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US Escalates Afghan Airstrikes Through Winter, But Will It Matter?

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An old headache: How did Haqqani network bring US on the knees

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Saudi politicization of holy places is unislamic, we will continue to oppose

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Don’t forget old friends to make new one

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Rape, murder of 7-year-old Pakistani girl seem work of serial killer: Officials

Yemeni snipers kill three Saudi troopers in retaliatory attacks

Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution

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Abandoning the secular dream

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Even Saudi allies are questioning its Mideast power plays

Pakistan handed humiliated defeat by New Zealand

Trump paid porn star $130,000 to stay silent over alleged affair: Report


US and Pakistan clash at UN over Afghanistan

1396/11/1 | 21:14
  The United States has urged Pakistan not to give sanctuary to terrorist organisations while Pakistan has demanded that the Trump administration address safe havens inside Afghanistan and its income from the narcotics trade. The exchange took place Friday at a Security Council meeting on the issue of Afghanistan’s relations with its Central Asia neighbours and the link between peace and security, according to AP. US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said the US cannot work with Pakistan if it continues to give sanctuary to terrorist ...

US Escalates Afghan Airstrikes Through Winter, But Will It Matter?

1396/10/30 | 21:14
  Throughout the 16+ year Afghan War there have been winter lulls and spring offensives, and even in recent years, when officials have insisted they were continuing the fight right on through winter, operations still slowed substantially.   Not so this winter, however, where US airstrikes continued to escalate right through December, taking the 65 strikes from 2016 and increasing it over eight-fold to 455 strikes in 2017.That’s the highest number of December strikes in the entire war, more than double the figure from 2012, the ...

An old headache: How did Haqqani network bring US on the knees

1396/10/29 | 21:14
  Just days after President Donald Trump’s tweet slamming Pakistan for ‘not doing enough’ in the fight against terrorism, a top US commander, who is overseeing the campaign in Afghanistan, reached out to the Pakistani military leadership. The telephone call by General Josph Votel, the Centcom chief, to army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was meant to deliver a message as to what exactly the Trump administration wanted from Pakistan to help end the 16-year-old conflict in Afghanistan. Publically, the US said it wanted Pakistan to ...

US deploying 1,000 troops to Afghanistan

1396/10/25 | 21:14
  The United States is set to deploy an estimated 1,000 new troops to Afghanistan as part of the Donald Trump administration’s planned troop surge, according to reports. US military officials told the Wall Street Journal the Pentagon hopes to dramatically increase the American military presence in Afghanistan in time for spring, when the “fighting season” begins.   A large fleet of armed and unarmed drones will also be sent to the country, which will provide the US advisers with air support, as well as intelligence, surveillance ...

16 US troops and officers killed in Afghanistan

1396/10/24 | 21:14
  According to the news agency Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban), 16 US officers and troops were killed in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, in Taliban's infiltration attacks.   The statement of this group is as follows:   According to the reports received, two of the influential Mujahedin of the Islamic Emirate attacked the officers and American occupation forces and their mercenaries in the Mamand Valley in the city of Spin Ghar, Nangarhar province.   The attack was carried out at noon yesterday by two Mujahideen ...

Pentagon Investigates Video of US Soldier Shooting Afghan Civilian

1396/10/23 | 21:14
  A leaked helmet camera video out of Afghanistan showing a US soldier shooting an Afghan civilian driving a truck has been removed from social media sites,and led to a promise of an investigation by the Pentagon.       The video, initially leaked on YouTube, showed a soldier’s camera view as his armored vehicle drives past a civilian truck. He then fires a shotgun directly into the driver’s side window, shattering it.   Central Command (CENTCOM) issued a statement insisting that the video was “not authorized” ...

CIA Chief secretly visits India and Afghanistan to make new plots

1396/10/22 | 21:14
  United States Central Intelligence Agency’s chief Mike Pompeo has arrived in the region on a secret mission under which he first visited India and then went to Afghanistan, in what appeared to design new plots against Pakistan.   Urdu Daily Jang has reported that DCI Pompeo had travelled to India in a special plane. He had lunch with Indian officials at Hyderabad House and after some meetings flew to Afghanistan along with Indian RAW chief. Indian-based CIA station chief and US defense attaché and other officials also accompanied ...

Is US helpless in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s help?

