BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 P.M.) – Video footage has emerged of a large formation of US military helicopters flying past a firebase belonging to Iraqi forces in Kirkuk Province. The footage was taken by an individual Iraqi soldier who adds some controversial commentary, claiming that ISIS only shoots at Iraqi

helicopters and not American ones.

The video shows what appears to be the movement of an American air assault battalion past Iraqi positions. Virtually all of the Iraqi soldiers present in the footage a seem jubilant, cheering on the US display. However, the cameraman (himself an Iraqi soldier) makes the  remark that if it were Iraqi helicopters, they would be attacked.

This remark most likely has come about with the observation by these local Iraqi soldiers (who are likely stationed near the front with ISIS) of selective engagement by ISIS forces of only helicopters with Iraqi Army aviation markings.


The comment made by the cameraman comes as further evidence that there is a common belief among many Iraqis (and Syrians), true or not, that the United States and the ISIS terrorist group are secretly in cahoots with one another.