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Social Media and Its Impact on Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

1395/12/7 | 10:20
Technology has enabled people from all over the world to stay connected with others, irrespective of the distance. The communication barrier between people has between removed to a great extent by the introduction of various innovation including smartphones and social media. The revolution brought about by technology is phenomenal. It has literally breathe life into the word ‘convenience’ by letting it seep into our lives through various inventions. This can be seen through the various platforms that the technology has provided to people so ...

Smart Phone, the Ultimate Tool for Tourists

1395/9/12 | 10:20
The advent of technology has paved way for ‘convenience and efficiency’ to seep into the lives of human beings. This is one aspect of globalisation that has helped people to not only connect but also to conduct the business transaction with people living all over the world. Amongst the various technological innovations that have removed various barriers, the advent of smartphones have dissolved the communication barrier to a great extent. The smartphones are a much better version of the old mobile phones. Hence, this gadget no doubt provides ...

Microsoft to cut 2,850 more jobs

1395/5/9 | 10:20
WASHINGTON: Microsoft said it would cut about 2,850 more jobs over the next 12 months, taking its total planned job cuts to up to 4,700, or about 4 percent of its workforce.The company said in May it would cut 1,850 jobs in its smartphone business, most of them in Finland.Microsoft bought Finland-based handset maker Nokia in 2014 in an ill-fated attempt to take on market leaders Apple and Samsung Electronics.Chief Executive Satya Nadella, who took the helm just two months before the deal closed, has since focused on restructuring the struggling ...

Microsoft returns to profit one year after big loss

1395/4/30 | 10:20
San Francisco: Microsoft said Tuesday it posted a profit of $3.1 billion in the just-ended quarter, swinging back into the black a year after hefty charges from writing off mobile phone assets."This past year was pivotal in both our own transformation and in partnering with our customers who are navigating their own digital transformations," said chief executive Satya Nadella.  ...

Believe the hype? How virtual reality could change your life

1395/3/14 | 10:20
TAIPEI: Reducing errors made during surgery, bringing school books to life, enabling us to browse shops from the comfort of home — virtual reality is not just about gaming, it will change our lives, according to some tech leaders.“VR” is the buzz industry at Asia’s largest tech fair, Computex, being held in Taiwan’s capital Taipei this week. The island is hoping to become a development hub for virtual reality technology.But while VR is currently aimed at gamers, its evangelists forecast it will eventually be about much more than entertainment.“We ...

Now Snapchat Allows you Face-Swap with Your Camera Roll

1395/2/3 | 10:20
The messaging app, Snapchat has stopped selling you things. From today’s apprise, every snap can be repeated once, but you cannot purchase additional replays anymore. Individuals can take a photo or a video, add a caption or doodle, and send it to a friend or add it to your story to share with some or all of your friends.Now Snapchat Allows you Face-Swap with Your Camera Roll Snapchat introduced $0.99 replays over the one free one you got each day, but with the blackout of the Lens store that hurled in November and shut in January, Snapchat ...

Online Recharge Facility introduced for Pakistan mobile phone users

1394/12/15 | 10:20
ISLAMABAD: An online recharge and bill payment facility for mobile phone users has been introduced to facilitate millions of mobile phone users.This new facility has been launched by which enables users to recharge their mobile phone credit or pay bills using debit or credit cards.As per information, this service is available for all five cellular networks in Pakistan including Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Ufone and Warid.A Spokesman of on Saturday said mobile phone users can recharge their accounts through ...

An angel raped: Women bear brunt of a flawed justice system

1394/12/15 | 10:20
 A fourth-grader has been repeatedly raped by her teacher in the Nauabad village, Larkana district, until she became pregnant, alleges her family which is now under pressure from local elite for withdrawing the case. The family of M Kalhoro, a farmer in the riverine area of the Indus River, was devastated when they discovered that their 13-year-old daughter *R was pregnant after being repeatedly raped by her teacher. Kalhoro filed a case with the Hatri Ghulam Shah police and the teacher was arrested. The district and sessions court on Wednesday ...

Facebook launches ‘Reactions’ worldwide

1394/12/5 | 10:20
UNITED STATES: Facebook on Wednesday said that “Reactions”, an extension of the “Like” button, has now been rolled out worldwide.The social network launched a pilot of “Reactions” – which allows users to select from seven emotions including “Angry”, “Sad” and “Wow” – in Ireland and Spain in October.In a video accompanying a blog post, the five new buttons appear as animated emoticons that pop up when the “Like” button is held down on mobile devices. The buttons appear on desktops when users hover over the “Like” ...

International Space Station sighted over southern Pakistan

1394/12/3 | 10:20
KARACHI: The International Space Station (ISS) was visible to the naked eye in the southern parts of Karachi.Starting at 7.32 p.m. Sunday evening, the International Space Station was visible over the southern parts of the country.سلام وعليکم Karachi & south?? The @Space_Station is visible (naked?eye) at 19:32❕@omar_quraishi @tammyhaq @akchishti— Ignazio Magnani (@IgnazioMagnani) February 21, 2016 ...