Ending honeymoon with Taliban: Pakistan’s paradigm shift in Afghan Policy



The United States has admitted to having witnessed disruption in cross-border movement of Afghan Taliban.



The Americans have told us that they could see early signs of Taliban experiencing temporary disruption in movements across the border. They have seen that happen,” Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua said while briefing the committee’s members on recent interactions with the US officials.


It is a rare acknowledgement that Pakistan’s counterterrorism actions and border control measures along the border with Afghanistan were helping check unauthorised movement of militants that have long been linked to terrorism. Pakistan has often been criticised by the US for not eliminating Taliban and Haqqani network sanctuaries on its soil.


Pakistan is erecting a 12-foot-high fence along its largely porous 2,611-kilometre-long border with Afghanistan. Additionally, new forts and outposts on mountain peaks are being established and 73 new wings of the Frontier Corps are being raised to man the border. The project is expected to be completed in two years.


Officials contend that the border management plan, once in place, would prevent unauthorised cross-border movement of people through 76 notified and unofficial routes. The crossing points are planned to be limited to 16.



Pakistan has been long accused by US to support Taliban and other militant factions in Afghanistan including Haqqani network since long. Donald Trump in his new Afghan policy also warned Pakistan to abandon support to militant factions in Afghanistan.


Recently Gen Joseph Votel, commander of the US Central Command also confessed that Pakistan had “done things” against the Haqqani network that have been helpful to the war against terror.



Apart from this Pakistan successfully rescued the US-Canadian couple from the captivity of Haqqani network which showed that Pakistan has completely changed her policy towards Haqqani network and Afghan Taliban.


This shows a positive signs of Pakistan policy that would help her out to get rid of label of terrorist’s supporting state.