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US-Led Airstrikes Killed 472 Civilians in Syria in the Past Month

Turks flock to mosque to view clothes which belonged to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Hired gun: Is war with Iran now inevitable under new Saudi crown prince?

Demands list: Would Qatar cut ties with Iran?

Nawaz fools the nation again: Saudia denies Pakistan’s efforts in gulf crisis mediation?

Saudi security forces claim to foil Mecca terror plot

Saudi, allies demands not 'realistic': Qatar

Pakistan under attack: Multiple attacks before eid leave country mourning

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TAGHRIB NEWS | Iran, world countries mark Quds Day with rallies

ALWAGHT | Saudi-Led Arab Regimes Issue Qatar with 13 Demands to End Blockade

TASHIM NEWS | Iranian Speaker Brands Israel as Mother of Terrorism

US Under Pressure to Accept North Korea Nuclear Freeze Deal

Second blast in a day: Parachinar blast death toll mounts to 30

Mass killing of Palestinians: Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

Drone episode: Pakistan warns Iran over spying

15 killed in blast on Quetta's Gulistan road

Islam vs West: Is it the time of clash of civilizations?

The disastrous rise of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Agencies face off: Is IB and MI are face to on Panama JIT?

Backdoor politics: Did PPP strike a covert deal with Nawaz Sharif on Panama leaks?

Foreign-sponsored Syria opposition losing influence: Russia FM

Whistle-Blower: Saudi Arabia, UAE Plotting to Stage Coup in Qatar

Game of Thrones: What's Behind Saudi King Salman's Change of Heart

18 Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in S. Arabia to Prevent Coup

Finally UN awakes: Israel relations with armed Syrian groups are a ‘concern’

PRESS TV | Daesh blows up Mosul’s iconic al-Nuri Mosque

IRFAN | A sinner can not claim…

ISLAMQUEST | What is the principle of no domination over Muslims?

MEHR NEWS | Iran missile attacks killed over 170 terrorists in Deir Ezzor

IQNA | Fighting Zionist Regime Is Fighting Arrogance, Hegemonic Order

IMAMREZA.NET | The Great Crisis of our Age

"Would you like a drink of water?" Please ask a Yemeni child

U-Turn on Assad: France’s Macron says Assad removal no longer necessary

Has Pakistan decided to soften its stance on Kulbhoshan Yadav?

Takfiri Daesh blows up Mosul mosque where it declared ‘caliphate’

New Saudi crown prince: Saudi King’s final stroke to push Middle East into fire

Can Pakistan stay neutral in Saudi-Qatar conflict?

The tacit deal: Why Raheel Sharif cannot be recalled from Saudia?

Hamid Karzai rejects Saudi Arabia’s demand

Tel Aviv satisfied over appointment of Salman as crown prince…newspaper Ha’ertz: “It is good news for Israel”

Countries that are at 'Risk Becoming the First Targets of Daesh' in the Balkans

Wrong in the bottom: Why is EU opposing hangings of terrorists in Pakistan?

Rising tension: Russia threatens to shoot down US planes

ALWAGHT | Palace Coup in Saudi Arabia as King Sacks Crown Prince Nayef, Appoints Son, Bin Salman

Afridi, Malik back in T20, ODI teams

Pakistan to stay neutral in Saudi-Qatar rift: Sartaj Aziz

MEHR NEWS | Saudi king appoints son Mohammad Bin Salman as new crown prince

Sectarian exclusionism: Saudis' unspoken crusade against Shia Islam

The doomsday in Mosul: An untold story of ISIS brutality

False Claims: Why did Saudia play drama of arresting IRG guards?

