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Free Balochistan: A joint venture of RAW and CIA to burry CPEC

  Ambassador Farukh Amil, the permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations (UN), has written to the Swiss authorities to take action against “Free Balochistan” posters that have appeared in Geneva.   In a letter, written to Ambassador and Permanent UN Representative Valentin Zellweger on September 6 — a copy of which is available with DawnNews, Amil said that the posters that appeared in the area around Rue de Ferney of Grand Saconnex “mentioned the name of Balochistan House (BH) as a sponsor.”     Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN in ...
  14 hours ago

Five eminent Shia scholars banned from entering Gilgit under unjust policy of balance

The biased administration of Gilgit-Baltistan province and Gilgit district have imposed a ban on entry of peace-loving, non-controversial and qualified Shia scholars ...
  1 days ago

57 accused charge-sheeted in Mashal Khan lynching case

ABBOTTABAD: In a major development, an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Tuesday indicted 57 accused in mob lynching case of Abdul Wali Khan University student, Mashal Khan. In ...
  1 days ago

Nawaz Sharif, children fail to appear in court; summons reissued

ISLAMABAD: Accountability court adjourned on Tuesday a case pertaining to Sharif family’s assets in London, as ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his children did ...
  1 days ago

US paradoxes and Pakistan’s war against terrorism

  News reports of a tripartite (Pakistan-Afghanistan-US) meeting in Kabul ‘to eliminate IS’ is just another example of the paradoxical, one-step-forward-two-steps-back ...
  2 days ago

US paradoxes and Pakistan’s war against terrorism

  News reports of a tripartite (Pakistan-Afghanistan-US) meeting in Kabul ‘to eliminate IS’ is just another example of the paradoxical, one-step-forward-two-steps-back approach that has typified this war effort.    Just the other day Trump all but dumped Pakistan as an ally and heaped criticism on Islamabad, prompting a possible strategy reset spearheaded by Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif, for allegedly harbouring American, and Afghan, enemies. Perhaps they had this round (of talks) because Trump did not mention IS in the speech?     So far, Pakistan has clearly ...
  13 hours ago

Saudi plan to ‘accept Israel as a brotherly state’

  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is working to “westernise” the Kingdom and change people’s mindsets when it comes to Israel, Twitter user Mujtahidd has reported.   The account, which is believed to be reporting from inside the ruling family ...
  5 hours ago

UAE’s ambassador to the U.S considers Saudi Arabia responsible for the ruining of the UAE’s good name

New emails by Yousef al-Utaybah, the UAE’s ambassador to the U.S, have been published, which show that he has shown concern regarding the ruining of the Emirates’ good name in the West because of its following Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war. “The Intercept” ...
  20 hours ago

More than 800 Shia pilgrims have to stay at Taftan border for a week

Over 800 Shia pilgrims have been stuck at Taftan border town for last seven days because the administration is not allowing them to travel to Quetta on their return from pilgrimage in Iran. Some day ago, Commissioner Quetta Amjad Ali had opened Pakistan House new ...
  1 days ago

Saudi Arabia's king-in-waiting cements grip on power with charm and crackdowns

  With a crackdown on dissenters and a charm offensive to woo the kingdom's swelling youth population, Saudi Arabia's king-in-waiting Mohammed bin Salman is cementing his grip on power, analysts say. The 32-year-old crown prince, often known as MBS, is set to be the first millennial to occupy the throne in a country where half the population is under 25, though the timing of his ascension remains unknown. Already viewed as the de facto ruler controlling all the major levers of government, from defence to economy, MBS is seen as stamping out traces of internal dissent before any formal ...
  11 hours ago

United States supplying weapons worth $2.2B to Syrian terrorists organization

  According to a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), over $700 million was spent on AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, mortars, and other weapons and ammunition. ...
  6 hours ago

UAE ambassador to Ankara threatens Turkey to close down its embassy

  Twitter account "Jeel al-Hurriyyah w-al-tanwir" [Generation of liberty and enlightenment" , published a document in which the Emirati ambassador highlighted the reasons behind the increased tension between the UAE and Turkey. According to this document Khalifah ...
  11 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE – Interview with Dr. S.M. Kazem Mesbah Mousavi, Imam Ali Centre Canada

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna had the privilege to interview Dr. Kazem Mesbah Mousavi on the sideline of a protest calling for the protection of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Dr. Kazem Mesbah Moosavi was born in 1335 A.H. solar in the City of Mashhad, Iran. He is the third son ...
  22 hours ago