1396/10/21 | 21:14
  Former US ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson has said that the Trump administration’s attempt at humiliating and penalizing Pakistan is unlikely to work. He added that Pakistan has greater leverage over America than many imagine.   In an opinion piece for The New York Times, he said the Trump administration was unable to understand the geographical and historical significance of this region.   Criticizing Trump’s policy regarding Pakistan, he said that Pakistan has more options than some people in the United States ...

Pakistan reportedly mulls toll tax hike on NATO containers amid Trump rift

1396/10/21 | 21:14
  Pakistan mulls increasing the toll tax of containers carrying military hardware and weapons for NATO troops in Afghanistan, amid a rift between Islamabad and Washington over the so-called war on terror, local reports say. Pakistani authorities will likely put in place a 100 to 150 percent raise in the tax. The Pakistani Ministry of Communication is said to present a revision of the toll tax rate on NATO containers to the prime minister for approval. The government in Islamabad charges $2,500 per NATO container. The trucks use national ...

Pakistan cautions US about consequences of anti-Taliban offensive

1396/10/18 | 21:14
Pakistan is believed to have told US interlocutors that a major military offensive against the Taliban from both sides of the Afghan border, if ending in failure, will have negative consequences for the entire region. Diplomatic sources, who spoke to Dawn, believe that the key element in the new US strategy for Afghanistan is to launch a two-pronged military offensive that inflicts a military defeat on the Taliban and forces them to join the Afghan reconciliation process on Kabul’s conditions. Pakistanis do not disagree with the basic thrust ...

Afghanistan in focus of Pakistan, China and India's economic strategies

1396/10/15 | 21:14
Some rivals are trying to set up roadblocks ahead of Beijing in a bid to shatter the Asian economic power’s dominance dreams.   Amid rapid economic development in China which is relentlessly seeking an upper hand in the global markets, some rivals are trying to set up roadblocks ahead of Beijing in a bid to shatter the Asian economic power’s dominance dreams. It appears that two important projects can reshape the pattern of the future economic games in Asia region.   The first one is the China-Pakistan economic corridor, which ...

Trump’s Afghan Policy Differs Drastically from His Rhetoric

1396/10/14 | 21:14
  In the years leading up to his election, President Trump repeatedly panned the Afghan War, calling for an end to the conflict, and complaining that the US had been wasting billions of dollars in the conflict since 2001 that could be better spent domestically.   Though President Trump has never formally disavowed those stated positions, his actual policy within Afghanistan has been starkly different, mostly a continuation of the escalations and nation-building that he’d long criticized from others.   During his August escalation ...

Trump’s another warning: Would US-Pakistan verbal brawl lead to war?

1396/10/13 | 21:14
  US President Donald Trump said on Monday that the US ‘foolishly’ gave aid to Pakistan over the course of 15 years but Islamabad remained deceitful by providing safe havens to ‘terrorists’ from Afghanistan.   The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!,” Trump said in a late-night tweet.   Last ...

Scourge of sectarianism: The rise of terrorist activities against Shias in Pakistan and Afghanistan

1396/10/12 | 21:14
  The recent attack by the militant Islamic State (IS) group on a Shia cultural centre and news agency in Kabul is a reminder of one of the greatest challenges for the region over the coming year and beyond: sectarianism.    The attack highlights the resurgence in sectarian conflict in Afghanistan (while the Afghan Taliban may engage in sectarian violence, primarily against Hazaras, it does not persecute Shias as a defining policy).     Pakistan has already endured so much sectarian conflict that it is largely resigned ...

At least 18 people killed in bomb attack in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province

1396/10/11 | 21:14
At least 18 people have lost their lives after a terror blast hit funeral mourners in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar, local officials say. The deadly explosion occurred when a terrorist detonated an explosive vest amid mourners, who had attended a funeral in Behsud district of the provincial capital of Jalalabad on Sunday, said Nangarhar governor spokesman Attaullah Khogyani, adding that the blast also wounded at least 14 others. All the casualties have been announced to be civilians, who had gathered for the funeral of a former ...

A message to US: Pakistan army warns US for any misadventure

1396/10/10 | 21:14
  The military on Thursday warned the US against ‘unilateral action’, saying that despite its desire for cooperation on Afghanistan, there could be no compromise on national respect and sovereignty.   “The armed forces are working with friends and want to continue doing so, but there can be no compromise on our national honour. We do not want a conflict with our friends, but will ensure the security of Pakistan,” Military spokes­person Maj Gen Asif Gha­foor told a media briefing, recalling that the country was being threatened ...

