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Saudia- US honeymoon: A sign of continued spilling of Muslim’s blood

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The Coming Clash: Why Israel Seeks a Third War on Lebanon?

Middle East

Shafaqna’s Exclusive Interview with PhD candidate Elvire Corboz – specialized in Modern Middle Eastern studies

1395/8/11 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna-Lebanon conducted an exclusive interview with the Swiss academic: Elvire Corboz. Corboz this October. She specializes in Modern Middle Eastern studies. Her doctoral dissertation, looked into the transnational dimension of two Shi‘i religious families, Al-Hakim and Al-Khu’i, to analyze the effects of cross-border relations on the access to and exercise of clerical authority.  This interview was conducted by Zainab Al-Hakim … What is the reason behind your interest in Shia Religious authorities’ affairs? My ...

Hope for Resolving the Water Conflict in the Middle East

1395/6/1 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – The availability of fresh water has direct impact on food and energy production, development of industry, and human survival. Fresh water resources are often unevenly divided and irregularly distributed throughout the regions of the world. As populations in the world continue to increase, particularly in water scarce regions, the potential increases for conflict to develop over competition for water. As such, concern over the dwindling water supplies in the Middle East has been labeled as the next source of conflict in the Middle ...

Letters of War – Yemen’s voices will be silenced no more

1395/5/27 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – Yemen witnessed this August the most ferocious and barbaric of attacks as Saudi Arabia – the grand oil Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, unleashed hell on the impoverished nation, to better break a people’s drive, and right to resist foreign oppression. As bombs rained from the skies it is children, the sick and the disabled whom Riyadh aimed at in its military fury.As Riyadh officials work still to rationalise their decisions to target innocent civilians by shifting blame on the Resistance movement, and argue it is, they, Yemen’s ...

IHRC: “Zionists threaten peaceful annual march in London”

1395/4/3 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – Organisers of national march in London next week to support occupied and displaced Palestinians say they fear the event may be targeted by Zionist extremists after a decision by officials to not police the event.The Metropolitan Police have said they will not be policing the annual event this year breaking with a historic policy to make sure the march passes off peacefully.This has left organisers fearful that Zionist extremists who have called a rival rally on the same day will seek to disrupt the pro-Palestinian march. A promotional ...

Bahrain summons 5 Shia clerics for questioning

1395/4/3 | 10:26
Bahraini officials have summoned five Shia opposition clerics for interrogation amid simmering anger at the Manama regime for stepping up its crackdown on political dissent.Activists said Thursday that Sheikh Fadel al-Zaki, head of the Bahraini Council of Shia Scholars, along with four other senior Shia figures, was called to the Budaya police station west of the capital, Manama.It is not clear why Zaki has been summoned, but reports say it could be related to the speeches he recently delivered at the home of prominent Shia scholar Ayatollah Issa ...

7,000 Iraqis flee Fallujah through safe corridor: UN

1395/3/25 | 10:26
UNITED NATIONS: More than 7,000 Iraqis have fled Fallujah in recent days through a safe corridor set up by Iraqi forces, who are working on opening a second protected route, a UN official said Monday.UN deputy representative to Iraq Lise Grande told reporters that camps set up outside Fallujah to provide shelter are now full and conditions in the city worse than anticipated."The people coming out of Fallujah lost everything," she said. "They are running with absolutely nothing." There was "widespread food deprivation" in the city, which the Islamic ...

Wars and poverty force Gaza children to work

1395/3/23 | 10:26
GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories (AFP) - Instead of going to school, Walid and Ibrahim spend hours each day rummaging through houses destroyed in Gaza’s wars in search of scrap to raise a few shekels for their families.They were once good students but Walid Maaruf, 11, and Ibrahim Ghaben, 12, had to quit school and earn a living when their fathers lost their jobs.Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have fought three wars since 2008, including a devastating 50-day conflict in 2014 in the tiny Mediterranean territory.Residents ...

Why Riyadh Stages Rivalry with Tehran in Region, World?

1395/3/23 | 10:26
While Saudi Arabia has already intensified its anti-Iranian moves, the Reuters has recently reported that Riyadh was developing its anti-Tehran strategy in a bid to bring together countries from out of West Asia region against the Islamic Republic.The report added that Saudi Arabia, to confront Iran’s objectives out of the Arab world, was no longer in desperate need of assistance from its Western allies.Elaborating on the case, the Reuters continued that since King Salman’s ascending to the throne in early 2015 and after conclusion of Iran’s ...

Takfiris make a mockery of Ramadan – Shameless

1395/3/20 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – A millions of Muslims across the world have pulled together to mark Ramadan, Daesh militants have worked to desecrate and sully the sacred month – hoping to pervert Islam’s holiest fasting ritual to score political points.A month of reflection, Ramadan was prescribed to Muslims so that they could learn to draw closer to the divine, and reflect upon their actions. Together a month for compassion and contrition, Ramadan is for God, and God alone.Still many have been those, who, throughout the centuries have attempted to lead Muslims ...

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia exempts soldiers from Ramadan … confused?

1395/3/20 | 10:26
SHAFAQNA – For a second year in a row, Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti has exempted troops participating in the war on Yemen from observing the religious obligation of fasting during Ramadan.Last year, Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah al-Sheikh had issued a fatwa excluding the soldiers stationed on the border with Yemen from fasting.On Tuesday, the Wahhabi figure issued a similar decree, which expanded the exemption to all the troops waging war at Riyadh’s behest, Saudi daily Okaz reported.“You are caught between the two good deeds of jihad and fasting. ...