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Pakistan reportedly mulls toll tax hike on NATO containers amid Trump rift

Trump Team Debates Limited Strikes on North Korea


Jerusalem solidarity protests continue in UK cities

1396/10/4 | 16:27
  Protests against the Trump declaration on Jerusalem have continued for the third week running in cities across Britain with no sign of abating.      On Saturday, hundreds of protesters rallied in Birmingham in response to calls from the Palestine Forum in Britain (PFB), the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Birmingham Council of Mosques.     Representatives from a number of civil society organisations addressed the rally, all emphasising their rejection of the US president’s claim and support for Palestinian ...

ISIS takes Santa Claus hostage!

1396/9/8 | 16:27
  In images released by ISIS supporters, the extremists posed a serious threat to Christmas markets in Britain, France and Germany.   On one of the posters, there is a picture of Santa Claus on a background of London Streets kneeling in front of an ISIS member with his hands tied.   ISIS supporters posted said images in Messaging apps in English, French and German. on the pictures there is also a message “Soon on your vacation,” which apparently suggests London should wait for a terrorist attack on the holiday season. ...

Thousands of ISIS Fighters Returning To UK Given Luxury Housing & Rehab

1396/8/18 | 16:27
    While the average young person in Britain struggles to gain a foothold in the crowded housing market, returning ISIS fighters are set to be given free tax-payer funded homes as well as cars, counseling, and public sector jobs to “bribe” them not to carry out terror attacks on British soil.   The top-secret new government strategy, codenamed Operation Constrain, will even allow terrorists to jump to the top of council house waiting lists, allowing them to choose the best available homes to live in rent free, elbowing ...

US misled Britain over Iraq war, claims Brown

1396/8/16 | 16:27
  Gordon Brown has claimed the UK was “misled” over the Iraq war because the US defence department failed to pass on information casting doubt on Saddam Hussein’s destructive capability.   The former prime minister, who was chancellor when the decision to go to war in 2003 was made, said it was “astonishing” that top-secret US intelligence was not shared with Britain. He claimed that only after leaving office did he become aware of “crucial” papers held by the US Department of Defense and believes the course of history ...

Yemen rejects British initiative to revive talks

1396/8/14 | 16:27
      The government led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi has rejected a British initiative to revive talks about the political process in Yemen, a source close to Hadi told Saudi newspaper Okaz.   According to Quds Press on Friday, the source said that Britain informed Hadi of some ideas for the initiative, which has a political and humanitarian basis and ignores the military aspect. In many ways, it is said, the British proposal is similar to the initiative suggested by former US Secretary of State John Kerry. However, ...

Why should Britain apologise for the Balfour Declaration?

1396/8/12 | 16:27
  Until now, the British government does not seem inclined to review its colonial behavior in Palestine, which led to the establishment of the Zionist state “Israel” there, and caused a catastrophe for the Palestinian people.   They were dislodged from most of their land, and their social fabric was ripped apart, while most Palestinians became refugees. The statement by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, in which she showed pride in the Balfour Declaration and the foundation of Israel, is only proof of that.   British policy ...

UK arms sales to Saudis topped £1.1bn in first half of 2017

1396/8/4 | 16:27
  Britain’s sales of military equipment to Saudi Arabia hit £1.1 billion in the first six months of this year, according to the latest government data. The UK sold £836 million worth of arms and military hardware to the Saudi kingdom between April and June, up from £280 million between January and March, according to statistics by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The latest export license figures come amid increasing concerns over the Saudi military’s bombing in Yemen, which has so far killed more than 12,000 people ...

What next for Britain in Yemen?

1396/7/11 | 16:27
  When the Houthi uprising began in 2004, Saudi ears inevitably twitched. The government in Riyadh had spent the previous year building an enormous wall along the southern border to stop Al-Qaeda.   The possibility of resurgent Zaidi rule in Yemen, absent since 1962, was a distinct possibility. This would not be a competing autocracy, it would be something far worse in Saudi eyes; a republican democracy, with women in elected office and an example of how religious states can be run democratically, without the need for kings at the ...

