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Pakistan reducing dependence on US arms: FT report

  Pakistan is gradually reducing its dependence on American military technology and China is filling the gap, says a Financial Times report, which also warns that this shift will have geo-political repercussions as well. The long, almost 2,000-word report notes that the shift started in the last few months of the Obama administration, when Congress blocked the sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. In Islamabad, this move was seen as a confirmation of Pakistan’s fear that the United States “could no longer be relied on as their armed forces’ primary source of advanced weapons”, ...
  10 hours ago

PTI loses majority in K-P assembly

  With just weeks remaining before the term of the assembly expires, PTI on Wednesday announced it would take action against over a dozen provincial lawmakers for ...
  7 hours ago

A Russian praise for Imran Khan

  Russian journalist Sophie Shevardnadze is 'shocked and surprised' by her popularity among Pakistanis after her interview with former cricket hero and Pakistan ...
  1 days ago

Pakistanis among 4000 people handed over by Musharraf regime to US

  Currently, there are 2,500 persons on ships near the Philippines and thousands are in Bosnia and Guantanamo Bay and among them some are Pakistanis, but no one has ...
  2 days ago

The Indo-Iran Syndrome & Pakistan

  India’s strategic posturing in the IOR continues unabated. Its acquisition of bases/port facilities at Duqm, Oman and Chahbahar, Iran in particular pose real ...
  2 days ago

Cross-border skirmish: Can Pakistan Try Afghan soldiers under international law?

  Days after Afghan and Pakistani forces skirmished along the international border, MNA Sajid Hussain Turi called for Afghan soldiers involved in the incident to be punished under international law. During a joint press conference with tribal leaders, the lawmaker said the skirmish along Laka Teega check-post in Lower Kurram Agency was being resolved through a jirga and stressed on the need for fencing of the international border to control and check the flow of terrorists crossing over. Expressing dismay at the lives lost in the incident, Turi said any force challenging the writ of ...
  7 hours ago

Baloch activist says RAW asked him to heckle Nawaz in 2015

A senior Baloch activist claimed on Tuesday that he heckled former prime minister Nawaz Sharif during his 2015 visit to Washington at the behest of Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Ahmer Mustikhan, foun­der of the American Friends of Balochistan ...
  1 days ago

Man dies as protest against rape, murder of minor girl turns violent in Karachi

  The alleged rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in Karachi's Manghopir area sparked protests on Tuesday, with the family of the deceased child demanding justice by placing her body on the road. The girl, who had gone missing on Sunday, was found dead in ...
  2 days ago

Akin to Altaf Hussain: LHC bans Nawaz Sharif's and Maryam Nawaz's speeches

  The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday temporarily barred TV channels from airing alleged "anti-judiciary speeches" uttered by PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and other leaders. A three-judge full bench, headed by Justice Syed Mazahar ...
  3 days ago

Eyeless in Gaza: The story of an Israeli soldier

Write down: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief.   Write down: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief. We don’t belong to the same army, or to the same state. We hardly belong ...
  2 hours ago

A German newspaper announced the possibility of a chemical attacks in Europe executed by ISIS terrorists.

  The German newspaper De Velt, wrote on the basis of reports published by German security and intelligence agencies that "The Extremists" are capable of planing and executing toxic gas attacks in Europe. According to the reports, European ISIS supporters can carry ...
  2 hours ago

Russia warns of ‘painful’ retaliation in face of US sanctions

  The speaker of the Russian upper house of parliament has warned of “serious consequences” of the US sanctions imposed on Russia, saying Moscow’s response will be "precise and painful." "No one should be under any illusions," Russia’s Interfax news agency ...
  10 hours ago

Yemeni forces target airport on Saudi soil with ballistic missile

  Yemeni forces have targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia with a domestically-manufactured ballistic missile. According to Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network on Wednesday, the missile was launched at Jizan region's airport. The attack came ...
  11 hours ago

Why US not trustworthy ally for Turkey

TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – Just weeks after failure of the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, the United States announced that it is going to create a security belt from Erbil to Mediterranean Sea under the pretext of avoiding ISIL return. To this end, Washington announced the US-led coalition is working with its Syrian militia allies to set up a new border force of 30,000 personnel, a move that has added to Turkish anger over US support for Kurdish-dominated forces in Syria.    More than 50 percent of the mentioned forces would be Syrian Kurd militia which Turkey says they are offshoot ...
  2 months ago

IRNA : The future of Chabahar Port

India is central to this port project as it remains keen on opening a trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, as part of an agreement signed between India and Iran in May 2016. India is to equip and operate two berths in Chabahar Port Phase-I with a capital investment ...
  3 months ago

PRESS TV | Jordan king: East Jerusalem must be Palestinian capital

Jordanian King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein has reiterated his support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, stating that East Jerusalem al-Quds must be the capital of such a country. During a meeting with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier ...
  3 months ago

Press TV: US needs to withdraw from Syria's Manbij region immediately, says Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says US military forces need to immediately withdraw from Syria's northern region of Manbij as Turkish troops are engaged in an operation in the Arab country’s Afrin region against militants from the Kurdish People’s Protection ...
  3 months ago

'World War 3' Google Searches Spike After Syria Strike

US Choppers Caught Evacuating ISIS Terrorists according to Syrian news agency

Philippines may become ISIS' next caliphate

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu rushed to hospital

US charges 9 Iranians of hacking universities, businesses

China’s Silk Road fires up Iran’s rail revolution

Saudi Arabia beheads Indonesian migrant worker

Israel owns and operates foreign policy of US: Journalist

‘US to open talks with Saudis on lucrative nuclear deal’

Israeli Police to Recommend Indicting Netanyahu

' Bahraini Royal visits Israel, Due in knesset

Hezbollah vows to defend Lebanon’s oil, gas against Israel

UK goes crazy, says Russia is planning mass murder

Peace proposal by US, Saudi Arabia ‘not even worth the ink’: Syria

UAE paid US firm to spread negative information about Qatar – NBC News

North Korean logistical delegation arrives in Seoul

US new strategy seeks to create complex situation for Iran: Defense minister

US ‘policy of Armageddon’ means nuclear attack even against non-nuclear states

Anti-Trump demonstrators march in Swiss capital

Yemen's Displaced Families Escape Death from Saudi War to Makeshift Camps

Protests hit Tunisia for 3rd night as PM warns of clampdown

Israeli regime can’t help terrorists in Syria with attacks: Damascus

Audio leaked of Netanyahu’s son bragging about dad’s shady gas deal outside strip club

Israel PM wants UNRWA closed amid US aid cut threat

US freezes $125 million in funding to Palestinian refugees: Report

North Korea agrees to high-level talks: South

The unwanted confession of Reuters to the connection of riots in Iran with the Zionist regime

Trump boasts of bigger 'nuclear button' than Kim Jong-un's

Nearly two dozen civilians killed in new Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

US choppers evacuate Daesh commanders from Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr: Report

63 teenagers refuse to join Israel army over human rights violations

US on verge of Soviet-style collapse: Ron Paul

Yemeni forces’ missile kills several Saudi mercenaries in Sana'a province

Security concerns: Tunisia halts UAE flights from landing

US vice president makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Over 9,000 people died in Mosul battle with IS militants

Israel prepared to pay price for Jerusalem al-Quds move: Israeli minister

Democrats need many GOP senators to vote for Trump’s removal: Analyst

Prominent South African university boycotts Israeli regime

100 Jewish studies scholars sign petition condemning Trump's declaration

Egypt minster calls for opening Arab embassies in Palestine’s Jerusalem

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