Pakistan tells US and Afghanistan to do more

1396/10/8 | 21:14
  Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor on Thursday said that it is high time that Afghanistan and the US do more for Pakistan.   He added: "Whatever we are doing and we will do is solely for the people of Pakistan. The aid we received (from the US) was reimbursement for the support we gave to the coalition for its fight against Al Qaeda. Had we not supported the US and Afghanistan, they would never have been able to defeat Al Qaeda."   "There are no facilitators in Pakistan and we ...

US lost the Afghan war

1396/10/7 | 21:14
  Pence claimed the situation is “promising” now, saying that the Taliban have been put “on the defensive,” though of course the Taliban have been in defensive situations several times during the protracted war.   We all know how US officials have many times during the course of the war claimed progress against the Taliban, but with the Trump administration’s ever-increasing secrecy about the strategy, troop levels, and day-to-day operations, it is very difficult to gauge by what measure they think things are improving ...

Goals and outlooks of Pakistan’s Security Conference

1396/10/7 | 21:14
The parliament speakers from China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan held a Conference to discuss "the challenges of terrorism and inter-regional connectivity". The six-nation Speakers’ summit that begun on Sunday was hosted by Pakistan.   Earlier, the Asian parliament speakers participated at an annual conference titled Asian Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul. But this is the first time that parliament speakers of several regional nations are holding a conference.   Pakistan’s advantages of hosting   The meeting ...

Bring Pakistan Afghanistan closer: Is China devouring India in South Asia?

1396/10/6 | 21:14
  China on Tuesday expressed willingness to "improve relations" between Pakistan and Afghanistan during the first trilateral dialogue between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan's foreign ministers which was held in Beijing, ToloNews reported.     The trilateral meet is part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s initiative to strengthen relations and develop cooperation between the three neighbouring countries.   According to ToloNews, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that cordial relations between Islamabad and Kabul are ...

US Touts Escalation, but ISIS in Afghanistan Far From Defeated

1396/10/6 | 21:14
US officials bragged of 1,400 distinct operations against ISIS in Afghanistan, killing 1,600 of them, and insist there is no sign they are recruiting any new fighters.   The Afghan government has claimed on at least three separate occasions that ISIS in Nangarhar Province has been totally wiped out. Which is leading to a lot o questions at year’s end, as despite all these glowing reports, ISIS appears no closer to defeat in the region than ever, nor are all these deaths apparently reducing their ability to fight. Some of this has been ...

Can Pakistan Ulema end the Afghan imbroglio?

1396/10/5 | 21:14
Afghan Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak has called upon Pakistan to mobilise its religious community to issue a decree that the ongoing war in Afghanistan is not the Jihad but Fasaad (anarchy).   In an exclusive interview, Barmak said that the Afghan-India relations “do not concern Islamabad”, insisting that these relations would not have any negative impact on Pakistan.   When asked about the talks between the Pakistani and Afghan leadership in recent months, Barmak said both Pakistan and Afghanistan had agreed that Pakistan ...

Afghan Officials: US Strikes on ‘Drug Labs’ Accomplish Little

1396/10/5 | 21:14
    A little over a month after the US started bombing Taliban “drug labs” in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, at least 25 such laboratories have been claimed to have been destroyed, with the Pentagon announcing some $80 million worth of narcotics had been destroyed.   What does that amount to though? Not much, Afghan officials warn. And while they’re glad the strikes haven’t been as harmful to the civilian population as they’d initially feared, they also say the strikes on small labs are having little to no impact ...

War of words: Why Pakistan can be more dangerous for US than Iran?

1396/10/4 | 21:14
  Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi on Saturday emphasised that peace in Afghanistan cannot be restored by the continuing resort to military force.   She said neither Kabul and the Nato coalition, nor the Afghan Taliban, could impose a military solution on each other.     She said the violence and terrorism afflicting Afghanistan are the consequences of foreign military interventions, occupation and an imposed war.   Sustainable peace in Afghanistan is only achievable through ...

A harsh message: Would any US misadventure against Pakistan trigger world war?

1396/10/2 | 21:14
    United States (US) Vice President Mike Pence during a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Friday issued a warning to Pakistan that it has allegedly provided safe haven to terrorists for too long but those days are over now, as President Donald Trump has now "put Pakistan on notice."   This is so far the harshest US warning to Pakistan since the beginning of the Afghan war more than 16 years ago and follows several recent statements, indicating US indignation with Islamabad.   The US vice president made the remarks as he addressed ...