40 Hindus accepts Shia Islam in Badin

Another slap to Pakistan: Pakistan China cooperation irks hypocrite US

Another terror attack on UK: Knifeman Attempts to Run Over Crowd of Children With Car

Trembling Saudi monarchy : Saudi king dismisses Nayef as crown prince paves way for his son

Iranian drone shot down by PAF fighter jet over Balochistan: report

Champions Trophy triumph: PM announces reward of Rs 1 crore per player

Champions Trophy winner Pakistan surprised all of us: AB de Villiers

Food Places to Head Over to on This Eid UlFitr

Best Places in Pakistan to Make the Most Out of the Eid Shopping Spree

5 Must Visit Places in Pakistan on Eid Ul Fitr

Justice, Imam Ali’s Government most prominent Criterion

ALWAGHT | China Plans Military Base in Pakistan, US Influence Declining

PRESS TV | Iran official denies Saudi claim about arresting IRGC members

Israel Is Providing Growing Aid to Syrian Rebels

Backing India for NSG: Would China succumb to Russian pressure?

REUTERS | Saudi says captures three Iranian Revolutionary Guards from boat

Peace in Afghanistan: Did Pakistan make US helpless in Afghanistan?

How Arab states are ‘using terrorism as publicity  and policy stunt’

Evidence of Sharif’s corruption: Who is Inamur Rehman and who launched him?

Conspiracy against Shias: Who helped Lashkar.e.Jhangvi terrorists to jail break?

Al Quds Day – A global movement for unity and solidarity

Iran’s leader dismisses Trump, says regime change plots failed

Allama Dr Ghulam Hussain Adeel taken to hospital over heart failure

SHAFAQNA “Any attack against the innocent is an act of Terror”

PRESS TV | Qatar isolation could last for years, says Emirati official

Prince Walid Bin Talal’s remarks on blocking Al Jazeera’s Twitter account

Wikileaks unveils Cherry Blossom docs: CIA Has Been Hacking WiFi Routers for Years

US Shoots Down Syrian Jet Fighting against Terrorists

Interfaith = War on Islam

What We Know About Daesh Terrorist Group Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

After JIT report submission: What could be the possible decision of SC?

Nawaz again to Saudia:  Did Pakistan convey a special message to Saudi king?

Neighbor at odds: The dirty game of threatening diplomats

Bahrain ‘asks Qatari troops to leave’

IRGC launches missiles at Daesh headquarters in Syria from western Ira

Pakistan lifts Champions trophy: Defeats India by 180 runs

ALWAGHT: Redrawing Saudi Line of Succession, Potential Power Struggle

Saudi bombing of Yemen market kills at least 24

ISIS has the same beliefs as Saudi Arabia

Strategic assets: Is Pakistan still backing Haqqanis?

Trump to sell US$21 billion arms to Qatar

Rift with Kingdom: Would Erdogan  meet the same fate of Morsi?

Gulf crisis: Why is Nawaz Sharif in more trouble than anyone else?

Accused of phone-tapping: Who is helping JIT?

Palace intrigues: Does Shahbaz Sharif want PM’s disqualification

Daesh training Izadi children as bombers and executioners: Kurdish official

Saudi Arabia, Israel to establish economic relations for first time: Report

Daesh is using 100,000 civilians as human sheilds in Mosul

Clashes between Saudi and Qatari delegations at the GCC summit


Crooked fourth schedule: Why ASWJ terrorists are still roaming free?

1395/8/7 | 21:02
  The State Bank of Pakistan froze bank accounts of 4,000 suspects named in the Fourth Schedule on Sunday. According to media details, these include proscribed Jaish-e-Muhammad’s chief Masood Azhar. Geo News quoted via sources, the accounts have been frozen of suspects named in the fourth schedule upon National Counter Terrorism Authority’s (NACTA) request.The accounts have a net amount of 350 million rupees. Earlier on Friday, the government had decided to reverse its earlier decision of blocking the national identity cards and passports ...

A lost war: Why Afghan  has failed to control drugs spill over?

1395/7/19 | 21:02
Alarming reports have surfaced from Khurasan Camp of Afghan refugees in suburbs of Peshawar where women weaving carpets are reportedly feeding opium to their children which have rendered them drug addicts and illiterates at cost of commercial motives. The practice of drugging children with opium goes unnoticed by the government and concerned authorities putting the future of hundreds of young Afghans at stake.  A prime example is 12 years old Jawad, an ethnic Turkmen from Afghan refugee family living in Khurasan camp, who became drug addict ...