Britain to stop military cooperation with Burma army

1396/6/31 | 16:27
  On Tuesday, Theresa May announced that Britain will stop training of Burma’s armed forces until Aung San Suu Kyi’s government halts a campaign of violence against the country’s Muslim Rohingya minority.     The government also suspended financial aid to the military.Violence in the Rakhine state has seen more than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. The move came as Ms Suu Kyi, Burma’s de-facto leader, sought to restore her tarnished reputation and defend her country by claiming that most Rohingya ...

Jeremy Corbyn’s support: An emphatic victory of Pakistan’s diplomacy

1396/6/18 | 16:27
  The chief of Britain’s main opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, has come out in support of Pakistan and urged the world to respect the country.   In an interview to BBC Urdu, Mr Corbyn said it was not the responsibility of Pakistan alone to fight terrorism because the world as a whole needed to beat off the “collective challenge”.   Asked to comment on Donald Trump’s recent allegations that Pakistan offered safe havens to “agents of chaos”, the top leader of the Labour Party seemed to differ with the US president. ...

Does Britain have a secret travel ban against Arabs?

1396/5/30 | 16:27
  Britain stands accused of operating a secret travel ban against Arabs after it emerged that a large number of internationally renowned academics, religious leaders, musicians, artists and performers from the Middle East have been refused visas to enter the UK. All were booked to appear or perform at the world famous Edinburgh Festival in Scotland but were rejected on the grounds that they would not return to their home countries after the festival ends on 28 August.     The move by the Home Office in London is said to have angered ...

MI5 chief: Hundreds of Britons fighting in Syria alongside terrorist groups

1396/5/29 | 16:27
  BBC-“The number of British citizen have gone to Syria to fight alongside terrorist militants “, a senior UK intelligence official says.   Andrew Parker, head of domestic intelligence service MI5, told a parliamentary hearing the conflict was attracting al-Qaeda UK sympathisers.   MI5 has previously said that up to 200 British fighters are in Syria.Last month, BBC News learnt that a group of 20 young men from the UK were fighting against forces allied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the Turkish border.     “The ...

Saudi breeds ‘fodder for terrorism’, says former British ambassador

1396/4/25 | 16:27
A former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia is the latest high profile figure to raise concerns about Saudi funding of terrorism in the UK. Sir William Patey, who was the British ambassador in Riyadh for four years between 2006 and 2010, said Saudi funding helps create “fodder for terrorism”.     Patey’s comment follows recent revelations that the UK government has buried a report exposing Saudi funding of extremism in the UK. Prominent British MP accused Number Ten of burying a report that was originally commissioned by the former ...

Trying to protect Saudi Arabia,UK refuses to publish report on ‘funding of extremism’

1396/4/25 | 16:27
  The British government has announced that it would not publish in full its report on the sources of "funding of extremism" in Britain, prompting opposition charges it was trying to protect its ally Saudi Arabia.     British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Wednesday that though some “extremist organisations” were receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars, she had decided against publishing the review in full. “This is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons,” she said ...

King Salman and PM May fund Islamic extremism

1396/4/20 | 16:27
  UK-based Henry Jackson Society, a pro-Israel and anti-Muslim neocons advocacy group in its latest report has accused both King Salman of Saudi Arabia and British prime minister Theresa May, a Zionist whore, of spreading Islamic extremism in Britain.     British prime minister Theresa May visited Saudi Arabia in April this year and dined with King Salman and country’s crown prince and defense minister. Saudi ‘royals’ are major buyer of conventional military equipment from Britain.Theresa May has supported Saudi ...

Most wanted’ British jihadist bride now ‘desperate’ to flee ISIS, return to UK

1396/4/15 | 16:27
British jihadist Sally Jones, the world’s most wanted female terrorist who traveled to the Middle East to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), is now “desperate” to return to the UK, a friend has claimed. Jones, who was the lead guitarist of an all-girl rock-band in the 1990s, fled her home in Kent to join the terrorist organization in its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria with her husband Junaid Hussain. Hussain, 21, was killed in a US drone strike in 2015. He had previously used his youngest son as a human shield. Drone operators ...

