Appeasing Trump and Israel: How Saudia made OIC meeting an utter failure?



The OIC is not an organisation known for tackling the great questions of the day that confront Muslim states with any vision or alacrity.


However, during its emergency summit in Istanbul on Wednesday, there were some signs of life as the body raised its voice in reaction to Donald Trump’s ill-advised decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.



In the emergency summit convened by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the final statement declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestinian state, while inviting all other countries of the world to recognise the Palestinian state and East Jerusalem as its capital.


While the language used by the summit is strong and the decision to remove the US as an arbiter in the peace process is a long overdue one, the OCI however, failed to agree on taking any concrete measure against Israel or America.


One can identify several problems at the last meeting of OIC . The issues if left unresolved will only tar the strong condemnation of the resolution and the commitment made by the participants to keep the US out of any future peace process.


The failure of the summit to take any concrete steps in the form of sanctions, initiatives or punitive measures is a reflection of the weakness of the organisation. The summit even fails to initiate any movement on the model of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS) that is gaining support in different layers of European society.


Another important highlight of the summit was the failure of Saudi King or the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman –who enjoys good terms with Trump’s administration and family– to attend the meeting. The Saudi crown prince, obsessed with the modernisation of Saudi Arabia, does not want to vex the U.S.


 The absence of Saudi leader from OIC’s meeting raises the question whether Arab countries that enjoy good relations with the US will sever their ties to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for a homeland? Considering the past record of Egypt and UAE, it is hard to imagine so.