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Fear within: Is ISIS recruiting Pakistan youth through technology?

The IS views Pakistan as a large reservoir of computer geeks and talented youth. What helps the IS in recruitment is the fairly widespread extremist thinking which flourishes not only in seminaries but also in mainstream educational institutions.   The extremist thinking is partly imbibed from backward notions, outdated customs and traditions prevailing in society. Also from intolerance practiced by religious leaders and political parties.   The virus spread all over the country under Zia who promulgated laws that militated against gender equality and targeted religious minorities. ...
  24 hours ago

Shocking: Actual Price of Petrol and the Money Pakistan Govt Makes Per Liter in Taxes

The government of Pakistan’s welfare state has been charging nearly 100 percent additional levy on petrol and diesel in the name of taxes for generating handsome revenues ...
  11 hours ago

New acting president of PML-N:  Why Ch.Nisar is ignored again?

  It seems that PML-N is facing internal fissures as the by elections in NA-120 approach because as Sharif ratcheted up his anti-establishment rhetoric during the ...
  2 days ago

Why is Saudia keen to invest in CPEC and Gawadar?

  Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to Pakistan Nawaf Ahmad Al Malkiy  said his country is mulling to invest in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) ...
  3 days ago

Why JuD opts for electoral politics?

It was not an easy decision for someone like Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, chief of Jamaatud Dawa (JuD), to enter into mainstream electoral politics and launch its political wing ...
  4 days ago

When Israel stabbed India

    After the end of the 50-year-long myth of Cold War in 1991, the Zionist Mafia needed a new enemy to replace Communism. What could be better than Muslims who hate West for blindly supporting the Zionist entity.   On September 16, 2001, former US president George Bush used the term ‘War on Terrorism’ – coined by his Jew speech writers (Noam Neusner or David Frum) which the Jewish-owned media turned into War on Islam.   Palestine-born German Jewish author, human rights activist and a renowned musician Elias Davidsson released his latest book, The Betrayal ...
  24 hours ago

Donald Trump and the Iranian Resistance Block

At the heart of the matter lies Iran’s Axis of Resistance – this movement, which, throughout the Greater Middle East has called more capitals to its cause, a grand cry against the pestilence of imperialism and America’s own brand of exceptionalism.     With ...
  16 hours ago

New UN Project; The Saudi alliance may be blacklisted

  A new UN report, called Al-Sari, is expected to be published next month accusing the coalition of aggression of child abuse in Yemen, the magazine said.   The report will also demand the inclusion of the Saudi alliance on the blacklist.   The newspaper, ...
  24 hours ago

With a wary eye on Iran, Saudi and Iraqi leaders draw closer

It was an unusual meeting: An Iraqi Shia Muslim cleric openly hostile to the United States sat in a palace sipping juice at the invitation of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the Sunni kingdom that is Washington’s main ally in the Middle East. For all the implausibility, ...
  1 days ago

Why should not Tillerson’s remarks on Bahrain be taken seriously?

  The answer must be found in the spirit of American relative policies toward the region and the world. It criticizes the Bahraini government and at the same time politically supports Al-Khalifa ruling.   While Washington’s dual policy is the best incentive for al-Khalifa government to continue suppressing the opposition and violating social and religious freedom in the country.   Despite all the unrest, the world’s first Formula One championship races are being held in this country sponsored by the United States to give a democratic and calm image of the political atmosphere ...
  24 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE – Dire Consequences of Short-sighted Western Policy towards Middle East

SHAFAQNA – Just one year ago, Director of Europol Rob Wainwright warned Europe of further terror attacks. A month ago, the same position was shared by Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader in Britain. Mr Corbyn also warned about danger of the EU’s policy towards the Middle ...
  16 hours ago

Israeli flag will be raised in independent Kurdistan, claims prominent Likud member

  A prominent figure within Israel’s far-right Likud Party, Ariel Polstein, has said that the Kurds will never forget how the Zionist state has supported them, with the result that when an independent Kurdistan raises the Israeli flag, the two countries will become ...
  19 hours ago

Egypt reassures Israel of Saudi’s vow to uphold peace treaty

  Egyptian media revealed yesterday that three letters were exchanged between the Egyptian foreign minister and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Riyadh’s commitment to the existing arrangements regarding the Tiran Strait and the Red Sea islands ...
  2 days ago

