Monday 20 January 2020
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Dawn News - 1 month ago

India under Modi is moving systematically with a supremacist agenda, says PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that India, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been moving systematically with a Hindu supremacist agenda. The prime minister was referencing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by India s upper house amid protests on Wednesday. The bill will let the Indian government grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants who entered India from three neighbouring countries before 2015 — but not if they are Muslim. Modi s government — re-elected in May and under pressure over a slowing economy — says Muslims from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan are excluded from the legislation because they do not face discrimination in those countries. Taking to Twitter, Prime Minister Imran stated that the bill was the latest of Modi s attempts to promulgate his supremacist agenda. He warned that bowing down to a genocidal supremacist agenda , propagated by Nazi Germany, had once before lead to World War II. It [India s actions] will lead to massive bloodshed and far reaching consequences for the world, he warned. We must step in to counter this agenda. Protests in Assam Meanwhile, Indian police arrested dozens of people and enforced a curfew on Thursday in several districts in India s northeastern Assam state where thousands protested the controversial piece of legislation. Groups of protesters defied the curfew in Gauhati, the state capital, on Thursday morning and burned tires before police dispersed them. The protesters in Assam oppose the legislation out of concern that migrants will move to the border region and dilute the culture and political sway of indigenous tribal people.

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