Such TV | JUIF rejects hiring educated imams in KP mosques

Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s eponymous faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) has rejected as ‘Western agenda’ a plan of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to hire educated clerics (pesh imams) in mosques. The provincial government is considering a proposal to appoint educated pesh imams in mosques across the province and pay them a monthly stipend. “I’ve been told that the imams will be paid from funds [coming from the West] – and that the JUI-F will also get its share,” the Maulana said after a meeting with tribal elders on Saturday. ADVERTISEMENT He also claimed that ...
  4 days ago

LUBP | How dishonest “Social Justice Warriors” work to curb the religious freedoms of targeted groups

As Bohra Shia Muslims congregate to welcome Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s visit to Pakistan, we must both extend our support as well as appreciate the security concerns of Pakistan’s Bohra community. Bohra Shias are a peaceful Muslim community – not ONE of whose ...
  7 hours ago

Mehr News | ‘Saudi Arabia, Taliban like brothers’

Taliban spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed said Saudi Arabia was like a brother to the Taliban militants. In an Interview with the International Desk of Mehr News Agency (MNA), Mojahed shared his views on political issues in Afghanistan as well as position of the Taliban ...
  4 days ago

Such News | Pak-China Shaheen-VI joint air exercise underway at China's Korla Air Base

A Pak-China joint air exercise is in full swing at China's Korla Air Base, Pakistan Air Force's (PAF) media department said on Thursday. The contingents from both sides participating in the Shaheen-VI exercise consist of combat pilots, air defence controllers and ...
  6 days ago

Iran infiltrated US military, obtained proof of ISIS collusion

Certain Western states still back terror groups in Syria: Assad

Iqna | Georgian Muslim Cleric Urges Boycotting Myanmar to End Massacre of Rohingya

MEHR | Saudi Arabia, Israel paving way for US military presence on China border

LUBP | All Deobandi-Salafi right wings parties are on same Page

HRW: Israel banks financing settlements

SHIITE NEWS | Allama Raja Nasir asks Muslim rulers to use force to protect Rohingya Muslims

SUCH TV | Pakistan, China Agree To Work Together For Defence, Security

Erdogan criticizes US for charging ex-minister over Iran bans

South Koreans Protest Against US Missile Defense Deployment, Dozens Injured

SUCH | Hezbollah co-leader: US nurtured ISIS monster against Syrian govt, now has to fight them

LUBP | SMBB’s murder & Musharraf – the outcast – Pejamistri

ABNA | Over 11K Christian tourists visited Lady Masuma Shrine in past 6 months

LUBP | Is Takfiri Deobandi-Salafi Wahhabi a sectarian and biased term? – by Aamir Hussaini

57 human rights groups call for UN inquiry in to Yemen

ABNA | Bahraini regime denies imprisoned activist cancer treatment

MEHR NEWS | Gaddafi’s remarks on Musa Sadr’s case ‘all lies’

Israeli Media: Israel is Defeated in Syria

Netanyahu fears Syria resolution will not be in Israel’s interest   

LUBP | Pakistan: A Failed State?

IQNA | World Muslims Condemn Daesh Terrorist Attack in Spain

MEHR NEWS | Iran, Turkey not to allow division of Iraq

‘Kill Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood’

US: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Fail to Respect Religious Freedom

The fall of the UAE plane was plotted to assassinate Zayed bin Hamdan!!!

Iran could quit nuclear deal in 'hours' if new U.S. sanctions imposed: Rouhani

Strengthening the ranks of Takfiri groups through Aden airport to legitimize American entry in southern Yemen

ABNA | Anti-Netanyahu protesters: Israel is collapsing

ISNA | Iran Parliament passes anti-US bill

16year old German girl converts to Islam, flees home and Joins ISIS, now faces Death Penalty

SHAFAQNA | Why the Saudi War on Yemen Is Seen as US State Terrorism

Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel

SUCH | Why Pakistan is mourning loss of German nun Ruth Pfau?

Exposing the secret battle that Saudi Arabia is waging on its territory

Daesh making $100m a year selling looted historic artefacts

SHAFAQNA | MSF slams Saudi Arabia over Yemen humanitarian crisis

ALWAGHT | What Divides Saudi Arabia, UAE?

ISLAMQUEST | What are the rules of reaching the age of menopause for a woman 49 years of age?

TASNIM NEWS | New US Sanctions A Blow to Iran Nuclear Deal’s Spirit: UK Pundit

SHAFAQNA | New record of world famine in Yemen

IRNA | Iranian, Russian officials discuss Syria in Moscow

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