British special forces probed over killing innocent Afghan civilians

1396/4/14 | 16:27
[caption id="attachment_47045" align="alignnone" width="960"] A soldier with 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (1SCOTS) (left) looks on as an Afghan Warrior from 3/215 Brigade of the Afghan National Army pauses during a patrol on Operation Tufaan. The operation was planned and led by the Afghans with the SCOTS soldiers providing advice when required. Operation Tufaan or Storm was a large scale Afghan planned and led operation to clear and secure an area west of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. It involved many hundreds of troops from ...

May to decide whether to publish report about foreign funding of extremism

1396/4/13 | 16:27
British Prime Minister Theresa May is yet to decide whether to publish details of a report about foreign funding of extremism in the UK with a focus on Saudi Arabia. The outcome of the Home Office investigation is not yet released, which “leaves question marks over whether their decision is influenced by our diplomatic ties,” said the Green party co-leader, Caroline Lucas, as cited in a Guardian report, published Monday. The probe was commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron and approved by May in December 2015, although she ...

Shirking economy: The looming downfall of Saudia’s petro-economy

1396/4/13 | 16:27
  The economy of Saudi Arabia has shrunk by 0.5 percent in the current fiscal year.While their gross domestic product was 646.4 billion Riyals last year, it has come down to 643 billion Riyals.   Saudi Arabia has heavily invested in Britain’s tech industry, in an attempt to ensure that money flows into their economy from all possible means.   They also signed a deal with SoftBank, promising $93 billion worth of capital. Tens of billions of dollars of deals have been signed with China and Japan.     Along with ...

UK banks stop trading Qatari riyals

1396/4/10 | 16:27
Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group said today that it has stopped trading Qatari riyals and that the currency is no longer available for sale or buy-back at its high street banks. A spokeswoman for the bank said a “third-party supplier” that carries out its foreign exchange service had ceased trading in the currency from 21 June This currency is no longer available for sale or buy-back across our high street banks including Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Halifax,” the spokeswoman said. Qatar’s central bank said today it will guarantee ...

Islam vs West: Is it the time of clash of civilizations?

1396/4/2 | 16:27
   Baroness Warsi’s repeated warnings to the Tory party, of which she remains a member, to revise its dealings with Britain’s Muslim community went unheeded for years.   Time after time did she stress the nexus between rampant Islamophobia and the rise of the far-right. Following the recent ISIS-claimed hits on Manchester and London and the ‘revenge’ attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque — May has nowhere to hide.     The white man responsible for targeting the north London mosque may have been acting alone, ...

Manchester attack: Is UK targeting Muslims the pretext of attack?

1396/3/13 | 16:27
    The United Kingdom has been a source of suspense of late with regards to the spate of terror it has experienced.   Baroness Warsi claimed that lackadaisical attitudes have guided Britain’s policymaking thus far, giving easy way to terrorist attacks, and additionally that this is not only a war against ideology.   While Britain’s ideological war is valid, the angle is passive; the cabinet member is correct in that the issue requires more depth and evidence-based responses to elucidate the elements that lure one ...

Manchester attack: Why Theresamay should step down?

1396/3/6 | 16:27
UK has been worst hit by terrorists once again and  now all eyes are on the government, because of an admission by the Home secretary that Abedi had been on Britain’s intelligence radar.     There have also been reports by US officials that he travelled to Libya three weeks prior to blowing himself up. This begs the question: was this an intelligence failure on the part of these two western governments?     We must ask this because, again, when it comes to countries like Pakistan — failed terror plots such as Times ...

Why Britain’s support for Bahrain king is unwavering?

1396/2/31 | 16:27
Since the start of pro-democracy uprising in Yemen in 2011, the country’s political developments have been under the effects of role played by the regional and international actors.     Britain, a country with deep and historical influence in the tiny Persian Gulf Island and holding special relations with the ruling regime of Al Khalifa, has always come against any possible changes in the power structure or even reform of the political system of Bahrain. London opposition against any kind of reform in Bahrain was even worsened by the ...

Iranians to vote in pres. election in 102 countries: Foreign Ministry

1396/2/29 | 16:27
Iran’s Foreign Ministry says expatriates can cast their ballots in the country's 12th presidential election at 310 polling stations in 102 countries. Hassan Qashqavi, the deputy foreign minister for consular, parliamentary, and expatriates’ affairs, told IRNA on Thursday that there would be 55 polling stations in the US, 21 in the United Arab Emirates, 22 in Iraq and 12 in Britain, where Iranian nationals would be able to vote. As previous talks for holding elections in Canada failed to bear fruit, it has been agreed that several ballot ...