Societal decline: inexorable Violence against transgender

1395/7/6 | 21:02
  A transgender was shot and injured on Saturday in the limits of the Pishtakhara police station of the provincial capital. Police identified the victim as Deedar, resident of Bara Shakhain. The injured transgender was shifted to Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH). This is the sixth reported case of violence against trans people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa this year. Earlier this year, transgender Alisha who was shot eight times allegedly by a disgruntled customer succumbed to her wounds at Peshawar's Lady Reading Hospital (LRH). The historical Supreme ...

Bahamas leaks: Pakistan, a heaven for tax evaders

1395/7/5 | 21:02
 After the names of 259 Pakistanis with links to offshore companies surfaced in one of the world’s biggest-ever data called the Panama Papers in May, another cache of leaked documents emerged on Wednesday carrying the names of 150 Pakistanis who own companies in the Bahamas, a constellation of over 700 islands. Like the previous papers, numerous Pakistani owners and beneficiaries of offshore companies in tax havens have come to light, but in contrast to the frenzied response to the Panama papers, the Bahamas have barely created a ripple. ...

Suspected encounters: Why no law for Police encounters?

1395/6/10 | 21:02
 Three terrorists, who were allegedly involved in the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, were killed in a police encounter in Lahore on Sunday, Express News reported. According to the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), local authorities had received information regarding terrorists hiding in a building in Lahore’s Manawan area. As police entered the area, they were ambushed by seven terrorists resulting in an hour-and-and-a-half long gun battle. Four attackers were killed in the firing exchange, with others fleeing the scene ...

ARY News office ransacked in Karachi: One dead five injured

1395/6/1 | 21:02
Violent protesters today set a police mobile on fire and threatened a reporter of ARY News in Karachi's Saddar area, killing one person and injuring several others. Head of Emergency Ward at Jinnah Hospital, Seemin Jamali, said, "At least one person was brought dead (to JPMC) while several others were injured." The ARY office is located in a busy part of the city above the popular Zainab Market. ARY News has alleged that the protesters are members of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The TV channel reported that the protesters entered the building ...

Panic of child kidnapping: Myth and reality behind missing children

1395/5/29 | 21:02
Alarming news from Punjab that children are being kidnapped with increasing frequency sent a chill down my spine. As a father, I can realize that whenever a child or teen is kidnapped anywhere, heavens fall on parents. The terrifying prospect of abduction fills hearts and minds of affected family everywhere. The Supreme Court’s two-judge bench in Lahore was earlier this month told by police chief that more than 1800 children were kidnapped between 2015 and 2016, of them 1,715 have so far been recovered while 93 still missing. In 2015 alone, there ...

The new target: Pakistan’s militancy takes a new dimension

1395/5/24 | 21:02
Lahore High Court justices condemned the Quetta blast and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families. LHC Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and other judges strongly condemned the murder of Bilal Anwar Kasi, the Balochistan High Court Bar Association president, and the suicide attack in which scores of lawyers, journalists and other citizens were killed and injured. They offered their sympathies and condolences to the bereaved families. The judges prayed for the early recovery of the wounded.The chief justice personally spoke to Khan Abdul Ghani ...

Raging abductions: Is Govt playing down rash of Child kidnapping?

1395/5/16 | 21:02
Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif on Monday presided over a high-level meeting in Lahore in order to discuss the child kidnapping issue and the overall situation of law and order. The performance of the Child Protection Bureau was also reviewed during the meeting. Punjab CM directed the formation of a task force in order to tackle the child kidnappings and also ordered that extra contingents be deployed at bus and railway stations, parks and other crowded areas. The report presented to the CM about the child kidnappings stated that out ...

Child abduction: No vigorous effort to halt the heinous crime

1395/5/14 | 21:02
A meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was recently informed that as many as 767 children had been kidnapped from different cities of the province in the first seven months of the current year. According to a statement, the officials of Punjab Child Protection Bureau briefed the meeting about special measures being taken to ensure the earliest-possible recovery of the missing kids. “Out of 767 children, as many as 721 were successfully recovered and joined with their families,” they told the meeting.On the occasion, Chief ...