Imam Sajjad International Conference kicked off in holy city Karbala


5d9c2bc8967168e102b684b2e9c8d20eCoinciding with the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Ali al-Sajjad, son of Imam Hussain (A’), the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine witnessed the opening of the Sajjadain Rhythmical-supplication Second International Conference on the 9th of November 2015.

The conference was attended by many remarkable figures, who are specialized in Human Rights, from around the world, such as Lebanon, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iran, France, Switzerland, Germany, America and some other countries.

A stately ceremony was performed, begun with reciting holy verses of the Noble Quran, followed by a speech delivered by His Eminence sheikh Abdul-Mehdi al-Karbala’e, Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, in which he said:

The conference of this year will be centered on a substantive issue concerning the Human Rights system. This conference is an initiative through which we can let the world know about the epistemic treasure that Ahlul-Bayat (A’) left for us and we can easily find that in the treatise of Human Rights which is written by Imam Ali al-Sajjad, son of Imam Hussain (A’).

He also said that the Human Rights system is fundamental to the societies to regulate the social system humanitarianly, economically, socially, and educationally; especially nowadays where we live the struggle for applying the Human Rights system. He added that the problem being confronted in terms of applying this system comes after defining the references on which the Human Rights system is based.

He said further that the noticeable tense political and social controversy along with the attempts of ascendency, control, and oppressing people made it urgent to codify and apply the Human Rights system which ensures providing food and accommodation; it is important for the social, economic, and psychological security of human beings, and therefore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was officially announced in 1948.

Remarkable figures also delivered speeches through which they expressed their gratitude for holding this conference, in addition to casting light upon taking the treatise of Rights of Imam al-Sejjad (A’) into consideration and it should be interpreted realistically.