Labour govt. will ‘immediately recognize a state of Palestine’

1396/2/27 | 16:27
Britain's opposition Labour Party has announced in its General Election manifesto that a Labour government will “immediately recognize” a state of Palestine if the party wins the June 8 vote. Revealed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday in Bradford, the manifesto called for an end to Israel’s blockade and occupation of Palestine as well as construction of illegal settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands. “Labour is committed to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East based on a two-state solution – a secure Israel alongside ...

May Trying to Base Britain’s Future On Saudi War Crimes: Analyst

1396/1/21 | 16:27
  British Prime Minster Theresa May is “positioning herself in defense of grand war criminals” in order to boost her country’s economy, according to a political commentator in London, but “you can’t base growth or even the future of the country on war crimes.”       “The only reason why she is arguing that because Britain is leaving the European Union, and then Britain needs to find basically new markets to be able to boost its economy,” said Catherine Shakdam, the programs director of Shafaqna Institute ...

Britain’s role in hunger and famine in Yemen

1396/1/3 | 16:27
    Representative of the British House of Commons, referred Britain's role in the disastrous situation of the Yemeni people.     Andrew Mitchell has written an article in the Independent newspaper. He says that British charities are trying to send the purchased food and medical supplies to Yemen, while the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and supported by Britain has closed the ports.     He adds: “Aid groups and senior UN figures are warning on a daily basis that this could take the entire port out of action, ...

Funding terrorists: What are UK's stake in Syrian war?

1395/12/25 | 16:27
  Media sources said the Syrian Army soldiers stopped and seized a vehicle of the terrorists loaded with a large volume of munitions, including British missiles, in Damascus countryside on Sunday.     The Arabic language al-Hadath news quoted a military source as saying that the army men seized a pickup vehicle of the terrorists with four Britain-made missiles and over 200 boxes of heavy and semi-heavy ammunition and guns. Al-Hadath went on to say that the vehicle has left Dara'a to militant-held regions near Damascus.       On ...

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Made in Britain: Tested on Yemenis

1395/12/22 | 16:27
    Jack is like thousands of others who works at the BAE Systems factory in nearby Samlesbury, outside Preston in Lancashire, making parts that will be assembled in nearby Warton to create Typhoons, the most advanced jet fighters operated by the Saudis over Yemen.   There, the Saudis have contributed to a civil war with the most terrible violence: bombing civilians, blowing up hospitals, and imposing a siege that has condemned millions of Yemenis to slow starvation and poverty.   And Britain, in its wisdom, has sold ...

Bitten by own dogs: UK under ISIS threat

1395/12/11 | 16:27
    Islamic State militants are planning “indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians” in Britain on a scale similar to those staged by the Irish Republican Army 40 years ago, the head of the country’s new terrorism watchdog said.       In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph published on Sunday, Max Hill, the lawyer tasked with overseeing British laws on terrorism, said the militants were targeting cities and posed “an enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore”.     The warning ...

The hype of Propaganda against Assad

1395/11/28 | 16:27
  The Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Monday published a report stating that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons in opposition-controlled parts of Aleppo during battles to retake the city late last year. The findings add to mounting evidence of the use of banned chemical weapons in the six-year-old Syrian civil war and could strengthen calls by Britain, France and the United States for sanctions against Syrian officials. Government helicopters dropped chlorine bombs “in residential areas in Aleppo on at least eight occasions ...

A secrete story: Why UK cannot oppose Israel on Palestine’s apartheid?

1395/11/16 | 16:27
  A six-month undercover investigation has revealed how Israel relentlessly penetrates different levels of British government and parliamentary democracy to safeguard its continued theft of Palestine with total impunity.     A key finding of this important piece of investigative journalism is the Israeli propagandists’ deliberate conflation of the critic of Zionism with anti-Semitism in order to paralyse the critical discourse and put on the defensive the slightest defence of the inalienable rights of Palestinians to their lives, ...