Pakistan to host 1st Speakers’ conference with Russia, Iran, China, Turkey and Afghanistan

1396/10/2 | 21:14
National Assembly of Pakistan is set to host 1st Speakers’ conference with the presence of Iran, Afghanistan, China, Russian Federation and Turkey on December 24 in Islamabad to discuss and address the challenges of terrorism and inter-regional connectivity. The elected parliamentary leaderships of the six nations are coming together along with experts to delve and ponder the common key challenges as well as to explore new avenues for increased dialogue and connectivity for development. The joint meeting will explore all avenues of securing ...

US vice president makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

1396/10/1 | 21:14
US Vice President Mike Pence has made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to meet with American military officers and Afghan leaders, amid escalating violence in the country despite the presence of thousands of US-led NATO troops there. Pence departed on the trip shortly after an event at the White House on Wednesday night and arrived on a military aircraft at Bagram Airfield under the cover of darkness on Thursday night. From Bagram, Pence flew by helicopter to the capital Kabul, where he held meetings with President Ashraf Ghani and Chief ...

US Commandos Participate in Thousands of Afghan Ground Operations

1396/9/28 | 21:14
The announced escalation of the US war in Afghanistan, now over 16 years in, looks to be heavily centered on special forces so far, with the most recent report to Congress revealing a massive number of special forces operations participated in.   Over the last six months, US commanders were in over 2,000 ground operations across Afghanistan. Nominally this is presented as “advise and assist,” but special forces embedded with Afghan troops are generally speaking frontline combat forces.   1,644 of the operations were against ...

Facts about rise of ISIS in Afghanistan

1396/9/26 | 21:14
It is crystal clear the main aim of the supporters of these groups, namely the US and Saudi Arabia, was to make up for their losses in the Levant region.   In 2014, when ISIS takfiri-terrorist group was rising and gaining ground in some West Asian countries such as Syria and Iraq, militants who later founded its affiliates in the Afghan territories were moving from Pakistan’s northern borders into eastern and southeastern Afghanistan.  Not long after this border movement a takfiri group, calling itself ISIS of Afghanistan, announced ...

Where will be ISIS in 2018? Iran says Afghanistan and Pakistan are next

1396/9/24 | 21:14
  A top Iranian official has said his country is bracing itself for Islamic State militant group (ISIS) attempts to establish itself in Central Asia following its military defeats across the Middle East.   Addressing Tehran’s Seminar on Terrorism, Extremism and Regional Security in West Asia, Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said Tuesday that, although ISIS no longer held any significant stretches of territory, it still possessed a significant stockpile of arms, meaning its threat persisted throughout the region and ...

Fugitive Daesh terrorists keen on moving to Afghanistan: Official

1396/9/23 | 21:14
A member of the Afghan president’s cabinet voiced concern about the presence of Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in his country, saying some 6,000 members of the terrorist group are eager to move to Afghanistan after fleeing Syria.   In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, Feiz Mohammad Othmani, member of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet, warned against terrorist activities in his country by the remnants of Daesh.   The region is celebrating the demise of Daesh in Syria and Iraq, but all countries should remain vigilant and ...

Afghan Parliament demands severing ties with US over Al-Quds decision

1396/9/20 | 21:14
The parliament in Afghanistan on Saturday asked the government and Muslim countries around the world to suspend ties with the US in a protest against President Donald Trump’s decision on al-Quds.   After a number of members spoke vehemently against the move by the US president, the lower house of the parliament adopted a unanimous resolution, condemning Trump’s decision to recognize al-Quds (Jerusalem) as a capital of the usurper Israeli regime.   The dramatic shift in Washington’s al-Quds policy triggered demonstrations in ...

Crime and Corruption Undermine ‘US Gains’ in Northern Afghanistan

1396/9/15 | 21:14
  Escalating US airstrikes across northern Afghanistan have pushed Taliban forces away from the key city of Kunduz, which Taliban have actually captured at times in recent years. Officials are trying to brag about this as a big victory.   It doesn’t look like it from within Kunduz, however, as locals report that the city is every bit as troubled, and even if it doesn’t seem like the city is facing imminent takeover, crime and corruption are soaring.   Instead of fearing Taliban, locals now fear random gunmen, who rob anyoe ...

Cozying Pakistan: Is Washington and Kabul trying to trap Pakistan?

