flags at UN headquarters ─ a symbolic step pursued by the Palestinians in their quest for an independent state. Israel strongly objected to the proposal and joined seven other countries, including the United States, in voting "no"; 119 nations voted "yes" and 45 abstained. Canada, Australia and several small island states also voted "no". Europe was divided with France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Poland among ...

World powers hegemony: No new members to be inducted in UNSC

1394/6/19 | 16:28
 Russia will oppose a French proposal to limit the use of the veto at the UN Security Council in cases of recognized mass atrocities, the Russian UN envoy said Wednesday. Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, whose delegation holds the September presidency at the council, dismissed the French proposal as "populist" and said it did not present a "workable scheme".“You cannot say every resolution proposed is a good one that would resolve a problem and not be used for political purposes," he told reporters in New York. France has been lobbying ...

Hollow condemnation:  Libya on cross-roads

1394/6/1 | 16:28
  The Governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States strongly condemn the ongoing barbaric acts by ISIL-affiliated terrorists in the Libyan city of Sirte. We are deeply concerned about reports that these fighters have shelled densely populated parts of the city and committed indiscriminate acts of violence to terrorize the Libyan population. We call on all parties in Libya aspiring to a peaceful and unified nation to join efforts to combat the threat posed by transnational terrorist groups exploiting ...