A blow for Saudi Arab: UK Changes her stance on Syrian war

1395/11/10 | 16:27
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Britain has changed its stance and now believes Syrian President Bashar Assad could potentially be allowed to run for president if there was a peaceful settlement of the conflict.       “It is our view that Bashar al-Assad should go, it’s been our longstanding position. But we are open-minded about how that happens and the timescale on which that happens,” Johnson told the Lords International Relations Committee on Thursday, according to The Guardian.     The statement ...

Maligning Muslims: War of British Media on Islam

1395/11/4 | 16:27
  In a personal campaign for fairer coverage, one man has exposed scores of articles in the British press that misrepresent Muslims or Islam.   Since undertaking the project, Miqdaad Versi, the assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), has forced newspapers to make 20 retractions and corrections.   A further 20 are currently under investigation by the press complaints body IPSO. One story Versi corrected had appeared in the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sun last week. The tabloid ran with the headline “SUPERMARKET ...

Banning Chopper sale to Syria: Why doesn’t Saudia fall in the list?

1395/10/5 | 16:27
France and Britain are pushing the UN Security Council to ban the sale of helicopters to Syria and to impose the first sanctions over the use of chemical weapons in the five-year war.   A draft resolution calls for asset freezes and travel bans against four Syrian officials and 10 entities including a Syrian research center tied to chemical weapons development.   A joint investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found that several units of the Syrian army had used ...

Bidding EU goodbye: How UK’s decision going to impact world economy

1395/4/7 | 16:27
 Britain has voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, with the result throwing into question the fate of the 28-nation bloc and Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that he will step down by October. The official results were announced on Friday with the Leave campaign receiving 52 percent in Thursday's historic referendum. Cameron, who had backed the campaign to remain in the EU, said the British people made "a very clear decision to take a different path. A local result is going to have a global impact, and unravelling a 43-year ...

Brexit episode: The Price of Leaving EU

1395/4/5 | 16:27
Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a historic decision sure to reshape the nation’s place in the world, rattle the Continent and rock political establishments throughout the West.Not long after the vote tally was completed, Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the campaign to remain in the bloc, appeared in front of 10 Downing Street on Friday morning to announce that he planned to step down by October, saying the country deserved a leader committed to carrying out the will of the people. The result also led to calls for no-confidence ...

David Cameron to step down after Britain votes to divorces EU

1395/4/4 | 16:27
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would stand down by October after voters decided Britain should leave the European Union, something Cameron had campaigned against. With his wife by his side at 10 Downing Street, the British PM said in his short address that the decision of the common man in UK should be respected. "I respect the decision of the British people. We will work in accordance with the decision they have taken," he said. "The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected. The will of the British ...

The Brexit debate:  A dangerous division for UK

1395/4/3 | 16:27
Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron made an impassioned call for voters to choose to stay in the EU when campaigning resumed on Sunday. In a televised question and answer programme he said Britain isn’t a quitter, Britain is a fighter.“If we choose to leave, we can leave but let’s be clear if we do leave we are walking out the door, we are quitting, we are giving up on this organisation which even if we leave will have a huge effect on our lives, our children, on our opportunities, on our businesses. I don’t think Britain at the ...

Price of leaving EU: Britain in catch twenty two

1395/2/4 | 16:27
 Britain's Treasury chief has put a price tag on it: Leaving the European Union would cost Britain the equivalent of $6,100 per household. The estimate is based on a 200-page analysis of the long-term costs and benefits of EU membership and its alternatives that George Osborne published Monday ahead of the June 23 referendum. The U.K. economy would be 6 percent smaller in 2030 than currently forecast if the country were to leave the EU and replace it with a trade agreement similar to the one Canada is currently negotiating, according to the ...

Panama leaks: Why Ex-Judges refused to probe?

1395/1/23 | 16:27
 Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Saturday that two former Supreme Court chief justices had refused to head the judicial commission instated to probe claims made by the Panama Papers regarding offshore assets belonging to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family. "So far the revelations coming out of the Panama leaks are just allegations. Russia, Britain, Argentina, and other countries have dismissed them as lies. It has only been the Prime Minister of Pakistan who took notice, addressed the nation, and announced a judicial commission ...