1396/9/14 | 21:14
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Friday Kabul is ready to hold government-to-government talks with Pakistan, ToloNews reported.   “We remain committed as a partner to counter terrorist threats in the region and are ready to expand our cooperation with all countries,” Ghani said while addressing the seventh Hearth of Asia Conference (HoA) in Azerbaijan.   Meanwhile Matti is also in Pakistan. It seems the Trump Administration wants to combine its troop surge with a sandwich operation, of sorts, along the Durand Line – where ...

ISIS Makes Gains in North Afghanistan on Taliban Defections

1396/9/12 | 21:14
  ISIS has held territory in the Jawzjam Province for months, and that appears to be continuing to grow with reports that top Taliban commanders in the province have defected to their side, allowing them to expand their hold across multiple districts.   Throughout the 16+ year US occupation, Jawzjan has been relatively stable, with only limited Taliban influxes that rarely amounted to more than skirmishes. The presence of ISIS, though well documented, had mostly flown under the radar too, with ISIS elsewhere in the country considered ...

What is Taliban’s red unit?

1396/9/11 | 21:14
  It was called the “Caravan of Heroes.” The video opens with the silhouettes of commandos—guns cocked—appearing over a hill, a sunrise in the background. They could have been American or British special forces, but they were from another group: The Taliban.   The fighters, dressed in black camo slacks, are shown ambushing a checkpoint using military-style tactics and automatic weapons.   It appeared to mimic U.S. special forces, and is the result of the Taliban creating its own elite division, one acknowledged by ...

 New game plan: How US cutting Pakistan’s knot in Afghanistan

1396/9/11 | 21:14
  A steep decline in US economic and military assistance to Pakis­tan, detailed in a Cong­ressional report released on Tuesday, could also hurt Washington’s desire to prevent cross-border attacks into Afghanistan, statistics show.   The report by Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows that US economic and military assistance for Pakistan plummeted from more than $2.2 billion a year immediately after 9/11 to less than $350 million a year, sought for 2018.     Meanwhile Gen Nicholson has gone on record as saying that ...

Soft targets: Can Pakistan secure its educational institutes?

1396/9/11 | 21:14
    At least nine people were killed as armed men clad in burqas stormed into Peshawar’s Agricultural Training Institute early Friday morning.   Over 32 people, including a police sub-inspector and a constable sustained injuries in the attack. According to the Hayatabad Medical Complex spokesperson, six bodies have been received, while Khyber Teaching Hospital has confirmed the demise of three.   IG Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Salahudin Mehsud said one terrorist with a suicide jacket has been neutralised as SSP Operations Sajjad ...

Karzai: More victims and more insecurity are the results of 16 years of US-NATO military presence in Afghanistan

1396/9/9 | 21:14
    The former president of Afghanistan condemned the violence and insecurity resulted from 16 years of NATO-US military presence in Afghanistan.   The former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, in a conversation with Germany’s Deutsche Welle, said “The future of this country lies in the hands of future generations.”   “Unfortunately, the security conditions are far from what we wished and hoped for,” he said, answering a question about his evaluation of security conditions in Afghanistan. “16 years after ...

Pentagon Wants to Keep Report on Afghan Child Sex Abuse Classified

1396/9/7 | 21:14
  Earlier this month, a Pentagon inspector general reported that several troops had been told to “ignore” any signs of Afghan security forces sexually abusing children, though the report insisted this was not a “formal guidance” from the Pentagon leadership.   A far more specific report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), however, will not see the light of day at all if the Pentagon has anything to say about it, with the military leadership saying it needs to remain classified.   Senate ...

Local Afghan Leaders Protest Deadly US Strikes on ‘Heroin Labs’

1396/9/3 | 21:14
Local and provincial officials in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province are criticizing a new flurry of US airstrikes in the area, nominally aimed at targeting what officials are describing as “heroin factories,” as both needlessly dangerous to civilians in the area, and a sign of misplaced priorities.   Helmand Province is largely farmland, and that farmland in great measure grows opium poppies, which is why the Taliban has made control of the region such a priority. US officials are suggesting that destroying the labs will hurt Taliban ...

Would India really allow US to act against TTP?

1396/9/3 | 21:14
  Days before crucial talks with the US defence secretary, Pakistan has welcomed an American offer to take action against militants involved in cross-border raids from the Afghan soil, the Voice of America radio service reported on Wednesday.   The official US news outlet also reported that Pakistan believed the US offer “augurs well” for regional counterterrorism cooperation.   US Defence Secretary James Mattis is expected in Islamabad on Dec 3 for talks aimed at enlisting Pakistan’s support for implementing the new ...