SUCH TV | NA-120 by-polls: PML-N rubbishes reports of rifts in Sharif family

The PML-N on Saturday rubbished reports of rifts within the Sharif family, saying the opposition's wish of differences within the family will never be fulfilled. The denial of earlier reports was made in a statement by the PML-N spokesperson. The statement also clarified that Pervaiz Malik will lead the election campaign in NA-120 as the president of PML-N's Lahore chapter. “Maryam and Hamza will work alongside Pervaiz Malik, who will lead the election campaign as PML-N Lahore president,” said the spokesperson. Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, also rubbished rumours ...
  16 hours ago

ISNA | Iran, Iraq sign security cooperation agreement

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s Interior Minister and his Iraqi counterpart signed a security cooperation agreement. Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji visited Tehran and met with his Iranian counterpart Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli. They discussed security cooperation and ...
  7 days ago

MEHR NEWS | Coop. with Islamic Republic to help regional stability, peace

TEHRAN, Aug. 05 (MNA) – The inauguration ceremony of Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s reelected President, started by political, civil and military figures as well as foreign guests in attendance. A total of 25 delegations from countries in Asia and Oceania, 26 delegations ...
  15 days ago

MEHR | Kurdistan referendum ‘huge mistake’ with no positive outcome

TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi slammed Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s decision to hold an independence referendum, saying the move is a “huge mistake” and not even “legal”. Iraqi Prime Minister made the remarks in an answer to Mehr ...
  18 days ago

IQNA | World Muslims Condemn Daesh Terrorist Attack in Spain

MEHR NEWS | Iran, Turkey not to allow division of Iraq

‘Kill Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood’

US: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Fail to Respect Religious Freedom

The fall of the UAE plane was plotted to assassinate Zayed bin Hamdan!!!

Iran could quit nuclear deal in 'hours' if new U.S. sanctions imposed: Rouhani

Strengthening the ranks of Takfiri groups through Aden airport to legitimize American entry in southern Yemen

ABNA | Anti-Netanyahu protesters: Israel is collapsing

ISNA | Iran Parliament passes anti-US bill

16year old German girl converts to Islam, flees home and Joins ISIS, now faces Death Penalty

SHAFAQNA | Why the Saudi War on Yemen Is Seen as US State Terrorism

Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel

SUCH | Why Pakistan is mourning loss of German nun Ruth Pfau?

Exposing the secret battle that Saudi Arabia is waging on its territory

Daesh making $100m a year selling looted historic artefacts

SHAFAQNA | MSF slams Saudi Arabia over Yemen humanitarian crisis

ALWAGHT | What Divides Saudi Arabia, UAE?

ISLAMQUEST | What are the rules of reaching the age of menopause for a woman 49 years of age?

TASNIM NEWS | New US Sanctions A Blow to Iran Nuclear Deal’s Spirit: UK Pundit

SHAFAQNA | New record of world famine in Yemen

IRNA | Iranian, Russian officials discuss Syria in Moscow

Kabul attack: Suicide bombing near Iraqi embassy in the Afghanistan capital

PRESS TV | Moscow ready to normalize relations with Washington: Russian FM

Pentagon Plans to Use Machine Learning to Help Fight Daesh by End of This Year

American and French weapons seized in Syria's Qalamoun before al-Nusra terrorists get their hands on them +Photos

IQNA | Shoaisha, First Egyptian Qari Who Recited Quran in Al-Aqsa Mosque

PRESS TV | UAE-linked channel to release documentary on Qatar’s role behind 9/11

Iran ready for technology transfer to Afghanistan

Iran raps Israel for ‘vicious crackdown’ on Palestinians

ABNA | Houthi: Yemen ready to participate in any confrontation with the Zionist Israel

SHAFAQNA | 8 British Muslims kick off Hajj journey on bikes

SUCH TV | Russian airstrike obliterates Daesh ammo truck in southern Raqqa

US military, intelligence bodies harbor terrorists in region: Iranian lawmakers

MEHR NEWS | Iran may opt to drop N-deal in face of major violation by US

IQNA | Egyptian Qari Says Mostly Inspired by Minshawi

LUBP | Mr Sharif please don’t resign

Takfiris fight each other as Assad ouster fades away

Saudi breeds ‘fodder for terrorism’, says former British ambassador

ABNA | Three Shia martyred in attack by Saudi forces in Qatif / PHOTOS

TASNIM | Saudi Hypocrisy Targeting Qatar Nothing but Insanity: US Analyst

IQNA | US Supreme Court Asked to Overturn Muslim Ban Ruling

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