We must introduce Lady Khadija to the world says Shia cleric
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2017-06-07 00:37:17

We must introduce Lady Khadija to the world says Shia cleric

SHAFAQNA – “We must write books and make movies about Lady Khadija’s (sa) life in order to make the world familiar with this noble women and her life.” said a seminary lecturer.

In an interview with Hawzah News, Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi, a senior Shia scholar in Qom, expressed his condolences on the demise anniversary of Lady Khadija (sa), wife of Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and said, “Lady Khadija (sa) had such an eminent stature and personality that she’s respected by all Muslims from every sect and doctrine.”

He added, “Unfortunately, her great character and achievements have not been fully appreciated and known by people, therefore, it’s our responsibility to organize events such as holding conferences, writing books or creating movies about the valuable life of this noble lady in order to introduce her to the whole world.”

Asserting that lady Fatima and lady Khadija (sa) are considered as best role models by all Muslim women and even all mankind, the Shia cleric concluded, “What is obvious is the fact that Islam greatly values the role of women at home as well as in the society and it is our duty to introduce the world to these great women in Islam.”

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