Afghan Army Recruitment Dwindles Amid Taliban Threats

1396/9/1 | 21:14
  As the Taliban gains growing amounts of territory across Afghanistan, more and more members of the Afghan military are from homes which are no longer under Afghan government control. That’s bad news for them, and worse news for relatives back at home.   One Afghan soldier described getting a call from his father in the Kunar Province, informing him that because his son is in the military, the family is being “fined.” The fine included a Kalashnikov rifle, seven cartridge magazines and $1,000.   That’s a lot more ...

Russia eyes active role in Afghanistan, breaking with three-decade restraint

1396/8/30 | 21:14
  In past few years and as a result of growth of a variety of takfiri and terrorist groups, on top of them ISIS, in West Asia region, Afghanistan has witnessed penetration of some of these groups to its territories.     There are predictions that these terrorist groups will intensify their presence in the country and other Central Asian states as they are sustaining back-to-back defeats in the hot spots of Syria and Iraq.   In the first place, more than any other regional state Afghanistan is subject to piercing and ...

Afghanistan opium cultivation: A bigger threat than ISIS to Pakistan and Iran

1396/8/30 | 21:14
  A report by the United Nation’s Office on Drug Crime (UNODC) has found that the area used to cultivate opium in Afghanistan has increased by 63 percent since 2016. Back then, 201,000 hectares of land were being used towards this end.     Today, this stands at 328,000. Poppies are now grown in 24 out of 34 provinces in that country. And it is estimated that 9,000 tonnes of opium will be produced in Afghanistan in 2017, with an estimated value of $1.4 billion.   There is no easy fix to this problem. Opium makes up ...

US troops told to ignore child abuse in Afghanistan

1396/8/27 | 21:14
  The US Department of Defence has advised American soldiers to ignore child sex abuse in Afghanistan as a culturally acceptable phenomenon, says a Pentagon report. The department’s “cultural-awareness training for US personnel deploying to Afghanistan … identified child sexual abuse as a culturally-accepted practice in Afghanistan,” says a report the Pentagon’s Inspector General’s office released on Thursday afternoon. The Inspector General, however, said that his review did not lead him to a specific command or policy guideline ...

TTP in Afghanistan: How does Abdullah Abdullah’s confession shift burden from Pakistan to US?

1396/8/27 | 21:14
  Afghan­istan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has said that Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has a foothold in Afghanistan and did so by taking advantage of the instability created by the insurgents fighting the Afghan government.   In a meeting with editors of the Voice of America radio in Washington on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Abdullah urged Pakistan to see the situation with “clarity” and back international efforts to defeat terrorism in South Asia.   Mr Abdullah is the second most powerful person in the Afghan government ...

3,000 more US troops deployed to Afghanistan: Pentagon

1396/8/26 | 21:14
The US Department of Defense has announced about 3,000 additional American troops have been deployed to Afghanistan under President Donald Trump's new war strategy for the country. The Pentagon had previously said about 11,000 US forces were stationed Afghanistan. The new deployment has raised the number of American troops in the war-torn country to at least 14,000. "We've just completed a force flow into Afghanistan," Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie told reporters at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, on Thursday. "The ...

Why Pakistan wants Afghanistan to join CPEC?

1396/8/24 | 21:14
     Pakistan is anxiously awaiting Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani amid tension with the war-ravaged neighbour while Kabul rejoices Iran and India-sponsored Chabahar port.   Senior officials at the foreign ministry told The Nation that Pakistan had nothing against the Chabahar port but was very much concerned over the tension along the border with Afghanistan.   “We are expecting the Afghan president to visit Pakistan so that we can find out a solution to the militants’ hideouts on the Afghan side. There have ...

Spilling the beans: Karzai’s more revelations about US and Daesh collusion in Afghanistan

1396/8/21 | 21:14
  Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai has accused the United States of colluding with Daesh in Afghanistan and allowing the group to flourish in the war stricken country.   "In my view under the full presence, surveillance, military, political, intelligence, Daesh has emerged" said he in an interview with Al Jazeera.   "And for two years the Afghan people came, cried loud about their suffering, of violations. Nothing was done."   The former president said  the Americans used Islamic State militant group as an excuse ...