Britain sends vulnerable youths back to war zones – New migration policy or human rights violations?

1394/12/5 | 16:27
SHAFAQNA – If the United Kingdom has long appointed itself the grand custodian of human dignity and morality, in that it has abided by a lenient migration policy towards war refugees – offering both asylum and refuge to the tens of thousands, who, over the years have landed on its shores, such status might soon change as reports have confirmed that Britain is sending vulnerable youths back to their war-torn homelands – without so much as the courtesy of a hearing.British officials have already admitted that an estimated 2,748 young people, ...

Britain is at war with Yemen. So why does nobody know about it?

1394/11/9 | 16:27
Britain is arming and aiding a fundamentalist dictatorship that’s bombing and killing civilians. This is an incontestable fact. The Saudi tyranny – gay-hating women-oppressors who kicked off the year with ~a mass beheading– has been waging war in Yemen for 10 months.If the 26 million Yemenis were being besieged and bombed by an official enemy of the west, we might expect emotive calls to “do something” and militarily intervene. Well, we are intervening: not simply by supplying weapons but even by providing the Saudi-led coalition of Arab ...

Selling weapon to Saudia: Is Britain furthering Saudi agenda in the ME

1394/9/28 | 16:27
A coalition of human rights groups on Wednesday criticised Britain for weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying arms sales to Riyadh would violate a global treaty regulating trade in munitions. The British government rejected the criticism, saying it was in full compliance with its treaty obligations. Control Arms - a cluster of rights groups such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and Transparency International that focuses on arms control - said it sought an expert legal opinion from Philippe Sands, an attorney at the law firm Matrix Chambers and ...

Is suspending agreements and slapping on extra provisos solution of the problem?

1394/8/29 | 16:27
  Pakistan on Tuesday instructed its diplomatic missions in European capitals to demand evidence of a potential crime when host countries sought to deport illegal immigrants being held on terror charges to Pakistan.The move came days after Islamabad said it had suspended its agreement on the readmission of illegal immigrants with European Union countries, except Britain, because of its “blatant misuse”.During a meeting on Tuesday, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan directed Pakistani diplomatic missions in Europe to demand proof ...

Readmission of illegal immigrants: Has Pakistan decided to upheld its sovereignty?

1394/8/18 | 16:27
Pakistan Friday announced it had suspended its agreement on the readmission of illegal immigrants with European Union countries, except Britain, because of its "blatant misuse", state media reported. The 2010 agreement aimed to facilitate the return of Pakistani illegal immigrants and other nationals who had transited through Pakistan before arriving in the EU. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said European countries were misusing the agreement. "Pakistanis travelling illegally to any Western country are to be deported after proper verification" ...

A call from Academics: Would it bring some shame to leaders of civilized world?

1394/8/10 | 16:27
 Hundreds of British academics are to boycott Israeli universities in protest at their “deep complicity” in their government’s “violations of international law”.The 343 university lecturers in subjects including chemistry, mathematics and political science said that they would not accept invitations for academic visits to Israel or co-operate with Israeli universities in any way. They said that they were “deeply disturbed by Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land” and accused the Israeli government of “intolerable ...

Slum dwellers: Don’t they have right of citizenship?

1394/6/19 | 16:27
In the beginning there were no slums. When the city of Karachi began, there was enough for everyone. Enough for the British that came searching for a port from where they could lug goodies from their subcontinent back to the factories in their homeland, enough for the traders that came from elsewhere in India to set up shop, to sell and buy and make the profits to pad their pockets. The fishermen, the people who had lived before, stayed near the sea or by the site of two long dried up springs, Kharadar and Meethadar, out of the way of all the newcomers. ...

Migrant crisis: Double standards of West exposed to Third world

1394/6/4 | 16:27
An Eritrean migrant suffered a head injury after attempting to get into Britain on 24 August. The 22-year-old is believed to have been hit by a train in northern France as he was attempting to make his way inside the Eurotunnel. "Around 10 this morning, firemen went to Eurotunnel's boarding platforms to tend to an injured migrant," said local authorities, reported France24 News. "He was immediately hospitalised in Calais and he is in a serious condition." The migrant was later reported out of danger despite suffering from internal bleeding. ...