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Shafaqna Exclusive: An Assembly to be run by terrorists 

  Independent candidate Maulana Masroor Nawaz Jhangvi, who was backed  by the banned Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), won the Punjab Assembly’s PP-78 by-election on Thursday. Mr Nawaz, son of the slain Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi who established the Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan, got 48,562 votes, though his nearest match, Azad Nasir Ansari of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, got 35,469 votes. There are several failures by the state that led to this result, the first and foremost is the law enforcement's inability – or refusal, rather – to control banned groups. These groups have to simply ...
  9 hours ago

Surge in Crimes: The sleeping Chief Minister of Punjab

Target killing incidents in Lahore increased twofold as compared to Karachi in the month of November. At least two murder cases were reported everyday in Lahore in November. ...
  20 minutes ago

Bringing the games back:  Pakistan have Davis Cup after a decade

Pakistan has received the green light to host its first Davis Cup tennis tie at home for 12 years, after being forced to play at neutral venues due to security fears. International ...
  6 hours ago

Saudi Arabia and women – the intolerable cruelty of Wahhabism

SHAFAQNA – I was reminded these words upon reading an article in The Independent on one Saudi woman’s decision to brave the regime and stand in the streets of her city ...
  14 hours ago

Abduction of Polish workers: Security back to square one after General Raheel Sharif

  Six Pakistanis working for a Polish oil and gas surveying company have been kidnapped in northwestern Pakistan, military sources told media, years after a Polish ...
  1 days ago

Normalizing the border tension: What magic wand Javed Bajwa holds?

    Newly-appointed Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday said the situation at the Line of Control (LoC) will be "alright" in the near future. Speaking to journalists after the change of command ceremony, General Bajwa, while answering a question regarding the situation along the LoC said, "It will be alright." Gen Bajwa appreciated the role the media plays in nation-building and encouraged it to continue making contributions that strengthen society.He also vowed to take the media in the loop with regards to undertaking his responsibilites, Radio Pakistan reported. ...
  9 hours ago

Pakistan railway from free ticket to E-ticket

  After a gap of almost nine years, the Pakistan Railways (PR) launched once again the e-ticketing system in an effort to facilitate passengers in booking their seats from anywhere in the country. “Initially, the online system has been introduced for the railways ...
  6 hours ago

PPP foundation day: Bilawal’s gigantic task

  Pakistan People’s Party co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari arrived in the Lahore from Dubai to take part in the party’s foundation day celebrations. PPP Punjab president Qamar Zaman Kaira, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, and Nadeem Afzal Chan received the ...
  22 hours ago

Undeterred by blackmail: The cyber justice for a Pakistani female

A female school teacher had rejected out of court deal with Facebook blackmailer, who had uploaded her objectionable image at the social networking site. Kharian Woman teacher viewed that his case was heard at the court against relevant Cyber Crime Bill, where Additional ...
  1 days ago

Wrongly picket: Would Nawaz Sharif’s decision to Chose Baja fire back?

  Pakistan analysts have concluded is that General Bajwa would prefer the status quo and refrain from political adventurism. Conversely, the domestic dynamics, especially the serious rift among the political parties and amateurish political culture of the state, are too unpredictable and may oblige COAS to contravene his mandate. The probability of the latter necessitates the critical analysis of the change of guards in Army and civil-military relations in Pakistan. The most important undertaking for the new COAS is to avoid military interference in the politics. Ironically, today, parliamentarians ...
  8 hours ago

Polio eradication: Why Pakistan need to fight out narratives before polio?

The district administration has claiTmed to have reduced refusal cases by parents against polio vaccination amid complaints by health workers that they are forced by people to show their children as ‘vaccinated’ in the record without administering them the vaccine.“In ...
  3 hours ago

A silent killer: Pakistan fails to break taboos on Aids

Despite a remarkable reduction in the number of people infected with and dying of AIDS-related illnesses, 22 million people still do not have access to treatment, most of whom do not even know that they are AIDS positive. UNAIDS made this startling revelation in a report ...
  1 days ago

Back to town: Why Zardari was reluctant to come back during Raheel Sharif’ era?

Former president Asif Ali Zardari’s return from self-imposed exile – expected next month – has nothing to do with Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif’s retirement, party leaders have said. General Sharif will hand over command of the army to Lt-General Qamar Javed Bajwa ...
  2 days ago

Surviving Fascism – Poland and Lithuania commemorate their struggle together in Podbrodzie

Common ground: Muslims, Christians hope to keep dialogue going

9th National Mourning Ceremony – The second international film and photo competition for “Kind Muharram”

Social Media and Its Impact on Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

A Texas man’s roadside message to Muslims

Change of Command and Fears Surrounding Karachi Operation

Donald Trump commends PM Sharif, Pakistanis

Bilawal vows to fight against Raiwand ‘dictatorship’

An absolutely stunning example of how the BBC tries to manipulate the terms of debate and subvert reality

Famous Religious Destinations in Pakistan

5 Destinations in Pakistan To Head Out to This Winter Season

5 Famous Sufi Shrines in Pakistan

World Muslims mourn passing anniversary of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Letters threatening genocide against Muslims and praising Trump sent to multiple California mosques

Who are the real Shia Muslims?

The event of Safar 28, 11 Hijrah

World Muslims mourn passing anniversary of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Human Guardians Warns State Sponsors of Global Terrorism: End Support Now or Face Consumer Boycott

Ayatollah Sistani speaks up following attack on Arbaeen pilgrims

Destructive nature of strategic partnership of Deobandi clergy and Saudi religious establishment – Aamir Hussaini

A poem inspired by Mohammed Al Nimr’s speech at the IFUT/ University of Washington conference – by Tahir Hussain

Pakistan condemns terrorist attack on pilgrims in Iraq

The sermon of Mina

China to make extra $8.5 billion investments in rail, energy

L. A. hate crimes against Muslims are a direct result of Salafi Deobandi Terrorism of San Bernadino

LHC sentences 5 to death over Kot Radha Kishan lynching case

Israel revives settlement plans after Trump win

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